Nazar 2nd November 2018 Written Episode Update: Vedsheree protects Mohana

Nazar 2nd November 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Mohana hides from Naman. Naman says where are you? dont irritate me.
Vedsheree says to family that Mohana is alone, she cant fight Naman, I have to go out. Shekhar says you cant do that, let her be. Vedsheree says Mohana is Ansh’s mother, if anything happens to her then what will I answer him? Chitali says she is your sister too.
Naman says Ruby told me that I can use witch powers to eliminate Ansh.
Vedshree says I promised Ansh that I will protect Mohana, you people dont have to come to protect my sister and my promise, she leaves room and sees Naman searching for Mohana.

Ansh says to Piya that dont leave, if you get in trouble then I wont be able to help. She sees him in pain. She pushes his hand away and takes out dagger from his stomach, she winces in pain.

Piya controls herself.

Family comes to Vedsheree, Chitali says if you care about your sister then we care about you, we are with you. Avi says we are all with you. They sees Mohana hiding behind pillar and Naman about to to go her. Naman comes outside Ruby’s room and says I will take revenge from you later.

Piya says to Ansh that you saved me, I saved you, we are even, dont come behind me. He tries to stop her but Piya uses her powers to stop him, he cant follow her because of invisible wall she created around him, Piya leaves.

Family takes Mohana and starts leaving with her. Naman runs behind them but they hide in room. Naman sees Rishi in lounge and runs behind him.

Chitali asks Mohana if she is fine? She gives her water. Mohana thinks they are caring for me, she says you put your life in danger for me? Vedsheree says I promised to protect you, you didnt come behind us because you wanted to go behind Ansh? Mohana says he is in danger. Vedsheree says you dont want Piya and Ansh to become one, you cant go there. Chitali says I dont think anyone can leave this room. They see Naman sticking to window ourside. He starts breaking window. All family members run from there and locks him in room. Mohana says he can break this door. Shekhar says we should go to store room, there is no window there. Vedsheree asks Mohana to go there, dont worry about us. Mohana runs.
Mohana is running in house but Saanvi comes there, Saanvi says death doesnt come with warning, what my dad should have done, I will do it. She shows her trishul.
Naman asks Vedsheree says where is Mohana? Vedsheree says we will not let you reach Mohana, all family members stand infront of him. Naman says I will send that witch away, we are helping you, I dont want to kill you so move away. Shekhar says we are men, we dont wear braids. Naman says I will tell you power of it, he hits him with braid and grab his neck. Ruby comes there too. Vedsheree sees her with box, Ruby throws box to her. Vedsheree opens it and finds seeds, she throws them at Naman. Naman falls back and jumps to wall, he jumps from window.

Scene 2
Sushant looks outside and sees bats covering it. He says so many bats? it means.. no I cant let it happen.

Mohana asks Saanvi to move from her way. Saanvi says you are witch its our duty to kill you, she is about to hit her but Rishi comes there and says its dangerous here, Saanvi says I know she is a witch. Rishi says leave from here, its our house matter. Mohana sees black stone fallen from Saanvi’s bag and thinks how it can be with Saanvi?

Sushant says how can that evil power leave my abduction? if its true then I have to capture it again.

PRECAP- Naman says to Mohana that I promise it wont hurt you, give me your braid. He grabs her and is about to cut her braid, she cries in pain.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Today i really felt bad for mohana.
    Ansh again helped piya, she again left him😑 cant udstd whats wrong i guess bcoz of extension they r dragging the serial like smtn😒 aaj rishi ko thoda serious dikhaya😍

  2. ShraddhaSharma392

    1. Why I doubt that the way Naman is becoming davansh, he might make mohona and ruby humans🤔🤔🤔??????

    2. Sanvi is much brave than Piya…

    3. Piya is soooooooooooooooooooooooooo stupid that even stupid word will get shame…

  3. I understand, this is dayan show but is it necessary to waste time on that naman with dayan track on background. Even the actor who plays naman is making this track comedy than horror with his overacting. Mohana acting is convening; she made me feel bad for her.

    Can’t digest this piansh track anymore; With this insane family & pia, i think, ansh willingly gives up his human emotions and become davansh or vairagya completely.

  4. Sm in case of me really Priya is irritating dumb character at least she should understand Ansh her love one. Else than this i like the overall serial. Now what Mohona will so to save her Power waiting for tomorrow episode.
    *Like Ansh can feel Priya’s presence and can also feel her danger even when she is not in front of him and Priya being a Devick why she couldn’t understand Ansh danger when she stay far from him even in front also she is to late to understand Ansh pain and Danger.
    *Ruby has totally became human. And savi is a brave girl but she directly came in front of Mohona a eveil power women when she will get her Power then she can cause a great problem for Nishan. There she done a mistake.
    *Request to director plz make Priya as a brainy kind of girl not like dumb and deaf

  5. Ooshi

    Thanks for the update Atiba

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