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Hotel Room

Ragini : Laksh.. Mei kya pehnungi? Sach sach bataana.. Tumne Jaan booch ke mera bag misplace karvaadiya nuh?
•literally screams on Laksh•

Laksh : pagal hai tu.. Mei aise kyun karunga? Maanta hoon mujhe tujhe irritate karne mei mazaa aata hai lekin itna bhi kameena nahi hoon jitna tu mujhe samajhti hai.. Aur waise b tu khud apni zidd se yahaan Bern mere saath aayi hai.. Maine toh nahi kahaan ki chal mere saath.. Baat karti hai
•gets rritated•
Ragini : dekho Laksh.. Ab mei agayi hoon nuh yahaan tumhare saath.. Ab baate sunana band karo aur yeh batao ki ab mei kya pehnungi?
•sits on the bed •
Laksh : Dekh Ragini.. Abhi bahut raat hochuki hai.. Ab mei kuch nahi karsakta.. Lekin kal subah hote ki mei kuch kapde laadunga tere liye.. Tu un kapdo mei manage karlena..
• comes n sits beside her•

Ragini : aur raat ku kya karungi mei?

Laksh : yaar.. Meri shirt pehn ke sojaa aaj raat.: mera dimaag mat khaa plz
•gets up .. Opens his bag n hands over his white shirt to her•
Ragini : kal tum mujhe naye kapde laake doge.. Samjhe?
•takes his white shirt n goes to the washroom to change angrily.. After sometime she comes out wearing just his white shirt which just covered the bare minimum.. Her long s*xy milky legs exposed to him.. Her first button opened and her hair combed neatly to her right side.. The shirt didn’t even reach her mid -thigh.. Just one inch n woop..
Laksh :•stammers seeing her like that•
Ragini : kya hai?•embarassed at her half nakedness and Laksh’s reaction•
Laksh : kuch nahi.. Wo..h tu.. Tu..•stammers•
Ragini : mei kya Laksh?•eager to know•
Laksh : woh.. Raat bahut hogayi hai.. Sojaa•gets up from the bed n goes to the couch•
Ragini : pagal.. Har baar mood ki baind Baja details hai..meri life mai romance kab aayega..but usne proposal ke baad nakhro ke chakkar main haan bhi nahi ki Maine..aww mera pati..
•mumbles to herself•
Laksh : kuch kahaan tune?
Ragini : nahi.. Mei kya kehsakti hoon.. Suno.. Ac zyaada tez mat chalaana plz•lowers her gaze•
Laksh : kyun?•confused•
Ragini : kyun ka kya matlab hai Laksh? Tum pure kapdo nei sorahe ho aur mei..•gets embarassed and shuts her mouth•
Laksh : uhmm.. Theek hai.. Mei kam rakhunga ac.. .. Ek kaam kar.. Tu jaake sojaa.. Mei shower leke aata hoon
•gets up from the couch n goes when Ragini holds his hand•
Ragini : phirse? Abhi toh shower liya tha nah•confused•
Laksh : ab kaise batao isko ki isse aise dekhne ke baad mujhe ek cold shower ki kitni zarurat hai•mumbles to himself•

Ragini : kya kahaan?

Laksh : kuch nahi.. Woh bus mujhe phirse nahaane ka mann kar rahaan hai.. Ab kya tujhse poochke nahaunga mei? Chhod jaane de mujhe•tries to free his hand but Ragini accidently slips and twists her leg•

Ragini : oucch.. Mera pair
•bends down a little•
Laksh : Ragini.. Ragini kya huwa?? Bataa mujhe
•goes onto his knees and sees her feet..•
Yahaan lagi•touches her feet and asks•
Ragini : nahi..oucch..•holds onto his shoulders for support•
Laksh : ruk.. Lagat hai moch agayi hai.. Ek kaam kar tu baith jaa.. Mei teri moch theek kardeta hoon
•holds her by her waist m takes her arm and she wraps it around his shoulder to help her walk•
Ragini : aah.. Nahi.. Mei nahi chalsakti.. Plzz Laksh
•tries to sit but Laksh holds her tightly.. He bends a little and picks her up his arms in bridal style.. His arm tightly wrapped arnd her waist holding on to his and the other under her bare knees and calves.. Laksh kinda gets an electric shock when his skin comes in contact with her bare skin.. He takes her to their bed and makes her sit.. She’s half sitting and half lying.. Laksh goes towards her legs and sits there.. He takes her feet in his lap..•
Ragini : Laksh plzz.. Bahut dard horahaa hai
•tries to move her feet but Laksh dosen’t let her move•
Laksh : ruk .. Mujhe balm laagaane de
•gets up n brings balm n sits down again near her feet and takes it again in his lap.. He slowly applies balm around her ankle sending shivers down her spine.. Laksh himself is on fire.. He looks deep into her eyes and they share and eyelock..slowly when she’s engrossed in his gaze he twists her leg.. Ragini screams in pain•
Laksh : hogaya•smirks•
Ragini : huh?•confused•
Laksh : teri moch.. Theek hogayi
Ragini : theek hogayi•still confused•
Laksh : check karle.. •takes her feet and slowly rotates it•
Ragini : yeh toh sach mei theek hogayi•smiles•
Laksh : chal.. Ab sojaa.. Waise b subah uthke tere kapde lene jaana hai•gets up to go but Ragini holds his hand•
Ragini : thank u Laksh•smiles•
Laksh :ur welcum.. •he makes her lie down n pulls the blanket over her body intentionally touching her bare legs sending shivers down her spine•
Laksh : Gudnight Ragini
Ragini : goodnightt Laksh
•Laksh goes to the couch n lies down but dosen’t find a comfortable position because the couch is too small for his height and siZe.. Ragini notices it.. After 10 mins of seeing him struggle she finally speaks up•
Ragini : Laksh•sits in her bed•
Laksh : haan? Kya huwa?•looks at her•
Ragini : wohh.. Tum.. Tum.. Tum•stammers•
Laksh : mei kya? Jaldhi bol
Ragini : tum yahaan bed pe aake so sakte ho•embarassed•
Laksh : kya? Tu mujhe bed pe tere saath sone ke liye invite kar rahi hai mujhe?•raises his eyebrow•
Ragini : shut up Laksh.. Woh to couch tumhare liye bahut chhota padh rahaa tha maine isiliye kahaan ki aake sojao.. Warna subah tak tumhari neck mei moch ajaayegi aur tumhe bahaana miljaayega mere kapde na laane ka..•tries to cover up•
Laksh : har baar na apna hi soch.. •gets up n comes to the other side of the bed and sits•
Laksh : tu sure hai nah? I mean mei manage karlunga agar ..
Ragini : sojaao Laksh.. Agar mujhe problem hoti toh mei tumhe bed pe sone ke liye kehti hi nahi.. Chalo ab sojaao
Laksh : Ragini Laksh Maheswari.. Iraade kya hai? Kahi raat ku.. “Laksh meri baahoun mei aao .. Laksh aaj pyaar karne ki raat hai” toh nahi karne waali nah?•imitates her•
Ragini : Laksh •gets up n lightly hits him•
Laksh : dekho mujhe meri izzat bahut pyaari hai.. Raat ku lootna mat•laughs while Ragini rolls her eyes n lies down.. Laksh lies down beside and they look into each others eyes and sleep takes over them•


Laksh : yeh mujhe itna heavy kyun feel horahaa hai
•opens n his eyes and rubs them only to see Ragini sleeping on him.. She half lying on him.. Her head on his chest.. Her right arm tightly wrapped around his waist and her right leg entwined with his leg.. He couldn’t help but smile at her innocence.. He stared at her for a long time… •
Laksh : bachaao bachaao .. Meri biwi meri izzat loot rahi hai
•screams as Ragini opens her eyes n sees him.. Ragini quickly tries to move but her mangalsuTra gets stuck in his button.. Ragini tries to remove it but she’s not able to as she is not in the right position.. Laksh slowly changes their position so that Ragini is on the bed n he leans over her.. N removes the mangulsutra from his button.. And moves away from.. Ragini sits and slowly looks at him only to realise that he’s been staring at her•

Ragini : wohh pataa nahi.. Mei kaise.. Mei•stammers•

Laksh : haan haan pata nahi mujhe..
Ab itna Hot and handsome pati hai toh niyat toh phislegi nah
•winks and runs from their while Ragini screams at him from behind.. He comes out of the shower all dressed up while Ragini is still in bed..with a blushy smile thinking about the posture •

Laksh : Ragini.. Mei tere kapde lene jaa rahaan hoon.. .. Bye
•leans in n quickly kisses her cheek shocking her and walks away casually as if the kiss didn’t happen..•


Laksh : excuse me.. Mujhe thode ache bright colors waali dresses plzz
Saleswoman : sure sir.. Aapki biwi ka size?
Laksh : size? Woh toh mujhe nahi pata..she is slim ..and not so very tall..
remembers last night when she was in his white shirt•
Saleswoman : sir yeh size chalega•shoes him dressess which are of medium siZe•

Laksh : haan.. Yeh size theek rahega •takes the dresses in his hand n checks the waist of the dress•
Laksh : thode bright color waale.. Jiske thode deep backs ho….•the saleswoman showed him a beautiful red wine tee- length dresses with a little design on its chest.. It had long chudi sleeves.. And he could imagine Ragini wearing it and looking ravishing.. He checked the back.. If was a little too deep..he liked it.. He saw another Black And White dresses of the same type.. He took 5-6 dressess.. All bright colors n also took a plain black net saree.. She would look gorgeous it in.. He checked the blouse.. It was sleeveless with just one hook at the back to hold the blouse..he immediately asked the saleswoman to pack them up n patted his back for the wonderful job he had done in choosing clothes for his wifey.. He took the shopping bags and realised that she’ll need inner wear too ?.. He was embarassed.. How could he go to a lingerie shop n buy inner wear for his wife when he didn’t even know her size?after struggling alot whether to shop her inner wear or not he finally decided to shop as it was a necessity for her.. All those dresses would be useless if she didn’t have proper inner wears.. He finally decided to go to lingerie shop•


Laksh : bhagwaan.. Yeh kahaan phaasaa diya aapne mujhe•looks at the mannequins in bright red and black bikinis and s*xy lace nighties.. He could totally inagine his wife in that s*xy lace mid thigh red lingerie looking ravishing n hot and s*xy as heaven?.. He shoved his thoughts n mentally slapped himself for thinking like that n enteres the shop•

Laksh : uhmmm.. Woh mujhe .. Woh mujhe..
•stammers.. The saleswoman understands n smiles•
Saleswoman : sir aapko aapki wife ke liye chahiye ya girlfrnd ke liye?
Laksh : uhmm.. Wife ke liye
Saleswoman : uhmm okay.. Toh what type do u want? Lace, Satin.. And whats her size?
Laksh : uhh?? Size? Lace satin?

•super confused and embarassed•
Saleswoman : sir.. Aap agar mujhe apki wife ka size nahi bolego toh i can’t help u
Laksh : uhmm.. Kya sizes hote hai?
Saleswoman : excuse me? Uhmm okay.. Aapka first time lag rahaan hai•smiles•
Sir it starts from 32.. Uske aage aapko 42 tak bhi..
Laksh : i guess her size her 34
Saleswoman : okay.. Sir cup size?
Laksh : cup size?
•super confused and embarassed•

Saleswoman : sir.. A,b,c,d
•mentally laughs at his helplessness•
Laksh : what the difference between em?•confused•

Saleswoman : sir Cup A is the Smallest and Cup D is The Largest•smiles•

Laksh : uhmm.. I guess its C•mentally bangs his head•

Saleswoman : sure sir.. •brings out hot s*xy lacy sets of inner wear.. Sir yeh waali dekhe.. Bright red.. Lace waali.. Aapki wife ku suit karega•Laksh looks at the saleswoman and then at the set of inner wears infront him n literally imagines Ragini in it.. Her long s*xy milky legs would look sooo hot and her thin waist line against his rough yet soft hands and then he mentally slaps himself for thinking like that•
Laksh : ek kaam kare is type pe aapke paas jitne colors utne pack karde•he just couldn’t look at those hot s*xy inner wear and not imagine his ohh so hot wife in it•
Saleswoman : sir.. Aur koi nighty/lingerie for ur wife
Laksh : huh.. Nahi yeh kaafi hai•embarassed•
Saleswoman : nahi sir .. Ek baar dekhle.. I’m sure aapko bahut pasand aayegi•Laksh cursed himself.. She brought out a black Mid Thigh satin lingerie which was completely backless.. It just had one knot at the lower back which held the entire thing onto the body.. One tug and it would come off.. Laksh couldn’t help but imagine in that .. Her long slender s*xy back.. Her milky white s*xy long legs.. He couldn’t help but imagine how it would feel to remove that one knot and thud.. He completely slapped himself for having such dirty thoughts about his wife•

Saleswoman : sir.. Yeh pack kardun?

Laksh : haan kardo..•he didn’t realise that he just said yes to that black mid thigh lingerie.. Surely Ragini would kill him after seeing that.. Laksh took all the shoppinng bags n couldn’t come out of that trance.. He’d inagines her in every single dress and every single inner wear he’d bought for her.. He definately needed a cold shower.. He just couldn’t get her out of his mind•


Ragini : Laksh tum agaye•runs towards the door .. She’s still in his white shirt.. She gets excited seeing all those shopping bags in his hands•
Kya baat hai Laksh Maheswari.. Puri dukaan khareed laaye ho kya•laughs•
Laksh : yeh le.. Aur jaake change karle•hands over all the shopping bags to her.. Ragini opens all the bags n checks what he’d bought for her.. She saw the red dresses first.. She loved it.. She took it and went near the mirror and checked it out on her.. Moving and turning to c how it would look on her while Laksh couldn’t stop staring at his wife.. her s*xy legs legs.. He couldn’t help but notice how his shirt moved a lil up when she’d turned arnd to check that dress.. In that moment he knew he wanted to have her then n there.. He wanted to kiss her sensuously until she forgot her name.. He wanted to feel her soft skin against his hands..•

Ragini : Laksh.. Mei tumhe sab kapde pehnke bataungi.. Aakhir shopping tumne ki hai toh dekhna ka haq toh banta hai•saying that she went near the shopping bags to check more of her suits.. Laksh couldn’t help but imagine her in that black bottle neck lingerie and ofcourse the red and black lacy inner wears he’d gotten for her.. Ragini finally reached the bag that contained all her inner wears and that s*xy lingerie.. She stopped looking at them.. To say she was shocked would be an understatment.. She looked at him suprisingly.. He couldn’t see her so he avoided looking at her•
Ragini : tumne yeh bhi khareede?•points out to “that” bag•
Laksh : haan woh mujhe laga ki tumhe uski zarurat padeghi•embarassed•
Ragini : uhmm .. Thanku.. •mei change karke aati hoon.. She goes to the washroom n changes.. She wears that red dress and comes out.. Laksh couldn’t help but stare at her.. She looked like an angel… She looked so gorgeous.. He couldn’t help but imagine what she’d worn inside.. He wanted to remove that dress of hers .. He mentally slapped himself thinking that Ragini would murder him if she’d knew what he was thinking about her.. She modelled for him.: she wore all her dresses.. And Laksh couldn’t help but smile at her joy and innocence.. Finally Ragini came across the mid thigh lingerie and she removed it from the bag•

Ragini : yeh kya hai?•removes it and is shocked to see it.. She looks at Laksh wide eyed.. Laksh looks back at her shocked•

Laksh : woh yeh maine nahi.. Pata nahi kaise agaya•panics and tries to explain himself.. Ragini laughs n Laksh stares at her•

Ragini : maine kuch kahaan tumse?nahi nuh.. Toh itna ghabra kyun rahe ho?•laughs•

Laksh : matlab tum gussa nahi ho? Mere yeh laane ke bawajud tum mujhse gussa nahi ho•shocked•

Ragini : nahi toh.. •smiles•

Laksh : kyun?•curious.. Starts moving towards her•
Ragini : kyun ka kya matlab hai?•starts
moving back.. She’s nervous..•

Laksh : kyun ka koi matlab nahi hai..•keeps moving towards her.. She crashes onto the wall behind her.. Laksh covers both the sides with his hands n dosen’t let her go.. He leans into her n comes really close•

Laksh : ab sab try karke bataaya hai toh yeh b karke bataado•whispers in her ears.. Ragini looks at him shocked.. •

Laksh : kya huwa? Ab laga shock?•smirks•

Ragini : Laksh Maheswari.. Ab maine tumhe promise kiya hai ki mei tumhe sab pehn ne bataungi.. Toh mei yeh b pehnke bataungi•smirks.. Just wait n watch.. Winks.. Pushes him and goes to the washroom to change.. Laksh couldn’t believe his ears.. Did she just say that she’d wear it for him? He couldn’t wait for her to come back•
Laksh : pagal hai meri biwi•smiles and eagerly waits for her to come out•
Ragini[To herself] : Laksh Maheswari.. Itni mehnat ka phal toh milna hi chahiye tumhe.. Aakhir pehli baat mere pati ne mere liye shopping ki hai •blushes and starts changing while Laksh eagerly waits for her to come outside of the washroom•


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