Naughty Ragini with Cute Sanskar(SS) vol2 -shot 10


Ragini feeds dinner to sanskar nd makd him hav medicine..she gets a call frm sumi..
Sumi:laado..when will u come..
Ragini:soon maa..kya hai na ur son in law doesnt want to send me,he requesting me to stay here..what will i do..
Sanskar rolled her eyes nd glares at ragini..
sumi:stop ur drama
Ragini bites her toungue nd smiles sheepishly..
Sumi:come soon..i hav made ur fav dishes tonight..
Ragini:maa..u r my sweetiepie..u dont worry i will eat fully today..
sanskar smiles..
Sumi8:ok bye
Ragini:bye sweetipie..will come soon..
Sanskar:u should go home now..
Ragini:its ok..i will stay some more time
Sanskar:no need..go..
Jst then ragini mbl rings…
Ragini:hello vinay.bolo

Ragini:no yaar..i cant come..u enjoy..
Ragini:ok..ok..fine coming..
Sanskar feels jealous..
Ragini cuts d call..
Sanskar:r u going anywhere vinay’s birthday na..he askd me to come for party..
Sanskar:can u stay for sometime
Sanskar:can u stay with me for some time
Ragini(excited):repeat again
Sanskar:can u stay with me(stressed sentense)
Ragini:im not dreaming right..
Ragini dancing like a kid in hapiness..
Sanskar smiles seeing her..
Ragini(stopped danc):before a while u only asked me to go na..then what happend..
Sanskar:kuch nay
Ragini:bolo na..
Sanskar:fine need to stay
Ragini:ok..ok..i wont ask anything..
Ragini calls vinay nd said she was not coming to party..sanskar feels happy now..
Ragini:y r u looking this much cute..i wanna bite u..
Sanskar widened his eyes..
Ragini:but dont worry i will wait ,till our marriage…
Sanskar bited his lower lip hiding his blush..
time passed with her naughty talks..
Ragini:ok..i have to leave now..
sanskar nodded..
Ragini(asusual gives good night kiss on his cheek):good night..bye
Sanskar: i will tell laksh to drop u
Ragini:no pblm.. i can go.. what i said..
Sanskar calls laksh nd askd him to drop ragini..(caring)
raglak leaves..sanskar looks at her disappering figure through the window..nd smiles thinking about her naughty talks..

Ragini came to mm nd sees all sits in hall nd chitchatting..
Ragini:areh aaj tho diwali na..y all simply sits..did hav completed all arrangements..
Laksh:since childhood bhai not used to come to any fest,how can we do celebrate without we stopped celebrate festivals…
Ragini:uff..ur bhai na..he would have been in musium..
saying she goes to sanskar room where he is doing work in laptop..
ragini:what r u doing
Sanskar:wht im doing r not feeling well na..what is d need to do work..she closes laptop..
Sanskar:its fine..
Ragini:what fine..u should not do anywork untill ur hand get fine…
Ragini:no but nd vut..leave it..
Sanskar nodded as he knws she wont listen him..
Ragini:vo..all wants to do diwali today..
Sanskar:ok..their wish..
Ragini:with u not intersted..
Ragini:plzz sanksar..bcz of u they stopped celebrating all festivals..they sacrificed their hapinnes for u..
Sanskar:but i didnt askd them to stop
Ragini:dont talk can they celebrate leaving u alone..i have already said forget past sanskar..plz spend sometime with them happily..they will feel happy..nothing will happen..first stop thinking like a kid..
Sanskar looks at her.. happy nd make ur family happy..
Sanskar gives a nod emotinally..
Ragini:fine..u take rest, i will do arrangements..we will rock this diwali…
Sanskar smiles..
All family is busy in Diwali arrangements..all r happy after many long years they r celebrating diwali..sanskar sees Ragini who is busy in decorating with help of laksh..sanskar staring at her..he smiles seeing ragini who is ordering to laksh like a boss,laksh obeys like a kid..Ragini sensed sanskar intense gaze on her..
Ragini looks at him..sanskar composed..
Ragini:kya hua
Sanskar:may i help u
Ragini:no…why u came here..go.. we will do..
Sanskar:no pblm..i will also do somework..
Ragini:no ,how can i make u work..may ur hand will get hurt..go to ur room..take rest..
Sanskar nodded nd goes to his room obeying ragini’s order..ragini smiles..
Sanskar decending stairs, he is awestruck seeing ragini who is lightening diya’s..she looks like a diva in middle of all diya’s..he must agree she is a heavenily beauty..he stares at her without blinking his eyes..
Ragini noticed sanskar..she comes to him nd waved her hand infront of him..sanskar composed himself..
Ragini:what r u looking at
Sanskar:vo..Diya’s looks beautiful..
Ragini (smiles):y u havnt ready yet..
Ragini(understand):come i will help u..
sanskar:no..actually i came to call laksh to help me..i will call him..
Ragini:im here need to call anyone..come..
she takes him into his room..
Ragini:go nd get fresh..i will arrange dress for u..
Sanskar nodded..
After a while sanskar comes,ragini shows him one kurta..
sanskar smiles.this time he doesnt fely shy infront of ragini..
Ragini making him wear kurts standing near to him..sanskar smelled her fragrance,he admires her face..he is lost..
his hand automatically encircled her waist,he pulls her close,(without touching his injured hand)ragini feels his intense touch on her waist ,she closed her eyes being lost..Sanskar moves even more close to her..he pressed her bare waist tight nd nuzzles her face with his nose..sanskar noticed ragini lips which r shivering..he caressed her lips with his thumb nd kissed near her corner of her lips..Ragini parted her lips allowing him to kiss..sanskar leaned to her lips nd about to kiss..he gets sense when he felt pain in his hand as ragini cluched his shoulder tight being lost..he jerked nd immediately composed himself nd moves some inches far awy frm her..he confused by his own behaviour..he took deep breath..
He cleras his throat..Ragini opens her eyes nd sees sanskar some far away frm her,stood like innocent kid..
Ragini looks around puzzled..
Sanskar:kya hua(he acts as he dont knw anything)
Ragini:did anything happened bw us..’
Sanskar:kya standing like this since 15min but u lost somewhere..
Ragini slowly ragu u started day dreaming too(she hitted her forehead)..sanskar who heard this..smiles..
Sanskar:ok..close my sherrwani buttons..
Ragini nodded nd moves close to him..sanskar controlling himself for not do anything like before..
after sanskar got ready..both went down where all r waiting for them..suji smiles looking at adorable, perfectly made for each other couple..
Laksh:happy diwali Bhai nd bhabi..
Ragini:laksh do u knw,whenever u call me bhabi i feel like flying in air..but i wish to hear ,being ur bhai’s wife(she looks at sanskar,sanskar avoides her look)
sanskar:happy diwali laksh
Ragini pouts..
suji hugs ragini nd said in her ear it will happen soon..ragini smiles widely nd hugs suji tightly..
laksh:ok all come,we will burn crackers.
Ragini(holds sankar hand):come.. afraid..
Sanskar:ha..u affraid of cocroach that
Ragini:dont take that name..
Sanskar:ok..dont ask me to burn crackers..orlese i will throw cocroach on u..
Ragini widened her eyes..
Sanskar lifted his eybrows at her..
Ragini pouts..
Sanskar:u go nd enjoy..
Ragini:boring cutie..she huffed..nd goes with laksh
sanskar smiles..
Raglak r enjoing with family..sanskar jst admiring ragini nd his family standing along with them…

Ragini:ok..i have to go home now..maa papa must be waiting for me..
all faces fell..
Ragini:kya hua..i will come morning na..
all nodded..
Ragini walks but she came back nd kissed on sanskar cheek nd said good night nd runs…all widened their eyes..sanskar silently walks towards his room smiling….
Days passes..Sanskar got fine by ragini care..sanskar habitatued to ragini..mornings going to temple with her..their meetings,her naughty talks,naughty antics..she become part of his a part..she became his life..he completely drown into ragini’s love…
oneday ragini came to his room with sad face..
Sanskar:kya hua
Ragini:im going to delhi tomorow for 2days
Ragini:at xyz clz in delhi there r some events r going on,my prinicipal askd me to go nd seminar there..
Ragini:what can i go leaving u..
Sanskar:2days only na..
Ragini:2days..48hours..2880minutes..172800 seconds..without seeing u..
Sanskar:but u have to give seminar naa.go..when will u start..
Ragini:tomorrow early morning..
Sansakr:ok..u should sleep early na..go home now..
Ragini(doesnt want to leave him):bye
sanskar(he also doesnt want let her go) :bye
both r looking into eo eyes,no one wants leave eo..
Ragini(looking intensly):bye
Sanskar(with same passion):bye
Ragini (hugs him tight):i love u..will miss u..
she kissed his forehead nd leaves..
Sanskar easily said go but he only knows howmuch he affected,hearing that she is going somwhere leaving him..

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