Naughty billo (swasan fs) shot 3

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Maheshwari house.
Today is Swara’s first day in Kolkata university but she is not at all nervous instead she is excited to go.
Sanskar was already sitting in car and waiting for swara.Swara after taking blessing of ram and sujata went outside and got sitted beside sanskar.
Sanskar:u r 4 mins late.(I told he is Veryyyyyy punctual)

Swara: what only 4 mins na u r complaining like I m 40 mins late(huh!)
Sanskar stared at swara but didn’t said anything and started the car.
Swara; sanskar we won’t tell anyone in university that we are married.
Sanskar: but why?
Swara: why? U know all will make fun of me that my husband is my we won’t tell plzzzzzz.
Sanskar: ok
Swara: thank u sweetu( she pulled her right cheek).

Sanskar stop the car and got little angry.
Sanskar: what r u doing. If accident happened than.
Swara(looked down): sorry…. I won’t say(looked up)u know a good driver is that who can drive in all distractions also.
Sanskar thought its better to be mute rather than saying anything to her.

Kolkata university:
Sanskar dropped swara in front of university gate and went to park the car. Swara don’t know anyone here so she was going to her class then only she heard some noise. She looked towards the source of voice and saw
Girl: leave my hand rohit.we are over and u no longer have right on me.
Rohit:just shut up kavita how can u think I will leave u easily.
(Rohit is spoiled boy and is in final year.
Kavita is in swara’s class and is nice girl. Kavita and rohit were in relationship earlier but still rohit misbehave with kavita)

Swara listened them and went to them. Till now sanskar had also came. He saw swara near kavita and rohit so he went to see what she is doing there.
Swara(angrily): oye don’t u understand that she don’t want to be with u(said to rohit).
Rohit left kavita’s hand and looked at swara
Rohit: oh hello Miss India don’t u dare to talk like this with me.
Rohit moves to swara. Sanskar saw this and was worried as he know rohit is Playboy so he went to take swara but he was shocked
Rohit held Swara’s hand and she gave tight slap on his face.
Rohit(angrily): how dare u?

Swara :I can dare much more Mister so better be away from me.
Sanskar after recovering from shock went to them.
Sanskar:what’s going on.
Every one got afraid seeing him but not swara.
Swara(acting): who r u?
Sanskar gave her confused look.

Kavita : he is our physics professor.
Swara: wow your professor is handsome I’m impressed(winks at sanskar).
Sanskar got bit embarassed as all students were staring him.
Sanskar: everyone go to your classes.
Everyone left and when swara was about to leave he called her.
Sanskar: what were u saying.

Swara: I was acting see u should be stranger to me right.
Sanskar don’t understood anything and just nodded.

After some time.
Swara was roming and seeing her new college as there was still time for class. Then she saw sanskar near notice board.
Sanskar was looking at the schedule of exams. Swara went near him.
Swara (shouted in his ear): good morning sir.
Sanskar jerked and looked at her Swara was smiling brightly at him showing her all teeth.
Sanskar: we already met in the morning ???
Swara: yes yes but that was as husband wife but now u r my professor so I should wish u. I m Veryyyyyy obedient.

Sanskar knew she won’t leave till he reply so he wished her.
Sanskar: good morning. Now go to your class.
Swara: ok and u too teach well ok.
Swara ran from there and Sanskar stood there open mouthed.
Sanskar(monologue): I don’t understand this girl.

Swara’s class:
Swara entered the classroom and looked at second bench where a girl was sitting alone.
Swara: may I sit here?
Girl (looked up):sure.
The girl was kavita.
Swara: wow! Kavita u r in my class.

Kavita: yea! Btw what’s your name?
Swara: myself swara naam tho nahi suna hoga.
Both started laughing.
Kavita: thank you swara for your help outside .
Swara: not needed bcoz I don’t accept thank u and we are frnds now Right.
Kavita: yes Ofcouse.
swara within less time became friendly with everyone in the class.
After some time Sanskar entered the classroom.
Students (got up ): good morning sir.
Sanskar: good morning take ur seats.

Sanskar unknowingly searched for swara.then he saw her sitting on second bench busy in talking with kavita.
Sanskar: ok students listen to me.I hope all must have seen the schedule for exams.
Before he further proceed swara shouted.
Swara: no sir.
All students looked at her.

Sanskar: ok than kindly see that in break time. Now listen to me as on Monday your physics exam is there so u have two preparatory holidays for sat and sun. Don’t take it lightly bcoz papers are going to be tough and about physics syllabus for exam first four units are going to come. So prepare well.
All students started talking and got worried but Swara was relaxed.
Kavita: oh god I don’t know how I m going to prepare this much units in two days.
Swara: this much????its only four units kavita: they are very lengthy and tough I think u must have prepared well in your previous college.

Swara;yea yea very well. U know physics is my favourite subject. I just love it (showing off).
Kavita: omg u like physics but I don’t understand anything of it.
Swara(mumbled): huh! I don’t even know spelling of physics.

Kavita: u said something ???
Swara: no no. How is sanskar sir.?
Kavita : smart and handsome.
Swara(felt bit jealous):I m asking abut his teaching.
Kavita : oh ! Then he is excellent in teaching but very very strict while marking he just want exact answer other wise cross( just like my physics sir).so be careful.
Swara: let him do strict marking I m not afraid.
Kavita: it means u r really very good in physics( bechari kavita)
Swara: Ofcouse yes.
All this while sanakar was busy doing some work in his register and all students were talking.
Sanskar(closing register): ok enough of fun now I m going to start the lecture and I want pin drop silence and everyone should be attentive.

Students: ok sir.
Sanskar: today we will discuss very important topic AC generator. So listen carefully.
Sanskar started explaining. Some were seriously listening , some were just pretending to be listening. In all this one student is not at all listening that who else it can be….swara.she was looking outside the window.sanskar notices her many times but she was uneffected. Sanskar got angry becz he can’t withstand that his students don’t pay attention to him.
Sanskar: swara what are looking for outside.
Swara came back from her dreamland.
Swara(got up): nothing sir.

Sanskar: u were not listening to me ??
Swara: no sir I was listening.
Sanskar(got angry at her lie): ok tell me principle of ac generator.
Now swara was clean bolded she was not even knowing what they were discussing in class.
Sanskar: speak up.
Swara(looked down): I don’t know.
Sanskar(angrily): out from my class.

There was silence in class.
Swara: but sir.

Sanskar: I said get out.
Swara’s eyes got filled with tears. She immediately took her bag and ran out of class. Sanskar felt bad but he can’t ignore swara’s negligence towards his class.he started teaching but all the time he was thinking about swara that where she must be and was getting restless.
Swara on the other hand came out and went to park and got sitted on bench under the tree.
Swara: I will never talk to him.(angrily )
Later she become normal and started using her mobile.

After class sanskar came out and looked for swara but she was no where.
He went to check in library which is on first floor. He got disappointed not finding her there. He cursed himself for behaving like that.then only he looked down from window and saw Swara sitting in park. He got relieved and immediately ran downstairs to her.He thought she must be crying but when he reached there he saw her laughing by seeing something on mobile. He moved little closer and saw that she was watching “oggy and the cockroaches” cartoon on phone.he was worried for her and here she is enjoying.
Sanskar(whispered to himself): she is impossible.
Sanskar went in front of her.he called her.

Sanskar: Swara.
Swara looked at him but again started watching cartoon ignoring him.
Sanskar: swara I m taking to u.
Swara: I don’t want to talk to u and will never talk.(she made pout).

Sanskar: I m sorry but it was your mistake also u were not listening to me so..
Swara cutted her in between and stood up angrily.
Swara(angrily): so what its my choice whether I have to listen or not. Your work is to just give lecture. And why should I listen bcoz I don’t understand anything then why to give stress to my little brain.
Sanskar smiled listening her last line.

Sanskar: but swara your exam is on Monday u should study.
Then something striked Swara’s mind that if she will fight with sanskar then how will she be passed.
Swara(extra sweetly): you are right sirr I will study. Thank u for your Veryyyyyy good advice.
Sanskar got shocked seeing her changing behavior.
Sanskar: ok now go to your class.
Swara: sure sir how can I refuse you.

Swara went from there and sanskar stood confused.
To be continued.

Precap: swara’s preparation for physics exam.(preparation means she will study or plead sanskar to pass her).

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