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Episode 6
One week later,
It’s been one whole week since Arjun and Mythili moved to the apartment near the Bhalla house. Each day, the whole Bhalla family have gotten to know a lot about them.
Bhalla House, Evening,
Ishita walks into the house with her hands filled with files. As she walks in, she sees Santoshi sitting on the couch, sipping on her tea.
Ishita: Hello, mummyji!
Toshi: Ishita! Come… Have tea with me.
Ishita smile and moves closer to her, sitting next to her.
Santoshi pours her a cup of tea and passes her the cup. Ishita takes a sip and smiles at the amazing taste.
Ishita: Mummyji, I really love this chai.
Santoshi smirks and replies,
Toshi: You know, it’s really nice to see you glowing like this. It feels like I am finally seeing my original Ishita.
Ishita nods and replies,
Ishita: I feel a bit better, mummyji. Haan, I am still worried about Ruhi, but… Somehow, everything has been feeling very calm for the past one week.
Toshi nods and responds,
Toshi: Yes… Ever since you brought those two here… I… I don’t know why. But, when I spend time with that guy, I feel like I am with Raman. Well, deep down, I do know he is not actually Raman, but something gives me this nice feeling about Arjun.
Ishita smiles and nods,
Ishita: You know, Mummyji, seeing Arjun being a parent, I really learnt how much weird I sound to others. I mean, Arjun basically is like a male version of me. Too soft, too kind. Not able to make hard decisions, but always ready to shower love.
Toshi: Come to think of it, I do see the resemblance. Although, in these three years, the one thing I missed a lot is…
Ishita and Toshi together: Raman’s shouting.
Both the ladies laughed as they sipped more onto their tea.
Ishita: But, talking seriously, I really feel very guilty. Thinking back, I feel like all those times when I blamed him for being angry, I am questioning what his natural character was. I mean, anyone who knows Raman, only knows him due to his short temper. I think it has become a part of his identity… Maybe me being angry about that issue was really stupid.
Toshi: Haha! No.. You were right on your side. Frankly, I do think Raman’s anger is a part of his identity. But, it’s the way he uses and shows that anger that was creating problems. I mean, during the time you guys were newly married, Raman still got angry. But, he used to channel his anger to think smartly. But, as he got older, he somehow gave up on being smart.
Ishita laughs and continues,

Ishita: You know Mummyji, I think this is the first time we both have spoken about Raman without shedding any tears. That itself should be an achievement.
Toshi: Yaar, I have decided. I know for a fact that I have, at the max, 20-30 more years. Till that time, I want to live peacefully. Only think of the positive memories. I mean, even though our life has so much problems, we have had so many good memories as a family. And I want to live the rest of my life, remembering those good memories I have with Raman. And spend time with Adi’s kids.
Ishita: Mummiji… Have you drunk something? You are speaking so wonderfully… (pauses.) You are right. I loved that man like anything. And I want to live with his happy memories. Not think about being without him and crying each day over his death.
Toshi smiles and reaches out for Ishita. Ishita leans in and the two hug each other.
As they are hugging, they hear a knock on the door.
Ishita: Neelu! Can you open the door?
Neelu: Sure thing, Bhabhi.
Neelu walks over to the door and open it.
Arjun walks into the house with a box in his hand.
Arjun: Namastae. I’m glad you both are here.
Toshi: Arre… Come in. You want to have some tea?
Arjun moves to the sofa and sits down. He leans forward and opens the box, revealing the sweets.
Ishita: What’s this for? Anything special happened?
Arjun: Well, Mythili went for her interview today. And I am sure she will clear!
Ishita and Toshi look delighted, they both take the sweet.
Toshi: That’s very good. Has she called you up and informed you yet.
Ishita: I think we should call her now.
Ishita takes her phone out and calls her. She puts the call on the loudspeaker as the phone rings.
Half an hour ago,
Mythili was right outside the Commissioner of Police office, waiting for her response. As she sat on the bench alone, she was tapping her feet.
As she stared at the floor, looking at her feet, her mind fully tensed. Someone moved next to her.
Mythili looks shocked and turns to the side, only to see Nirvan.
Mythili: You… You scared me for a second.
Nirvan: Sorry about that… I remembered that today was your final interview. How did it go?
Mythili stared back at the floor,
Mythili: I… I don’t want to talk about it.
Nirvan scratched his chin and replied,
Nirvan: I noticed a tea shop in the road end… You want to…
Mythili immediately got up. At that moment, she really wanted to leave the place.
Mythili: Let’s get going.
Nirvan smiles and takes her hand. The two walk out of the office space.
In matter of minutes, they each have a cutting chai in their hand.
Mythili took a sip of her chai as Nirvan was her with a smile.
Mythili: You going to drink that or you just going to stare at me?
Nirvan shook a bit at her sudden confrontation.

Nirvan: I… I…
Mythili: Let me guess, you want to ask me some questions?
Nirvan: Well, now that our families are okay with each other… I figured…
Mythili: Two things… I will stay as close as I can to my dad.
Nirvan: Sure. I am thinking of staying in Delhi too so…
Mythili thought about that and nodded. She continued in her normal cold tone,
Mythili: Second, I will keep on working as long as I could. Any issues, we can call this off immediately.
Nirvan: I would actually prefer you work too. I.. I have seen Amma from childhood. I admire working women.
Mythili felt a bit impressed. She sported a very small smile. Nirvan saw that smile and his body felt a shiver of joy.
Mythili switched to a softer tone and asked.
Mythili: So… What do you want to know?
Nirvan: Umm… You know to cook?
Mythili: What!!
Nirvan: Don’t take me wrong… I am a chef by nature. I just wanted to know if you are interested in cooking too…
Mythili laughs slightly and replies,
Mythili: Well, I don’t know to cook, nor will I ever learn. However, I do like to eat.
Nirvan scratches the back of his head and laughs.
Mythili: Why do you like me?
Nirvan: Well… When I first met you, you were fighting this guy who was beating his wife. He looked bulky. I was going to jump in but I stayed back as I saw how you bashed the guy. And… That kinda won me over. I know it sound weird… But, seeing you reminded me of my Amma. She is very brave too. You know her. She is the bravest person I know in my life. I… I see her in you.
Mythili was shocked at this. Her eye had a tear. Somehow, she realised how much she learnt from her Ishima. And she felt proud.
Mythili: I… I don’t know what to…
Just as she was about to answer, her phone rang. She picked the call up and placed it in her ear.
Mythili: Appa?
Toshi: Mythili, its Dadi here. What happened with the result? We all are waiting.
Mythili: Well, I think the result…
Before she could answer, a voice comes in the background on the other side.
Voice: Ishima… What happened to the Lehenga for the Reception?
Ishita: Ruhi?
Mythili was shocked beyond belief. Seeing it was Arjun’s number, her heart raced. Her mind about to explode. She knew the risks. She can’t have Ruhi say something to him. If she says something, Raman could have a heart failure.
The phone hangs up as she looks confused. Nirvan looks at her expression and get worried.
Nirvan: Umm… Everything alright?
Mythili: I… I have to go home. Immediately.

Nirvan: But… Your result?
Mythili: Screw the result…
Mythili gets tensed as she looks around the road.
Nirvan: Wait…
Nirvan looks around and sees an Auto Rickshaw stand.
Nirvan: Over there.
Nirvan takes her hand and takes her over to the other side of the road. They look and see a Auto with the driver.
Nirvan: You take the auto and go back home.
Mythili: Wait… What about you?
Nirvan: I will stay here. I’ll wait and get your result then come back to you place… It’s your dream and I want to support it.
Mythili feels touched at that moment. She reaches for him, giving him a hug. She pulls back within seconds, going to the auto and taking off.
Nirvan smiles as he walks back to the Commissioner Office.
Meanwhile, Bhalla House,
As the three are talking to Mythili, a voice is heard, with someone walking into the house.
Ruhi: Ishima, what happened to the lehenga for the reception? It’s not fitting my size.
Ishita gets up, shocked.
Ishita: Ruhi?
Ishita was panicking inside. For the whole week, they managed to hide Arjun and Mythili from Ruhi. But now…
Arjun turns around to see the person coming through the door.
Ruhi walks into the hall but pauses on her feet, seeing Arjun.
Ruhi: Papa?!
Ruhi’s emotions were wild. She wasn’t sure if she should be happy to see her father alive, or be sad to see the person who separated her from the family.
Before Arjun could answer, Ishita moved towards Ruhi, pulling her to the kitchen. She checked if anyone was listening and said,
Ishita: Ruhi… This is Arjun.
Ishita then told what happened in Chennai. Well, not everything, but only the important part.
Ruhi looked shocked.
Ruhi: But… He looks just like…
Ishita: I… I know.
Ruhi sighs,
Ruhi: Alright…
The two then join Arjun and Toshi back in the living area.
Arjun: Everything alright?
Ishita: Yeah… Arjun, this is Ruhi. My daughter.
For a second, Ruhi felt a shiver down her spine. It had been three years since Ishita called Ruhi her daughter. Hearing Ishita say that word, made her feel amazing for the moment.
Arjun: Oh!
Arjun stand up and smiles. He reaches for her and replies,
Arjun: Nice to meet you, Ruhi. Your mother spoke a lot about you.
Ruhi looked at Ishita, who was looking at Arjun with a smile. For that one moment, she felt like that kid she was all those years back.
Toshi: Why are you all standing… take a seat.
Arjun nods and sits down. Seeing that, Ishita and Ruhi take a seat too. Ruhi, sits next to Arjun.
Arjun: When is the date?
Ishita: What date?

Arjun: The wedding date?
Toshi and Ishita’s face go dull. Ruhi looks disappointed.
Arjun looks confused and adds,
Arjun: Aiiyyoo… Did I ask something wrong?
Ruhi: No… Nothing like that… It’s just…
Ishita: We haven’t decided on a date yet.
Ruhi gives a smirk and replies,
Ruhi: You guys don’t even want to get married. To someone I like.
Ishita comes close to giving a reply, but doesn’t.
Arjun: Mummyji, what do you think?
Toshi: We… We don’t know what we should be doing…
Arjun sighs and thinks for a moment. He then turns towards Ruhi and asks her,
Arjun: If you don’t mind, can I say something?
Ishita and Ruhi look confused. They look at each other and simply give Arjun a nod.
Arjun smiles and continues,
Arjun: Look, I know it’s your family matter. But, as someone with a daughter, I feel like both of you are right in your own way.
All the three women look at Arjun with attention.
Arjun: Ruhi, you want to be with someone whom you like. Ishitaji, you want her to be with someone who is good for her. Then the solution is simple. Ruhi, as an adult, can I give you some suggestions?
Ruhi, feeling a bit confident and softer, like her older self, replies,
Ruhi: Umm… Sure.
Arjun smiles and takes her hand,
Arjun: I don’t know who this boy is. But, if he loves you, he shouldn’t have a problem convincing your mother right?
Ruhi nods, seeing the point he is putting forward.
Arjun: Try and talk to him. Ask him to try and earn the trust of Ishitaji. As much as I have gotten to know her, I know that is she trust the guy, she will have no objection. Am I right, Ishitaji?
Ishita looks baffled. Her mind felt as if a huge burden has been lifted off her shoulders.
Ishita: I… I do would give him a chance…
Ruhi looks surprised. Her heart was filled with happiness at the moment. But, in that moment, she remembered how Raman had removed all her rights.
Ruhi: But… I…
Arjun looks confused.
Arjun: Did something else happen?
Toshi: Raman… Raman had sent her out of the company… Somewhere after that, Ruhi lost trust in us too.
Arjun takes that and sighs. He looks again back at Ruhi and says,
Arjun: You don’t trust your parents?
Ruhi: I don’t know if I should. They pretty much hate me now. And they don’t want me…
Arjun leans forward and places a hand over Ruhi’s shoulder. Ruhi felt a shiver as if she was a child and was being consoled by her Papa. Tears formed in her eyes.
Arjun: Ruhi… Think about it this way… If you are a teacher, you have a student who studies okay, but is always dependent on you. He has his exams in like a week. How would you help him?
Ruhi: I… I would try to make him learn to solve his questions on his own.
Arjun: Precisely! That is what your father wanted to do!
The three women looks shocked. No one never thought of this approach. That one moment, made them feel so liberated.
Ishita: I… I never thought of it that way.
Arjun smiles and said to Ishita,
Arjun: Ishitaji, I don’t know how he was with you and your family. But, from where I see, I see that he loved every single one of you.
He turns to Ruhi and continues,
Arjun: Now tell me, you still feel like you can’t trust them?
Ruhi’s eyes flooded with tears. All the years of hatred she had developed in all these years, vanished in a moment. She felt all the love she had for her parents. All the love that had gotten hidden behind the hatred she had cultivated.
Ruhi, without any thought, hugs Arjun tightly. With tears, she says,
Ruhi: Thank… You…

Arjun smiles and hugs her back with affection. Ishita and Toshi watch with tears in their eyes as they huddle closer to each other. Ishita’s heart was filled with gratitude for the man. After all, he was solving all her problems with ease.
Ruhi and Arjun go separate as Ruhi gets up from her seat. She moves near Ishita and holds onto her leg and says,
Ruhi: Ishima… I… I will wait as long as I need to. Unless everyone doesn’t feel comfortable, I would be your daughter…
Ishita leans forward and places a kiss on Ruhi’s forehead.
Toshi places a hand over Ruhi’s head as she asks with tears,
Toshi: Ruhi… Will you come back home?
Ruhi cries on Ishita’s lap, nodding her head. Toshi has a wide smile in her face.
Ishita looks at Arjun and her hand goes to make a gesture. Arjun stops her and whispers,
Arjun: I… I will be back later in the evening. I’m so happy for you all.
Arjun smiles and gets up. He slowly walks out of the place, taking a look at the Mother-Daughter-Grandmother, bonding with each other.
Arjun’s face has a smile as he opens the door. As he opens the door, he sees Mythili opening the door too.
Arjun: Mythili, what happened to your results?
Mythili: I… Nirvan is over there in the office. He will get the results and come here… By the way, what… what happened?
Arjun smiles and Replies,
Arjun: I met Ishtiaji’s daughter. Ruhi. Such a nice kid.
Mythili looks confused. She leaned into the house to see Ishita, Ruhi and Toshi with each other, all happy as Ruhi seems like her old self.
Arjun: Anyway, I have a bit of cooking to finish. You coming home?
Mythili: Umm… Yeah… I will be with you in a moment.
Arjun nods and smiles. He then walks out of the corridor, going to their apartment. As Mythili stood there in the corridor, she connected the dots and realised what might have happened,
Mythili: This is… I can’t believe all the issue are getting sorted… I… I really hope this continues. I really love this family and I want to see them happy.
Her phone pings with a message alert. Hearing that, she took the phone out and saw the message. It was from Nirvan.
*You got in!*
Mythili had a wide smile in her face. She turned and began rushing towards her apartment, to inform Arjun.
In the house,
Ruhi and Ishita and Toshi get up as Toshi speaks up,
Toshi: Ruhi, let’s go and clean up your room.
Ruhi nodded with excitement.
The two left the room with excitement as Ishita stood there. She took the picture of Raman and her and her face had a smile.
Ishita: You don’t know how much I love you more now. Each day, you give me more reason to fall in love with you… Whether you are here with me or not, I am going to be always yours.

That was the episode six. Now, I am loving the leap so much and I am very excited to see what’s going to happen. So, in celebration of that, I will post a episode on Saturday, along with the episode. Following that, I will also post one episode on Monday, the day of the Budapest story.
Now, for you all love people out there reading and commenting every time, I am going to give a Precap.

Precap – Adi and Aliya go through a difficult patch as after years, Mihir come back to India! What havoc will return of Mihir create?

Thank you so much for the love. I will back with an update soon. Please do show your love in the comments.

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