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Episode 7
Next Day,
Ishita walked out of her room as the rest of the family was sitting on the dining table. Over on the table, Toshi and Om were having their breakfast salad as Romi and Mihika were having their food in a hurry. Adi and Aliya, on the other hand, Adi was feeding Aliya her food as Aliya was talking to him.
Seeing the smiles on their faces, Ishita had a smile. It had been a long few weeks and she has been the happiest. Ruhi is moving back in a week, Office is running well, everyone in the family is in a good mood. Things couldn’t be more perfect.

Ishita walked down the stairs and called out,
Ishita: Morning, everyone!
Everyone looked at her with a smile.
Ishita moved to the table and sat down in her usual place.
Ishita: Adi, how was your visit to the doctors?
Adi: Well… Aliya and Athiya are perfectly alright!

Everyone looked confused as Aliya bit her tongue for a moment.
Mihika: Athiya?
Ishita had a sly playful smile and asked,
Ishita: Adi, you have anything to say…
Aliya: Answer Nah, Adi?

Adi: I… I…
Toshi: Chal! At least we know how much shy Adi is!
Adi; Dadi, you too?!
Everyone at the table laughed.
Mihika reached for the back of Adi’s head and smacked it slightly,
Mihika: You are so cute.
Ishita: I like the name. Athiya. But, what if it was a boy?
Aliya: Athish!
Everyone looked shocked again. And with that, they all broke into laughter as Adi and Aliya blushed furiously.

Ishita: That’s really sweet. Athish or Athiya… I honestly can’t wait 6 more months to see who it would be!
Om: I am sure whoever it is, the kid would be the most beautiful kid.
Ishita: By the way, what have you guys thought about everything else with the kid on the way… I mean, talking seriously, I think we should discuss this beforehand. I want my grandchild to have the best environment.

The rest nodded and looked at Adi and Aliya expectantly. Adi and Aliya looked at each other as Adi took Aliya’s hand. Feeling confident, Aliya began,
Aliya: Well, right now, the maternity leave should last till at least three months after delivery. Then, I am thinking of taking a slightly lower role in the company… Adi and I discussed and we wanted to make sure we both allot more time for family. And Adi began working on that. Hopefully, by the time the delivery happens, Adi would be more available in the home. And of course, I am sure my family here in this table will be super supportive as always.
Everyone had a smile and Adi continued after that,
Adi: We want to make sure that we are good parents… Just like how Ishima and Papa are to us.
Ishita has a smile as everyone looked at Ishita with a grin. Ishita looked at Adi and Aliya, her eyes expression how proud she was.

Adi: Hopefully, by the time the second one comes, we get a grip on how to manage the kids.
Ishita raised an eyebrow,
Ishita: Another kid?
Aliya: I… We meant, as hopefully. Hopefully another kid.
Ishita simply nodded with a grin. In her mind, her head was filled with thoughts of her future grandchildren. While a small part felt sad how Raman won’t be there to see them, Ishita was happy with the fact that she could tell so many stories about Raman to those kids. All their nok-joks.
Everyone simply smiled and continued their breakfast.
Romi: Accha, Bhabhi. I forgot to mention. Someone is coming home.

Everyone looked confused,
Ishita: Who’s coming?
Romi: Mihir… He is coming back. There’s a conference for all our company heads and Mihir finally took a leave.
Toshi: Wow! That’s awesome. It feels like years since we saw Mihir…
Everyone looked excited, except for Adi and Aliya.
Ishita noticed their worried faces and acknowledge it. She turned to Toshi and replied,
Ishita: Mummyji, I’ll take leave.
Toshi: Oh. Okay. See you in the evening, kid.

Ishita smiles take her blessing. With her leaving, everyone begins realizing how much time they have spent here. Soon, they all go off about their work.
Later, in the evening,
Adi – Aliya room,
Aliya is very tensed as Adi is on his laptop, working on some files.
Aliya: Adi, you seem oddly relaxed?
Adi: Aliya… I am relaxed. Question is, why are you tensed?

Aliya: Adi, you know why. I mean… Mihir is coming back? Don’t you think it would be, weird?
Adi looks up and sees a tensed Aliya. He gives a sigh and closes his laptop. He looks up to Aliya and says,
Adi: Aliya, it’s been about 5 years since all those issues. Now, everyone has probably forgotten about those incidents. And more importantly, we are having a kid. There’s nothing that is going to create problems between us.
Aliya sighs and says, you won’t understand me! I’m going for a walk.

Adi: Aliya… Aliya, wait!
But, Aliya doesn’t wait as she simply walks out of the room.
Meanwhile, Airport,
The crowded Delhi Airport is filled with people fondling around to grab onto their luggage. As people come out of the building, one person walks out along with the crowd.
As Mihir saw the daylight, feeling like he is back home as he stood there, he took his phone out of the pocket, looking through his contacts to call Romi.

But, before he could do that, a girl, with a shawl covering her face walks up to him and passes him a card. The card read,
‘Meet me in the café nearby. – Roshini.’

Mihir sees the card and looks around. He puts his phone back and walks over to the café.
As he reaches the café, he looks over the tables and sees a three side covered table, with a girl with a shawl over her head.
Mihir walks over to the table as he says to the girl,

Mihir: I didn’t know you were coming to Delhi.
Mythili: Well, a lot has happened.
Mihir sits down opposite to her as he replies,
Mihir: How’s bhai?

Mythili: He’s much better actually…
With that, Mythili began explaining him the whole story.
Mihir: My god. So much happened since I last met you six months ago.
Mythili laughs and replies,
Mythili: I heard from Neelu didi only in the morning. I had to come in here before you contact Romi chachu.
Mihir: You did a good thing. I don’t want to put bhai in trouble. If I had simply shown up, it would have been a mess.
Mythili: It’s okay. Everything is sorted now
Mihir: So… You really think being here would…

Mythili: I know for a fact. I don’t know how it will happen. But, my plan is working. From the one week, we have spent here, Bapuji has managed to fix pretty much all the problems. We might need to do something about his memory. But, once he starts to remember, it should be very easy to have our Bapuji back.
Mihir nods and replies,

Mihir: I really hope Raman Bhai remembers everything. It’s been brutal for me to stay away from everyone for all these years. I… I can’t move back here until Raman remembers who he is.
Mythili sighs and replies,
Mythili: I’m… I’m so sorry I put you through all this. After I found out about Bapuji’s heart condition, I really wanted to make sure that he doesn’t get into any situation that could harm him.

Mihir: I know. That’s why I managed my best to make sure no one ever identifies you or bhai. I stayed abroad to keep all the business work handled.
Mythili: i… I am glad you are back.
Mihir smiles and replies,
Mihir: Happy to be back home again.

Meanwhile, Park near Bhalla House,
Arjun is taking a walk around the park. As he is walking, he hears the sounds of someone crying. Confused, he looks around. He spots, Aliya, sitting on a bench, with tears in her eyes.
Worried, Arjun walks over to her and places a hand over her shoulder,
Arjun: Aliya?
Aliya feels a sudden jolt as she looks at the hand and sees Arjun. She relaxes a bit after recognizing him. She immediately wipes her tears.
Aliya: Hi Uncle… Taking a walk?
Arjun nods and asks,

Arjun: Do you mind if I?
Aliya shifts a bit, giving him space to sit. Arjun smiles and sits down.
Arjun: Why were you crying?
Aliya sighs. She takes a breath and begins,

Aliya: It’s just… Adi doesn’t understand.
Arjun smirks and crosses his hands, listening to her.
Aliya: His uncle, Mihir is coming to our house.
Arjun: That should be a good thing, right?
Aliya: It is… It’s just… I used to be attracted towards Mihir. And… it got really messy by the end.

Arjun looks surprised.
Arjun: Oh… That’s not good.
Aliya: I know right? I just… Sometimes, Adi seems very relaxed with every issue. Before, he used to be always tensed. Everything used to bother him. He… He used to be so… competitive. That’s one of the things that I like about him. But, ever since… Ever since Papaji left us, he’s… He’s been very, very calm. Every time there is an issue, he just stays silent. I mean, it kinda feels like he has no voice.
Arjun simply listens.

Aliya: I know he is excited for our kid… He was so supportive ever since I became pregnant. He even came up with all these weird ideas for the kid. But, other than that, I just don’t know why he just… He stays to himself. Even in office he never talks to anyone.
Arjun: So, how did Mihir’s visit trigger you to be angry with him?
Aliya: Because I was hoping he would be more vocal. You know, be more active. Every time, he just sticks to his work files, not even bothering to talk about anything that’s not relevant to us. I just… Sometimes, I miss my old Adi. If… If it would have been my old Adi, he would have been possessive. I miss that.

Arjun realizes what was happening. It was one of Aliya’s mood swings hitting in. Arjun smiles and moves closer. He puts an arm around Aliya as he replies,
Arjun: Aliya… For every man, there comes a phase in life where… They change the way they see life. Sometimes, the change is for good. Sometimes, the change is for bad.
Aliya looks at him, listening carefully,
Arjun: See, Adi already lost his father. That, on its own, is a huge loss. Compared to that, Adi sees nothing as a huge problem. As a human, Adi right now has set a level of importance. It’s basically, you, your health, your Amma and then the whole family. Anything other than that, he finds useless to spend time on.

Aliya: But, this isn’t normal, right?
Arjun: It is not. But, if you stand by him… talk to him politely, he would open up more.
Aliya: I… I guess I could give it a try.
Arjun: Aliya, just remember this. You are the mother of his child. There is no moment when he is not possessive of you.

Aliya: I… I…
As Aliya was chocking up. Adi runs up to the bench as Arjun and Aliya look at him.
Arjun: I… I will leave you to alone.
Arjun smiles and gets up. He begins to continue walking.
Adi pants for air as Aliya sits on the bench, confused.
Adi: Aliya, I am so sorry…
Aliya: You… You didn’t do anything wrong. I just… I just really don’t know what to feel.
Adi sighs and sits near Aliya.

Adi: Aliya, are you worried about Mihir? If… If you are, then don’t worry. I know that we have a rather troubling history. But, I know for a fact that Mihir mamu would only be happy to see us.
Aliya: It’s not about Mihir… I just… Sometimes, I feel like you don’t need me. I am very much dependent on you. But, I don’t feel the same way about you.
Adi sighs and laughs and replies,
Adi: Aliya, you are so cute, you know… Of course, I am totally dependent on you. You pick what I wear. You pick what I eat. You are the only one person other than Ishima I can share a secret too. Before being my wife, you are my best friend. And… I know how much my best friend is important for me to exist.
Aliya; You… You really mean that?

Adi nods and replies,
Adi: Of course. Look, I know what kind of emotions you must be going through. And, honestly, I stay silent most of the time so that… I can divert all my attention towards only you and our kid. For me, at this point in my life, only you, Ishima and our kid is important. Anything other than that, I don’t find necessary…
Aliya, I want to make sure that… I… I can secure our future. Our kid’s future. Just like Papa did for me.
Aliya sighs and smiles. She leans closer and curls up in his arms,
Aliya: You always know what to say to me, don’t you?
Adi: Well, Yeh Hai Mohabbatein (That’s Love)!

That was the episode seven. Now, I am loving the leap a lot. But, I honestly have only one wish. I wish that they don’t show Ashok and Ishita in a relationship. That is the only thing that would break my heart. Also, please don’t put Raman and Shagun back together. But, I don’t think both of these is going to happen. The possibility is very little.

I also wish they take Adi and Aliya more seriously and show more mature tracks for them. I really like how the leap is just one year and not more. I am guessing that the whole Budapest track is to redefine the whole concept of the show. Side note – I really love how they changed the music for the new start. The guitar string version is fabulous.
Now, for you all love people out there reading and commenting every time, I am going to give a Precap.

Precap – Finally, Arjun Meets Pihu! Things reach a peak. Will we see the story take a twist?

Thank you so much for the love. I will back with an update soon. Please do show your love in the comments.

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