My Naughty Hubby #Raglak 2shots ~Shreya [last part & A/N]

Hellooo januuuusssss…

Let’s jump directly to the epi…
Do read the A/N below ..
Laksh was walking here and there in the reception of his room…he wasn’t able to control himself.. How will she look in that s*xy lingerie.. this thought was heating him.. He was on fire!..Laksh slapped his mind for having such thoughts..but that isn’t his fault , his wife is really a beautiful angel..

‘Laksh’ he heard …and turned towards the voice…he was just glued at Hus place..his eyes widened.. his jaw dropped..Ragini was standing keeping her palm on the wall of their luxurious bedroom.. she wore a silky black robe..her wet hair and less make up made her look damn tempting.. her naughty smile playing on her pulpy lips was tickling Laksh’s hormones!..

Laksh took a long Ragini sensually called him towards her by her forefinger..Laksh walked slow ..he was so stunned.. Ragini bit her lower lip at his condition.. He held his collar and pulled him inside their bedroom and locked the room with one hand..

Ragini was slammed at the wall and Laksh held her waist..Ragini wrapped her arms around his nape..Laksh caressed her face ..Ragini closed her eyes.. Laksh moved closer to her ..but suddenly.. His mind took over..and he backed off..Ragini was shocked.. “Sorry Ragini… I..I just wasn’t able to control myself..”.. He said turning..but Ragini held his wrist..”who has asked you to control Laksh?”..Laksh turned surprised.. “Ragini came closer and whispered in his ear..” I ..Love …You Laksh..”..she trailed kisses down his temple to his neck..and slowly sucked his lower lip with closed eyes..Laksh had a bright grin on his lips…”are you going to respond? “..she asked after which Laksh grabbed her like anything.. slammed her back to the door Kissing her hard and wild…Both were on full passion in expressing their Love through this intimacy…

They parted being out of breath ..both of their hearts were like either they’ll stop pumping or will jump out of their bodies..

Laksh in no time..again grabbed her lips with hers…they flipped over the wall..All Ragini did was pulling him closer..soon as they parted..Ragini pushed him and sensuously walked near the bed..Laksh saw her..she turned and opened the knot of her robe..and stretched its cloth lazily to give laksh his desirable sight of his wife in a lingerie..just a black lingerie exposing most of her milky skin..Laksh was like mouthwatering looking at his Hot wife in that s*xy attire and moreover
..this time he wasn’t imagining ..she was actually in front of him..Ragini turned and flirtatiously showed him her exposed nubile back..and looked at him…
The next moment she was thrusted at the wall beside the bed by Laksh…he gabbed both her wrists and slammed them on the wall ..
Laksh breathed on her neck making Ragini go crazy.. he aisled his finger down her nape…”Do you have any idea how much you are tempting me since last night..You made me wait quite long have awoken the beast in me…and you know..its really hungry right now.. “..he let out a naughty smirk..saying he sucked her shoulder..Ragini was sure that she has awaken the hungry beast in her naughty hubby..but she bit her lips as she wanted to fulfill all his hunger ..Laksh’s proximity and his cold touch on her hot body was rising her desire for him more..

“La..ksh..the wait is over now..I am all yours.. “..she said with a surrendering sigh..
He trailed down too many kisses on her back and shoulder.. “Mine”.. he whispered..” Yours.. Only yours”..she breathed as he turned her and made her face him now..Laksh went a bit back and had a proper glance at his wife’s sensuality.. her chest rose up..she was breathing heavily ..and rubbing her naked legs with each other.. Laksh’s one hand held her from her thigh caressing her soft skin while the other explored her skin from her thigh to her neck..he bent and sucked her neck and collarbone hungrily whole his hand trailing her waist reached to her br*asts and cupped them lovingly… Ragini held his hair with closed eyes..
“Ouuhmmmm..La..Laksh..uuhhmm”..moans were escaping from Ragini’s lips..laksh was loving his effect on her..she lost all her senses..just lost in his touch..

After a long moment.. Laksh kissed her lips and made it a passionate liplock..Ragini slid her palm to his shirt’s buttons.. she was opening them but felt it would lake long so broke all the buttons at once..she caressed his chest….but soon cupped his face as he lifted her from his one hand on her thigh..and turned her..soon she was on the soft mattress..Laksh stood straight and removed his shirt and threw it on the sofa..and came on top of her..and directly went into her neck..Ragini lost her balance due to sensations in her body …and lied on the bed..Laksh entwined their fingers preventing her from moving and sucked, chewed , kissed and did all the stuff that he wanted ..Ragini was rubbing her leg on his jeans to let out her sensations..
“Uhhhmmhh..laksh”..she was moaning with extreme pleasure..

Laksh licked her neck..flipped her over..kissing her on her lips with passion ,Love and lust..and now her tugged off that only knot at the back of the dress which was holding that cloth over her body..he flipped her again and took off that lingerie and threw it away ..who cares where..his eyes darkened as he looked at her lusy body underneath him..he ran his finger from her face to her waist..he flicked her tits ..Ragini was heating up due to his continuous gaze on her…
“Have me Laksh”.. She literally ordered..

Laksh held one of her soft br*ast kissed her teat and then gulped the whole of it in his mouth.. his saliva tickled her skin ..he sucked it hard and kneaded the other bust..

“Ohhum..ah”.. Ragini moaned out being elated..

Soon the two bodies became one taking their Love..their relationship ..their marriage to one of the most beautiful levels of life and made their Love turn into eternity..


Soo…its done!..

Romance credit- Priyanjali di..

Hehe..poore main romance hi toh tha..Maine kya kiya??..kuch nahi..just copy paste..???

A/N- finals are approaching.. I have only January to prepare.. So I am taking a leave from Tu till the last week of March…I’ll post any OS if I will get sucked up by studying..I’ll login every Sunday to check can ping me if u wish….?
And after that..I’ll come up with a Raglak Ff…

Thanks to alllllllll of you those who read & commented on the last part.. I am glad that no one forgot this pagal ladki..

Do comment..silent readers too if any..Coz I really want to read your lovely comments before taking a leave..

❤With Love

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