Naughty Ragini with Cute Sanskar(SS) vol2 -shot 9

Shot 8

As soon as sanskar woke up he sees ragini who is present there, asusul with beautiful smile on her face…
Ragini:good mng cutie..
Sanskar:tum..early mng..
Ragini:ha..mein..go nd get fresh ..i came to take u temple//
Sanskar(lifted his eyebrow):my legs r fine na..
Ragini:but ur hand was not fine na..i should take care it na..
Sanskar:fine..i will get fresh
Ragini:can i come, to help u
Sanskar glares at her
Ragini smiles nd leaves saying get ready fast i will wait down..
30min passed..
Ragini:aunty how much time ur son will take to get ready ..was he like this since childhood..
Suji nodded..
Ragini:ahh..this man na..i dont understand how to handle ur son after marriage..
Suji smiles..
Ragini:i will go nd check once aunty..saying she walks..suji looks at her affectionately..

@Sanskar room
Ragini came nd sees sanskar who is trying to wear his shirt..he was not able to wear bcz of his injured hand..
Ragini:u should have call me na..
Sanskar looks at ragini nd turns other side..
Ragini(hits her head):oye cutie..stop ur overacting..turn, i will help u..
Sanskar:no..i will manage..u go frm here..
Ragini goes in front of him..sanskar again turns other side..
Ragini:keep quite orelse i dont knw what will i do..
Sanskar pouts..
Ragini makes him turn..sanskar looks at here nd there nervously..Ragini smiles..
Ragini:sanskar look into my eyes..
sanskar nodded as no..
Ragini cupped his face nd makes him look into her eyes holding his chin..sanskar lost in her eyes..Ragini takes shirt nd makes him wear shirt without giving any pain to his injured hand..
Sanskar came to sense when raini taps his shoulder..
Ragini:kya hua…
Sanskar:kuch nay..chalo..
Ragini nodded..
Ragsan came to temple..
Ragini:pandit ji..really do god hear ur prayers nd this puja’s all..
Pandit:dont u believe
Pandit:then why are u here..
Ragini:bcz my mom nd sanskar i came for them..
Pandit smiles simply..
Ragini:if its true..pandi ji ask ur god make my sanskar fine soon..
Pandit nodded..
Sanskar:tum keep quite for sometime..
Ragini:im talking with pandit ji na..tum pray karo..pandit ji plz u also pray for him..
Pandit:dont wry beta..he will be fine soon..i will really ask to god(he said smiling)
Ragini:thank u pandit jii..
Pandit smiles..

Ragsan came after spending sometime in temple..
Sanskar:u have to go clz na..go home..
Ragini:no..i took leave
Ragini:to take care u
Sanskar:no need..go to clz..
Ragini:u sit here..i will bring breakfast..
Sanskar:im telling u something..go
Ragini:today only 2 classes that too need to go..
Sanskar(strictly):i said go..
Ragini(pouts):ok..i will go.. but after feeding u breakfast..pretty plzzz
Sanskar nodded..
Ragini got bf..nd feeds him breakfast..while sanskar staring at her lovingly.. going..i will be back in 3hrs…dont eat lunch i wil only feed u..
Sanskar nodded smmiling..
Ragini(kissed his forehead):take care..
Sanskar gives a nod..she leaves…

sanskar time passed with ragini thoughts…its nearly 4hours since she left..he is waiting for ragini as she said she would come soon..he hears someone opening the door..a bright smile apperas on his face thinking it might be ragini..but as soon as he spotted laksh instead of ragini..his face fell..
Laksh:how is ur hand bhai..
Laksh:u r looking dull..are u ok..
Sanskar(smiles):fine laksh..
they talked forsometime..laksh leaves..Sanskar looking at door for ragini arrival..
After sometime again he heard noise frm his room door..this time it was suji..
Sanskar makes a dissapointed face..
Suji:sanskar i brough
Sanskar:no maa..i will eat later..keep there..
Suji:eat now only na..u have to eat medicine..
sanskar:ha maa..i will eat.. dont worry..
Suji nodded nd left..

after sometime finally Ragini came,some unknown hapiness occupies in his heart seeing ragini..
Ragini:sry..i got late..had ur lunch
Sanskar nodded as no..
Ragini says to herself i only told to wait na..dumb head..(she hits her head)
Sanskar:did u had ur lunch
Ragini:yupp..i had to..this vinay na stubborn like me..he forced to do lunch with
Sanskar(a small insecure /jealous crept in his face):vinay?? his birthday….he askd me to do i had to..thats y i got late..
Ragini takes d lunch frm table nd feeds him..

Sanskar came frm washroom nd sees ragini who is crying..Sanskar gets worried nd moves to her..
Sanskar:kya hua ragini
Ragini hugs him by side,holding his left hand..
Sanskar was jst shocked,he knws only one ragni who always maintain sweet smile on her face,he is confused what must be happend..her tears makes him wk..he could not able to see her like this..
Sanskar:kya hua ragini..kuch tho bolo na..
Sanskar:fine..calm down first..relax
Ragini nodded..she wipes her tears nd takes a deep braeth as realxing..
Sanskar:now tell.. kya hua
Ragini:i stood near window,suddenly one cacroach jumped on my foot..yuckkkkk..she again makes a cry face..
Sanskar:u cried for that affraid of cocroaches since childhood..i hate cocraches..yuckkkk..
Sanskar laughs..which makes Ragini lost in it..she stares at him without blinking her eyes..she is getting crazy seeing his aweful smile..
Ragini:sanskar stop laughing
Sanskar doesnt
Ragini:sanskar plzz stop
Sanskar doesnt
Ragini moves towards him nd placed her lips on his’s…sanskar widened his eyes..Ragini kisses him showering all love,affection which she had on him..
(i really dont knw these all r exist in kiss or not..bcz i havnt have my first kiss yet..tell me if u any one hv experince..dont take serious im just asking friendly..if u hav no pblm u can share with me..sry if any one hurted by this..)

Ragini brks d kiss while breathing…
Sanskar composed himself nd looks at ragini..
Ragini:i hav warned that stop laugh..u didnt listed..ur damm smile made me crazy,i could not able to stop i did it..its not my mistake..
sanskar knitted his eyebrows at her..
ragini moves close to him..
Sanskar:now what
Ragini:my lipsstic smerd on ur lips..
Sanskar about wipe..
ragini:wait..i will do it..
sanskar:do fast
Ragini:can i wipe it with my lips(she winks at him)
Sanskar glares at her..

She takes tissue nd wipes his lips..actually sanskar is blushing but ragini failed to notice that..
Ragini cleand his lips but again she pecks his lips nd says sorry..
Sanskar gives a unbelief look..
Ragini smiles sheepishly..
Sanskar:hey cocroach..
Ragini (jumps on bed immediately):where
Sanskar smiles
Ragini(looks at him pouting):cutie..
Sanskar smiles teasing..
Ragini moves towards hi8m..sanskar immediately stop smiling..
Ragini(smiles):i wont do anything..u can smile..
Sanskar gives a sweet smile..

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