Nazar 12th December 2018 Written Episode Update: Mohana using Ansh to become immortal

Nazar 12th December 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Ansh is standing on balcony and someone pushes him from there.. it turns out to be his dream.
Piya looks at crow and is about to attack him. Nishant says stop, I know snake is crow’s enemy but we have to read Mohana’s hair together. He asks Piya to put her venom in water, she does. Nishant dips Mohana’s hair in it and gives it to crow. Nishant says these hair as old as witch, we can know her weakness from it. Crow says she has no weakness, her age is 250 years and had no weakness, she leaves.

Vedsheree asks family if Ansh is turning like Mohana? he married Devik then why he is changing?

Piya says Mohana doesnt have any weakness. Nishant says head witch lives for 251 years and if Mohana is 250 years old then.. Piya says she has one year to live? what does

she want from Ansh?

Ansh looks at his evil image in mirror and says what is happening with me?

Nishant brings a book and says we will find answer it? Nishant reads that witch lives for 251 years but she can take help from her davansh son for.. he sees other page mising from book.

Mohana says only my davansh son can make me immortal, she has book page and eats it.

Piya thinks that Ansh is going towards evil? she cries.
Ansh asks his evil image who are you? why you come infront of me? he throws chair on mirror. Piya comes there and sees him like that. Ansh says what is happening with me? Piya thinks I am not devik anymore, I neglected you for taking revenge from Mohana but I wont let anything happen to you.

Scene 2
Mohana calls her tree and asks whats the right time for what I want? tree tells eclipse night. Piya comes there and asks what you want? Mohana says think about your revenge only, you wont get Ansh, I will take him away. Piya says you wont make him davansh. Mohana says you are not devik anymore so you cant stop him, Piya says I wont spare you, she tries to attack Piya but Piya stops her and says I have powers, you are looking at a wife, I took pheras with Ansh, I took promises with him. She shows her sindoor and says I wont let you use my husband, she leaves.

Vedsheree tells about Ansh to Priest. Vedsheree says why he is acting like that? Priest says we can find out if evil is catching upto to Ansh by one way.

Mohana stops Ansh and asks if he needs anything? he says no. She deliberately cuts his hand with her nail and gets his blood on it.

Dilruba brings Naman to Ansh’s house. Naman says you dont know who lives here. Dilruba says stop. She takes common girl’s avatar and says to Kajal that I am here for work. Kajal shows her around and leaves. Dilruba takes her avatar with Naman. Naman says what is happening with me? Dilruba says I am on right track, I have powers, I will be Bhaavi infront of all. Naman says we will work as servant so whats the use of powers? witch lives here, Dilruba says Piya lives here too. Naman says its dangerous. Dilruba says you like Piya and I like Ansh.. he is my lover, we will separate them. Naman smirks.

PRECAP- Ansh is holding Piya’s hand and its hurting her. Ansh says I cant see you in pain. Piya says me too. Ansh says I want to tell you that I love you before I change.
Mohana says if Piya thinks she can stop me after losing her devik powers then she is wrong, I will show her my powers today. She pulls Ansh away from Piya and he starts burning. Piya cries.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Ooshi

    Thanks for the update Atiba

  2. Ahhh… piya isn’t devik anymore…
    Y did they changed the track suddenly😑

  3. Piansh😍
    They r the best couples❤❤

  4. Piya is no longer daivik.
    Divya is dead.
    Ruby is dead.
    Naman and Dilruba are cohorts.
    Ansh is going towards evil.
    How many of you are liking current track? I feel like killing off Divya and Ruby was a big mistake. Changing Piya from daivik to sarpika was also a huge mistake, in my opinion. I’m not enjoying this show much anymore.

    1. Priya is Devick which was not known by anyone but it will express one day. I am saying this becoz Ansh eyes blez when Priya touches him. Priya’s Devick power is decreased due to pr of Sarpika power nd her mother’s death.

  5. I love the epi nd think that today atleast Priya’s Devick power will come out in order to save ansh.

  6. How come mohana is 250 yrs old witch? When Both mohana and vedeshree were born to same mother. Some logic is missing here. Since there kids are of same era…

    1. Something happened to gul. She is creating bakwas in her shows. Killing shivika in IB. Here also more logic missing in the show.

    2. Isabel Summers

      I have a theory. Mohana had once said that the eldest child of a daayan becomes a daayan or daavansh. Since these daayans can live for a long time, maybe Mohana’s mother had Vedshree several decades after having Mohana..

  7. ShraddhaSharma392

    Interesting episode… Finally Piya is realising her Sindoor value… Though Ansh and Piya as couple is cute but both don’t know about their powers yet even after so many episodes….

  8. ye kya bak**””i h yaar. mohana 250 saal pusrani kesi hui kb ki devashri or wo behne h. wtf logic. mtlb kuch b . koi sar psir h b kya is serial ka??? or jb piya daivik hi nhi to ansh ki akhe kese chamkti h aaj b ??? ,👿👿👿

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