Naughty Ragini with Cute Sanskar (Few Shots) shot-1

One boy is shown who was getting ready in groom outfit as today is his mrg ,he smiled at himself thinking about his bride..he is was arranged mrg but he fell in love after seeing her..jst then another boy entered into his room nd hugged him frm behind..
Laksh(happy):areh sanky u cme(he is sanskar,he cme frm hostel ,after completing his studies)..
Sanskar:ha i cme ,afterall its my bhai’s mrg
Laksh:did u wrote ur exams well
Sanskar:ha baba..leave it all..i want to see my bhabi..
Laksh:wait for sometime..we will go..u go nd get ready fast..
Sanskar nodded.
Laksh family reached gadodia mansion..shekhar janki welcomes them.
Sanskar(whispered in laksh ear):bhai where is bhabi..u told alot about eagar to see her
Laksh:sanky wait..still it has 3hrs left for muhurt..wait cannt only i will go nd meet her..
Sanskar:no but nd vut..u wait..
Saying he walks nd asks someone where is bride room..

He enters into room after knocking d door..he sees one girl sits on bed,her face covered with dupatta(mrg shagun)..
Sanskar(nervous) sanskar..laksh brother
Girl :no reply
Sanskar:laksh bhai always talking about u..
Girl:no reply
Sanskar:im sry..i think u r uncomfortable..i will go
Girl(with cracking voice):nay jiii
Sanskar(sensed her voice):r u ok
Girl started to cry..
Sanskar(puzzled):wha…what happened
Girl weeps
Sankar( goes near to her):what happened did i talked something wrong
Girl nodded as no
Sanskar:y r u crying
Girl (lifts her veil..revealed to be our ragini):can u help me
Ragini:plz cancel this mrg
Ragini:i dont want to do this marriage…
Sanskar:what u r saying..
Ragini:i didnt like him..he always looks angry..
Sanskar:no no..u r mistaken..he was so good..he loves u so much..
Ragini:u r his bro so u r talking his one listening to me
Sanskar:no no..he really loves u so much..he will keep u happy..u cannot get anyone like him..
Ragini:stop praising ur bhai..u wont help me na..teeke..i will manage..go frm here
Sanskar:meri baat suno..plz marry my bro..he cant live without u..
Ragini:go nd tell ur bhai..i will not cme..i will escape frm here..
Sanskar:wh..what..u cant do this
Ragini pushes him outside nd locked d door..
Sanskar(knocking d door):plz listen..
He doesnt get any response..
Sanskar is tensed he dont knw what to do..he sees all family who looks so happy…he tries to talk with laksh but stopped seeing laksh smiling face..
He was roaming here nd there worriedly..

1hr passed..he was helpless..
He( goes to suji):maa i want to tell u something
Sanskar:maa bhabi dont want to do this mrg
Suji:sanskar i have so much this time to joke
Sanskar:maa im telling truth
Suji smiles nd patted his cheek nd leaves..he told to ap..she reacts sane like as suji..
Sanskar finally goes to laksh..before he could tell ,pandit ji called laksh went…
Sanskar was lost in thoughts..disturbed by..pandit ji voice who askd to bring bride..
Sanskar was hell worried…5min passed all r waiting for braid..sanskar closed his eyes nd takes deep breath nd decided to tell about her..he was about fo open his mouth but stopped seeing the bride who was descending stairs with veil..
Sanskar surprised but happy as she changed her decision..someone patted his back..he turns nd sees one girl who covered her face with dupatta..she removed it nd smiles at sanskar..
Sanskar(shocked as it was ragini):tu..tu..yaha..then who was there
Ragini:i told u na..i dont like this i kept my frnd in my place.. could u..
Ragini smiles
Sanskar:i will tell u all
Ragini:no..let it be
Sanskar looks at laksh nd his braid nd then ragini..
Sanskar:no this cant happen..i will stop
Ragini hitted her forehead nd signed to sanskar no..
Ap:kya hua sanskar
Sanskar:badi maa..stop this mrg
Suji:what r u saying sanskar..r u mad
Sanskar:maa she was not bride..
Laksh immediately lifts d bride veil..he gets a relief seeing his bride naina(jasmine bhasin)..

Sanskar:here she is..saying he drags ragini who stands his back..
Ragini gives a sheepish smile to all..
All looks at ragini then sanskar then naina..
Sanskar:y r u all looking like this..
Suji:who told u..she was bride..
Sanskar:she only..he told what had happened..
All smiles as all knws about ragini
..sanskar confused..
Janki:ragu..what is this..u again played prank..
(ragini:very mischievous nd naughty..always maintain her beautiful smile on her face..
When sanlak talking about bride ,ragini who was their back..listen to them..she smirks..nd goes in bride room as bride)
Suji:she is bride’s sister..very naughty girl.. a days u r doing too much..he is our guest..tell sry to him
Ragini pouts..sanskar shocked knowing it was prank..
Suji:its k janki ji..leave it..
Janki:sry beta(sanskar)..she is saitan..
Sanskar:it..its k aunty..u dont be sry …
Janki smiled at him nd gives a glare to ragini..who makes a cry(fake) face..janki murmurs nautanki..
Suji askd pandit ji to continue d ritual…
Ragini looks at sanskar..but he looks at her angrily(fake) nd walks..
Ragini walks behind him nd calls oye laksh ka brother stop..sanskar doesnt..she walks fast nd holds his hand..
Sanskar:no need to ur sry
Ragini:dont show attitude k..i never told sry to anyone .u r d first one..
Sanskar:why..what so special in me..
Ragini(pulling his cheek):u r looking soooooo cute..
She runs immediately..leaving stunned sanskar…

Hiii frinds i came with another story..hope u like it..nd i want to knw which ff u want me to post nd which ff do u want me to end..
1 .Ek mein aur Ek tu possessive lover
3.i hate that i love u
4.i love u mrs ragini sanskar maheswari season 2
5.bcz i love u season2
Tell guys..which ff d u want nd which ff do u want me to end..


  1. UF


  2. Asra


    |Registered Member

    awesome akka….loved it alot…really akka ragu s so naughty…i think Sanky also equal to ragu….eagerly waiting for nxt one….
    akka it’s Vry hard to select one akka….i leave it to ur opinion akka…and end ff…nooooooooo don’t end any ff….tkcr dear…

  3. mk

    Speechless love u and bbbbiiiiiiiiggggggggggggg HUG FOR THIS SHOT. l konw by seeing title i thought this urs only. Where were u yaar i missed OUR RAGSAN A LOT THIS WEEK. Because very less RAGSAN update. U know what my day start and ending with RAGSAN. Plzz update all stories one by one. My request to all RAGSAN AUTHOR PLZZ UPDATE UR STORIES YARR

  4. aarthi

    pls don’t end any of your ff .. all your ff are interesting… this one too.. waiting for your next update.

  5. Ammy

    awesome loved it.i like all but if you want to end one of your ff then i wll choose my possessive lover.update ek mein aur ek tu ffs first

  6. Meetu๐Ÿ˜€๐Ÿ˜›๐Ÿค“

    Missing u di.profile pic awesome. I just admire the cute teju. Do u watch pehendred piya ki serial. I just wait it for everyday.even if it was my busy schedule……

  7. Swaram

    Superb epi….ragini is too naughty and ilove that too…….waiting for next part,………..
    Plz post I love u Mrs ragini sanskar maheswari season w

  8. Saghi


    |Registered Member

    It was just mind blowing. Ragini is just a nautanki… when I read this I thought it’s aliya’s ff. Because she usually write these kind of ffs ( dulhan doesn’t want to marry or run away thing). I think u should finish possessive lover. A big wala hug and lots of love.

  9. Shraddha

    It was amazing …& plz continue ur ek Mai aur ek tu & possessive lover ..& do not end others too ..keep it going ..I m awaiting for your other updates . Keep posting ….:) ๐Ÿ˜‰

  10. Sindhura


    |Registered Member

    Don’t end anything but solve problem of ragsan ek Mai ek tu…

    Post all ff

    Post possessive lover a big one and romantic one

  11. vani

    Amazing update don’t end plz show some romantic scenes dear. Nowadays in ur story very less romance scenes i want to see our ragsan with passionate love . Plzzzzzzzz be regular

  12. A12345


    |Registered Member

    Haha… This one’s really good…. Loved naughty ragini and cute sanskar…
    Update all.. ๐Ÿ˜€๐Ÿ˜€๐Ÿ˜€๐Ÿ˜€๐Ÿ˜€
    Bt first i hate that i love u… โ˜บโ˜บโ˜บthen possessive lover… โ˜บโ˜บ

  13. Rehna

    Amazing shot dear, love each and every ff so difficult to choose. Try not to end your ff’s. Ragu is too naughty and loved this to core

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