Naughty Ragini with Cute Sanskar(SS) vol2 -shot 4

Ragini stops sanskar car by placing her scooty acroos on rood…
Sanskar gives a annoyed look seeing ragini…
he (got down frm car):whats ur problem
Ragini:i love u
Sanskar gives a ignoring look..
Ragini: chalo
Ragini:drop me at my clg..
Sanskar:u have scooty na..
Ragini:it got punctured..
Sanskat looks at her scooty wheels,they r perfectly fine..
He glares at her nd says y r u lying go with ur scooty…
Ragini (moves to her scooty nd makes puncture with her hair pin):now chale
Sanskar opens his mouth as O…
Ragini:come.. i’m getting late for clg..she holds his hand..
Sanskar(jerks):dont touch.
Ragini:areh..i dont knw, how will i handle after marriage..
Ragini:ha..our mrg.when we will do..
Sanskar:never..i dont want marry
Ragini:its ok..i will be ready to be with u without marriage also..
Sanskar(irritated):uff..u askd me to drop na..come..but be silent..
Both sits in car…sanskar drives…ragini stares at him nd moving her head close to him…
Sanskar(puts sudden brk):what r u doing..
Sanskar glares at her..
Ragini:chalo na..
Sanskar starts drive…
Ragini again moves close to him nd blows air on his face..
Sanskar:plzzz..let me drive…
They reached clz..
Ragini:get down
Sanskar:kyun..i have to go office
Ragini:2min..come orelse i wont let u go..
Sanskar helplessly got down frm car..
Ragini calls her gang, who was waiting for ragini entrance itself..
Ragini:this is my gang..
Sanskar:fine..shall i go.. buddies he is sanskar my lover
Sanskar widened his eyes..
Frend1:wow ragu he is hot
Frnd:cute too
Ragini:will u all shut ur mouths..or else u all knw after concequences..
All:sry bhai
Sanskar gives a look like impossible..
Ragini:now go..bye..
Saying he leaves..

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Ragini comes to mm with one small kid..All sits in hall except sanskar..
Laksh:hii bhabi jii..welcome
Ragini:thank u devar ..u knw u made my day calling bhabi..i like u..
Laksh:thank u bhabi ji..
suji:who is this boy
Ragini:ur grandson arav aunty
All looked at her mouth open..
Ap:what is going on..u yesterday came nd told u r sanskar u r saying he is our grandson..
Ragini:areh aunty dont mistaken..he is my dii’s son..he would be ur grandson also i told like that..
All takes a releif..
Ragini:Laksh..where is ur bhai
Laksh:he is in room..
Ragini:ok..plz make him play..i will go to ur bhai..
Laksh:ji..bhabi..come champ..
Arav:chachi u told u would show chachu..
Ragini:wait dear..i will show
All looked at her unbileavable..
Ragini about to go..
Ragini:kya hua aunty..
Suji:u came nd told about ur love..but u dont want to feel to knw our decision..u didnt care about us..
Ragini:no aunty nothing like that..actually sanskar told u r all very good people,never said no to anything..and
Suji:stop buttering us
Ragini bites her toungue
Suji:if i have to make u as my bahu,u have to do something..
Ragini:tell aunty
Suji:first go nd call him dinner..
Ragini:thats it…done
saying she leaves..
Ap:suji u knw na he dont like to do dinner with us..
Suji:but u too knw na jiji,i want him to eat with us..
Suji:i hav a small hope..she can do that..
Laksh:so u liked ragini
Suji:i thought really he never got married..she came nd gave can i reject..
All gives a assuring node..
@sanskar room
Sanskar:tum..y u again came here
Ragini:to talk about our marriage..
Sanskar:shut up..i have already told..
Ragini:areh stop ur puran..come hav dinner all r waiting for u..
Sanskar:they wont wait bcz they knws i always eat my food myroom itself…
Sanskar:its non of ur business..
Ragini:dont talk like stupid..i love u..i have to knw na..
Sanskar:plz dont irritate me..
Ragini:ok..come down eat dinner with ur family..
Sanskar:i said no na..
Ragini:if u wont come i will publish that kissing photo..
Sanskar looks at her annoyed..
Ragini:come na..
Ragini:im jst asking come nd have dinner with ur family..u r behaving like im asking something wrong..will u come or will u make me take u.. looking like this but im strong(she show her muscles)..u want to show
Sanskar smiles seeing her act..
Ragini:u i dreaming..
Sanskar:plzz..i dont want come
Ragini:i will take u by lifting..she moves to him..
Sanskar:no..i will come..
Ragini smiles..
All gets happy seeing Sanskar who is coming with ragini..
suji:jiji am i dreaming
ap:no suji..imso happy..she did it..
arav:chachi..he is hei na my chachu..
Ragini nodded..
he (moves to sankarnd holds his hand):hii arav..
Laksh:he is her di’s son..
Arav:ha..she is my chachi ,u would have be my chachu na..
Sanskar glares at ragini who is smiling..
Sanskar sits at dining..
suji ap serving him all the items..
Sanskar:maa plz stop,how can i eat this much items..
Ragini:areh eat na..they serving with love..
Sanskar:tum keep quite..
Ap:ragini beta u also hav dinner na..
Ragini:no must be waiting for me,without eating dinner..i will hv with my mom as she was not eat dinner without me..
LAksh:then what will u do after marriage..
Ragini:after marriage also i will hv dinner with my mom u hav any pblm devar..
LAksh:no..i dont hav..but bhai will hav
Sanskar glares at laksh..laksh kept quite..
Sanskar went to his room as soon as he had dinner..
Ragini too follow him..
Sanskar:i did what u what..y did u came again..
Ragini:to tell good night
Sanskar:ok..tell fast nd go..
Ragini moves towards him, leaned to him nd huskily whispered in his ear i love u..good night..she pecked on his lips nd leaves leaving numb sanskar..he was jst stood statue after feeling unknown sensation through his body..he noticed goosebumps all over his body..he takes adeep breath nd composed himself….

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