My Naughty Secretary– TwiNj OS by Supriya– B’Day Special For Mahi & Ramya

My Naughty Secretary

Happy B-day To U
Happy B-day To U
Happy B-day dear MSMAHI & Ramya
Happy B-day To U
God bless u both my babies……..luv u so much….

Kunj Sarna CEO of Sarna Industrial….a bit womanizer ( Sry guys Mera Mnn nai Tha aise krne ka but story ki demand)

Twinkle Taneja -Her Secretary
***********The OS begin****

I am the manager of a well run office. After my long term secretary retired I had to search for a replacement.

Then after the interview process I employed Twinkle Taneja …
I then realised that she was not all she claimed to be.She was not really efficient and her manner could be classified as suggestive.

Her dress sense was also not modest.As time went by she started to take more and more chances until one day I called her into my office.

I confronted her with her slipping standards.Her reaction wasnt what I expected and she didnt know what to say and thought there wasnt a problem but agreed to improve.

The next two months stayed the same basically. Then a report that was due for an important meeting with a client.

This compromised the companies profits. I only had one option to find another secretary.

I called her in and told her and She was very upset and begged me to give her another chance she said she would do anything.

I then told there is only one solution and that was discipline in the form of spanking,
she looked at me shocked and then bowed her head.

After that she changed her self….
Next day I saw new Twinkle Taneja….
Hot Gorgeous Girl with curvy body…..
She wore white tight shirt two buttons were open… and skinny skrit…..with red lipstick….

She was luking yummelicious…..
I want to bite her every part….

I call him with some files….
She cm with killer smile….

Tw- Gud Mrng Sir… ur files ..

Kunj- Gud mrng Miss Taneja…. looking gorgeous….

Twinkle smiled….and said
Credit goes to u Sir….Agr aapne mujhe smjhaya nai hota to ye sb nai hota …aur ye job bhi nai rehta….

Kunj- so… Credit goes to me….then I want something from u….for these credit…
He winked…..

Twinkle understand what he wants to say…..

Tw- anything for u Sir……May I go out sir

Kunj – U may….

Day after Day…. TwiNj were cmning close…..and Kunj wants her badly….

Twinkle didn’t miss any chance to tease Kunj by her flirty Moves and naughty talks…..

**** KUNJ’S POV END*****

He knew he could uncover her buried desires.
She ruled the boardroom with her brilliance and drive, but the passion that burned so brightly in the business world would burn even hotter in his bedroom.

His doorbell rang, and he could hear his housekeeper let her in and lead her into his private office.

He waited a moment for her to settle in and to give her time to wonder why she had been called to meet him on the weekend.

She probably thought it was about the new account. He smiled to himself knowing that she was in for a big shock.

He opened the door. She turned and saw him. He could see the surprise and excitement in her eyes as she stared at him.

He was shirtless and wore his tight, ripped jeans. He watched as her her eyes traveled from his face to his bare chest and further down to the undone top button of his pants.

She probably had no idea that she just licked her lips at the sight of him.

Just as he suspected she tried to hide the fact that she was turned on underneath the subterfuge of outrage, but to no avail.

He let her raise her voice and stomp her feet, but as she spoke he kept silent and slowly inched closer to her.

She’d stood up as if she would leave, but she nevergot around to moving toward the door.

As he moved closer, her words turned fewer until finally he was within an inch of her.

She stood silent and looked up at him. Her brown eyes dilated and her lids were at half mast.

He pulled her up against him so she could feel every inch of his body and his desire, and then he kissed her hard.

Her body melted into his, and he felt her surrender to him. He tore his mouth away from hers and looked down at her.

She moaned with desire.
Every part of her begged for more.

Two bodies and two minds and two hearts and two souls joining together,
and all eight of them were fitting warmly and snuggly on that couch…


Kunj–I do, and now I know what to expect the next time you’re overworked,”
“And luckily enough, I have some clothes in my car to remedy this,” I said, as I pointed to my torn Shirt.

They both laughed as he grabbed her hand, drawing closer to him.

“Oh, I’m not nearly done with you yet.So Can u do some overtime?” She said

His cheeky wink and boyish grin sealed the deal…….

That’s all……

Happy Birthday again
Luv u both…..
Ramya & Mahi ??????


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  1. SidMin23

    Super b

  2. Supu di I wanted more of their romance but its ok
    As usual your ff’s are way too hot and especially the names are enough to make ladoos burst inside our hearts

    1. Supriya18d

      Ahannn….kitne kg ladoos burst hue ab tk…..????

      okk next tym romantic vala hi post krungi…..
      luv u so much baby ??????❤❤❤??

      1. Naam padhkar hi 100 kg ladoos foote
        Aur content padhkar 1000 kg
        Aur zada fath jaate but ur romantic part ws so short
        Looks like u are teasing us
        last tym also u gave an os on suhagrat but still for teasing us , the romance ws short
        Next tym no excuses u will write the most spiciest and cheesiest romantic os
        Mei nahi likhti romantic os sharam aati hai but padhne mei nahi aati

      2. Supriya18d

        mujhe to aur sharm aati h…mere ghr me kisi ko nai PTA ki Maine aise stories likhti hu….
        ghr pr Meri image…. Sati Savitri vali h?????….
        21 ko post krungi romantic vala

  3. thank u sooooo much dear love u bahut bahut sarra ????????????????

    thank u dear mere liye os likhne ke liye ????????????

    amazing & superb os dear???.

    thank u once again dear ????????

    luv u ??????

    1. Supriya18d

      Thanks maat bolo yaar….
      ye to Mera farz Tha…
      hehe…thora filmy hogya…..
      luv u so much Mahi
      and happy b-day again….
      god bless u…..
      luv u a lot.❤???????????❤❤❤❤

      1. thank u dear once again …….???????
        aur koi filmy nahi huva dear bas farz ki jageh pyaar hota to aur best hota ?????????????

        luv u dear bahut sarra ???????

  4. happy birthday ramya dear??????
    god bless u dear…..???????????

  5. Cheena2001Cp

    Baap re baap…?????….amazing it was ???…..Aap hi garmi karva rahi ho???

    1. Supriya18d

      hehe….is baar AC LGA kr likh dungi…..
      tysm Cheenu ❤❤????????

  6. Di di di…
    Yeh galat h…
    Thoda aur hotness likhna tha na…
    Next time want more…

    Hot nd fire….
    Loved it…
    Post soon…

    Nd ha happy bday nahii…
    Love u both… ??????????????

    1. Supriya18d

      ab kitna likhu….???….
      mujhe khud awkward lgne lga….
      next tym pkka… I promise

  7. Sohi

    Superb os

    1. Supriya18d

      tysm Sohi…. ab tmhar e b-day ka intzaar h

  8. Ramya

    Awesome Di amazing so romantic
    But sorry for misunderstanding
    But this was best
    I felt so so so special
    Thank you so much diiii
    Love you alot keep smiling

  9. Nishuu

    Superb supu

  10. Purnima.agrawal30

    Amazing awesome fabulous

  11. Baby

    loved it ♥
    osm ♥
    love u diii ♥

  12. Shalini15

    Awesome amazing fabulous nd romantic OS. Loved it ????
    Love you ? ? ? ?

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