Naughty Ragini with Cute Sanskar (Few Shots) shot-4

As usual ragini gets coffee for sanskar at morning..she smiles seeing his cute face ,when she touches his cheek to pull ,she noticed he got fever..
Ragini recalled last night incident ,she cursed herself for taking him on terrace nd made him eat ice cream in cold whether…she rushed out…
After a while ragini cme with injection nd sees sanskar who was already woke up nd tries to get up frm bed..
Ragini:wait wait..
Sanskar:kya hua
Ragini:u have fever..u take rest
Sanskar:im fine ..its little fever..
Ragini:no u r not ok..i will give injection now u will be fine
Sanskar:what??..injection.that too with u..
Ragini:im medical student yaar..dont wry

Sanskar:whatever..i dont want injection
Ragini:u need
Sanskar:no..plz take that stupid injection in front of me(actually he scared of injection)
Ragini:r u scared.. should i..its not like need injection..plz ..
Ragini(observed his face):fine..
Sanskar:thank u
Ragini:ok..close ur eyes

Ragini:do na..
Sanskar nodded nd closed his eyes..
Ragini:now remember someone who was special to u..with whom u feel happy..whenever u remindes them ,always speard smile on ur face..
Sanskar closed his eyes nd recalling ragini smile nd her antics ,incidents bw them…
Meanwhile ragini injectes sanskar without knowledge him..
Ragini:now u can open
Sanskar lost in ragini thoughts..

Ragini tapped him..
Sanskar came to sense nd opened his eyes nd looks at ragini nervously..
Ragini:kya hua
Ragini:my work is done
Sanskar:which work
Ragini shows hik empty injection..

Sanskar:when u did it
Ragini:when u r lost somewhere
Ragini (smiles):sorry..bcz of me u got fever..i should have not took u with me last night..
Sanskar:dont be sry..leave it..
Ragini:ok..u get fresh..i will bring breakfast
Sanskar:no need..i will come down..
Ragini:no u need rest..i will get..
Before sansksr could speak..ragini leaves..

Sanskar comes out frm washroom after getting fresh nd sees all family there with concern look..
Sanskar:what r u doing all
Suji:ragini told u r not feeling well..
Ap:if u r not well y did u got up frm bed..come sleep.
Ram:i will call doctor

Laksh:i have already called doc
Ap:come i will massage ur head u will feel better..
Ragini admiring the family care towards sanskar..
Sanskar:wait all…im fine perfectly..i had small will be fine need to wry..bhai tell doc no need to cme..nd ragini gave medicine too..
Suji:but u have to take rest..sleep..
Ragini:after having this soup
Suji smiles at ragini..
Ragini:take it i made it specially for u..
Sanskar:u made it(gulping)
Ragini(smiles):he he..dont wry..di made it..have..
Sanskar nodded..

All leaves after giving suggestions ,prescription to sanskar..except ragini..
He had soup..ragini gives him tablet..
Sanskar:again tablet
Ragini:ok..i will give injection..

Sanskar:no..fine with tablet..
Ragini smiles..
Ragini comes to naina..
Naina:how is sanskar
Ragini:he is fine now
Naina:my laado treated him na he must be fine..
Ragini(smiles):di r u happy na

Naina:obviously laado..u r seeing na..
Ragini:ha di im very happy for u..i liked ur family so much they r so loving nd caring..
Naina:dont wry u too get like them
Ragini:hope so
They smiles..
Ragini was on terrace alone..sanskar came there..
Sanskar:this is not fair..u cme alone without calling me..
Ragini:y did u cme..u will again get fever..go nd sleep
Sanskar:u r here na to give medicine.

Ragini smiles…both sits on terrace nd chit chatted for sometime.

@next day
Sanskar have a work with laksh so he is going to laksh room..he about to enter but stopped seeing laksh who was romancing with naina without closing the door properly…he immediately back off..he turns to go but stops seeing ragini who is coming towards lakna room..
Sanskar stops ragini..
Sanskar:where r u going
Ragini:to meet jiju..
Sanskar:u cant meet him now

Sanskar:vo..vo they..they
Ragini:what..tell fast
Sanskar:they they
Ragini:stop ur stammering i will meet nd cme..saying she goes without listening sanskar..she peeped into their room..she closed her eyes as soon as she sees lakna r hugging eo…
Sanskar (pulls her):i said na dont go
Ragini:u should have told me the reason na..
Sanskar:how could i
Ragini: matlab..did u feel shy to tell..
Sanskar feels nervous..

Ragini:btw what u have seen..
Sanskar:what..i..i.didnt see anything
Ragini:achha tell na..did u see while r they kissing or..
Sanskar:plzz meri maa..mujhe chodo..
Ragini:tell na jiju ka bhai..
Sanskar:will u stop..first tell me y u want to meet bhai..
Ragini:he said..he drop me to clz..but he was bsy in romancing..
Sanskar:cme i will drop
Sanskar:ha cme..

Ragini:wait 2min
Ragini peeps into lakna room with closed eyes..nd says loudly close d door nd romance guys ..we r unmarried people can we control seeing u both like this..
Lakna came to sense frm their world..nd shocked hearing ragini..
Sanskar gives a impossible look to her..nd drags her with him..
As soon as Suji spotted ragsan..
Suji:sanskar ,where is laksh
Ragini:he was roma..
Sanskar(closed her mouth wirh jis hands):he was in his room maa..
Sanskar took ragini outside nd take off his hand frm her mouth..
Sanskar:u r impossible..
Ragini:i knw..chalo

Sanskar nodded.

Lakna nd ragsan r playing truth r dare…first Naina turn..she choose truth..
Sanskar:bhabi did u loved anyone before mrg
Ragini:ha..she loved someone..

Laksh face fell..
Naina(glares at ragini):laado tum chup..she lied..he(laksh)is my first nd last love..
Laksh smiles..
Ragini:what di u should have wait for sometime..did u see jiju face that time..she laughs
Laksh:i will also get oneday to tease u..then i will see u.
Ragini:all the best jiju
Sanskar:ok continue the game..
Again spins d bottle ,now ragini turn..she choose truth..
Laksh:r u in love
Sanskar felt pain in his heart..

Ragini:who was thst unlucky person..
Naina glares st laksh..
Laksh:i mean lucky person..
Ragini:only one question should ask..not more..
Sanskar in mind she is in love..y she didnt told me..y im feeling hurt..i want to knw about him..if she again get turn i will ask..
Again spins d bottle..its again ragini turn..
Sanskar:truth r dare
Sanskar face fell as he thought to ask about whom she loves,if she choose truth..
Laksh:keep silent for 1hour way
Laksh:u have to

Ragini:jiju..what type of dare it is..
Laksh:fine stay at least 15min
Ragini nodded unwillingly..
Now its laksh turn..ragini signs him..she will ask..
Laksh:no u cant..
Ragini pouts..
Laksh: i got saved orelse i dnt knw what questions u would have asked..
Naina smiles..
Sanskar seems disturbed..
After a while..
They stops d game..lakna leaves to their room..
Ragini:shall we go

Sanskar:i dont want to cme..enjoy u only..bye
Saying he leaves..
Ragini:what happened him suddenly..did i do anything na then y he was angry..
She immitates sanskar i dont want to cme bye..she huffed..

Sanskar in room..she loves someone it makes him restless…sanskar to himself what happened to u sanskar…its her life to choose..y u r reacting this much..y u r getting angry..he consoled himself..he took a deep breath..he recalled how he talked with ragini before a while..he feels sad..he thought to say sry to her..
He goes to terrace where ragini is talking on phone smiling..san stops hearing ragini..
Ragini:i missing u sooo much
……. sweet
Sanskar was burning in jealous..he leaves angrily..
Ragini:teeke u(she was talking to her mom)
She cutted d call..
Sanskar in room says to himself..if she missed him so much,she must go na…he immitates ragini” i missed u so much”..he was rolling on bed this side nd thst side as he was not able to sleep..
Oh god y u sent her into my life..


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    Awesome awesome awesome episode Lahari di loved it to the core..pls update all ur ffs..waiting to red them love u di tk cr πŸ™‚

  2. Akhivkapoor

    O god can’t he wait few seconds also idiot idiot….and nice part dear waiting for next and if possible plz post
    ek main aur ek Thu

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    awesome akka….loved it alot….Sanky u wait for jzt 2 sec na…poor boy….eagerly waiting for nxt one..tkcr akka…

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