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Episode 5
Ishita: You both… you both should come with us to Delhi…
Mythili and Arjun look confused. Arjun sat up in his bed as Mythili helped him up.
Ishita: I… I should explain. The doctor spoke to me and he advised that you should be in a good environment. Now, I can see Mythili is trying her best to take care of you…
Mythili tried to speak.
Mythili: I… I don’t think it would be a good idea. We… We don’t want to cause you guys any trouble.
Arjun simply looks at Ishita’s face. Oddly, he was getting this weird feeling from her.
Arjun: Umm… Mythili, you mentioned you got that offer in Delhi to train?
Ishita looked a bit relaxed at his response.
Mythili paused and nodded,
Mythili: Yeah… I wasn’t sure if I should be taking that training offer.
Ishita chimed in.
Ishita: Well, if you guys would like it, I can get a house for rent in our apartment complex. Nirvan’s parents would come in soon and then we can discuss more about you two if that would be something you guys would like. That way, Mythili here can focus on her training and… Our family can help him out.
Arjun wasn’t sure of any reply to her suggestion.
Mythili thought about it and replied,
Mythili: Appa, what do you want to do?
Arjun: I… I think they want to help. And… I don’t want my health to stop you from following your dreams. I mean, Delhi is a big city. I surely think I can find a chef job. We… We should be able to manage.
Ishita: That’s awesome. I’ll inform everyone back home. They will get everything ready for you two.
Arjun smiled and looks at Mythili. Mythili sees his smile and she sighs, smiling back.
Mythili: Alright… I’ll go and talk to the officer. See if he still wants me as an assistant.
Arjun nodded and Mythili walked out of the room.

In that moment, she realised that she was alone with the guy in the room. It felt weirdly nice.
Arjun: Thank you so much for being so kind. I can’t express how much happy I am for my daughter.
Ishita smiled and replied,
Ishita: I can understand… I have a daughter too.
Ishita took out her phone and pulled out a picture of Ruhi, from three years ago.
Arjun tpok the phone and saw the picture. His face had a smile.
Arjun: She looks like a well behaved child.
Ishita sighs.
Ishita: She used to be… But now.
Arjun moved closer and placed a hand over Ishita.
Ishita felt a shiver down her spine and looked at Arjun with confusion.
Arjun: I… I’m sorry if I did something wrong.
Arjun moved back.
Ishita: It’s… It’s okay.
Ishita simply smiled, just so that the guy wouldn’t be scared.
Arjun gave a sigh of relief and placed a hand over Ishita’s and said,
Arjun: Mam… All children are always good. Sometimes, they just don’t see the right track. But, with love and affection, anything can be fixed. Always, we as parents, have to take things with patience. Because, no matter what happens between the kids and the parents, the parents will always be the older ones. It becomes their responsibility to teach the younger ones.
Ishita was baffled. She was astonished to hear such profound words coming from someone who like her Raman. Her Raman who never had a minute’s patience. This made her feel more confident that this guy is not Raman.
Ishita: I… I see what you mean.
Arjun smiled and stepped away, losing his grip over her hand.

The moment he let go off his hand, Ishita’s heart stopped. She felt her emotions being in extremes. It was as if she could hear Raman’s heart beating inside him.
Ishita finally got the courage and asked,
Ishita: Umm.. If you don’t mind… Can you tell me about your family? I mean, you don’t have to tell if you don’t want to.
Arjun: No… No… You have all the right to ask… Well, I was an orphan from birth. I was brought up in this orphanage so, I had a clear view of how it is to not have a parent. Now, there are a lot of things I have forgotten over the years. But, I still remember meeting my wife. Priya. She is an angel. Well, she was. By the time Mythili was 10, her mother developed Brain Cancer. We fought as much as we could, but at one point, we knew what’s going to happen. From then on, it’s just been me and my daughter. She is my whole world.
Ishita listened and nodded.
Arjun: From that point, I learnt one thing. That’s the fact that no matter what happens in our life, the one thing that will never change, would be a bond between Daughter and Parent. Be it Amma or Appa. For every girl, no matter what happens, somewhere deep down, they have so much respect for the parent. So much love. You… You just have to find it within her. That might be hard… But, in the end, it will be worth the effort.
Ishita was baffled. She was shocked to hear such mature words. The last time she had someone talk to her so maturely, clearing up her mind, it was the last time she spoke to Vandu Akka.
Ishita: I… I can’t say how much you helped me.
Arjun: You don’t have to. You… You have been really nice to my girl. For all I know, you are like an angel to me. I just want to see her dream completed and… Right now, I know she will. It won’t be just me to support her.
Ishita smiled and softly pressed his hand.
Ishita: I’m… I’m gonna check on my son. He stayed outside with Aliya the whole night. Take care. I’ll come and see you later with everyone else.
Arjun nodded. Ishita left his arm as she got up and turned towards the dor. Just then, Arjun asked.
Arjun: Your son… What’s his name?
Ishita stopped. She turned around and replied.
Ishita: Adi. Short for Aditya… I’ll see you soon.
Arjun nodded. Somehow, that name made him kinda feel weird. Kinda felt as if it was a name that meant a lot to him.

Everything about that name made him kinda feel… paternal.
Ishita stepped out of the room as she saw Aliya sitting there on the chair. Adi and Nirvan weren’t near anywhere. Ishita went closer and sat down beside Aliya.
Ishita: Aliya, did Adi leave you alone?
Aliya; Amma, relax. They both have gone to the pantry to heat up the milk for me. The thing is, I was feeling a bit of a craving so Adi rushed to get the… Forget about that, what happened inside.
Aliya reached for Ishita’s hands, holding onto them, her face showing excitement.
Ishtia sighed and answered,
Ishita: You know… I shouldn’t have gone in to meet him…
Aliya; Why?
Ishita: You know, there was a time… A time when I used to pray in my mind that… Raman will stop being so impatient. I even left the house so that he will understand. Every time he got angry, I got upset with him. But… Seeing someone who looks just like him… You know, the man… Whoever is inside. He can never be Raman. All he does is… Remind me of all the things that had gone along with Raman. Every moment I sat in there, my heart was aching. Aching to hear him call me Jansi Ki Rani… This… This feels really selfish but I don’t know my my heart wants this guy to be my Raman.
Aliya had a tear as she saw Ishita break down in front of her. Aliya moved closer and placed an arm around her.
Ishita: You know Aliya, if Raman comes back somehow… I will make sure I will never fight with him for being angry. I will enjoy seeing him angry…. I… I want to see his eyes go red one more time. I… I want to hear his screaming voice once again…
Aliya takes a breath and replies,
Aliya: Amma… I know what you must be going through… But… If we are going to take those to with us to home… You have to stay strong. You have to make sure that… You don’t lose the will. Please Amma… It’s hard for me to see you liekt his.
Ishita nods and sniffs. She wipes her tears and reaches for her purse, taking her phone out to make the calls.
Two days later, Bhalla House ki Apartment,
Ishita and the rest arrive onto the spot in the cab. Ishita takes a look at the building complex and takes a breath. Her mind thinking of ways to keep the situation in control. At this point, all she hoped was for Ruhi, to not show up in front of Arjun and create a scene.
Arjun and Mythili looks at the huge building and gasped.
Arjun: I’ve never seen such a building. I mean… I know the LIC building is taller, but this…
Mythili nodded and with that, Nirvan said to Ishita,
Nirvan: Amma, I will go to Appa’s place and get my things ready there. I’ll come back around the evening.
Ishita nodded and hugged him.
Ishita: Go carefully.

Nirvan nodded. He got onto the taxi who took an exit, going out of the complex.
With that, Ishita, along with Adi and Aliya, began leading Arjun and Mythili to the apartment.
As they reached the door, Ishita walked up to the door and knocked.
In a matter of seconds, Santoshi was there on the door, opening it. As she stood there, Santoshi saw Arjun. Her eyes watered in tears as she saw the face of her child once again.
Ishita leaned closer to her and whispered,
Ishita: Mummyji, you have taken care of everything like I said, right.
Santoshi, getting control over herself, whispered back,
Toshi: Everything’s done, Ishita. I have removed all the photos, I have informed everyone except Ruhi. They all know what to say and what not to. For now, they all have gone about their work.
Ishita nods and turns to Arjun and Mythili,
Ishita: Welcome home… Come on in.
Arjun and Mythili nod as Mythili helps Arjun into the house.
Adi slowly helps Aliya into the house as he makes her take every step carefully. Once into the hosue, Adi turns to Santoshi and says,
Adi: Dadi, I’ll take Aliya to her room. She has been through a tiring trip.
Aliya; Adi, I am not tired.
Adi; Arre, I am not talking about you. I am talking about my princess in there. She must be tired.
Everyone have a smile as Aliya blushes furiously. Adi, slowly walks with Aliya into their room.
Ishita and Santoshi slowly lead Arjun and Mythili into the dining table.
Santoshi: Come, come… I have made nice Punjabi dishes for you both.
Mythili and Arjun sit down as Ishita and Santoshi take a seat too. Then, Santoshi begins,
Santoshi: I have spoken to the building owner. The one right opposite would be your apartment. It’s a smaller one so it should be comfortable for you two… Now, you both must be famished. You guys want to have food?
Mythili: Sure. Thank you so much for the help, Dadi.
Santoshi: No problem. You are going to be relatives of Mani and Shagun. That way, you are family.
Arjun and Mythili smile. Ishita simply watches with a smile as the two look with excitement. In their eyes, Ishita could see how much they are enjoying, being in a family environment.
Santoshi takes the cover of the container, revealing butter chicken.
Mythili: Umm… Dadi, Appa… He is a pure vegetarian. The thing is, I go to the training and camps so I have gotten used to meat. But… He is pure veg.
Arjun: It’s okay… You have the food. Anyway, I am not hungry.
Arjun said with a smile. Ishita watched for a moment and got up. She moved to the kitchen as she quickly began preparing Palak Paneer.
Santoshi: Don’t worry. Ishita is very fast. She should probably be having a world record for speed cooking.
Santoshi joked. Arjun and Mythili laughed at that.
And as per her word, Ishita was there with the Paneer in a matter of minutes.
Arjun: You didn’t have to do that.
Ishita: Come on. We are Punjabis. We love treating our guests with the best.
Santoshi took the Palak and served to Arjun.
Arjun took a bite of the Paratha with the Paneer. It was amazing.
As he was having the food, something chocked in his throat. As he coughed, Santoshi reached for a glass of water and helped him take a sip.
Santoshi: Take it slowly. There’s no hurry.
Arjun nodded and took a gulp of the water. As he felt better, he replied with a bit of struggle.
Arjun: Thanks, Maaji…
Santoshi stood there frozen. Ishita was shocked too.
Arjun looked at the two as he continued.
Arjun: I hope you don’t mind me calling you…
Santoshi: No.. No… You too are like a son.
Santoshi tried to smile, brushing off a tear from her eye as her hand rubbed her head.
Ishita thought to herself, “Thank god. My plan is working… Mummyji, I know you and the whole family have been very heart broken since Raman has gone. Now, I know that with Arjun here, you all will be back to your happy state.”
Meanwhile, Mythili thought to herself, “Thank god. I hope this works… Ishima, I know you have given up on love. But, the more Appa is around you all, the more chances he might start to remember. I can’t give him all the truth at once. But, one by one, hopefully he will start to remember…”

That’s all for this chapter. Now, for you all love people out there reading and commenting every time, I am going to give a Precap.
Precap – Nirvan and Mythili explore love as Arjun opens up more to Ishita. Will Ishita find love once again in life?
Thank you so much for the love. I will back with an update soon. Please do show your love in the comments.

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