Naughty Ragini with Cute Sanskar(SS) vol2 -shot 7


Sanskar came to temple , did darshan nd asusal comes to backyard nd sees ragini who is already present there..
Ragini:u r late..
Sanskar:when did u came
Ragini:15min before only..u havnt slept last night
Sanskar:how do u knw
Ragini:No need to do mbbs to knw this..anyone can easily say by seeing ur face..
Ragini:y u havnt slept..did u stay awake thinking about me..
Sanskar looked at her as it was truth..
Sanskar:no..nothing like that..vo..i had some office work last night.. u hav any love story
Sanskar:y r u asking like that..
Ragini:i heard the boys who hates girls wr must be love u hav any story..
Sanskar:yeah..i had one girl in my life
Ragini (looked at him shocked):what
Sanskar:ha..i was quite kid since childhood..i never used to move close with anyone much..when i was studying 5th cls…she joined my school..her name maya..
Ragini:what..5th cls???
Sanskar:do u want listen or not..
Ragini:ok..ok..sry tell..
Sanskar:she was new to school,used to sit beside me..she was so cute..she talked with me only in my whole cls …nd i too..we bcm friends nd used to spent more time with eo…she does not like ,if i talk with any girl..she used to cry being possesive..i promised her i never talk with any girl except u..
Ragini laughs nd says great love story.if we take a movie with this story ,it will flop hojayagi
Sanskar:stop it..dont make fun..
Sanskar:but her dad got transfer,she left me after 3 years of our frienship..after that i became dull,i stopped talking with my classmates too..especially girls..while paasing the years i completely stopped talking with finally i became alrgic…i dont knw ,since childhood when i got close with anyone they used to go stay away frm me…i had my bestie in my childhood..i used to share all with him..we r like one soul..but he left leaving me alone…later maya left me..later in my +2 i had a good friend but he died in accident..u dont knw How much i hurted that time…i lost.first my soul friend.. nxt maya..later my friend…..i was really depressed by this…then on wards i had felt if i attached to anyone they would leave me ,i love my family but i could not able to show bcz im scared to loose them…(his eyes got moist)
Ragini(placed her hand on his shoulder nd wiped his tears):sanskar u r not a kid now, stil to think like that..u had grown..leave all ur fears worries….god had taken ur bad days..u have only good days now..enjoy ur life happily as per ur wish..forget was ur past..dont let it effect ur happy..think positive..
Sanskar looks at her..
Ragini(to cheer him up):so it was the reason that u r avoiding me..
Ragini:dont lie..i knw..(she winks at him)
Sanskar:chalo..i hav to go office..
Ragini( smiles):fine..forget about all fears nd that maya too(she said in warning tone)..she was jst ur attraction..think about me ur it..
Ragini:tell na
Sanskar:r u coming or not
Ragini:fine baba chalo..
Ragini came home nd sees shekhar who reading news paper..
Ragini(looking at him with corner of her eye):maa..maa..
Sumi:y r u shouting like that..tell
Ragini:i went to temple..u knw what i prayed..
Ragini:god plz my papa ko sumjhavo..he is angry on me…plz make his anger get away….plz god plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
Shekhar:stop ur dramabaz
Ragini pouts…
Sumi smiles..
Ragini:i made papa angry na..ok..cut my pocket money for 1wk..
Ragini:vo..papa i jst said in cancel…i will think another deal..
Shekar glares at her..(fake angry)
Ragini:sorry papa
She holds his hand nd says papa i knw u worried about my carrier..but i promise it doesnt effect…i will fulfill ur wish papa..dont u hav trust on me papa..
Shekhar:no need to do promise..i trust my daughter..i was jst dissaponted thats it..
Ragin:dont wry papa..i will manage..
shekhar smiles nd kissed her forehead..
Ragini hugs him nd says i love u papa..
Shekhar:so what about my son in law..
Ragini:coming into my way..
Shekhar:dont trouble him more
Shekhar hugs her…
It was raining heavily..
Ragini is enjoining with some kids in rain on road..sanskar who is passinh in that way sees her nd stopped his car..he jst stares at her without blinking his eyes..she is fully in enjoying mood she is dancing jumping nd playing lifting kids in her hands..sanskar smiles at her nd drives thinking about her..
Sanskar thinks y havnt ragini come yet,to tell him good night..she didnt call him too..sansakr recalls how she drenched in rain…nd thinks is she fine??but he says to himself y im thinking thismuch..he brushed off his thoughts nd dozzed off..
All r having breakfast..
Suji:sanskar ,y ragini didnt come yestrday..
sanskar(slowly):im also thinking same
Suji:kya nay..i too dont knw
Ragini:didnt u called her
Sansakr nodded no
Laksh:what is this bhai..i dont understand how she fallen for u..
Sansakr glares at laksh..
Laksh kept silent..
After having bf,Sanskar who is going to office stops hearing laksh who is telling to nsuji,he called ragini ns she had fever..
Suji laksh looks st sanskar..
Sanskar:this girl na..she got drenched in rain last night..what is d need to do..crazy girl..he leaves angrily..
they looks at hm surprised as it was first time he reacted about someone like that..
@Rag home
sumi,ragini r in room..they hears a knock..
sumi:come in
Sumi ,Ragini surprised to see sanskar who stands near room..
Ragini:maa see i got mad about seeing sanskar everywhere..
Sumi:im too
Sumi:he came
Ragini:what i not dreaming na..pinch me..
Sumi:shut up ragu..he came really..come inside beta
Sanskar(smiles):namaste aunty
He bends to take blessings..sumi about touch his head..
Ragini:maa stop
Sumi:kya hua
Ragini:he doesnt like to touch anyone like this…
Sanskar(glares at her):tum chup..leave her bless me aunty..
Sumi blesses him while caressing his hair…sanskar smiles..
Sumi:u both talk..i will get coffee..
ragini:maa no need to do fast..take ur own time
Sumi left smiling..Sanskar too smiles..we can see in ragini face how much she is happy..
Ragini:come near me
Ragini:plzz come na
Sanskar comes to her..she holds his face nd kissed on his cheek..
Sanskar looks at her placing his palm on his cheek..
Ragini:yesterday i didnt give good night kiss
sanskar hides his smile..
Ragini:y did u came
Ragini:i mean..did u came to see me
Sanskar:no..i came to see ur room..
Ragini:bad joke..tell y u want to see me..
Sanskar:vo..vo..actually maa askd me to go…laksh told about u..maa sent me here…
Ragini:u didnt cme by urself?
Ragini makes a sad face..
Sanskar:did u had medicine
Sanskar:can i call doc..
Ragini:no..its fine
Sanskar nodded
Ragini:did aunty(suji) told to ask these all things..
Sanskar(to avoid her question):i hav to leave now…bye
Ragini:ans me ma..
Sanskar:take rest..dont get drench again in rain..
Ragini:how do u knw..
Ragini:i want my answers
Sanskar:bye..take care
Saying he walks..ragini smiles nd shouts maa ur son in law fellin my love..lets celebrate..sanskar goes smiling…

Shri:i will fulfill ur wish dear..
meethu:its ok dear..thank u so much for ur suggestion..

Wish u all a happy nd safe diwali friendsss…enjoy fully..god bless u all…

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