Nayi Mohabbatein, Nayi Saffar! Episode 3 – Written by Akiatta

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Episode 3
Ishita: You have a girlfriend?
Ishita looked surprised as she listened keenly.
Nirvan: Well, not exactly… I saw her here in Chennai. She was a contestant in an sports event. I was doing the catering. I liked her the moment I saw. But, I wasn’t sure. After the event, I approached to her.
Ishita: Then what happened?
Nirvan: Well, she said I should talk to her father first. She said she won’t get involved with anyone unless her father is okay with the guy and his family.
Ishita was surprised. And honestly, quite impressed. Her mind pictured this mature girl. At this point, she was really interested in seeing this girl.
Nirvan: I had some time to think about it and then, I realised that she is the one. So… I thought I could ask Patti to talk to her father.
Ishita smiled and placed her hand over Nirvan’s shoulder and began.
Ishita: You know, I am so proud of you. How you both are handling this maturely…
Ishita paused for a moment and continued.
Ishita: I’ll go and talk to her father.
Nirvan was surprised. He seemed excited as he asked.
Nirvan: Really! Wow, you are the best, Amma!
Nirvan reached out for Ishita, pulling her into a hug. Ishita smiled and hugged him back. After a minute, Ishita replied.
Ishita: You have an address or something? I have a flight in the evening so, if I leave now, I can have a chat with that girl’s father.
Nirvan nodded and pulled out his phone. He typed a message and within seconds, Ishita’s phone beeped with a message.
Ishita smiles as she looks at the message and nodded.
Sometime later, A random Market,
Ishita is walking along the busy street as she is trying to find this hotel. The address Nirvan gave is of a hotel where the father was a chef.
As she is walking along the street, out of the sudden, people start to scream. Ishita, seeing how the sound is coming from behind, turns around to notice people covering a place, as if an accident had happened.
Ishita rushes over to the place and goes through the crowd. But, oddly, as she is getting closer, she has a odd feeling in her heart.
Pushing through, Ishita sees the man. The man looks around his late 40’s. Ishita takes a closer looks as she notices how the man looks very familiar.
At that instinct, she realises who it is…
Ishita: Raman!! Raman… Raman… Somebody call the ambulance.

Sometime later, Hospital,
Adi: Ishima, are you sure it is Papa?
Ishita: 100%… Please… You and Aliya come her ASAP!
Adi: Okay. I’ll not tell the others. Already they are really tensed. There’s a flight in 20 minutes. We will be there in three hours.
Ishita nods and hangs up. She puts the phone back in her pocket as she moved to the ICU unit door and looks through the glass. Her eyes having a tear, seeing her husband alive. For that moment, she felt complete again.
She moved back and sat down on the chair and waited, thinking back to all the lovely memories that their life was.
As she sat there, her face had a smile. Her mind was wavering with thoughts. Thoughts of being caressed by his arms once again. Thoughts of hearing ‘Madrasan’ from his sweet voice once again. At that moment, she fell in love all over again.
With that, the doctor walked out of the room and Ishita got up, tensed.
Doctor: May I know who brought him here?
Ishita: I did. I’m a doctor too. What’s the matter, Doctor?
Doctor: Mam, the patient seems to have a pre-existing condition. Would I be able to talk to any of his family member? We might need them in the room when we do the operation.
Ishita gulps down a lump in her throat and begins hesitantly,
Ishita: Doctor, I’m his wi…
Ishita is suddenly interrupted by a girl, running towards the room in full tears. The girl goes for the Doctor’s hand and pleads.
Mythili: Doctor, please tell me nothing happened to my Appa. He is all I have and I am all he has. I don’t want to be an orphan.
Ishita looks stunned as she sees Roshni, pleading to doctor, calling Raman, Appa. What was happening? The whole family had thought Roshni died with Raman that day.
Doctor: And you are?
Mythili: I’m his daughter, Mythili. Mythili Saravanan.
Doctor thinks for a second and nods.
Doctor: Please come with me…

The doctor takes Mythili inside and the door gets closed. Ishita is astonished as she is confused.
Ishita: Why is Roshni calling herself Mythili?
At that moment, she remembers something. She picks her phone out and checks the message Nirvan sent in the morning.
Mythili Saravanan D/o Arjun Saravanan
Ishita is shocked beyond belief. As she sits there, thinking as to what is happening, Nirvan runs into the hallway. He rushes towards the ICU but notices Ishita.
Nirvan: Amma, what are you doing here?
Ishita wipes her tears and sees Nirvan, confused.
Ishita: Nirvan, what are you doing here?
Nirvan: I came with Mythili here. I had gone to her training centre to tell that you are talking to her father. She seemed happy. But, as we were speaking, she got a call from the hospital. Apparently her father got into an accident.
Ishita realises the play of fate. Of all people, why destiny is playing this cruel game with them.
Nirvan: Why are you here ma?
Nirvan pauses for a moment and realises what could have happened and says,
Nirvan: Oh. You were going to meet him right. You must have been the one who admitted him here.
Nirvan goes closer to Ishita, sitting on the floor and said,
Nirvan: Thank you so much, Amma. I am so proud of you…
Ishita didn’t reply as her mind was a complete mess. But, out of all the confusion, her heart was praying for only one thing. To have him come out safe.
Meanwhile, Iyer House.
Mr. and Mrs Bhalla were sitting in the Iyer house dining table as Madhu and Vishwa were in the bedroom, apparently getting something.
Om: Toshiji, you have any idea what they are looking for?
Toshi: How would I know? Maybe the playing cards?
Om laughed and replied,
Om: Toshiji, you always want to have fun…
At that moment, the main door opens and Aliya walks in, apparently in a hurry.
Aliya: Dadiji, I am going out for the day. Adi needs my help with something in the office and I am not sure if I would be able to come back. Is that alright?
Toshi: Aliya, why are you even asking? I mean, you and Adi are young. Go and have fun… But, be careful. Now that you are pregnant, you have to be very attentive.
Aliya smiles and nods. She moves closer to Toshi and Om, touching their feet. With that, she walks out of the house.
Om and Toshi smiles at that and Toshi says,
Toshi: Bhallaji, Aliya is very good nah.
Om: Of course she is. After all, she is Ishita’s bahu.
Toshi laughs and says,
Toshi: Haai… In 8 months, we both will be great grandparents. And our son…
Toshi pauses as she realises what she was about to say.
Om sighs and places a hand over Toshi’s and says,
Om: Toshiji, I am hundred percent sure. He is seeing everything from Heaven. I am sure he is jumping in joy of being a grandparent.
Toshi sighs and says,
Toshi: I wish he is not seeing anything. I can’t bear the thought of how much sad he would be seeing Ruhi’s behaviour.
Om: Toshiji, good or bad, Ruhi is our granddaughter…
Vishwa: You are absolutely right, Bhallaji…
Om and Toshi look as they see Vishwa and Madhu walk in, with a huge plate of ornaments.
Toshi looks confused and asks,
Toshi: Madhu, what are these for?
Madhu and Vishwa set it on the dining table and sat down with Om and Toshi.
Madhu, in a sad tone, begins,
Madhu: These… These are Ishita’s jewellery. The ones we made for her during her marriage… We wanted to give it to Ruhi.
Toshi looks disappointed and asks,
Toshi: Yaar… Answer truthfully, are you two really happy with this marriage.
Vishwa sighs and answers,
Vishwa: Bhabiji… Our son Raman gave his life for this marriage to happen. Whether we are happy or not, I…
Tears form in Madhu and Vishwa’s eyes. It was really hard for them knowing that their daughter is hurting from the inside, every day.
Toshi and Om have tears too as Om says,
Om: Toshiji, tell them about the scans…
Toshi wipes her tears and sports a smile. She reaches into the bag and picks out a file.
Toshi: Samdhanji, see this… Our Adi’s child.
Madhu takes the file and opens it, seeing the ultra-scan. At that moment, their face glows in happiness as they get lost in the beauty.
Madhu: Aiiyyoo! Yen Chellakutty! It’s so cute.
Vishwa: Our Aliya’s kid…
The four smile as Om says,
Om: Samdhanji, I and Toshiji were thinking… Can Aliya stay here till her delivery?
Madhu and Vishwa looked surprised.
Toshi: See, the thing is, I had spoken to Shobana ji. Isn’t there a rivaz in your culture to have the girl come back home during pregnancy? Actually, since Mani and Shagun moved out of country, I don’t want to send my Aliya there and this is also her family, right?
Madhu and Vishwa smile widely and Madhu says,
Madhu: See, being friends with me, even Toshi is getting smarter.
Vishwa: We can’t wait to have our girl here. We all will take great care of her.
Om: I have no doubt in that.
The four elders laughs as they plan the rest of the tings among themselves.
Few Hours later, Chennai, Hospital,
Adi and Aliya are walking down the hallway as they just land ten minutes ago.
Adi: Aliya, you should have said no.
Aliya: Adi, she seemed worried. I couldn’t stay back at home.
Adi: But… You are pregnant! We were able to travel this time because it’s only been one month. What would have happened if…
As they walked towards the ICU, they saw Ishita sitting in the corner, with a young man comforting her.
Aliya: Is… Is that?!
Aliya runs towards Ishita and calls out,
Aliya: Nirvan!
Nirvan stands up with a smile and walks up to his sister. He hugs her and holds her close. At that moment, Adi joins in. Seeing Adi, Ishita gets up and rushes to him, hugging his tightly. For these past three years, Adi has been that pillar that Raman was and at this moment, she desperately needed that support.
Aliya: Nirvan, when did you come back to India? You know how much I missed you? You didn’t even give any of us you number. How rude you know?
Adi: Aliya, you have to be more careful, please don’t run around in your condition.
Aliya makes a face at Adi and turns to Nirvan.
Nirvan: You condition?
Aliya smiles and places his hand over her abdomen.
Aliya: Well, uncleji… If you have kept in contact, you would have known…
Nirvan: Oh my god!
Nirvan was way too excited. But, given the circumstances, he was struggling with regards to how he must react…
Nirvan: that’s great… Umm… Did Amma say anything to you?
Adi looked confused and said to Nirvan,
Adi: Nirvan, can you take her to the café downstairs? She hasn’t had anything since lunch…
Nirvan understand and nods, the two leaving the place.
With just Adi and Ishita, Adi asks.
Adi: Ishima, what happened?
Ishita struggled for words and said,
Ishita: ICU…
Adi sets her down and on the chair and looks into the glass. What he sees shocks him. He sees doctors operating on a man, a man that looks just like his dad, except he seems to have a thick moustache.
He also sees a well-built woman, looking exactly like Roshni, holding the man’s hand and weeping, trying to hold onto her courage.
In shock, he moves back as he sits down next to Ishita and asks,
Adi: Is… Is that?
Ishita nods and explains to him everything that she saw…

About 15 minutes later,
The door to the ICU opens as Adi and Ishita get on their feet, tensed.
Out of the door walks out the doctor and Mythili as Mythili is holding a sheet.
Doctor: Please pay the fees. We have saved his life. There is nothing to worry.
Mythili: Th… thank you doctor. You are like a god to me…
The doctor nods and goes back in. Mythili stands there, looking into her sheet, visibly worried.
Ishita and Adi walk towards her as Ishita asks,
Ishita: Roshini?
Ishita’s eyes are full of tears. While Mythili doesn’t respond to the name, she steps closer and falls on Ishita’s feet and crying.
Mythili: I can’t even say how much of a favour you have done for me… My Appa is my everything. If… If I had lost him, I would have died with him too…
Ishita was heartbroken and she picks up the girl and looks her face and asks,
Ishita: Your name is Roshini, right? From Kandpur?
Mythili shook her head and said,
Mythili: I’m Mythili…That’s my father Arjun… We… We stay in Chennai…
Adi pleads at that moment,
Adi: Roshini… Please don’t lie… That’s my Papa… Raman Bhalla… Please tell the truth… His son needs him… His grandchild needs him..
Mythili looks confused and says,
Mythili: I… I’m not lying… We are really Tamilian.
In that instant, she switches into full native Tamil,
Mythili: We have been living here for the past 15 years. Ever since my amma died when I was 10, my Appa rose me with so much effort… I am not lying.
Her tone indicated how much respectful she was.
Before she could reply, they hear two footsteps as Aliya and Nirvan walk up to the spot. Nirvan, seeing Mythili in tears, rushes towards her and says,
Nirvan: Are you alright? How is your Appa?
Mythili turns to Nirvan and smiles, saying,
Mythili: He is fine now. They want him to take rest in hospital for two days… Thank you so much. If you hadn’t dropped me here on time, I would have…
Nirvan took Mythili’s hand and smiled, saying,
Nirvan: Come on… It was my duty. By the way… This is my Amma.
Nirvan introduces Ishita to Mythili as Mythili’s eyes are gleaming in joy.
Mythili turns back to Nirvan, jumping in joy. She moves closer to him, kissing his cheek and paused,
Mythili: I…
Mythili realised what she just did and blushed, running from the spot. Nirvan stands there, astonished as he moved his hand to his cheek, feeling the spot she kissed.
Meanwhile, Mythili rushed to a corner as she looks back and sighs, talking to herself.
Mythili: Should I tell them the truth? I don’t want to lie to Ishima…
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