Naughty billo (swasan fs)

Hello everyone! This is mars with a new story on swasan. It will have few shots.
I hope u will like it.

Sanskar maheshwari: 26 years old. His name perfectly suits him bcoz he is Veryyyyyy sanskari. Never say no to his parents and don’t do arguments. He speaks very less only when needed. He is reserved to himself only but shares everything with his mother. He is physics proffesor in Kolkata university.
He had hardly taked to any girl. One can say he has phobia for girls.

Swara Sanskar maheshwari: 20 years old was doing B.Sc in Mumbai university but now she is married so she is transferred to Kolkata university. She is in 3rd year. Hate physics becoz she always fail in it.Veryyyyyy naughty, talkative, carefree girl. She always get satisfy with what she get.she married Sanskar with some secret motive.

Sujata and ram maheshwari: Sanskar’s parents, loves him. They love Swara a lot and pamper her too much.

Sharmishta and shekar gododia: swara’s parents. Lives in mumbai as shekar is doing govt. Job there.

Parvati gododia: swara’s dadi. Swara is Apple of her eye. She is good natured lady.

Swara and sanskar used to be neighbors when swara was 5 years old and sanskar 11 years old. Both families have friendly bond. Shomi and sujata are best frnds whereas both ram and sheker were doing govt service together but due to transfer shekar left to Mumbai with his family but still they were in contact.swara and Sanskar’s grandmother were beat frnds and they took the decision that they will make swasan married in future. Unfortunately sanskar’s dadi passed away so parvati( swara’s dadi) asked swara to marry sanskar to fulfil her( parvati)promise and wish of her frnd.
Initially swara denied but when she comes to know Sanskar will be her physics professor then she agreed. She thought that her husband will be teach her physics then he will definitely pass her( swara’s secret motive). On the other hand sanskar is obedient so his parents said and he agreed to marry .let me tell swasan were not having good tuning in childhood.swara always used to irritate sanskar and inturn he never said any thing. He always used to study even after being best professor bcoz acc. To him he is not still perfect whereas for swara studies are burden. She hardly score passing marks but in physics not even pass.
Swara always have to give compartment paper to clear physics now its her dream to get pass in physics in first go. She know its not her cup of tea so she married sanskar to get passed.Both are middle class families.

Shot 1
Maheshwari house:
Sanskar’s POV.
Oh god in which situation you have thrown me what should I do now I m standing outside my room arguing with my self whether to enter or not. Uff I have to enter as I can’t stand here for whole night moreover she must be waiting for me. This is same place where I spend maximum time but now I m not having courage to enter my room. Actually it’s my first night and I don’t know how I m going to talk to Swara. In childhood she was very naughty but I think now she must be serious afterall she is medical student( exceptions b hote hai ). I had not talked to her even once as our marriage happened suddenly. I had seen her she looks very innocent( haha! Vo tho badh mai pta chalega)I took deep breath and gathered some courage and knocked the door. Seriously I m asking permission to enter in my own room but there was no response so I entered inside and as expected my simple room is converted to very decorative one. I looked around there I spot swara. Huh! She is different to what mom told me. I was not knowing anything how I should behave on my first night and my mother came to know my nervousness so she informed that I should behave nicely and swara will be sitting in the centre of bed with veil on her face but here….. Let it be. I moved further and got clear view of my wife who is Veryyyyyy busy in eating chocolate that she even didn’t recognized me what is this here i m dying of nervousness and she is enjoying chocolate. Oh she saw me and said” hey u came.”before I could have replied she spoke” why are u standing sit it’s your room only” she pointed to bed. I hesitately got sitted but not near swara but on other edge of bed. I saw she again start eating chocolate. She came to know I m looking at her so she extended chocolate towards me as if asking from me .I don’t eat chocolate but before I refuse she said” I m not going to share chocolate as it’s mine” and continued eating. I was not knowing what to do .After few minutes to start conversation I said ” swara ji”
These words just left my mouth when she stood on the bed angrily with her one hand on her waist and in other hand chocolate. even I jerked and stood up ” oh hello do u think I m 60 years old aunty that u are calling me “SWARA JI”. Oh!! My throat went dry not even spelling a word. I got startled listening her anger filled words and seeing her gestures.
To be continued….

Precap: swasan first day post marriage.

Thank you. I hope you like the plot of the story . its going to be funny story . plz let me know your views through comments.

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