Nayi Mohabbatein, Nayi Saffar! Episode 9 – Written by Akiatta

Hello Everyone, I am so sorry for how long it took for this update to come. The fact is that I don’t have my laptop and don’t have any way else to write. That’s why I wasn’t able to update sooner. As you know, I recently began a new story titled ‘Teri Meri Mohabbatein’. I simply loved the response you guys gave and I will be updating the second episode tomorrow night. So do watch out. Going ahead, I will be updating both this and the other story simultaneously, at least keeping a update every week for each story. Please do continue to show you support like you previously have.

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Episode 9

The Next Day, Hospital,

The whole family is waiting outside the ICU, consoling Mythili over the cardiac arrest. As they all are worried for the man who had made all their problems fade without any issue. Meanwhile, Bala and Ishita are outside, in the nearby breakfast centre, grabbing food for everyone.

Bala looks at Ishita and sees the dull expression in her face. In a weird way, he recognised this look. It reminded him of all those times when he saw Ishita being tensed for Raman.

Bala: Ishu… Are you…

Ishita: I am not okay, Jiju! I don’t want to hide what I feel… I… I think I am in love.

Bala looks completely shocked. He didn’t expect a sudden reaction from her. But, his curiosity kicked in about what might be going in her mind.

Bala: You serious, Ishu? I mean… Love is a serious thing.

Ishita: I know, Jiju. And believe me, I am always going to love Raman. That will never change. But… as I sat there outside the room… I… I realised that… I love myself too. And, I… think I can be a better person in my view with Arjun around. I thought back to years where I had to do everything on my own, never share any feelings to anyone. But, since I met that man, I… I am more like the Ishita that Raman loved. And, I want to be that way.

Bala had a smile. It’s been three years since everything happened and this was the first time Bala and Ishita had a frank conversation where Ishu spoke about her feelings. He was the most happiest for her.

Bala: Ishu…

He looked at the bench nearby and sat down, with their breakfast orders still not ready yet. Seeing him sit down, Ishita sat down too.

Bala: Ishu, I am so happy you are finally opening up about your feelings. When did you…

Ishita: Start thinking about this? Well, not before today. But, I think there were a lot of signs.

Bala: Signs?

Ishita nods.

Ishita: Well, for starters, he looks like Raman. He has Raman’s heart. He basically behaves exactly like me. Ruhi likes him. Adi likes him. The whole family likes him. And… He saved Pihu’s life, just like I did when I met Ruhi.

Bala: Man… I never saw all this…

Ishita smiles as she places a hand over her purse, gripping it.

Ishita: But…

Bala: What’s bothering you, Ishu?

Ishita: I don’t know if… If I should share this with him. I mean… He has a seperate life. A different one at that. And… What about the families?

Bala smirks and explains,

Bala: Ishu… You are in your forties. You have spent about three decades slaving out for everyone else. And, I know for a fact that… the rest of the family sees what you have done for them. Ishu, it’s high time you started to care about yourself now.

Ishita takes a moment as she thinks to herself.


Meanwhile, HIghway to Delhi,

Param, Simmi and Ananya are driving over to Delhi. After the death of Raman, Simmi and the rest of the family had a huge spat. The three of them moved with to Agra after that, living on their own.

Simmi, looking back, seeing a teen Ananya on the backseat with headphones over her ears, turns to face Param who is driving.

Simmi: Param, you sure we should be heading over to Delhi? I still don’t think this is a best idea.

Param, keeping his concentration on the road, responds.

Param: Simmi, I do feel angry about going back there, but… They still owe us your part of the inheritance and honestly, I just want to end all ties, once it for all.

Ananya removes her headphone as she interrupts and says,

Ananya: You both are jerks!


Meanwhile, Hospital Hallway,

Mythili is sitting on her own in one end of the hallway with Nirvan walking over with two cups of tea in his hands.

Nirvan: Hey.

Mythili looks up at him and tries to put on a smile. As Nirvan sits down beside her, she takes one of the the cups from his hand. Nirvais hand. As Nirvan sat down, he asked with concern.

Nirvan: How are you doing?

Mythili: Not the best… But, I know my Appa. He is a fighter. He will come through.

Nirvan nods and takes a sip without noticing his cup. With the hot tea, he jumps a bit in his chair as the drink burned his lips.

Nirvan: Aah!

Mythili, looking startled at the reaction, turns instantly towards him as she holds his face in her right arm, while using her dupatta to massage on the wound.

Mythili: Why are all men such idiots! Don’t you know how to be carefull?!

Nirvan grins to himself, happy to see her distracted for even if it is the one small moment. He reaches for her hand and holds his wrist as he whispers.

Nirvan: Don’t worry… We men… We can be stupid a lot of the times. But… I can say me and your Appa are just lucky to have some smart like you in our life. And we will never leave her to worry.

Mythili looks into Nirvan’s eyes and has a blushing smile. She feels a connect to him at the moment in the silent hallway. The two of them look into each other and lean in closer. Just as they are getting more closer, two footsteps are heard and the two jump away as Ishita and Bala walk into the lace. Ishita looks occupied while Bala looks at the two with an eyebrow raised.

Ishita: How’s…

Nirvan answered immediately.

Nirvan: He is much better now. He seemed to have a migrane and while his vitals are normal, he hasn’t woken up yet. Only when he wakes up we will have an idea what’s exactly going.

Ishita seems a bit relaxed as she looks at Mythili who seems to be both embarrassed and worried at the same moment. She turns to Bala who gives a knowing nod and says to Nirvan.

Bala: Nirvan, come on. Let’s go check on him.

Nirvan senses what he wants to say and nods. He gets up and follows Bala to the ICU.

Ishita moves closer to Mythili and takes a seat. Mythili’s heart is beating insanely fast, dreading the kind of questions that Ishita might have. But, unexpectedly, Ishita simply reached for Mythili’s hand and began.

Ishita: Umm… Mythili, I have something important that I want to discuss with you…

Mythili looks at Ishita, her insides churning.

Ishita takes a breath and sighs. She looks her straight in the eye and says,

Ishita: I like Arjun. And I don’t mean as a platonic way. I have feelings for him.

Mythili looks shocked. She realises how deep Ishita and Raman’s relationship is, breaking all kinds of barriers to want to be together with each other no matter the odds.

Ishita: I have been thinking about it ever since the accident and… I want to talk to you first. I really like him. All my life, I lived for my family. First for the family I was born to. Then for the girl that saw me as her mother. Then for the husband that destiny made me fall in love with. And from then for the family that formed out of pure love. And even at this point, I love each and every one of them… But, I want to start living for myself now. And I want to do that along with Arjun. I know you must not be feeling this is a good idea and I can completely understand. I will stay away if you are…

Before Ishita could finish her statement, Mythili reaches out to hug Ishita tightly. Inside, she is jumping in joy with the fact that she had managed to bring her Ishima and Bapuji together, even if it is in different names.

Ishita, startled by the hug, hugs her back and slowly feels the love flowing between the two women. She feels a bit relaxed with the good response that Mythili is giving.

After a few minutes, the two seperate. Ishita gives her motherly smile that she is known for as Mythili wipes her tear and says,

Mythili: If I call him Appa, does that mean you would become my Amma?

Ishita feels once again the happiness that she felt when she was called a mother. And even this time, it felt genuine. The two ladies hugged again as Ishita nodded her head and held her new daughter close.

As the two ladies were hugging, Adi rushes into the place as he says with a excited expression.

Adi: Ishima, Mythili. He woke up.


And that was Episode 9. I am so happy to be back writing and hopefully, I would be updating both my stories on a regular basis.

Until then, a precap…
Precap – Ishita takes a stand as she bares her heart to Arjun. Meanwhile, there is an altogether different story going on in Shravan’s life. How will the Bhalla’s and Iyers get it sorted?
Thank you so much for the love. I will back with an update very, very soon. Please do show your love in the comments.

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  1. i was waiting for this for so long tym…nd m really happy…but plzz ab kbi itni der mat krna

    1. Akiatta

      Hi Mahi,
      Sorry I took so much time. The next update would be up today right before the episode. Please do check it out. 🙂

  2. Nice one yr..happy that u finally updated this part after so long time

    1. Akiatta

      Hi Ishan,
      Thank you so much for waiting. I will update real soon.

  3. awesome update ishita have started liking arjun param and simmi are really jerk

    1. Akiatta

      Thank you so much Jyoti,
      I am glad you are liking the Arjun and Ishita relationships. You will be surprised to see the Simmi twist.

  4. Hi Akiatta .. how r you ? After a long time .
    Good continuation , liked it very much !
    To be frank lost interest in Yhm serial and so
    the fictions . Cvs really butchered Ishra .Keep writing till you reach your goal ! Your fictions are really interesting… so continue writing

    1. Akiatta

      VP Mam,
      I am pretty good. Sorry I took so much time. I am so glad you liked the continuation.
      To be honest, I am having mixed feelings on YHM, but at the moment, I have quite liked this week. I am still hoping they will recover right in time to launch the spinoff. I can’t say how excited for Yeh Hai Chahate given its plot is amazing.

  5. Hey man,great job! After a long time indeed! Sorry to hear about your laptop. But don’t worry, just take your time. We’ll always keep waiting for your updates! Love your story a lot! Just keep writing, cuz you’re blessed with pure writing skills!
    Waiting eagerly to see what kind of ruckus that simmi and param will create in bhalla house!

    1. Akiatta

      Hi Ravi,
      Glad to see you again. Hopefully, I will have my laptop fixed in a few months and once fixed, I will be more frequent.
      I am so glad you enjoy my writing and I hope to continue writing for you all.
      Param and Simmi will have a huge impact on the story. Something unexpected.

  6. Seriously, not to be rude or something, but I’m going to comment my own opinion about your fan fiction.
    Seriously this fan fiction is a complete nonsense! I mean I have read all the episodes and I don’t know why other people can’t see what I am seeing!
    At first who the hell is this Roshini to keep Raman with her for all these years knowing that he belongs to ishita and her family. He may has got a heart problem or whatever it is , how could she even thought that she can take care of Raman more than his family. I mean who is she? She’s just a girl who came to bhalla house from a very rural area because of ishus kindness and stuff! I know that raman had had an argument with his family but that doesn’t mean that she can seperate him from his family. And about this arjun, why don’t these villagers notice that the real arjun and mythilli has changed, I mean their appearance and stuff? Are mythillis friends blind or something? That they don’t notice their friend has changed? Mythilli and nirvan case is alright for me. Adi and Aaliya having a baby is also good! In yhm also I was wandering that they should have a baby by now. But try to understand that the main concept of this fiction is a complete mess. And people alsoo keep on praising this by criticising yhm! Being honest when you compare this to yhm I see no difference at all! In yhm also ekta tries her best to seperate ishra to drag her story and here you have seperated ishra from the beginning so that the people who keep on reading this will stick to your fiction till you unite ishra. I’ve seen the comments as well, they have being with you from the beginning and I appreciate that. But please don’t feel bad or something but I really hate this story line. It doesn’t make any sense at all. Yhm is far better than this sh*t.
    At least in yhm Raman is still with his family, but in here a complete outsider is taking care of him, calling him as appa and what worst, entire bhalla and Iiyer family consider that their raman died from that accident. They keep mourning on his death and meanwhile this Roshini lives a happy life with him. I really loved Roshinis character back then in yhm, but after reading your fiction I feel like I hate her the most. How selfish she is? She has abandoned her mum and her sis in Khadanpur and steal someoone else’s papa and lives a happy life. I feel that its really disgusting and pathetic! If I were ishu I’ll give this Roshini a tight slap and will make her arrest for this cheat. You have made ishita suffer more than ekta did! I really don’t know why other people can’t see this. This must be the first negative comment on this fiction, and people will start bashing at me but I really don’t care I just wanted to express my real feelings about this fiction. Please consider my comment prior blocking me or somthing and think about it on my point as well! Thank you. ☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺

    1. Akiatta

      Hi Bluegreen, 🙂
      I have to say, this is not the first negative comment. In fact, the first ever comment is, as much as I can recall, is a negative one. That being said, I don’t think anyone would bash your comment given most points you mentioned were valid.
      I am going to address your comments one by one. 🙂
      Roshini – Well, I took a lot of time to see what kind of character I want to write Roshini as. And believe me, the story is still going to see a lot on the character’s growth. I am going to accept that, Yes. Roshni is selfish. She doesn’t want to have Raman and Ishita to go through all that fights and all that humiliation before the leap in my story. The reason Roshni decided to do so in the start is not to snatch Raman away from the family. She is doing all this to ensure that, if Raman does find out the truth, he goes back to a family that will accept him for what he is. About the friends, well, when she moved with Raman to Chennai, she just took the other girl’s name. They are not living in the same place. Soon, I will also be telling what happened to the family of the real Arjun and Mythili. And Roshini’s Mom and Sister will make an appearance.
      If you see the story, while Roshni is still hiding the truth from everyone, she is trying her best to have all the problems in the house fixed. One difference with my story is, my Roshni knows hiding the truth is wrong and is struggling to find the opportunity to break the truth.
      About Ishita – Well, I might have to disagree here. See, in the story in my fiction, I have made sure that going from each chapter, slowly Ishita is getting healed from her hurt and that’s what I added to give the difference. In my story, I wanted to see a fresh take, where, the same to lovers, come back together, in a unintentional way. And believe me, the story is still not over and I will try and improve as we go. See, in my story, Ishra is not separated, they are just falling in love with each other, in a different way, under different conditions.

      In the end, i am very glad you have given me your feedback and I completely accept your criticism and I assure to take it forward and develop it to be as good as the story can be. I hope you will give the story another shot.

      Thank you so much,

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