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Kolkata university
The college was over and swara was waiting for Sanskar then only kavita came.
Kavita: hey swara u r here still , someone is going to come to take u?
Swara: yea.
Kavita: u liked our college.
Swara: yes I like everything except our physics professor.(make faces).
Kavita: oh yes Sir send u out of class but u were saying u r very good in physics.
Swara(thinks): idiot u remembered her yourself.(to kavita)no no I was knowing the answer but I don’t tell in class u know I don’t like to show off in class. Just I write in papers.
Kavita(confused): u r very different.
Swara:yes yes.
Swara saw sanskar’s car.
Swara:ok bye will meet later.
Kavita: bye.
Swara sit in car and swasan left to house.

Maheshwari house:
Swasan entered inside the house.
Swara(shouted): mom we came.
Sujata came running from kitchen.
Sujata:u came both get fresh up I will prepare tea.
Swara(pout): but I don’t drink tea.
Sanskar signed seeing her antics.
Sujata: I know shomi told me I will prepare juice for u and tea is for sanskar.
Swasan were going to room.
Swara(asked him): u like to drink tea?
Sanskar nodded simply.
Swara: don’t drink tea your white skin will turn black.
Swara:sachi. I had read in magazine.
Else your choice I just warned you.
Swara enter inside the room and took her clothes and ran to washroom..
All the while sanskar was just staring her.

Swasan were having evening snacks with sujata and ram.
Sujata: how was your first day swara?
Swara: whole day was good except physics lecture.
Sanskar looked at her.
Sujata: why what happen it was sanskar’s class na?
Swara(making faces):mom ask your son.
Sanskar was silently drinking tea.
Sujata: what happened Sanskar.?
Sanskar: mom nothing happened don’t overreact….
Swara(cutted him):he is lying mom u know I was sitting quitely in his class but he asked me to get out of the class(pout)
Sanskar got shocked seeing how she is defending herself.
Sujata(shouted): how can u do like this Sanskar she is your wife. Esa b khoi karta hai(who do like this)
Swara giggles.
Sanskar:mom don’t listen to her I asked her to go out bcoz she was not attentive and didn’t answered my question(got up ) and in class she is my student not wife.
Swara(imitates him): she is my student not wife huh!
Sanskar looked at her while she rolled her eyes and started drinking juice. Sanskar left to his room.

Swasan room: (night)
Sanskar was sitting on couch and reading some book.swara entered dancing inside the room.
Swara(dancing and singing): oh meri desi look, mere desi look….
Sanskar(looked at her): swara.
She stops singing and thought now he will scold her for incident happened in hall.
Swara(trying to act brave): see if u are going to scold me then I m not afraid of u and u can’t ask me to get out as this is not your class its my room also.
Sanskar(normally): I didn’t said anything.
Swara(sitted on bed): I know u were going to scold but now I said that is why u are acting innocent.
Sanskar: I won’t say u anything.
Swara: really!!!
Sanskar: yea leave all this bring your physics book.
Swara: (get up from bed): u r going to teach me?
Sanskar: why any problem?
Swara: no no wait I will bring.
Swara went and bring the book.
Sanskar: sit here (pointed to chair in front of him).
Swara got sitted and gave book to him.
Sanskar: ok tell me which units u know.
Swara: no one.
Sanskar (looked at her): u didn’t did in previous college.
Swara: we did in class but I didn’t understand anything and u know our professor was very irritating and boring Takla khahika.
Sanskar(chuckles): u have good regards for your teacher.
Swara(smiling): thank u thank u.
Sanskar: listen I had seen your previous records and u r very weak in physics so better concentrate than only u can score good marks.
Swara: who said I want good marks I just want passing marks.
Sanskar: for that also u need to study.
Ok tell me which unit u want to start.
Swara: khoi b shuru kardo mujhe khonsa khoi atta hai(uninterestedly)[start any I don’t know anyone].
Sanskar: ok then let’s begin with will be easy.
Swara saw the unit and was shocked to see its length.
Swara: this is very lengthy how I m going to do.
Sanskar: don’t worry first I will mark important topics and do that.
Swara: ok
Sanskar started explaining her that which topic is important and all but she was yawning and looking here and there.
Sanskar: swara u r listening.
Swara: yes u just mark I will see. BTW sanskar u r going to set the paper?
Sanskar(looked at her); why?
Swara:(pleading):no if u knew questions then plz tell me few to get passing marks.
Sanskar got shocked and angry.
Sanskar(angry): how can u ask like this. Seriously u thought I will tell u questions.
Swara: you set the paper?
Sanskar: no
Swara(normally): then why r u raising your BP when u don’t know questions. Huh! Stupid.
Sanskar don’t know what to say.
Sanskar (giving her book): I had marked important topics so revise them I will ask questions after sometime.
Swara started reading and sanskar started doing his work.
After 10 mins
Swara was feeling sleepy, her eyes were heavy.
Swara: sanskar
Sanskar(looked at her almost closed eyes): what happened?
Swara: I can’t read more I m sleepy.
Sanskar : but u studied only 10 mins.
Swara: plz sanskar I will study tomorrow pakka.
Sanskar: fine then u have to study whole day tomorrow.
Swara(got up immediately): ok I will see.
Sanskar raised his eyebrow.
Swara(struck her tongue): I mean I will surely study.
She jumped on bed.
Sanskar also closed his book and went to change.
After changing he came back and was again shocked seeing swara watching TV.
Sanskar: u were sleepy na?
Swara: yes but now I m not getting sleep.come we will watch movie.
Sanskar: I don’t watch movies.
Swara: then try once u will really enjoy.
Sanskar: ok
Swara: come sit on bed.
Sanskar thought for a second and then sit on other side of bed.
Now it was 30 mins since they were watching movie.then hero was going to kiss heroine.sanskar jerked but swara was keenly seeing.
Sanskar:swara I think we should sleep.
Swara: wait(looking at TV)
Sanskar can’t withstand more so he took the remote and switched off the tv.
Sanskar signed in relieve but swara got angry.
Swara: what the hell!why u switched off the TV.
Sanskar(marking her understand): swara we should not watch all this. Its not good.
Swara: huh! I wants to see their kiss but u spoiled no no it was my mistake to invite u to watch movie.
Sanskar(shocked): swara listen I m sorry.
Swara(smiles): ok.let’s talk I m not getting sleep.
Sanskar: what to talk?
Swara:let me ask u question.ok.
Sanskar:ok ask
Swara: how many girlfriends do u have till now n don’t lie.
Sanskar(quickly): I never had girlfriend.
Sanskar: undoubtedly.
Swara: ha who wants to be with such a boring person.
Sanskar: then why u married me?
Swara:u will get to know soon(whispered in His ear).
Sanskar got confused.
Swara: u won’t ask how many boyfriends i had?
Sanskar thought who ask like this.
Before sanskar could say anything swara said
Swara: ok I will only tell.seriously I was never in relationship but yes many boys proposed me. U know in my old university boys were pleading me to be their girlfriend afterall I m very beautiful and pretty but I never said yes and they were egar to take me to date but their bad luck I never accepted u know I was very sincere……..
Swara keep blabbering and sanskar was silently listening her. But after some time she didn’t speak and Sanskar felt weight on her shoulder. He looked at her. She was sleeping like a baby. For a second sanskar lost in her. But then he jerked and made swara lie properly on bed and covered her with blanket. He went to couch and layed their.
Sanskar (looking at swara and thought): she is really an unique piece god made for me otherwise who tell their husband how many boyfriend they had(smiles).
Later he also slept.

Precap: swara warned sanskar that if he will not pass her then she will give him divorce.

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Credit to: Mars

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