Naughty Ragini with Cute Sanskar(SS) vol2 -shot 8

Sanskar gets a call frm ragini..he looked at clock it was 11pm…he immediately lifts d call,thinking is she fine or not..
Sanskar:hello…tum teek tho hai na..y did u called this time..anything urgent..did ur temperature increased..can i call doctor
Ragini:bass..come down
Ragini:come..i will tell u(she cuts d call)
Sanskar comes to garden nd sees ragini who smiles seeing sanskar..
Sanskar:what r u doing here..this time..u hav fever na..
Ragini:its gone..
Sanskar:but u should take rest.. much care(she winks at him) nothing like that..
Ragini:i knw..ok leave it come with me
Ragini:for drive
Ragini:yes now only,come na
Sanskar:no..go home nd sleep
Ragini:no..if u r not come na..i will stand like this only whole night..
Sanskar knws her he said ok..
Ragini smiles..
Sanskar:wait i will get my car key
Ragini:no rosy hai na..
Sanskar:on ur way
Ragini:i dont want to go ur boring car..come plzzz
Sanskar:fine..i will drive
Ragini nodded
Sanskar:sit, keeping distance..
Ragini pouts nd sits back..
Sanskar drives d scooty,ragini sits his back..
Ragini stands on bike suddenly nd shouts i love u cutie..i love u so much
Sanskar:what r u doing
Ragini:i want all should knw about my love…
Sanskar: sit u will fall..
Ragini:nothing will happen..let me enjoy..she enjoying coolbreeze while shouting..
Sanskar(stops bike):plzzz..sit properly..
Ragini:no..u drive..
Sanskar:u fill fall..plz sit for my sake
Ragini(smiles):fine(she sits)
Sanskar starts drive..
Ragini:im getting sleep cutie..plz increase some speed na..
Sanskar:im driving in maximum speed only..keep quite..
Ragini:is this maximum?? stop once
Sanskar(stopped):kya hua
Ragini:get down..i will drive
Sanskar:no..its ok..i will
Ragini:plzz..let me drive
Sansakr nodded
Ragini:sit keeping distance(she said as sanskar has said)
Sanskar smiles nd sits..
Ragini starts drive slowly first..but she increased speed..
Sanskar holds her shoulders tight nd shouts decrease the speed..
Ragini:no..(she increases)
Sanskar scared nd hugs her frm back pressing her waist tight..Ragini eyes popped out..she can hear his incresing heart beat and his hot breath on her neck which is tickling her..Automatically her eyes got closed feeling his clossness.she was lost…

Morning @mm
suji opens d door hearing calling bell..she is shocked to see ragsan who’s r with bandaid..sanskar with his fractured hand,small scratches on his face..nd Ragini with bandaid on her head(small one)
suji:kya hua sanskar..what happend to u both..
sanskar:vo..maa small accident
suji:accident??where u both went at this early morning..nd when u both went..
Sanskar:maa we went out lastnight..unfortunately bike got skid.. we fell down frm bike..later we went hospital with someone help..after got treatment we came now..
Ragini:no aunty actually its my mistake..i had called him out lastnight,when i was driving i lost my concentrate nd hitted really sorry aunty..plz forgive me..bcz of me ur son in this state…i should not have drv really sorry aunty..
suji can sense how much she feeling guilt,ragini eyes shows how much pain she have by hurting her loved one..sanskar had wound but ragini feels pain..
Sanskar:its small accident..leave it na..
suji( caresssed her hair):its ok beta..all will be fine dont worry..
ragini nodded wkly..
Sanskar:laksh will drop u at ur home..go nd take rest..
Ragini:i will stay here for sometime
Suji:let her stay sanskar..
Sanskar nodded…
Ragini takes sanskar to room..
Sanskar:what is d need to tell all this to maa..
Ragini:what is d need to hide..they hav to knw what had happend na..i dont like covering up my mistakes..
ragini:leave it..take rest
Sansakr:leave myself..did u have pain at ur head..
Ragini:no..i hav pain in my heart
sanskar:did u got hurt there..
Ragini:ha..its paining seeing u like this..i should have listen to u..she hits herself..
Sanskar( holds her hand):will u stop this matter here..
Ragini:ok..u sleep..she makes him lie on bed..
She lied on sofa looking at sanskar nd still cuirsing herself for what she done..she dozzed of like that..sanskar who is awake get up frm bed nd looks at her lovingly..he caressed her head while thinking her love towards him..he goes to bed nd dozzed of looking at ragini…
Sanskar wakes up nd sees ragini who jst got food for him..
Sanskar:when did u wake up
Ragini:30 min before only..hav food
Sanskar forwarded his laft hand as his right hand got injured..
Ragini(glares at him):i will feed
Sanskar:i will manage
Ragini:keep quite
Sanskar nodded
She feeds food..
Ragini:i have to go home now
Sanskar face fell unknowingly..
Ragini:take medicine properly
sanskar nodded..
Ragini moves close to him nd gently holds his face nd kisses on his face where ever he has scratches..sanskar closed his eyes feeling her soft lips on his allover face..
Sanskar opens his eyes nd looks at ragini who smiles wkly as she also dont want leave sanskar in this condition but she has to go orelse her mom&dad will get tense.
she walks,sanskar looks at her disappearing figure intensily..

sry for late..tell me frankly if it is boring…

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