Nayi Mohabbatein, Nayi Saffar! Episode 8 – Written by Akiatta

Hello Everyone, Thank you so much for the lovely comments on the last chapter. I hope you guys like this chapter too.
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Fun Fact – I was hoping someone would figure this one out. The reason behind the name ‘Arjun’ is… Because the Tamil remake of Yeh Hai Mohabbatein, KMKV had Arjun as the name for Raman’s character in the remake. Another fun fact, I am a Tamilian for anyone who was wondering. ?

Episode 8,
Two days later,
Ishita, Toshi and Madhavi are in the room. The three are having a conversation about Aliya,
Madhavi: Ishu, I was thinking, we should keep a seemantham!
Toshi: What the hell is that?
Ishita laughs and replies,
Ishita: Mummyji, Seemantham is kind of like Ghod Barai. But, amma… Don’t you think it’s very early to keep all those functions now? I mean… It’s been just about a month and a half.
Madhavi: Ishu, you are so naïve. Arre, this is your first grandchild. If I could, I would be celebrating every day.
Toshi: Haan! And remember… We are Bhalla! We live for celebrations!
Ishita sighs and replies,
Ishita: Okay… How about an announcement party? That should be fine right?
Toshi and Madhavi seem excited,
Madhavi: That’s a great idea. We can keep an announcement party with nice Carnatic music. And then, maybe a pooja.
Toshi: Madhu… You never get tired of making boring, plans right! Arre, we will have Diljit come to the party and then we will keep like a nice dance party!
Ishita watched for a moment, seeing Amma and Mummyji fight after a long time. She really missed sitting around and seeing the family playfully fight like this. But, now, she was enjoying every bit of it.
As Madhavi and Toshi’s fight was getting more and more loud, the door bell rang as Neelu automatically went to open the door. Ishita looked towards the door as she saw Arjun walking in. Ishita grinned and turned back to Toshi and Madhavi who were still arguing.
Arjun looked confused as he watched the Punjabi vs Madrasi fight going on. He laughed within to himself as he stepped closer and began,
Arjun: What’s happening?
Madhavi and Toshi see Arjun and trun to him, asking,
Toshi: Beta, you tell me… We were discussing about keeping an announcement party for Aliya.
Madhavi: She wants to have a daru party.
Toshi: And she want to keep a boring pooja, Carnatic party.
Madhavi and Toshi: Whose idea is good?!
Arjun looked baffled and looked at Ishita was help but Ishita simply smirked, stepping away, leaving Arjun to answer.
Arjun thought for a moment and replied,
Arjun: I… I have an idea…
Toshi: Idea?
Arjun nods and continue,
Arjun: How about this… We will keep a Pooja in the morning… Maybe bring those Carnatic music people during the pooja. Then, we will keep the party later in the night, to how Adi and Aliya likes. That way, both Pooja would be done, and Party also done.
Madhavi and Toshi looked at each other for a moment as Madhavi said,
Madhavi: This… might be a good idea.
Toshi: Good idea… It is a great idea. Well done, beta…
Arjun smiled as he walked over to Ishita and asked,
Arjun: Ishitaji, I… I needed your favour. I didn’t know who to ask. You were the first person who came to my mind…
Ishita: Of course… How can I help?
Madhavi and Toshi, unbeknownst to Ishita, sat down silently, listening to Ishita and Arjun talk.
Arjun: I… As you know, Mythili would be starting her internship in a week… I… I wanted to get her a gift. I don’t know much about the city, so…
Ishita smiled and replied,
Ishita: Of course I will help. In fact, I wanted to get her something too. Now, we both can get something useful.
Arjun smiled and looked excited,
Arjun: That’s awesome!
Ishita: Awesome… Let’s get going.
Ishita moved towards Madhavi and Toshi and said to them,
Ishita: Mummyji, Amma… I will go and help him out.
Toshi: Pihu?
Ishita: Don’t worry… I will pick her up on my way back.
Toshi nods and with that, Ishita reaches for her purse on the table. She turns towards Arjun as she says,
Ishita: Shall we?
Arjun nods and the two walk out of there.
Madhavi and Toshi watch them as the two are leaving.
With that, Toshi begins,
Toshi: Madhu… I wanted to talk about something to you…
Madhavi: So did I… I wasn’t sure if it would be the right thing.
Toshi smiled and continued,
Toshi: Yaar… Now, the kids have grown up. Pihu is almost 16. At this point, she doesn’t need much help to take care of herself. But… Ishu…
Madhavi: I know Santoshi… I don’t want my Ishu to be alone after we go…
Toshi: I was thinking… Maybe if those two agree… How about we
Madhavi: Bring Arjun and Ishita together?
Toshi: Yaar, you read my mind.
Madhavi: We are best friends, after all!
Both the ladies laughs with content.
Sometime later, Nizamuddin Train Station,
Arjun: Ishitaji, you were right! We found lots of clothes from Sarojini. I mean, I expected to get some of them, but not this much.
Ishita laughes and replied,
Ishita: I know. And Khakkad is like a part of our family. Did you like the jewellery I pick for her?
Arjun nodded and replied,
Arjun: I loved it. Simple and elegant. Come to think of it… It’s like you.
Ishita, unknowingly blushed.
Ishita: I… Thank you..
Arjun: By the way… Why are we in Train Station?
Ishita: Oh! How ignorant of me… My younger daughter… She is coming back home for her vacations in college.
Arjun looked confused.
Arjun: Wait, you mentioned you have a 15 year old, right?
Ishita smiled and nodded,
Ishita: She is 16. But, she is really good in studies. She managed to get an internship opportunity in IIT Guwahati through a written exam…
Arjun: That’s… Wow! IIT!?
Ishita: I know right! It’s her birthday in a few weeks and now that the whole family is in a better mood… thank to you and Mythili… We would get to spend a lot of time with her.
Arjun smiles and replies,
Arjun: I can’t wait to meet the young woman. By the way, when is her train arriving?
Ishita: I think it should have… You know, Delhi train stations can get very crowded. Why don’t you wait outside on the bus stop. I will go in and pick her up and meet you there.
Arjun: Sounds good to me.
Arjun reaches for Ishita’s bag and takes them in his arm.
Ishita smiles and walked through the crowded station.
Arjun walks over to the bus stop as he sat over the bench. He looked around as he saw the massive road with the cars rushing over them. Some time passed by.
Suddenly, his eye fell over to one part. A little distance from him, he saw a girl, probably off her teens, running in the road after what seemed like a paper…
Arjun: Wait…
His instincts kick in as he drops all the stuff in his hand, rushing into the road. He manages his way through the traffic. Over the other end, a confused Ishita seems to be looking for someone and in that instinct, she spots Pihu, on the road, following a paper.
As Pihu finally catches the paper in the middle of the road, a water truck is coming in full speed towards her. As Ishita watched with her breath stopping in shock.
As Pihu stood there, completely scared for that single moment, Arjun jumps in, covering her view as he completely took her in his arms, crunching on the road. The truck driver notices the two and with mere inches distance, he stops the truck…
Ishita: Pihu!!!
Her cry is audible to Arjun as Arjun slowly pulls away from the scared Pihu, clenching what looks to Arjun like a photo…
Arjun: Okay… Okay… Nothing will happen…
Pihu sobs as she slowly looks up to the man who saved her. Seeing the man’s face, Pihu’s scared expression changes to shock as Ishita is making her way through the traffic who have now stopped.
Pihu: Pa…pa…
Arjun seems confused at the girl’s reaction. Seeing that girl’s tears, his heart seems to feel as if it is pumping vigorously. At that moment, he literally heard his heart beat. His eyes teared up unconsciously as he saw the tears in the girl’s eyes. His hands were shaking as he stepped a foot back from the girl.
Ishita rushed next to Pihu, holding her close as Pihu keeps her eyes on Arjun. Arjun’s head feels heavy as he looks at Ishita and then at Pihu. He looks closer at the paper in Pihu’s hand that she was clenching so tightly. His eyes felt heavy as he focused on the picture on the girl’s hand. What he saw, shook his foundations.
It was… a photo of himself… with who looks like Ishita and a younger girl.
Arjun’s head felt extremely heavy as his knees felt weak. At that moment, Ishita rushed to his side as she tried to say,
Ishita: Arjun… Arjun… Listen to me… I can explain…
Arjun doesn’t reply as his eyes’ go heavy. His vision is getting blurrier as he falls over Ishita.
Ishita rests on the road with Arjun’s head on her lap. She tries to wake him up but there is no sound…
Ishita: Ambulance!!!
Some-time later, Hospital,
Ishita is waiting outside the ICU, holding a scared Pihu. It’s been about two hours and Ishita managed to explain everything about Arjun that she knew. Pihu was feeling more and more confused with each moment as she had no clue how to respond.
Ishita on the other had, was feeling very weird. She was feeling scared. After a long time, her heart felt scared. The last time this happened, was when she read Raman’s last letter to her. But now… Something felt odd. She asked to herself in her mind, “Am… Am I in love?”
Mythili rushes into the corridor just then. In her shirt and pant, she is running across the hall. Her face looks distraught as she looks at Ishita and this girl with her. She rushes over and asks,
Mythili: What… What happened to my Appa?!
Ishita gets up. Her face, visibly worried and shocked.
Ishita: He fell unconscious… Doctor said his heart rate was extremely high and he went through a cardiac arrest…
Mythili looks shocked. Deep down, she got a vague idea of what might have happened as she looked at Pihu behind Ishita.
Mythili: What… What happened before he fainted?
Ishita: I… I am so sorry!
Mythili kept her cool and asked, but looking tensed,
Mythili: What happened!
Ishtia doesn’t know what to say. She turns around and takes the picture on the bench and shows it to Mythili. Ishita sees Mythili’s shocked look and is feeling guilty.
Mythili, on the inside, feels worried but a bit happy. While a part of her feels glad that Arjun saw the picture, thus taking the plan forward, she was worried for his health and was on the inside, praying to see him get well.
Ishita: Mythili… I am so sorry… I… I should have said something.
Mythili, snapping out of her thoughts, realises that if she stayed here, she might say something that she shouldn’t… She thinks for a second and simply replies…
Mythili: I… I need to talk to the doctors…
Mythili sees the ICU door and walks into the room, leaving Ishita and Pihu alone.
Ishita sighs, feeling a lot of emotions. She turns to a frightened Pihu and says,
Ishita: Pihu, can you please call everyone from the house and ask them to come here? I’ll… I’ll be right back,
Pihu, wiping her face, nods her head. She reaches for her bag, taking her phone out.
Ishita nods and walks out of the hallway. She slowly walks over to the reception (Dil Kahin Rukta Nahi plays). She walks over to the praying area where a statue of Jesus is kept. In front of the stature, with her eyes filled with tears, Ishita folds her hand as she prays,
Ishita: ‘Raman… I… I don’t know what to do… I love you and I always will. But… Somehow, that man inside… I want him alive. Every time I am with him… I feel closer to you. Every time I am around him, I feel as if I can hear your heart beat… And, somehow, spending time with him, make me feel like the Jansi Ki Rani you like. And I want to be that way for the rest of my life. I want to stay that Jansi Ki Rani that you loved, in your memory, for the rest of my life. For you to see from where ever you are. For my life, you are my true love. You are my god. And I am pleading to you… Save that man. If… if you save him… Then I would know what you want me to do… Every time I feel confused, you give me answers to my questions. For one more time, please show me the right way.’

And that was Episode 8. I personally feel this as my best episode ever. I really hope you guys liked this episode. I am so much in love with ean and every one of you readers and I want to continue giving you this story for as long as I could. Hopefully you all will keep on show you support for me.
As for today’s episode… My god! I am going to say this… I called all this leap story first. I mean, things are exactly the same as I wrote. Weirdly, I love it. I mean, the three year time leap, memory loss, Ruhi becoming competitive with the family. The only thing that I didn’t expect, was them having Adi and Ruhi fight.
I am glad that they are not showing Shagun as being in a relationship with Raman. Thank god for that! I also think they are making Ashok a positive character now… I don’t think Ashok and Ishita are in a relationship with what we have seen. But, my god. I really like how they are finally showing Raman in a good way. Each time, whenever a problem happens, or a leap happens, they show Raman like this idiot, or like this angry person. It’s really nice to see him heartbroken and shattered. Its feels more realistic. I am so proud that my story lines up with theirs.
Since we are celebrating the leap, I am again going to post two more updates this week. One on the Thursday night. Other on the Saturday night.
Until then, a precap…
Precap – Ishita comes to terms with her feelings as Simmi and Param return to Delhi after their rift with the Bhalla family. What kind of reaction would Simmi and Param have towards Arjun.
Thank you so much for the love. I will back with an update on Thrusday. Please do show your love in the comments.
P.S: VP mam, out of curiosity… What’s your real name? Is VP a short form? xD No pressure. You don’t have to answer if you don’t want to tell. ? I’ll understand.

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    1. Akiatta

      Thank you so much, Mahi! I am super glad you like the show. I can’t wait to show you all what I have in store for the upcoming episodes.

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    Wow it’s superb it was so emotional and realistic.loved the way how you penned down Ishita’s are a tamilian.girl..!I couldn’t find it only.anyways I am just loving the story after the would be interesting to see Raman and Ruhi clash.and now with the memory loss we can experience a new shade of their story and I strongly feel the CVs should focus on ADI and Aliya. I just loved your episode today excited for Thursday????

    1. Akiatta

      Actually, I am a guy xD
      I am so glad you liked the episode. It was very special for me. I took one of my favourite scenes from YHM and wrote it for mine. If you remember, the moment when Arjun saves Pihu, it is a similar scene to when Ishita saved Ruhi. Over here, this is the first time Arjun met Pihu. And similarly, that old scene was when Ishita first met Ruhi. 🙂

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      Haha! I always love whenever you comment, Ravi! Please don’t feel bad about commenting. I am always open to talking to anyone who wants to talk. 🙂 I have nothing to feel uneasy about. In fact, I am glad you commented over there. For me, I am simply glad to see the comments reach 30 in just a single day! I am confident the show will reach the peak it deserves. 🙂
      I am so thankful that you like the updates. If you remember, this update is a reference to the first time Ruhi met Ishita. When Ishita saved Ruhi from the truck.
      As for Mythili… Well, in my story, except for Ashok… All characters are positive. I want this story to be a break if you feel bad about the actual show. That’s my motive with this story. To bring a smile to all your faces.
      Mythili/Roshini is one of my favorite characters. I really wanted to see Roshini become Adi’s wife. But, I did grow on to love Adi and Aliya. That’s why I will never write Roshini badly.

      P.S; Next chapter, I have a surprise for you and VP mam. 🙂 Something I hope you guys will love. 🙂

  4. An amazing update…no doubt this is the best episode so far of this ff…just loved how u described ishita’s emotions…eagerly waiting for next part…

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      1. AKITTA don’t you think story is hanging with what happened to nikhil & ruhi s love story further.. Interest in the serial is losing due to story hanging without logic. It’s similar repeating episodes like when ishita was with mani in Australia..

      2. Akiatta

        Nirali, you have a point. They still are yet to resolve the issues about Nikhil and Ruhi. But, as I say that, the fact is… The leap has only begin now. There is lot of room for improvement. We hair have to wait and watch. 🙂

  6. fantastic and wonderful update

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  7. Hi Akiatta , I saw this posted early morning . But had a long day …. waited myself to be free to read it . Really nice my boy ! Loved it .Very interesting .I imagine yhm characters and getting involved . Good move ! As long as the love is unconditional …. always things turn well . Ishitha and Ramans love is very pure ! They had never lived for themselves . Now the twist may be they are for them . I feel Ruhi is securing papas business by revenging to Param .
    Raman in 7 years leap without Ishitha aloof and anger had conqured him . Last one year leap he was romantic and now depression ! Like it interesting !!!

    1. Akiatta

      HI VP. Thank you so much for the comment. 🙂
      I am not sure what tangent Ruhi is going through… But, I really feel that with the story ahead, I think they are going to show us a different Ishra. Possibly, a new take where the two are more focused on their lives and live for each other’s happiness. That would be something that would be amazing to watch.

      I honestly feel that YHM has started to get it’s charm back. Today’s episode was amazing. I can’t wait to know how Ishita was freed and why Ashok helped her. I think there might be a backstory for Ashok’s story this time and that should be amazing.

  8. Hi di, I am loving this. I am such an inpatient child for your updates. Love this chappy a lot, but one request, do add a bit nore romantic scenes between Adi-Aaliya

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