Nayi Hai Mohabbatein – Season 2 of Yeh Hai Mohabbatein, Chapter 1

Author Notes: Set an year after the current track on the show. This is a fictional story which is my take on how the story should go, if the lead actors can’t continue anymore as leads. Also for this story, Raman and Ishita have patched up and they all live together. Also, I’m not much good with Hindi so the story will be in English. Hope you like it. 🙂

Chapter 1: Welcome to Bhalla House!

One Morning,
Ishita slowly opened her eyes as she heard her phone ring softly. She turned to the table and silenced it, seeing the time to be 5:30. The regular time she wakes up and prepares for the day. Ishita slowly sat up as she turned to the other side as Pihu and Raman were sleeping cutely. Ishita couldn’t help but smile. She made sure she was quiet as she got off from the bed and fixed her hair.
Once feeling a bit fresh, Ishita walks out of their room. The whole house was still covered with the flowers and decorations from two weeks ago.

As she smiled, looking at the decorations and remembering what happened two weeks ago, she walked to the living room when she noticed the kitchen light being on.
A bit shocked, Ishita walked over to the kitchen and was surprised by what she saw.
In the kitchen, Aliya was there, cooking food. Ishita took a glance as Aliya looked totally different. She was in a saree, all fresh and ready.
“Aliya!” Ishita said in surprise.

Aliya looked up and smiled as she saw Ishita and left her cooking and rushed over to her. She bent down and touched her feet and then hugged her while saying excitedly, “Amma.”
“Aliya, what are you doing so early? You and Adi came back from your Honeymoon yesterday evening only. And… Were you cooking?”
“Amma, calm down.” Aliya said calmly. She took Ishita’s hand and made her sit on the dining table, “You relax for a while. I’m almost done.”
Ishita was surprised a lot. Aliya gave a smile and went over to the kitchen and came back with a tea cup.
“Amma, Tea.” Aliya gave her the tea with a smile.

Ishita took the glass and had a sip, “This is really good!”
Aliya had a huge smile on her face and was about to jump in excitement.
“Aliya, what’s happening?” Ishita asked, being a lot happy and proud.
Aliya took a breath and sat down beside her on the dining table. She reached for Ishita’s hand and said, “Amma, It’s been two weeks since my marriage and this is my first day in this house. I… I want to be a good Bahu. I want to be like you. Keep the family together. Make everyone happy. Take care of everyone.”

Ishita had a tear and a smile on her face. She was so proud of Aliya at the moment.
“I… Today’s my first day and I wanted to cook the food for everyone. It’s my Pehali Rasooi.” Aliya said, with her head down in shyiness.
Ishita couldn’t help but smile. She reached out and gave Aliya a hug. “I’m so proud of you. Adi is so lucky to have you as his wife. And I’m so lucky to be your saas.”
Aliya laughed a bit at the word.
“I can’t believe I’m a saas now.” Ishita blushed and laughed as she got up and said, “Alright. I’ll see how Raman is doing.” Ishita had a smile the whole time and moved closer, kissing Aliya’s cheek and walked out of there.

Few minutes later,
Aliya walked into the room with a tray on her hand. She smiled as she saw Adi sleeping soundly on their bed.
Aliya walked over to the bed and kept the tray aside as she sat down and slowly patted on Adi’s shoulder, “Adi…” She whispered.
Adi slowly opened his eyes drowsily as he woke up and saw Aliya in a saree and completely ready.
“Aliya.” Adi sat up surprised.
Aliya smirked as she held his ear, “Adi, how much time will you sleep?”
“When did you wake up?” Adi asked as he rubbed his eyes, still feeling a bit sleepy.
“Four.” Aliya replied.

“Four?! Really?” Adi was shocked.
“Stop being so surprised, duffer.” She softly hit the back of his head and said, “I’ve readied the shower for you. Get ready. I’ll keep a dress for you on the bed. After changing, come to the dining room. Breakfast is ready.”
Aliya got up from the bed and was about to walk away when she felt her hand being grabbed. Aliya turned to see Adi holding her hand and said, “Adi, leave my hand.”
Adi grinned and puled her onto his lap and as she was close to her, Adi said softly, “What happened today to my Madrasan?” He kept holding her hand.
“Adi, leave me… I have to go and help Neelu set the tables…” Aliya responded softly, blushing a bit.
“Give me my token and I’ll leave..” Adi said playfully.

“Adi… Not now.” Aliya blushed more.
“If you don’t give me, I’ll not let you go..” Adi teased her.
After protesting for a bit, Aliya gave a quick peck on his cheek. Surprised, Adi lost grip of her hand, allowing Aliya to get up instantly.
Adi got up and pouted, “Hey, that wasn’t enough.”
Aliya blushed as she rushed to the door, but turned back once near the door and said, “We will see after you come back from work..” Aliya didn’t wait for him to respond and ran from there.

A bit of time later,
Aliya was arranging everything as the ladies came over first to the living room and were surprised to see the tables set and everything ready.
“Aliya, what’ going on here?” Santoshi asked, surprised.
“Aliya… Saree and all, eh?..Not bad, huh..” Ruhi teased her.
Everyone was a bit surprised as Ishita walked out of her room and smiled as she saw the other ladies being surprised.
“Akka, what’s going on here?” Mihika asked Ishita.
Ishita smiled and moved beside Aliya and placed her hand around Aliya’s shoulder as she said, “Today is Aliya’s pehali rasooi. She made everything.” Ishita said proudly.
Santoshi and others looked so delighted.
“Really?” Mihika asked in surprise.
Ruhi was so excited while Santoshi was moved. She moved closer and Ishita and Aliya and held both of their hands, “I am so lucky to have you two in the family.”
Aliya smiled and bent down, touching Santoshi’s feet and getting blessing. She got up and said, “Dadi… I have made only vegetarian. I tried my best to make some north indian dishes… Hope you don’t mind.”
Santoshi stopped her and said, “Na.. Na.. No one will ever ask you to make non veg.” She had a tear and turned to Ishita and said, “Come on, Ishita. Let’s see how your bahu has done.”

Ishita nodded and Santoshi, Ishita and Mihika got to the tables and sat down. They waited a few minutes as the me one by one came out of their rooms and sat down. Adi was still not there as Raman walked in. He looked at the family as everyone looked at him eagerly.
“What’s happening?” Raman asked as he sat down on his chair. A minute later, Adi sat down on his chair.
Ruhi and Aliya moved to the dining room as Raman looked a bit shocked, “Aliya, what’s going on? Sa.. saree?”

Adi looked at her, himself also being confused.
Aliya simply smiled and bent down, taking his blessing and began serving food with the help of Neelu and Ruhi.
Everyone looked at the variety of Vegetarian food and started with the breakfast. Across the table, everyone had a smile as they thoroughly enjoyed the food.
“Ishima, this is amazing.” Adi exclaimed in joy.

“Really fantastic, Ishita.” Mr. Bhalla complimented.
Raman turned to Ishita who was beside her and said, “Wah Madrasan. Even though your are becoming old, your cooking is getting only better.” Raman teasing complimented her.
Ishita took Raman’s hand and said, “Raman, I didn’t make any of this… Aliya did everything. Today’s her pehali rasooi.” Ishita said with a smile.
Raman was surprised and turned to Adi, who himself was surprised. He turned to Aliya and asked, “Really?”
Adi was so proud of Aliya at the moment kept his calm.
Raman had a huge smile and reached for his pocket. He took out his purse and took out some notes. He took Ishita’s hand and the two offered it to Aliya.
“Raman uncle…” Aliya hesitated.

“Take it Aliya. It’s blessing form our side.” Ishita said with a smile.
Aliya hesitated as she took the note and touched their feet for a quick second.
“Welcome to the family, Aliya.” Raman said with a smile, impressed, “And… you don’t have to call me uncle from now on..” Raman laughed a bit.
Aliya laughed as did the whole family.

After breakfast,
Adi was at the main door as he had a briefcase on his hand. Raman stood beside him as the two waited.
As they kept their eyes on the door, Ishita and Aliya came over to the door, each having a lunch bag.
Ishita said softly to Raman, “You have to eat everything. No ordering anything outside.”

“Okay, My Jansi rani!” Raman said with a grin.
On the other side, Aliya was talking to Adi, “Adi, call me once you finish work.”
Adi nodded and said, “You also inform me how that interview goes.”
Aliya agreed and had a smile, “Take care, Okay… Work properly with full heart.”
“How can I! I’m leaving it behind here with you.” Adi replied.
Aliya softly punched him and smiled.

The two men took a step back and waved bye to their wives.
Ishita and Aliya looked at the two as they walked out of the place.
The two went inside the Bhalla house, continuing on with their day……

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