Naughty billo (swasan fs) shot 9

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NAUGHTY BILLO(swasan ff)
Calcutta university
Swara is going to her class when a junior called her and she turned
Junior:excuse me mam
Swara: me mam(points to herself).
Junior: yes
Swara:(laughs) wow I become madam also .
Junior got confused.
Swara(teacher tone): yes student how can I help you(laughs).
Junior: actually I m new here so plzz can u tell me way to library.
Swara: OK come.
They both started moving towards library.swara was continuously blabbering and he was silently listening

Swara’s class
Sanskar already came and searched for swara but didn’t find her.
Sanskar(mumble): now where this girl has gone.
He took attendance. As there was some time for starting lecture he started taking round in class.some students were whispering and some were opening books.sanskar was wondering where she went.

Swara and junior are going and swara is telling him something
Swara: see u r new here even I had joined recently but then also I m more experienced than u so I will tell u about teachers u know our physics professor is hell irritating. He will throw u out of class if u will not answer his questions bcoz he had thrown me hehe and
Junior: mam we reached.
Swara: so soon I have to tell u so many things but don’t worry u come to me when u will be free.
Junior nodded.
Swara: asha listen there is some new professor miss kanika.Be aware of her she is very flirty and u are handsome. OK
Junior got shocked and nodded.
Swara looked at time and got shocked.
Swara: ok now I have class.
She ran from there to her class.

Swara’s class:
Swara came running and stopped at door.she looked and didn’t find Sanskar
Swara (mumble): thank god he didn’t came till now.
She entered inside and her mouth got opened in shock as he saw sanskar at back.she immediately said
Swara: may I come in Sir.
All students looked at her as if seriously, u are inside only.
Sanskar: u r already in Swara
Swara looked around and then realized.
Swara: oops sorry Sir.
She ran to the door
Swara(shouts): now may I come in sir.
Sanskar : come in and have your seat.
Swara was going to her seat when a fat boy whose complain swara did in exams said
Boy: but sir she is late how can u tell her to sit.
Before Sanskar could say anything swara shouted
Swara: oyee motu shut up.
All shocked listening her words.
Boy: sir see what type of language she is using.
Swara: then who r u to say like this about me.
Sanskar: swara behave properly in class.
Swara looked at him and make faces.
Boy: sir u can’t change rule by allowing late comer to sit in class.
Sanskar got angry as a student points finger on him
Sanskar: yes swara u r late so go out.
Swara: but sir I have reason.
Sanskar: I don’t want to listen any lame excuse.
That boy smirked and Swara saw him and got angry
Swara(points her finger at him):I will see I later mote hathi (fat elephant).
Boy got shocked and said
Boy: sir see
Sanskar: Swara out.
Swara sadly go out and Sanskar felt bad.
But then only she came back and said from door
Swara(shouts): BTW thank you sir.Even I also don’t want to attend your boring class. I was going to sleep only.
Swara ran stucking her tongue at him.
Sanskar (signed): she is such a crack piece.

After lecture:
During whole lecture swara was sitting on stairs outside her class and eating chocolates.Then only she saw kanika coming to her class as it Was her leacture.swara got angry
Swara(mumble): kamini khahiki huh! How she was drolling on sanskae as if he had never seen handsome guy.
But the next scene in front of swara increased her angry with speed of light (hehe here also physics).
Kanika was about to enter inside the class and Sanskar was coming out so both collided. Kanika held his hand to prevent herself from falling but Sanskar felt uncomfortable. Swara was fuming as Sanskar didn’t jerk her hand.
Swara(to herself): he is big lier.I don’t have interest in girls(imitates sanskar) now see here.
Kanika(leaves his hand): I m soo sorry sir.
Sanskar: its ok be careful next time.
Kanika: may I have the pleasure of knowing your name.
Sanskar; sanskar maheshwari.
Kanika: if u don’t mind may I call u sanky.
Sanskar: its ok but it will be better of u call me Sanskar.
Kanika: ok how I can refuse u(flirty tone)
Swara(angry):huh! If she would not be my teacher other wise abhi tak tho eska band bja diya hota.
Sanskar: ok I should leave I have work.
Kanika: sure sanky opps Sanskar.
Kanika entered inside class and Sanskar was about to go when he saw swara standing on stairs. Swara saw him looking at her and sits there and started having another chocolate.
Sanskar went near her.
Sanskar: swara u r still here go to your next class.
Swara behaved as if she didn’t listen.
Sanskar: swara I m saying to u.
Swara: but I don’t want to listen to u.
Sanskar: u r angry?
Swara: why will I be angry?
Sanskar: then go to your class.
Swara: I will not go I will do whatever I wish.
Sanskar: (irrigated): ok then sit here only.
Swara (mumble): khadoos.
Sanskar: I had listened .
Swara: then I m not afraid of you listen properly khadoooooosss (shouts).
Saying this she ran away and Sanskar saw her till she disappeared.
Till evening Swara didn’t talked properly with Sanskar he thought may be she is angry as he asked her to go out but actually she was jealous.

Maheshwari house:
Swasan ram sujata all were having dinner.All were silent only Swara was speaking and sujata was answering her.
Swara: u know mom today I enjoyed alot in university.
Sujata: really? How
Swara: I bunked all lectures hehe
Sanskar: is this good thing that u r telling happily.
Swara: I didn’t told u I m telling to mom.
Sujata: ok ok calm down.
Swara: mom whenever I will have my son na.
Sanskar got hell embarrassed listening her
Sanskar(thinks)’: she is stupid girl don’t know what to speak where.
He looks down and started having his dinner.
Sujata (curiously): then
Swara: I will keep his name sanky.nice na.(said looking at sanskar teasingly)
Sanskar looked at her.
Sujata: nice but from where u get to know.
Swara: I had listened today somewhere (act like thinking).
Sanskar didn’t said any thing just silently had his dinner.
Like this Swara was teasing him indirectly.

Swasan room
Swara is sitting on bed and using phone. Sanskar came from washroom and sit on his side of bed.
Swara (shouted): u will not sleep on bed.
Sanskar got startled.
Sanskar: why?
Swara: Bcoz I don’t want.
Sanskar: but yesterday u only asked me to sleep here.
Swara: and today I m only saying not to sleep.
Sanskar: tell why?
Swara(mumble) go and sleep with that kanika
Sanskar: u said something.
Swara: no.u just go.
Sanskar (irritated): I will sleep here only do whatever u want to do .
Sanskar layed on his side and Swara was fuming but then thought something
Swara (thinks): just wait Mr maheshwari now only u will run from here.
Swara smirks and lean on his chest and put her hand on his cheeks and caress his face.Sanskar got shocked seeing her actions.
Swara(whispered huskily): u know what when u r near to me it become difficult for me to control.
Sanskar(stammering): sw..ara.
Swara(moves more closer): yes
Sanskar’s throat got dry but still gained courage and said
Sanskar (unstable breathing): I will sle..ep on co..uch .
As soon as he said Swara got up and said
Swara(sternly): I already told now get up and go.
Sanskar immediately ran to couch whereas Swara laughed and covered herself with blanket and slept.
Sanskar was staring her and thought
Sanskar: she is dangerous Sanskar be careful.
Later he also slept.
To be continued..

Precap: swara’s prank on kanika and Sanskar get to know that swara is jealous.

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