navTI : the new generation love story (intro)

thnk u all for commenting on the last epi of laakhAM : the love story that stole our heart…!!
here is the intro of my new ff navTI : the new generation love story


NAVYA (shivangi joshi) : a mordern girl..lives in delhi…went foreign for studies…loves her family…
wears modern clothes and listens english songs…indian by orgin but her heart lives in london !!

RAGHUVENDRA PRATAP RATHORE (gaurav chopra) : father of navya…loves his daughter a lot…
international business men…still wants to do something for his own people

TAPASYA RATHORE (rashmi desai) : mother of navya….loves her daughter a lot

LAKSH RATHORE (namish taneja) : brother of navya…loves his sister a lot…pampers her lot


SHAKTI (vishal adtiya singh) : he loves his mother, brothers and sisters a lot…follows every order of his mother

BINDIYA (shweta tiwari) : maa thakurain….loves her sons a lot…doesn’t want any girl to spoil their relationship (but can’t marry her 5sons to the same girl)

RAGINI / SONI (tejaswi prakash) : soni is ragini’s pet name…loves her family a lot

(all the brothers are same as serial)

BHAVNA (nisha nagpal) : aadarsh’s love interest…neighbour of thakur family

LAVANYA (krystle d’souza) : BFF of navya….nice girl by nature…just like navya

so here the intro ends….

ok so i hope u guys are happy tht this is a viSHI ff..!!. its a request.. pls u guys also try to write about laakham or vishi…i m not an writer m just 13 years
old i was just so annoyed with the fact that their is no ff about i started to write my own ff..!! pls guys atleast try once to write a ff m sure everyone will support u!! πŸ™‚

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  1. I know its going very tough to pass time as holidays r on but u r very young.pls dont spoil your time & talent for such stupid show.
    We begged a lot to the show makers of this show to pls bring shivangi on the show & to change the script but they always did what they want.
    & now if u will do such(writing ff) then it will be in support to them.
    Yahan hum sab bahut young h infact i m also just 18 yrs old. we have a lot of work to do.pls dont ruin your time for this stupid show.specially for the ppl who dont deserve ur attention.
    Jitna pls maine inhe bola h agar utna god ko bhi bola hota n to wo bhi meri koi bhi wish poori ker dete….
    I wish the producers of this show will go to lose……

  2. Sorry, i dont want to discourage u as it was the 1st comment & i have responded negatively. So i want to apologize for that.
    Well i am liking the concept.i wish the real writters of this show could think the same.

    1. no its fine…everyone has their opinion…my opinion is that the original show has become a crap…now if the ff also stops thn their will be no place of viSHI lovers….i just wanna write a story which is in my mind…i don’t wanna support the show….hope u understand my POV πŸ™‚

  3. Nice Shruti apne acha h ki new ff me shivangi ko Liya with vishal, I hope yeh ff bhut acha ho becoz Navya is a modern girl and Shakti is Thakur of village then it is interesting love story in many twists
    Thnx dear…

    1. thnk u so much πŸ™‚

  4. I can understand….
    All the best for your new ff.

    1. thnkx πŸ™‚

  5. yayy….so navya is shivangi wow!!!i cant write ffs but i agree with shruti that ppl should write their ffs here more so that vishi lovers can always cherish this jodi.only one writer is not enough.

    1. yes thts wht i feel too πŸ™‚

  6. Sounds damn interstng shruti!! ViShi tho hain hi story interstng banane and Nami-Teju ko bhi aapne include kiya…thankd for that!! Namish and tejaswi ki bhi jodi bahut achi hain!! Very nice πŸ™‚

    1. thnk u πŸ™‚ nd yes after vishi i only love temish πŸ™‚

  7. Hey shruti there or many ffs of laakham on India forums…….BTW it was damn good n I was right that navti is our shivangi……

    1. thnk u πŸ™‚

  8. Shruti will u pls tell me how to write a ff.
    I know initially I was against all these but now I have checked updates of othere shows & I think u r right…..
    Atleast 1 story I can write….
    It will take time to 1time I will write ff even after I dont know the fullform of ff.
    So I hope u will help me……

    1. Shrutii

      glad tht u thought about it πŸ˜€ ff is fan fiction and u can post ur ff by writing it on submit article page πŸ™‚

  9. Sorry shruti I have tried a lot but not getting any link to write my fan fiction….

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