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Episode 4
The Next Day, Morning,
Mythili came back to the hospital as she brought food for him and her.
Ishita got up and looked as Mythili reached the hall. Adi was sitting beside Aliya as she was sleeping, resting her head over his shoulder.
Mythili: Aiiyyoo… I didn’t know you guys stayed back… I didn’t bring any food.
Mythili’s expression was a bit saddened.

Ishita: It’s… It’s okay. We are fine. You… You cooked food for Ra… Your father?
Ishita asked in a heartbroken tone. At this moment, she didn’t want to force her to say what he is. In fact, she herself was having doubts about whether they are actually her Raman and Roshni.
Mythili nodded and replied,
Mythili: Yeah. Appa loves Puttu. Anything from Kerala, he simply loves. I wasn’t sure if I should make, but given he is pure vegetarian, I didn’t want to take the risk. So, I made it at home.
Ishita smiled and said,
Ishita: That’s really nice of you…

Mythili sighs a bit and moves close to her and sits down,
Mythili: Umm… Aunty…
Ishita felt as if a dagger was stabbing in her heart.
Ishita: Just… You can call me Ishita…

Mythili looked hesitant and began,
Mythili: Ishita Aunty… I like Nirvan. I really do. But… I don’t know if I can leave my Appa on his own here… That too not in his condition.
Ishita looked cautiously and asked, her heart beating incredibly fast. Her BP skyrocketing.
Mythili: I… I don’t know if I can reveal about his condition. But, I can’t leave him here. I am not saying that I am not interested in Nirvan. But, I will need some time and honestly, even that time would be possible only if my Appa is okay with it…
Ishita sighs and looks at the door. She had lost all hope at this point and in honesty, she just wanted to talk to the man, whoever he was, about her son and just for this moment, save his love.
Ishita: I… I understand… You… You should probably go and feed him. We will wait here and if he is comfortable, then we will see him.
Mythili sported a soft smile and replied.

Mythili: Thank you so much.
Mythili got up and picked up her jute bags, walking into the ward.
Adi, who stayed silent throughout the conversation, finally spoke,
Adi: Ishima, you really think this is not our Papa?
Ishita: Adi… I honestly don’t know… At this moment, I just want to know what his condition is… Should I go and talk to the doctor?

Adi thought about it and replied,
Adi: That’s a great idea, Ishima. He would tell you the truth. At least then we can have a bit of a clue.
Ishita nods and gets up. She moves closer to her son and places a hand over Aliya’s head, who is fast asleep. Ishita then takes a breath and walks towards the doctor cabin.
As Ishita walks to the cabin block, Adi takes his phone out and dials a contact,
Adi: Hello… Abhishek Uncle? Yeah, I am fine… Listen, I need a favour… I need you to have a look on the train accident three years ago.. We might have a problem.
At the doctor’s cabin,
Ishita is at the door, knocking it politely,
Ishita: Doctor, may I come in?
Doctor: Please, have a seat.

Ishita walks closer and takes a seat.
Doctor: Tell me, how can I help you?
Ishita: Doctor, about the man I admitted, Arjun… I think I know the person. Would you be able to tell what happened to him?
The doctor thought for a moment and said,

Doctor: You mentioned you are a doctor, right?
Ishita nods
The doctor thinks further and replies,
Doctor: I guess I could tell you the condition.
Ishita listened carefully,
Doctor: That man… He had a heart transplant. Three years ago. The daughter, Mythili, she mentioned that the two were in an accident in Delhi and because of the accident, the man had severe health issues.

Ishita’s heart stopped at this. Somehow, she was having two different emotions. One emotion over the fact that Raman was in so much pain. The other emotion over the fact that this guy might actually be Raman. She could have her husband.
The doctor continued,

Doctor: One of the people who died, a middle aged man I think, his heart was used to save this man. Apart from that, Arjun has a huge BP issue. That’s why his daughter was needed in the room. With the case of Mr. Arjun, his body had incredibly high BP
that we needed to have her inside to keep him calm. In fact, he fainted in the road and got hit by a bike because he got into a cardiac arrest. If he has another cardiac arrest, we won’t be able to save him.
Ishita: Oh My God!
Ishita’s mind tried to understand what could have happened. Maybe this is someone different and was saved by Raman’s heart. Maybe that’s why she feels this scared for this man. But, that didn’t explain Roshni changing her name. With each conversation, her mind was getting more confused.
Doctor: If possible, I would request you all to take him to a family environment. That girl is struggling to take care of him without him knowing. And I am not sure that in his condition, that poor girl would be able to take care of him, while keeping her family running.

Ishita was frozen. Her heart felt like shattering into pieces. At the least, even if this guy wasn’t Raman, there was a possibility that this guy has Raman’s heart. And the thought that in the same building, it was beating. Her mind was flooded with thoughts.
Without any reaction, she simply got up. She thanked the doctor in gesture and walked out of the room, going back to the hallway.
Adi, seeing her, called out,

Adi: Ishima, I got something…
Ishita heard his voice and came over to him.
Ishita: What…
Adi; Ishima… this is not our Papa… I called Abhishek Uncle. He looked into the records. Turns out, these two were in the accident. And apparently…
Ishita finished his sentence,
Ishita: The man had a transplant. He has Raman’s heart.

Adi sighed and nodded.
Ishita couldn’t handle it any longer. The tiredness of staying up the whole night, finally hit her head. She didn’t even want to open her eyes for a second. Her heart felt like bleeding, knowing that she got so close to having her life… Her love back. Everything felt dark as she rested her head on Adi’s other shoulder as Adi sat there, with his mother resting on one shoulder, his wife
on the other.

Meanwhile, inside the Ward,
Mythili is having tears as she is watching from the door, seeing Ishita break down, rest her head over Adi’s shoulder. Behind her, Arjun was in his bed, sound asleep due to the sedatives.
Mythili thought to herself,
Mythili: I am sorry Ishima… I really wanted to come running to you that day itself. But…
Flashback, Three years ago, the day after their accident,
Roshni woke up in her bed as she slowly opened her eyes, realising that she was in a hospital. But, at that point, she remembered nothing. Everything was blank to her.
As she woke up, a nurse walked in and was surprised to see her awake. She turned around and called out,
Nurse: Doctor! Doctor! Mythili is awake!

The doctor, soon rushed to the room as Roshni looked confused. She didn’t even know who she was at this point.
Doctor: Welcome back.
The doctor wished.

Roshni, feeling confused, asked,
Roshni: Doctor, Who… Who am I? Where am I?
The doctor, a female one, stepped closer and said,
Doctor: You are Mythili… Mythili Saravanan. You are coming from Chennai. You and Your father got into an accident.
Nothing seemed correct to Roshni. Somehow, she wasn’t able to remember anything.
Roshni: I have a father?
The doctor nodded and replied,
Doctor: Yes. Arjun Saravanan. While both had amnesia when we found you, you managed to escape with minor injuries but… He had major issues. We have currently arranged a heart transplant from this donor…
Roshni, although not able to remember, oddly felt this affection towards the so called father.
Roshni: What… What happened to my father?
Doctor: He had a major heart damage due to the accident. Pretty much his whole body is affect by it. And given the low BP issue, it was really tough to get him treated…
Roshni: Doctor, you… You have to save him.
Doctor: We have already began working on it. See, after the heart transplant, you have to be very careful. You should take extreme care of him. Any place where he could be hurt, you should avoid.
Roshni took all that in as she, in reflex, wiped the tears that had formed in her eyes. She really felt love for this person.
Roshni: Doctor, what would happen now?

Doctor: Now, we will receive the Transplant heart in one hour. Then we will go to the surgery. Once that’s done, you can take him back home to Chennai.
Roshni nodded, while being confused a bit.
The doctor got up and smiled, getting up to leave. Just then, Roshni asked a small question.
Roshni: Doctor, who is that person who is donating their heart?
Doctor: What was his name… I can’t remember straight away. He died in the accident too, along with this girl… Yes, Raman Bhalla… That’s his name.

Say those words, the doctor walked out.
Things felt odd as Roshni, oddly remembered the word Bhalla. She slowly got off her bed and walked over to the table and saw the newspaper. She opened it and tried to read but wasn’t able to. She flipped around the pages and stopped at one particular page.

The page was an obituary for Raman Bhalla and Roshni Saini.
At that moment, seeing her picture and Raman’s, her mind opened up. In a minute, she began remembering everything. She turned to further pages and saw the whole news coverage about the accident.
She realise that there was a mix-up and it was Raman who is getting the transplant from the dead Arjun, not the other way around. The doctors got her confused up with this other girl that died too.

Roshni: I… I have to tell Ishima… They… They are thinking Bapuji is dead…
Roshni, getting tensed, walked towards the door. But, as she reached the door, she paused. The words of the Doctor rang in her head. Her head played the line when the doctor said how he should go anywhere he could get hurt…
Roshni: I… I… I can’t let the truth. No matter what happens, I can’t take him to Bhalla house. I… I need to take care of him…
She reaches for the bag in the side, seeing it belongs to the original Mythili. She opened the bag, seeing the book for IPS studies. She opens the first page where there’s a handwritten note.
“To my Brave Mythili… From, Appa.”

Roshni sees it and holds the book closer and says,
Roshni: Bapuji, you have saved my life countless times. You have been a father to me in many ways. From this moment, I am going to spend all my life taking care of you.
She looks at the book and says,
Roshni: Mythili… Whoever you are, I will continue your dream. I am sorry I have to use your name. But… I will make sure I will never misuse it.

Present Day,
Mythili: I am sorry Ishima… I am sorry that I have taken your love from you… But… In all ways, he has been my father. And I can’t let my father struggle again. I can’t do that…
Mythili’s tears were rolling uncontrollably as she watched Ishita crying her eyes out. Mythili could feel Ishita’s pain and felt helpless. She continued to speak to herself.
Mythili: You know Ishima, I have thought many times to call you here. I had this selfish dream. A dream where you left that house which broke my Bapuji. You left them to be with me. To be with Bapuji. I always dreamed how it would be. Just you, me and Bapuji… But, I know your soul is still in there.
Mythili reached for her eyes, wiping her tears and continues to herself,
Mythili: Fate brought you to us. Ishima… I promise. It will be a hard journey. But, I will make sure you have you love with you. This is my promise. I will return you, your Ravan Kumar… Please hang on for a while.

Mythili wiped her tears fully and turned around. She picked up her bag and walked towards the bed, calling out in her normal voice,
Mythili: Appa!
Arjun, slowly woke up to that, his face holding a smile after seeing his daughter.
Meanwhile, Delhi, Nikhil and Ruhi’s Apartment
Ruhi woke up in the morning, feeling over the other side of the bed as she saw Nikhil slowly opening her eyes.
Nihkil: Morning.

Nikhil sported a smile as he looked at Ruhi’s face.
Ruhi: Morning, Babe.
Both of them sat up as Ruhi tied up her hair while Nikhil got off the bed and asked,
Nikhil: So, you have an interview today?
Ruhi: About that…
Nikhil: Don’t tell me?! What happened this time?
Ruhi: Well, he was asking me to work as an assistant.
Nikhil sighed and sat down and asked,

Nikhil: Ruhi, don’t you think you are expecting too much?
Ruhi seemed instantly irritated. She got up on her foot and asked,
Ruhi: You think I deserve to be an assistant? I am the owner of Pihu Intustries.
Nikhil sighed and said,
Nikhil: Okay… I am sorry. But…
Ruhi: Nikhil, you don’t worry. Once this marriage gets over, I will get my rightful place back.
Nikhil looked confused, He asked on,

Nikhil: What… What do you mean?
Ruhi smirked and reached for her drawer. She pulled out a document and passed it to Nikhil.
Ruhi: You know, as per Indian constitution, every child has equal rights over property.
Nikhil had a look at the papers and had a quick glance. His reaction was shocked.
Nikhil: Ruhi! You… You are going to file a criminal case… against your family?
Ruhi: They… Are not… My family.
Nikhil was feeling awful about this.

Nikhil: Ruhi, why do you need to do this? I am working enough now. We should be able to manage without any issue.
Ruhi: Nikhil, this is not a issue of money. They took everything from me. They sent me out of my own company. Do you think I will let go without my revenge?
Nikhil sighed and replied,
Nikhil: Ruhi, they already lost your father, do they deserve any more punishment?
Over the three years Nikhil have begun to feel insanely guilty about Raman’s death. More importantly, he was starting to see a different side to Ruhi. One that he doesn’t have control over.
Ruhi: Oh. They have seen nothing. By the end, I will make sure I will bring Adi Bhaiya to streets for humiliating me.
Nikhil watched in horror.
Meanwhile, few hours later, Chennai, Hospital,
Mythili walked out of the room and said,
Mythili: Umm… Ishita Aunty?
Ishita got on her feet, ready for doing anything at the moment.
Mythili: He… He is ready to meet you.
Ishita nodded. Mythili walked inside the room as Ishita stood there, taking a breath.
Without even knowing why she was adjusting her saree. Her hand adjusted her hair. In a minute, she walked into the room.
At that moment, her heart felt beating heavily as she stood feets away from what is… Raman’s heart.
Mythili stood by the Bed as Arjun looked at Ishita with a smile.
That single look, that single smile felt as if Ishita had lost all the weight off her shoulders.
Ishita moved closer to the bed, trying to honld her feelings, without having a breakdown here.
With that, as Ishita watched, Arjun spoke in a pure tamil accent, speaking every word in tamil,
Arjun: I… can’t thank you enough. I can’t imagine how hard it would have been for Mythili without me.
Ishita was surprised to hear Tamil coming out of someone who resembles the Hardcore Punjabi.
Arjun hesitantly continued,

Arjun: I… Mythili mentioned about Nirvan… He seems like a really nice boy. I don’t have any issue with them getting married. But… I am not sure if we would be able to spend much on the wedding. At least to your expectations. But, you don’t worry. I will work hard to satisfy everything you expect.
Ishita didn’t have an answer. Her mouth struggled to give a response.
Finally, she managed to answer, remembering the suggestion doctor gave her,
Ishita: You both… you both should come with us to Delhi…

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