Naughty Ragini with Cute Sanskar (Few Shots) shot-3


Ragini wakes up nd goes to kitchen nd sees naina who was in kitchen already..
Ragini:diii..u wokeup this much early..
Naina:why ..cant i wokeup.. could u wakeup early..last night u tho..
Ap suji ,who r kitchen smiles..
Naina(feels embarrassed):stop laado..
Ragini:di..plz clarify my doubt
Naina:laado..go nd give this coffee to sanskar
Ragini:first u tell orelse i will ask jiju
Naina(strict):laado stop ur mad questions..
Ragini pouts nd leaves..
Ragini comes to sanskar room with coffee,where sanskar was sleeping..she says omg he is more cute while sleeping…she pulled his cheeks..sanskar jerked nd wakesup nd sees ragini smiling stands in front of him..
Sanskar:what u did
Ragini:i didnt do anything
Sanskar(rubbing his cheek):r u sure..
Ragini nodded cutely..
Sanskar:ok..what r u doing here
Sanskar(takes it):thank u..did u made it u knw she woke up at 4am..
Sanskar:ok..its tasty
Ragini:didnt u get any doubt..
Sanskar:what doubt
Ragini:how it possible..she must have not slept last night na..
Sanskar coughs..
Ragini(while rubbing his back):u tell..what u r thinking..did anything happened bw them last night r not..
Sanskar(folds his both hands):leave me..i have to get fresh..
Ragini:k..i will ask jiju only
Sanskar:what will u ask
Ragini:about this thing only
Sanskar:how can u ask
Ragini:with my mouth
Sanskar gives a look.
Ragini( smiles sheepishly):bad joke na..leave it..
Sanskar:u leave that matter..
Ragini:fine..cutie.. u said na i will leave..
Sanskar smiles
Ragini:dont smile like this
Sanskar :why
Ragini:u r looking super cute while smiling..
Sanskar(annoying face:areh yar im not cute..dont call me like that
Ragini:i fixed u r my cutiepie..get fresh nd cme..
Saying she leaves..
Sanskar(lifting his eyebrow):my cutiepie !!!!!
He smiles ruffling his hair…
All sits for breakfast…ragini notices naina nd laksh looks sat eo nd talking with their eyes…ragini showed sanskar, who sits beside her..
Ragini:so sweet couple
Sanskar:u eat..
Ragini(called out):jiju
Laksh(came to sense):wh…what..ragini
Ragini:how is bf..di made it
Ragini:how is kheer
Laksh:it is also good
Ragini:then rajma curry
Ragini:how is ur lastnight
Laksh(with out realizing):its awesome..
Sanskar hits his forehead…
lakna embarrassed..all smiles..
Sanskar:cant u keep quite
Sanskar:u r impossible..
Ragini:i knw
All had dinner..sanskar about to go his room..
Ragini:oye jiju ka bhai
Sanskar:kya bhabi ki behan
Ragini:can u come with me to go on terrace..
Ragini(pouts):ok.i will ask di r jiju..
She turns to go but stopped by sanskar..
Sanskar:they r newly wedded..let them enjoy..
Ragini(sad):fine..i will go alone
Sanskar:i will come
Ragini(gives a side hug):thank u cutie..come
Sanskar smiles..

They both comes to terrace..
Ragini climbs terrace railing..
Sanskar:hey what r u doing..u will fall..get down
Ragini:no..u too come
Ragini:cme na..
she forwarded her hand,sanskar could not able to resist..
Both sits on terrace..
Ragini(looking at moon):its beautiful na
Sanskar(looking at ragini):ha beautiful
Ragini:do u knw i nd di used to spend most of d nights on terrace in moonlight..
Sanskar jst staring at her..
Ragini looks at sanskar who r lost..she tapped his shoulder..
Ragini:kya hua
Sanskar:kuch..kuch nay.. chalo na..its very cold..
Ragini:come near to me
Ragini movea near to him nd covered themselves with her dupatta..sanskar shocked by her sudden act.. u r feeling..
Ragini was talking random things..sanskar is feeling her fragrance..
Ragini:u wait..i wil be back
Sanskar nodded..
Sanskar nodded..ragini leaves..sanskar looks at the moon..sanskar imagines ragini face in moon..sanskar hits his head nd says sanskar what happened to u..
after a while ragini comes with ice creams..
Sanskar:ice cream!!..i was shivering with cold nd u bought ice cream..
Ragini:eat na mazaa aayega
Sanskar:no i don’t want
Ragini pouts..sanskar melts..
Both had ice cream..nd chit chatted for sometime..Sanskar noticed ragini who slept on his shoulder..he says u said im cute but u r looking damm cute while sleeping..he smiles nd lifts her in his arms nd taking to room..he got frozen when ragini nuzzled his neck with her nose(in sleep)..he felt goosebumps all ovee his body..he composed himself nd makes her lie on bed..nd turns to go..ragini holds his wrist..he turns..ragini murmurs di(thought as naina) dont go..sleep with me..sanskar frees himself..he kissed her forehead nd leaves..
He comes to his room dozzed off thinking about ragini…


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    awesome akka…loved it alot…poor laksh he’s a prey of ragu naughtiness….eagerly waiting for nxt one…tkcr akka…

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