Naughty billo (swasan fs) shot 2

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Shot 2
” oh hello do u think I m 60 years old Aunty that you are calling me SWARA JI”.Oh! my throat got dry not even spelling a word. I jerked and stood up. I got startled listening her anger filled words and seeing her gestures.”I understood why you said like this. see if u want me to say u sanskar ji or patidev ji then u r wrong bcoz I m not going to say anything like this”swara said and again got sitted by crossing her legs.what should I do now she has totally misunderstood me. I just said her ji so that she should feel respectful. I saw her who is busy in her mobile. I slowly moved towards her and said” listen I didn’t mean that. Plz don’t mind.” She looked at me then smiled brightly. ” its ok I was also joking. U got scared” swara said and started laughing. I felt bit relaxed seeing her normal. Now the next problem comes where to sleep.” Swara u sleep on bed I will sleep on couch” I said picking up pillow.”we three can sleep on the bed only. I don’t have any problem” she said adjusting blacket.I will sleep on bed with a girl but she is my wife but then also I can’t ,wait wait what she said “we three” who is third one here.swara got up and bought a big teddy almost of her size.

“Swara who is third one” I asked.”my sweetheart I mean my Teddy”. She said and smiled it was then I noticed she was wearing pink night suit and it reminded me that i need to change my wedding dress. I went to washroom and came after changing . i saw her she is sleeping by hugging her teddy. I signed and took deep breathe then went to couch and slept.
Sanskar’s pov ends.

Sun rises and spread its rays waking up people. Sunrays strike swara’s face which glowed more. She got up looked around and then she remembered she is in Kolkata. She kissed her teddy and stretched her arms. Then she looked at sanskar who is sleeping peacefully. “No doubt your hubby is handsome”she mumbled. She got up and went to washroom by taking her clothes.
After some time sanskar got up with jerk ” oh god I m late”. Then he heard water falling sound which bought him back to reality that he is married now. He took his clothes and went to other room.
After some time

Swara was getting ready in front of mirror. She was wearing simple suit otherwise she usually wear western dresses but now to become sanskari bahu she wore suit.sanskar slowly entered the room and he was astonished listening to what swara said.
Swara was adjusting her dupatta and she remembered a song and started singing.
Swara:hmm looking nice (adjusted her dupatta)palu ke niche chupa ke rakha hai uthadu tho hungama ho ho(she moved her waist with song),
Sanskar coughed and swara looked at him.

Swara:u r ready also super fast. BTW looking hot and handsome baby.(she said normally)
It was normal for swara but for sanskar???????..
Sanskar’s jaw dropped and touched ground and he was looking at swara without blinking his eyes. Swara after feeling his gaze said
Sanskar:how can u say like this?

Swara: what this?? Oh hot and handsome one. See u are my husband and I know u are boring but smart. U don’t watch in movies they say like this only to their bf or gf.
Sanskar:I never watched any movie.
Now it was time for swara to be shocked.
Swara:kya baat kar raha hai (what are u saying) u never watched movie??
Sanskar (simply): no.
Swara: u are seriously boring.

She said and both left the room and went downstairs.

Ram and shekar were sitting on sofa and taking and sujata,shomi ,dadi were setting breakfast.swasan came down took blessing from all elders. Sanskar sit on sofa and joined shekar and ram whereas Swara went to ladies. Shomi took Swara to side.
Shomi : what is this Swara u r not wearing saree and why are u late I told that u have to prepare something sweet for everyone.
Swara: ma first of all I don’t know how to wear and handle saree secondly u know I don’t know how to cook then there is no logic of getting up early.
Shomi gave her unbelievable look.
Sujata was listening to their conversation and went near them.

Sujata: shomi don’t u dare to scold my daughter. I don’t mind , she can wear anything and I will teach her cooking also. Let her enjoy she is too young.
Swara:thank u mom and love u(she kissed Sujata’s cheeks and stuck her tongue at shomi).
Shomi:but what about ritual sujata?
Sujata: don’t worry when she will learn cooking then she can do it just calm down.
Shomi felt happy that swara got such a loveable mil otherwise she was always worried about swara bcoz of her careless nature.

Later all had their breakfast with some casual talks.
After some time
It was time for gododia family to leave and Swara was crying.Sanskar felt bad for her .
Shomi (consoling swara): don’t cry we will come soon.
Swara:I will miss u .
Shekar: swara study hard and no pranks OK.
Swara(was bit normal):I will study properly and pass all subjects especially physics(she said looking at sanskar).
Sanskar just smiled.

Shekar laughed loudly. Every one looked at him confusedly .
Shekar:don’t crack jokes swara. U and physics impossible.
Swara(angrily):papa you are making fun of me.I challenge you that I will pass physics and that too In first time.
Shekar: let’s see(control laugh).

Later swara met every one and gododia family left for Mumbai.
Rest of the day was normal swara spend maximum time with sujata adjusting herself in new house setting her material etc. Sanskar was in study busy studying physics and deciding what lecture he will give tomorrow.
At night also swasan didn’t talked much and slept in same way as previous night.
To be continued….

Precap:swasan in college as student and professor .

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