Nayi Mohabbatein, Nayi Saffar! Episode 1 – Written by Akiatta

Welcome you all to my new story. This is my idea on how they can make the current track better. This chapter is more of a setup and should give you all a better idea as to what the story is about.
I hope you guys like it. ?

Navratri 9th Night, Morning 1:30,
Ishita is in her room, folding out the clothes. Over the past Nine days, Ishita noticed a lot about Ruhi. More importantly, she noticed how maybe… Maybe she overreacted. At this point, she was hoping Raman would mellow down and talk to her.
As she folded her clothes, loud footsteps were heard as Ruhi screamed in her high pitch voice, sounding very irritated. “This is the height of insulting me. This is not fair.”
“What happened?” Ishita asked, in a tired voice. She was at this point, tired of Ruhi’s adamant behaviour.
“Papa fired me. That too he sent the order to the Peon. Didn’t even bother giving it straight to my face. I mean… He is treating me like a child. Come on. I am 20! This is not the way to treat me.” Ruhi shouted in frustration.
Ishita stayed silent. She did not want to say anything. At this point, she did not understand why Raman completely removed Ruhi from office work.

“Ishima, say something!” Ruhi asked.
Ishita sighed and said, “Go and get ready. We have lot of work for tonight’s pooja.”
Ruhi opened her mouth to say something but stopped. She just looked at Ishita and walked out of the room.
Ishita simply looked at the door, hoping that Raman would walk through, and talk to her.
Later, In the night,

The whole family is getting ready for the pooja. Everyone was busy with their own thing. With that, Adi and Romi walked into the house as Ishita noticed them and came towards them.
“Romi. Adi. What are you guys doing? It’s almost time for the pooja and you guys are coming now?” Ishita asked.
“Sorry. Papa said he wanted to come home early, so he left and we had a lot of stuff to cover.” Adi replied.

“Wait, Raman left early?” Ishita said in shock.
“Yeah… Why do you ask?” Romi asked.
“He… He hasn’t come home yet.” Ishita said with a bit of worry in her tone.
“What… What are you saying?” Adi said with tension.
“Something’s not right…” Ishita said with tension. She moved to the centre as she called out, “Everyone! Come here immediately.”
Everyone dropped the work they were doing and in a matter of minute, everyone was there.
“What happened, Ishita? You look worried.” Mr. Bhalla asked.
“Raman… Raman… Raman’s missing.” Ishita said, her eyes almost tearing up.
Everyone looked shocked, as they had worried faces.
“What!!” Simmi said in panic.
“Let’s go look for him.” Mr. Bhalla suggested.

Everyone nod and begin heading towards the door. That’s when Ishita turns around, taking a look at the Jothi. Her eyes widens as she rushes towards it.
Before she reaches the Diya, the Jothi goes off.
“This is…” Simmi says in exclamation.

That’s when the main door opens with a thud as Madhavi called, “ISHU! News!”
Ishita looked up as she in more worried. The whole family move towards the couch as they turn on the tv.
“This Just in. The Delhi to Agra train got derailed. 57 injured and 2 declared dead.” The news anchor said with a serious tone.
“What…” Adi mumbled, confused.
“Victims have been just identified. The two dead victims are… One female, Roshni Saini. One male, Raman Bhalla.” The news anchor added.
The whole house was silent. Ishita’s feet felt heavy. Her head was spinning. She could not even think what was happening.

“This… This can’t be true…” Mr. Bhalla added.
“There must be a mistake…” Adi said in frustration.
“Pa… Papa?” Ruhi said, her eyes swelling up.
“I… Ishu?” Madhavi placed a hand over Ishita’s shoulder.
Ishita instantly got up and walked towards her room. Everyone looked at her, not sure, if they should stop her or let her go.

Ishita walked into her room, she moves to the bed, sitting on it. Her eyes having not a simple drop. Ishita was in full shock. She looked around in the room as she saw the room where Ishita and Raman shared very good memories.
She looks at the side desk as she noticed the suit kept outside. She remembers that it’s the suit she removed for Raman in the morning.
Ishita stands up, walks towards it, and picks it up, holding it closer to her. Her eyes flooding with tears.

“RAMAN!!!” Ishita screeched in pain. Her heart felt as if it was exploding in pieces.
Ishita sobs but pauses as she feels something. She looks at the suit as she finds some paper inside…
Few minutes later,
Everyone is shattered as tears are flowing in their eyes. Everyone looking towards the steps, hoping Ishita will come out.
With that, the room door opened as Ishita stepped out of the door, walking down the stairs, her hand holding the papers.

“Ishima…” Adi and Ruhi rush towards the two. The two hug Ishita as Ishita doesn’t respond.
Ishita slowly passes the papers to Adi as she sits down in the chair, looking at the wall.
Adi, looking confused, reads the first paper as everyone listens.
The letter read,

I never thought I would be writing this letter. But, what to do… There are things that I never thought would happen, but happen they did… Well, here we are. Living in the same roof and not even able to talk to each other. Yaar, I wish you would understand.
I am going to be honest here. I don’t have anything against Nikhil. He saved my daughters lives. But… The fact is, Ruhi is not mature enough. And I realised that this week. Thinking back, every time there was an issue, Ruhi always behaved immaturely. In regards to that, Adi is much better. But, no matter what, Ruhi will always be a piece of my heart.
And, honestly, I tried my best to understand. I met Nikhil. He tried to explain more to me. But, I don’t know if I can see my daughter with that man.

I am sorry I made you choose between Ruhi and me. You know, when you choose Ruhi, I was actually happy. That was the moment that I realised that… Adi… Ruhi… Pihu… They were never my kids. I have never taught them anything good in their life. Whatever they are, they are your upbringing and your effort. Moreover, you were correct. It is unfair that I am putting the blame on you for every time they make a mistake while when they do good, the credit comes to me. Do not worry though. From now on, they are just your kids.

At the time you read this letter, I am probably off in some city, hopefully taking a relaxing massage or something. And trust me… I will not come back again to disturb you in any form.
It’s funny right… Everyone says that we are the perfect couple. The perfect husband. The perfect father. Perfect wife. Perfect Mother. Blah! Blah! Blah! Maybe, in the process of being perfect, we probably forgot how broken we are. I mean… It might have been years, but… We still fight. I am still angry. You still give me lectures.
At this point, I realised that… I am just a burden in the house. The man blocking everyone’s happiness.

I am sorry, Ishita. I truly am. I really don’t know what life would be like, knowing that I can’t ever meet you again. But… Just remember this. Each moment I breathe. Each moment I see, I will love my Madrasan…
Now… To everyone else,

I don’t know what to say. You guys are the best family a man could ask for. But, honestly speaking, I don’t think I deserved you all.
Concerning what I have done till now… I know Ruhi is upset that I have fired her. Well, the truth is… I want her to do something on her own. Stand on her own feet. Starting something on her own. At this point, I feel that’s all I can give her before I leave. A destiny that she can make on her own. I am sure you will understand why I did this in time.
Adi, you have been the best son. The best student. Now, I know with me gone, you and your chachu would take very good care of what I have managed to create. And I am not talking about the company. I am talking about my family. That is my biggest asset and I am sure you two would take very good care of it.

And Papa… You were right. I failed as a father. I failed the moment when my father felt ashamed of me. But, don’t worry, Papa… Now, your son won’t be there to disappoint you.
Ishita… I can’t say that I will miss you. Cause, somewhere, I would be watching over you, always. I guess this is the last time… I love you, my Jansi Ki Rani…

Adi reads the whole letter as no one spoke a word. Ishita simply stood up and said, “Let’s finish the pooja…” Her face having no expression.

4 years later…
It’s been three years since that Navratri night. Many changes happened in that time. Lives have completely turned upside down. But, coming out of all that, the Bhalla Family have been doing good. Everyone has been working on something by himself or herself.
Romi and Mihika have both been working constantly to make sure the company is running, while on the side, trying to see if they can go for adoption.
Mr. and Mrs. Bhalla have been relaxing more. They have had the most effect, given they have now lost two kids. However, for the sake of the family, they are keeping a smiling face.
While Ruhi has aged up, she has grown up only a bit. She is still with Nikhil and in fact, the whole family is getting ready for the wedding happening in few weeks. She is still trying to find a job but somehow, she has not found one yet.
Adi is panicking like anything. He has been working so hard for the three years, bring the company two new heights. However, the one thing that keeps him up in the night is his one-month pregnant wife.
Coming to Ishita… Well, she stopped talking much. She has mostly mellowed down. Somehow, the Ishita three years ago is not the one we have.

Bhalla House,

The house is silent. Everyone is sitting around the dining table as Ishita is in the chair where Raman used to sit.
“So… Ruhi’s wedding.” Ishita said in a stern, soft tone.
Everyone nodded. In all this time, they know how hard Ishita have turned out to be.
“Ishita, I have allotted the responsibilities among everyone. All the work should be done by the date.” Toshi said with a soft tone, showing excitement.
Everyone agreed to that.
“Ishima… I am not sure if I would be able to help though… Work is getting really hard. See, even Chachu and Chachi are not even able to come home from work.”

“Adi. If you can’t help out, find someone who can do it in your place.” Ishita replies calmly.
“Adi, I will do it. You don’t worry.” Aliya suggested.
“No. Aliya will be taking care of her health. Anyone except Aliya who can help out?” Ishita asked.
Everyone thought for a moment when the teenage Ananya walked in, “I will do it, chachi.”
Ishita nodded and with that, she stood up. “Okay, I will be leaving to Chennai for tomorrow. I will bring all the stuff on the list from there.”
Everyone agreed. With that, Ishita walked towards her room, the same room, going up the stairs.
She went into the room as she had been maintaining it the way it was all those years back. She picked up a pile of dresses as she started folding them, just to occupy herself.
That’s when, Adi knocked on the door.

“Come in…” Ishita said, looking at Adi standing by the open door.
Adi nodded and came in. He sat down by Ishita’s feet, slowly massaging it.
Ishita’s face had a small smile. In these years, Ishita rarely smiles and that too only when Adi is there. Her hand went for his hair as she massaged his head, “Tell me, how is work?”
“Forget about work, Ishima… I… I wanted to talk about something…” Adi began.
Ishita smirked and said, “Go on…”
“Ishima… I am not able to sleep. Each day, it’s getting scary.” Adi replied.
Ishita looked at his face and asked, “Why are you scared?”
“I… I am scared… scared about being a dad. I… I just can’t imagine.” Adi said with tension.
Ishita sighed and began, “Adi. I cannot say much in this topic. But, I can assure you this one thing. Your father was a great man. He always wanted his children to do great. That is all you need to think. Once you have a kid, they become you whole world.”

Adi thought about it and nodded, “You really miss him, right?”
Ishita smiled and shook her head, “No…” She placed a hand over her heart and said, “It kinda feels like he is always here…”
Adi smiled and rested his head on her lap.
Next day, Chennai,
Ishita steps outside the airport terminal as her flight just landed a few minutes ago. As she stands there, a car pulls up in front of her.

“Ishita Mam?” The driver asks.
“Yeah…” Ishita replies to him, although being careful.
“Namaskaram. I am Palani. Shobana Aunty sent me to pick you up.” The driver replied.
“Oh… Okay.” Ishita said in a relieved tone. “Can you help me with the luggage?”
The driver nods and gets down, getting the luggage in. Soon, the two take off from the airport.
As their car stands in the signal, Ishita looks around, outside the window. She notices everyone in the place. As she keeps looking throughout the wait, she looks ahead and sees a scooter go through the other direction. The scooter was carrying a man and a woman. Ishita was shocked as she saw that the man… That man looked like Raman and the woman behind him looked like Roshni.
“This is stupid…” Ishita shrugs, thinking that she was over imagining, “Can you take another route?”

4 years ago… That night,
Raman, leaving his office, caught a bus, reaching the train station. His heart felt heavy about the thought of leaving as she slowly reached the counter, getting a random ticket, going to the platform.
At that point, his phone ring. Raman picks up the phone as he asked, “What happened, Roshni?”
“Bapuji, where are you?” Roshni asked on the other end.
“I… I…” Raman looked for an answer and said, “I am driving back home…”
“Why are you lying?” At that, Raman heard Roshni’s actual voice as she stood right behind.
“Roshni?! What… What are you doing here?” Raman asked.
“I came to office to tell you that I passed my exam. But, you were taking a bus and I was worried. What’s… What’s happening?” Roshni asked in a tensed tone.
Raman turned around as he saw that the train was about to leave, “I… I am sorry.”
Raman didn’t stop as he began sprinting towards the train, jumping in.
Roshni, now fully tensed, thought quickly, running behind him and in the last moment, jumping into the same berth.

“What have you done…” Raman exclaimed.
“I don’t know, I could ask the same, Bapuji.” Roshni replied, now a bit angry.
“I just…” Raman was about to say when… THUD.
The train made a huge noise as everyone in the place moved vigorously. As Raman realised this, he reached for Roshni, holding her to safe guard her.
As he did that, the two rolled along with the train, with their heads, hitting the ceiling.
Everything was a blur from then on…
Few hours later,
Raman slowly opened his eyes as he saw Roshni beside him in a be. But… he couldn’t remember who she was. Or even what her name was. For a matter of fact, he couldn’t remember even his own name.
Everything pained as he closed his eyes.

On the room, two doctors were talking to each other.
“Thank god we were able to save them.” The first doctor side, “Hopefully, someone with claim these two.”
“Not possible. See, the girl has partial amnesia. She forgot most stuff but can be made to remember them. But… But the man. He fully lost his memory.” The second doctor replied.
The first doctor nodded and said, “So who these two might be?”
“Well, the police had a check on the physique and… They might be either Raman Bhalla & Roshni Saini… or, they might be Arjun Saravanan & his daughter Mythili Saravanan.” The second doctor read from his file.
“How can you say for sure?” The first doc asked.

“Well, the police found two bodies with same physique. Passenger list only these matching names. At this point, only these two can say who they are…”

That’s it for this chapter. I know it was a really long one but going ahead, I am going to make it more crisp. Also, I know it was a bit too dark but, believe me, the future chapters would get lighter and lighter.

If you guys feel like I should continue this story, please leave a comment saying what you would like to see and what part of this story you liked. Thank you once again. Also, share the story with as many people as you can.

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