Nazar 27th December 2018 Written Episode Update: Ansh wants to marry Dilruba

Nazar 27th December 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Chitali, Vedsheree and Neha comes to fake Payal and sees her wearing many jewelry pieces. Chitali says these are all not for hands, Vedsheree sees her feet and realizes she is chudail.

Vedsheree tells family about fake Payal. Rishi brings real Payal there. Vedsheree asks if she is fine? Avi asks where you found her? Rishi says she was hanging from a cage. Avi says chudail is with Ansh, we have to stop him. Vedsheree says Ansh wont listen to us, he will try to be angry on chudail and she is dangerous, chudail cant know that we know her truth, we have to send Payal and her family safely back to their house. Chitali says how we can do that?

Saanvi is waiting for priest to come and make Piya.
Priest comes in mandir with Guru Maa and sees Mani missing. Guru Maa says Naman must

have taken it.

Naman shows Nitn mani to Mohana and says they wanted to save Piya using it, this is mani. Mohana takes box from him. Naman says I am useful, lets have a deal. Mohana says you are of no one, get lost now. Naman turns to leave but strikes with waiter and powder is thrown on him. Mohana says you are useless Naman, get lost. Naman is hurt and leaves. Vedsheree comes to Mohana and says you brought chudail back in house? she is roaming as Payal here, you brought her here? Mohana says why would I? She is my enemy, I will teach her lesson. Vedsheree says dont do anything, I want to save Payal and her family.

Vedsheree is trying to make real Payal leave with her friends but fake Payal comes to Vedsheree and says its time for wedding, I am ready. Vedsheree says priest is not here. Dilruba/fake Payal says I will wait here.
Vedsheree and family are in room. Chitali says chudail is sitting lounge, how will we send Payal and her family home?

Priest comes to Saanvi and says we found solution to poison but it was lost. Saanvi says you cant bring Piya back? what about dad?

Vedsheree brings family to balcony. They put Payal and fmaily in cage and starts putting it down from balcony of 50th floor by holding ropes of cage. Chitali says this is dangerous.

Scene 2
Fake Payal says to Ansh that family and priest are not here? Ansh says I will bring them. He screams Maa. Family is sending cage down. They put full force to control it. Ansh comes there and says you people are here? Suddenly ropes fall from family’s hand and cage starts falling down but Mohana grabs cage. Ansh looks down from balcony but doesnt find anything. Family is tensed. Ansh says come for wedding, he leaves from there.

Saanvi sees Piya vanishing again. Guru Maa throws rudraksh on Piya and it stops Piya from going to dishank lok. Guru Maa says it can work for sometime only.

Ansh says to family that if priest is not here then we will get married without him. Shekhar says only priest can chant mantras for wedding. Neha says there is no need to hurry, we are all ready for wedding. Ansh says I know you dont want me to marry her but if you guys dont then we will get married ourselves. He turns to leave but Vedsheree says this is not Payal, she is fake. Mohana comes there.

Priest and Saanvi leaves to find solution for Piya. Guru Maa sees Piya gone from table. Naman is there holding half Piya. Guru Maa senses him and says Naman?

Mohana grabs fake Piya and Dilruba takes her real avatar. Mohana says see she is chudail. Ansh smirks and says this is good, I dont care if its Payal or chudail. Dilruba snickers. Mohana glares at her.

Guru Maa says to Naman that you are a snake. Naman says I will bring Piya back. Guru Maa says only Nitin Maa can bring her back. Naman says I gave it to Mohana, I will make Piya fine and then she will be mine, witch will know who I am. Saanvi and Priest comes there. Guru Maa says there is a way to save Piya, do what I say. She asks him to make Piya lie down. Suddenly Priest and Saanvi grabs him using tools. Guru Maa says this is your answer.

PRECAP- Ansh says to family that Dilruba is of my level, I will marry her. Vedsheree says you will marry a chudail? Mohana says he is davansh and wont listen to anyone.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  3. Let’s wait for tomorrow. I want to see the fight b/w Mohona nd Pia nd also how Pia will bring back Ansh to his original form….

  4. Oh my Goodness, How many times Ansh will Marry??
    First with Dayan, second almost with Chudail, Third Devik, and again with Dilruba/Human 🙄🙄??

    1. ..............

      Third time sarpika . Now piya is sarpika

  5. I think inorder to avoid dilruba marriying ansh ,mohana will revive back Piya

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