Naughty Ragini with Cute Sanskar(SS) vol2 -shot 5

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Sanskar comes to temple as its his daily routine..he is praying..
When he opened his eyes ,he found ragini who is smiling at him..
Sanskar:did u came to temple
Ragini:no i came for u
Sanskar:u came here too…i came to spend sometime peacefully..
Ragini:i too want spend time with u peacefully..
Pandit gives prasad….
Ragini:pandit ji bless us..we r going to get marry…
Pandit:sanskar it true(he knws about sanskar)
Sanskar:nothing like that pandit ji..
Ragini:dont haer him..pandit jii plz give blessings to us na..
Pandit smiles nd blessed them as get marry soon..
Ragini:thank u pandit jii
Sanskar gives alook nd going towards his car..
Ragini:areh where r u going..u should be go backyard na..ur favorite place..
Sanskar:how do u knw that
Ragini:bcoz i love u
Sanskar:whatever..i dont want to go..bcz u r here can i get peace..
Ragini(pouts):i wont say anything..come na..i weill keep quite..sachh mein..
Sanskar nodded…

Ragsan comes to temple backyard nd sits on big rock…sanskar is enjoying the nature while ragini staring at him…
Sanskar sensed her glance nd turns to her..she smiles cutely..
Sanskar(looks at her frm top to bottom ,she wears dress which was in cover photo):what type of dress is this..this is temple u should have to wear something traditional..
Ragini:kyun,did got had told people should wear traditional..
Sanskar:nothiung like that..what will people think..
Ragini:what they will think..will they think im character less seeing me in this dress..she cutie, girls character not basad on what they wear,its based on truth honesty nd nature..i dont understand how anyone decide girl charecter seeing her dress..i dont care all about..i believe in myself..i knw what iam..
sanskat jst looking at her..
Ragini:wow ragini u became philosopher beeing with this cutie..great..
sanskar gives a small smile..
Ragini:did u like traditional girls..
Sanskar:i have to go office.. chale..
Ragini nodded…
Sanskar getting ready for office..he sees ragini through d mirrior..he turns..
Sanskar:u again came..
Ragini:ha..i had to come..see i wore saree for u..see nd tell how im looking..
(she wears saree with sleeveless blouse with open hair looking pretty )
Sanskar:i hav no time for this stupid things.i have to go office..go frm here..
Ragini pulls him nd pinned him to wall..
Sanskar:what r u doing..leave me..
Ragini:see..i wore for u na..u have to see..
Sanskar unwillingly nodded..he looks at her frm top ,when his eyes fell on her bare waist ,he immediately closed his eyes..
Ragini hits her forehead nd murmurs dumb..
Ragini:areh..y did u closed ur eyes..u hav to right to see..
Sanskar:plzz move.. ur eyes..
she moves aside..sanskar opened his eyes nd took a breath..
Ragini:now chalo
Ragini:ur office..i want to come
SAnskaar:what..why..dont u hav clz..
Ragini:i took leave to spend time with u..
Sanskar:no..u cant come..
Ragini:i can she shows their picture..
Sanskar looks at her annoyed..
Ragsan comes to office,all the staff looks at sanskar shocked who coming with girl…
Ragini smiles at them but they wr in shock..
Sanskar comes his cabin along with ragini..
Sanskar:what will do here..u will get bore..
Ragini:its ok..i jst want to be with u..
Ragini:u dont worry..i wont disturb ur work..u carry on with ur work..
Sanskar nodded nd doing his work in laptop..
Ragini looks around nd sanskar who is engrossed in work..she smiles at him nd silentely goes out…
she comes to office staff who r gossping about sanskar nd ragini..

Ragini:hiii all..i knw all hav a doubt who iam..right?
All nodded their heads positively..
Ragini:im ur boss lover..we r getting marry soon..
All:really..but he..
Ragini:ha ..he doesnt like was all before he saw me..after seeing me na..he fallen..
emp:sach mein..our brahmachari boss had fallen for u..
Ragini:ha..he was madly in love with me..
Emp:tell us ur love story na..
Ragini:sure..oneday he dashed my scooty with his car..
but i said sry..he said i love..
Ragini:ha..i also shocked like this only..i rejected his proposol..but ur boss na ,he always roaming back of me..after
voice:after that
Ragini(turns):Af(stooped seeing sanskar who stands crossing his arms against his chest)
Ragini bited her toungue..nd smiles sheepishly at sanskar..
Sanskar:why r u disturbing them..
Ragini:how much time they do this boring i thought to give some brk..
Sanskar:come with me
Ragini:let me finish our love story
All:ha sir..its intersting..
Sanskar(sternly):get ur works..
all nodded..
sankar hold ragini hand nd takes with him which is shocked by ragini as he touched her…he jst stares at his hand..
he ggets in cabin nd looks at ragini who was looking at his hand..
Sanskar immediately left her hand..
ragini:why late ..go nd wash ur hand..u used to it na..
he (goes nd sits in chair):dont disturb neighter me nor employess..
Ragini:teeke(helplessly)..she sits on sofa while admiring sanskar..

after sometime sanskar looks at ragini who hav fallen asleep..un known smile appers seeing her cute face while sleeping..he recalling her cute antics..disturbed by door knock..
Sanskar (composed):come in
one employee comes for sanskar signature,he looks at ragini nd smiles..
Sanskar(noticed this):do ur get out
Emp:sry sir
he left…
Sanskar moves to her nd wakes her up..
Ragini:maa let me sleep for sometime..u r my sweet maa na..(she said cutely like a kid)
Sanskar smiles nd gets back to his chair…

After sometime she gets up while yawning..she looks around nd gets reality she slept in office..nd looks at sanskar who is bsy with hbis laptop..
Ragini:dont u get bore..take some brk na..always
Sanskar,closed his laptop immediately which is surprised to ragini…
RAgini:u have listened to me..
Sanskar:dont over think..its lunch time..come hav lunch..
Ragini nodded..
pune came he served food in two plates nd left..
sanskar about to eat,ragini grabbed his food..
Sanskar:kya hua
Ragini:i will feed u..
Ragini:u knw what will happen,if u havnt listen me..
Sanskar(unwillingly):fine feed me..
Ragini smiles nd feeds him lovingly,sanskar jst looks at her emotionallly as it has been so many years ,someone feeds him that too with so much of love,which he can see in her eyes..
He gets cough..she makes him drink water..
Sanskar:why r u saying sorry
Ragini:my heart na thinking about u,so u got cough..
she says to her heaert give some rest he is eating,dont trouble him too much she warns her heart..
Sanskar smiles at her act..
they had lunch
Sanskar:now..go home na..
Ragini:im not distubing ur work na..then whats ur pblm..i decide to spend this whole day with u..
Sanskar dont knw what to say/do..he jst keep quite..
Ragini found some magazines nd reading sitting on sofa ..Sanskar who is working ,shift his gaze to ragini,who is engrossed with in reading..her hair blowing on her face..
Ragini jerked nd looks at sanskar..
Ragini:did u called me
Sanskar:did u heard
Ragini:ha.. u called me that to sweetly..i think its my imagination..she hits her forehead nd murmurs always dreaming,but i wish it would be real..
Sanskar looks at her smiling..

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