Naughty Ragini with Cute Sanskar(SS) vol2 -shot 11 Last shot

shot 10

Sanskar wakes up with smile but as soon as he realized ragini was no there,he felt sad..he got ready unintersted nd went to temple..
Pandit:sanskat beta,where is ragini beta
Sanskar:vo..pandit ji she went delhi for some work..
Pandit:thats y u r looking dull..
Sanskar nodded..
Pandit:achha ladaki,she is perfect for u..
Sanskar smiles..
he did pryayer nd sits at backyard..

before he met was his facvorite place,he wants be alone..but now he is not liking to be alone,he wants ragini be with him..he missing her alot..
he soon as he reached home,he gets ragini call..wide smile apperas on his face..
Sanskar:hav u reached??
Ragini:jst now..did u went temple
Ragini:had ur breakfast

Sanskar:not yet..
Ragini:ok..hav breakfast..i will call later..

Ragini:i love u
Sanskar smiles..

Sanskar is desperately waiting for ragini call as she havnt call ,since mrng..
He says to himself seminar must be over evening itself,what she is doing ..its 11pm…did she slept,how could she sleep without calling me..ahhh sanskar tum pagal hojayega..
finally he ge5ts a call frm ragini..
Sanskar:bolo(he took deep breath nd talks normally)
Ragini:havnt u slept yet

Sanskar:kuch nay..had work
Sanskar:how was ur semilnar
Ragini:it done well

Sanskar:ok sleep
RAgini:i havnt sleep last night na,i tired so as soon as seminar got over i only i woke up..
Sanskar feels relieved knoiwng the reason for not calling him..
Ragini:missing me
Sanskar:no..why should i
Ragini pouts with disappointement..

Sanskar can sense her face expression,he smiles…
Ragini:but i missing so much
Ragini:ok u sleep..i will prepare for tomorrow seminar..

Ragini:close ur eyes..
Ragini:do na
he closed his eyes..
Ragini:keep mbl near ur cheek

Sanskar did..
Ragini kisses him
Sanskar feels it..he smiles
Ragini:good night
Sanskar:gud nite..

Next day passed like this..
@Next day
Sanskar is busy in conference meeting,suddenly someone came opening the door nd hugged him was dark but sanskar can sense the was ragini only..
[Edge black-Distance makes realize love for eo..i jst want convey this point..thats it..i didnt plan any accident drama r anything]
Ragini:i missed u so much..i cant say how i passed these 2 onwards i wont go anywhere leaving u..After a while
she brks the hug,nd showerd kisses on all over his face..nd says i love u..Sanskar switched on the lights..ragini looks around nd sees all clients who came for meeting, looked at them mouth opened..

Ragini(bites her toungue):sorry..actually i missed him so much,so i could not able to wait..
client1:is she ur girlgriend?
client2:r u dating with her?..
client3:is she ur fiance?
Ragini looks at sanskar,expecting ans..
Sanskar:it should be better to continue our meeting
All nodded..

Ragini:they r asking something..bolo na
Sanskar:u go nd wait in cabin
Ragini goes pouting..sanskar smiles inside..

@san cabin

As soon as ragini sees sanskar who is entering into his cabin after completing his conference..
Ragini:sorry..dont scold me plz..what can i do..seeing u after 2days i could not able to stop so i hugged u infront of them..sry for disturbing ur meeting..plzz dont angry on me..
Sanskar in mind im angry not fot u hugged me,im angry for breaking the hug..when ragini hugged him,he jst want time stopped there..he doesnt care about the surrioundings,he jst feeling her soothing embrace..when she brk d hug..he felt disappointed..
Ragini:where r u lost..u r not angry on me na..

Sanskar nodded as no
Ragini:ok..i have to l;eave now..
sanskar in mind she came now only,what is d urgent to leave this much early..he doesnt want let her go,he missed her so much,he wants to be with her..he wants feel her presence around him..but he doesnt stop her..
Ragini:kya hua,looking lost..

Sanskar:kuch nay
Ragini:i came directly frm airport..i hav to go home u later..
sanskar nodded unwillingly…
[email protected]
Ragini came to mm nd sees Her parents there..
Ragini:maa,papa u both here
Sumi:ha..we both are here
Ragini:but u told, u both r going to dii’s house..

Sumi:plan changed
Sanskar:i only asked them to come
Sanskar:for dinner
Sanskar:will u stop ur questins..

Sanskar glares at her..
Suji:areh ragini leave it na..r u not happy ,sanskar calling ur parents here..
Ragini:im happy but
Sanskar:no but nd vut chup chap sit..
Ragini pouts ndsits with laksh..
All r chichatting casually..Sanskar sits nd jst admiring his family.. u hav girlfriend
Laksh:not girlfriend..girl friends..
Ragini:wahh laksh u sr so much better than ur bhai..
Laksh lifts his coaller..

Ragini smiles
Laksh;but now i hav no choice
Laksh:im engaged
Ragini:what..where is she..
Laksh:she is in USA,studying..after 2yeras we will marry..
Ragini:u havnt told me..(she pouts)\

Ragini smiles..
Sanskar jst admiring her cute antics..he moves towars her..ragini looks at him puzzled..he holds her hand nd takes her in middle..
He kneel down infront of her..
Sanskar:will u marry me..

All r shocked as well as happy..
Ragini stood like numb,not believing anything..
Sanskar:what r u thinking..its not ur dream..its real..WILL U MARRY ME..
Ragini was on 100th cloud..happy terars rolling down frm her eyes..
sanskar stood nd wipes her tears nd says this cutie fell for this naught girl..will u accept my proposal??
Ragini hugged him tight nd says yes,while smiling through her tears..sanskar too hugged her..
All smiles..
Laksh clears his throat..

sanskar brks d hug..
Ragini:what is this laksh…he hugged me first time,u disturbed it..
Laksh:dont wry bhabi ,here on words he will give daily..
sanskar:laksh..stop it..
Sumi:so.this is the reason u called us na..
Sanskar smiles..
Ragini:y late..lets starts marriage talks..
all smiles..
All r busy in talking..Sanskar takes ragini to his room..Ragini looks at him surprised..
Ragini:r u my cutie..
sanskar smiles..
before ragini could apeak anything,Sanskar hugged him tight,Ragini widened her eyes..
Sanskar:i missed u so much..

Ragini brks d hug nd looked at him wonder..
Sanskar again hugs her nd says y did u brk d hug..plz i want to stay like this..
Ragini smiles nd brk d hug..
Sansklar:kya hua

Ragini:u said u didnt missed me
Sanskar:i lied..but truth is i missed u so much,,if u took one more day to come,i would be become mad..u made me crazy..
Ragini:y did u lied
Sanskar:ok sry..let me hug u
Sanskar:i dont need ur permission
saying he pulls her nd hugged her tight,not letting her go..
Ragini smiles…

After 6months..
Ragini sits on bed nd waiting for sanskar as its their suhagrath…it has been 30min he havnt come yet..Ragini called sanskar frm upstairs ,where sanskar was with family downstairs..
Ragini:sanskar how much time will u take..come im waiting..
All smiles..
Laksh teased sansakr
Sanskar:this girl na..
Laksh:all the best bhai..
Sanskar glars at him nd goes..

Sanskar came nd closed the door..
Ragini smiles..
sanskar:y r shouting like that,what they will think..
Ragini:they will not think..come
Sanskar smiles nd sits beside her..

Ragini:u havnt told i love u
sanskar smiles
Ragini:dont smile..tell
Sanskar pulls her,nd makes lie on bed..
Ragini:first tell
Sanskar kissed on her cheeks..
Ragini:plzz tell na
Sanskar kissed oon her chin
Ragini:plzz i want to hear

Sanskar leaned to her lips,Ragini looks at him..he mumbled on her lips “i love u naughty”..
Ragini closed her eyes,a tear escaped frm her eye..
sanskar wiped it..nd says i love u so much..

ragini opens her eyes nd hugs him..
sanskar smiles nd untied her blouse knot..
Ragini( brk d hug):so much of desperate(she winks at him)
Sanskar:very much
Ragini smiles..
Sanskar pulls blanket over them..

After some time both lies on bed breathing heavily…
both looks at eo nd smiles..
Ragini:i dont knw u loves me this much..
Sanskar (pulls her on his chest):still i want to show u more..
Ragini(blushed nd hugged him):i love u
Sanskar(kissed her hair):i love u too

Vol2 Done guys..hope u like it..
i knw there is no much romance..i will give some moments in epilogue..
dont ask me y i ended it..i also dont knw,,i didnt planned to end this much soon..but i ended it..

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