Naughty Ragini with Cute Sanskar(SS) vol2 -shot 6

shot 5

Ragsan wr in still office as sanskar had to attend an important meeting….
when sansakr came to his cabin after finishing his meeting,he does not find ragini..he checks the whole office but she was nowhere..worry can clearly visible in his eyes as she told she will wait untill he came but y she suddenly left which makes him worry..before he could react more,he takes a sigh of relief seeing ragini who is entering into office..
Ragini gives a sweet smile..
Sanskar:where did u went
Ragini:jst for walk

Sanskar didnt asked more he jst nodded..
Ragini:kya hua u r looking worried..did metting done well
Sanskar:its done well
Sanskar:kuch fine..we should leave home now..its already late..
Ragini nodded..
Both sits in car kept silent..Sanskar wondered seeing ragini silent nd it makes him worried to thinking what happend to her..
Sanskar:where u want go
Ragini:whereever, take me with u..

Sanskar:im asking,ur address
Ragini pouts she told some address..
After a while sanskar stopped there but it looks some isolated place..
Sanskar:here is ur house?
Ragini:get down

Sanskar stepped out of the car..
Ragini:come with me
Ragini:how many questions u will ask..come na..dont wry i wont do anything with u..
Sanskar smiles a lil..nd followed ragini..
As soon as they reached,Sanskar surprise to see that place which was beautifully decorated..
Sanskar turns at ragini
Ragini:happy birthday

Sanskar looked at her shocked..he about to speak..
Ragini:dont say anything..nd dont get angry on me..i knw u dont like to do ur bday..whenever i got to knw i thought to celebrate grandly but laksh told u wont like all this..but i jst want to do this small one..plz dont reject..plz for me..plzzzzzz
Sanskar could not able to resist seeing her cute puppy face..he was seeing her eyes which shows pure love for him…
Ragini:plzz cut the cake

Sanskar jst stood looking at her..
She holds his hand nd takes him to table present over there..
She took the packet under table ,which had cake in it..she placed the cake on table..
he cut d cake while ragini singing bday song for him..
Ragini takes the piece nd feeds him nd says happy bday hope i will be there with u ,upcoming all ur bdays..i love u..
sanskar jst looking at her..

Ragini:wont u feed me..
Sanskar feeds her but when his fingers touched her lips he feels current passing through all over his body..he immediately jerked nd composed..
Ragini:kya hua..
Sanskar:kuch nay..

Ragini:for gave me chance to spend this special day with u..nd sorry
Sanskar(confused):sorry??ky..befor he completed his sentense ragini gently placed her lips on his’s..sanskar widened his eyes..
Ragini(she gives a short nd sweet peck):for this
Sanskar stood numb,as he dont no why hre neighter feel angry nor want to resist..He was jst lost..
Ragini:special day should celebrate with special mokment na..(she said winking)
Sanskar composed himself nd glares at her(fakely)..
Ragini murmurs buddu..

Sanskar:when u have done all this..
Ragini:when u wr in meeting
Sanskar:so ,w went to do all this.but u said u went walk…u lied to me
Ragini:ha..i dont want to reaveal bcz i want to surprise u..
Ragini nodded..

Sanskar drop ragini at home..Ragini gets inside her home..
Shekhar:ragu why didnt u went clz..where did u went
Ragini:papa i went with sanskar..(they knws about san)
Shekhar:was that much important,rather than ur external exams

Ragini:yes papa
Shekhar:do u knw what u r talking..this is ur last semister..this time u missed ur exam..
Ragini:dont wry papa,i will write it in next year..
Shekhar:next year!!so u decide to waste one year for bcz of today..
Sumi:leave it na shekhar..she is topper of not want to worry about her studies..
Shekhar:what is d need to waste one year..i dont understand how could she neglete her studies her future for just one day..

Shekhar:shut up ragu.there is a limit for really annoyed by ur behaviour..
he leaves angrily..
Ragini sis in sofa..
sumi moves towards her thinking she is felling hurt..

Ragini(took a deep breath):maa get me juice urgently..
Sumi looks at her like what
Ragini:quickly tired of dad class…nd give one glass to dad also he must be tired of scolding me..
Sumi gives a unbeliable look to ragini..
someone also looks at her with impossible was sanskar who came to return her mobile whiv=ch she left in his car..he was witnessed by whole scene..he thought to come inside but already her dad was in angry so..he comes out nd stood near his car…
Ragini who heard sanskar horn sound she runs out nd sees sanskar who stood there..

Sanskar(gives her mbl):u forgot it in car..
Ragini:ohh..thank u
Sanskar:what is d need to do all these.u should have attend ur exam??
Ragini(widened her eyes):did u heard
Sanskar nopdded
Ragini:u dont feel bad about it..leave it..
Sanskar:but..what is that much special in this day..

Ragini:its ur bday
Sanskar:yeah..its my bday only..good for nothing..
Ragini:shut up..u had born on this day…god sent u for it should special day for me na..
Ragini:leave it na..i have 1year frre time.we should marry soon nd we will have our first this 1 year..after i will continue my heighree studies being ur wife..
Sanskar looked at her mouth opened.
Ragini:how is our future plan..dont wry we will plan our nxt child also..she winks at him..
Sanskar:i have to go now..bye

saying he gets into car nd smiles,un noticed by ragini..
Ragini:good night
Sanskar starts car..

Ragini( kissed on his cheek):ur good night go
Sanskar drives blushingly..
Sanskar comes home..he throws himself on bed feeling some unknown joy..he recalling today incidents..ragini cute antics,her naughty talks..nd her love towards him..he is smiling thinking about all those..
Laksh come sto sanskar room nd sees his bro who was smiling while dreaming..
Laksh sang song Kuch To Hua Hai, Kuch Ho Gaya Hai…
Kuch To Hua Hai, Kuch Ho Gaya Hai…
Sanskar(gets up nd composed):laksh..tum

Laksh:kya hua bhai..looking happy
Sanskar:no..nothing like that
laksh:did anything special happend bw u and bhabi..he winks at him..
Sanskar:laksh..stop it..
Laksh:ok..ok..come hav dinner
Sanskar:no i will eat here

Laksh:kyun bhai..oh u should only come ,if bhabi call u only na..
Sanskar:its not like that lucky..
laksh:then what..u came na..when bhabi called u..fine..i will call ragini here..
Sanskar:no need..u go i will fresh nd come..
Laksh nodded smiling..

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  1. Aww it is awesome di… The birthday suprise was so loving. Thus shade of ragini can make anyone fall. The father-daughter convo was also an applausing scene. We would love to extend this to 10th volume.

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    awesome episode…….totally in love wid this ff…

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