Naughty billo (swasan ff) shot 30 by mars

Hlo guys!!! Yipppeee we reached on 30th shot. Congratulations to all readers,naughty swara and innocent sanskar and me too hihi. Thank you so much for your immense love and support towards naughyt billo. It was just a random thought came in my mind what if naughty Swara will marry sincere sanskar and see you people loved it soooo much. That really means alot.Let’s see till when this journey will continue.
Let’s begin:

NAUGHTY BILLO(swasan ff)
SHOT 30:
Maheshwari house:
Swara and sujata came inside the house loaded with hand bags. Ram is sitting in the hall. They keep the bags on table and sit down resting their heads as they are tired.
Ram:I think u both bought whole mall?
Swara(pout):no dad we bought very less things.
Ram:(chuckles): that I can see.
He said eyeing at the couch which was overflowing with bags.
Sujata: ram Ji u should atleast ask water from us rather then asking useless questions.(make faces)
Swara:mom I will bring it.
Swara went to kitchen and brought water.
Swara: mom give me your new sim card.
Ram:sujata u changed your simcard?
Sujata:yes previous one I don’t like it’s company.
Ram signed and and went to his room.
Swara put new simcard in sujata’s phone and said
Swara: mom I will call sanskar from this new number he will not get to know(giggles)
Sujata:yes yes do (hihi she is also like swara only like dil like mil)
Swara dialed Sanskar’s no. and is sitting on the top of sofa by crossing her legs.
Sanskar is standing in traffic when he got call from unknown no.
Sanskar(mumble): who is this now?
He received the call and said
Sanskar:hello who’s this?
Swara changed her voice slightly and said
Swara(sweetly): hi Sir this is your well wisher speaking. Are u Sanskar Maheshwari?
Sanskar(confused): yes but I don’t know u.
Swara: no problem but I will help you in saving your life.
Sanskar:excuse me what are u saying?
Swara: sir you are always indulge in physics so there are maximum chances of u getting mental.
Sanskar(annoyed): what rubblish?
Swara: okay sir I will give you tips.
Sanskar: I don’t want.
Swara(instantly): but I will give.
For a instance sanskar thought she is swara bcoz she also say same way.
Sanskar: okay then tell.
Swara: I get to know u have a very pretty wife. So listen to her and be like her,fun loving.
Now Sanskar is 200% sure that she is his over smart wife.
Sanskar (smirks): but my wife is already mental and soon I m going to book one bed for her in mental asylum.
Swara got angry now she forget that she has Changed her voice.
Swara(normally): how can u say me mental sanskar ,it is you only. Just come home I will break your legs.
Sanskar: so it is you Mrs Swara Sanskar Maheshwari.
Swara stuck her tongue at her stupidity.
Swara: hihi so u get to know.
Sanskar: of course how can’t I recognize my one and only crack piece. Whose no. Is this?
Swara: its mom’s new no.
Swara:when are u coming?
Sanskar: will come soon now standing in traffic.
Swara:uff this traffic also.
Sanskar: so u want something ?
Swara: yeah now I has called only so bring chocolate ice cream.
Sanskar:okay anything else?
Swara (thinks): hmm bring vanilla ice cream also otherwise she will get sad that they didn’t bought me.
Sanskar (chuckles): ohh then I should bring all flavors no one will get sad.
Swara;idea is good but then I will not be able to finish them all together so u bring two only. Others will bring next time.
Sanskar (smiles):okay.
Swara:u know sanskar…
Then only there was green signal so Sanskar cut her
Sanskar: swara will talk later now its green light.
Swara:okay bye.
Sanskar: bye.
He cut the call and start his car.Later he bought ice cream for Swara and then went home.

Sanskar came inside and saw swara sitting in hall.He went to her and saw her watching cartoon which she always do.She look at sanskar and said
Swara: Sanskar ice cream??
Sanskar handed her polythene. She ran to kitchen and bought chocolate ice cream in bowl.Her mouth is filled with ice cream. Sanskar has changed to news channel.
Swara:sanskar plzzz cartoon.
Sanskar: whole day u r watching let me see me.
Swara pout and sit beside him on sofa by crossing her legs.
Sanskar: where is mom dad?
Swara: mom is in kitchen and dad in his room.
Sanskar: okay.
Then only swara’s phone rings. She keep bowl in sanskar’s lap and was about to pick it but got cutted.
Swara: huh!! Just disturbed.Sanskar give me my ice cream.
Sanskar saw there is ice cream at corner of lips. He licked it and give her bowl. She again got busy in eating. In between she is feeding Sanskar also.
Sanskar: u won’t eat vanilla flavor?
Swara: that I have saved for tomorrow.
Sanskar: good control.
Swara: I know.(grin)
After eating ice cream, they sit there chitchating. Even ram and sujata joined them.

Swasan room:
After having dinner,swasan came in their room.Swara is following sanskar like a puppy. She is blabbering something and sanskar is just humming and nodding his head.
Swara:u know sanskar today me and mom went to mall which is newly opened and it is very beautiful and all things are very cheap. I bought many things for you.
Sanskar: okay.
Sanskar take out his night clothes from cupboard.
Swara: I was wishing I should take all the things but then how we would have bought them.
Sanskar is about to enter in washroom as swara is following her even she was unknowingly going to enter when sanskar turn and said
Sanskar;u want to come inside with me?
Swara shook her head in no. Vigorously. Sanskar chuckles and went inside.
Swara (shouted): come fast I will show u all things.
Swara went and sit on bed. Then her phone rings. It was from same no. from which it came in the evening.
Swara picked it.
Swara: hello hello
But no response from other side.
Swara: hi someone is there.
Again no response.
Swara got irritated and cut the call.
She got up and set all things she bought for Sanskar from mall.
While she was busying in counting things, again she got call from same unknown no.
She signed and again picked it.
Swara: hi who is this time passing?
Alas!! Again no response.
Swara(angry): if u don’t want to talk why are u calling idiot.
Swara cut the call.
Soon sanskar came and saw many things on bed.
Sanskar sit beside her and said
Sanskar: what’s all this??
Swara (smile shyly): gifts for you.
Sanskar:these many??
Swara: yes wait I will give u one by one.
Sanskar (smiles): okay.
Swara: first one is shaver. Shave your beard its growing. U look good in clean shave.
Sanskar(chuckles): okay.
Swara: then these are markers and chalks which u can use in university and these are latest pens and books. Your most favourite things.
Sanskar: I think u bought stationery for me.
Swara: all things were very cheap so I can’t stop from taking them and I choosed them keeping in mind your profession. See I m smart na?
Sanskar: very smart.
Swara is looking for something around.
Sanskar:what are u finding?
Swara: I bought very special thing.ohh got it.
She give him wooden ruler.
Swara: take this and it is just to threaten students don’t beat them.
Sanskar; I m not teaching to nursery.
Swara: then also u should like all these I had purchased them with great difficulty.
Sanskar(pull her); I loved them.
Swara(kiss his cheeks): thank you.
Sanskar: now we should sleep.
Swara: okay.
Sanskar kept all things on couch and both lie on bed.
After half an hour:
Swara jerked sanskar and asked?
Swara: sanskar u slept??
Sanskar: no what happen.
Swara: I m not getting sleep.
Sanskar (worried): why?
Swara: some one is calling me.
Sanskar(confused): who?
Swara: vanilla ice cream.
Sanskar(signed): uff now?
Swara: I will not be able to sleep till I eat it.plzzz
Sansjar:then u should have eaten in evening only.
Swara: at that time I thought I can control but its not possible now(make puppy face)
Sanskar(got up): wait I will bring.
Swara: awww so sweet of you (give him flying kiss)
Sanskar smiles and went down.
Swara is waiting when again her phone rings. She got annoyed seeing same no.
She picked and shouted
Swara: who the hell is this. Are u damb?
No response from other side. She switched off the phone to avoid any disturbance.
Later Sanskar came with ice cream and give to her after eating she slept in Sanskar’s embrace.
To be continued….

Precap: sanskar’a accident.

Extremely sorry for the same precap. I was not able to cover in this part.
One think, don’t neglect blank calls coming to swara.
Thank you
Take care


  1. Kumu

    Awesome as always..waiting for this new twist..
    congrats for completing 30 shots😘😘

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  5. NDSG


    |Registered Member

    Awesome chappy but I’m getting doubt that this blank caller is Sanskar only… Just guessing… πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚..

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    Lovely chappy but waiting for precap

  6. Kanha


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    Awesome siso. I think the caller is our Sanska. How can they stay without irritating each other?🀐🀐🀐🀐🀐🀐🀐🀐 Precap is scary siso😱😱😱😱 Update soon dear. Loveeeeee youuuuuuu lotzzzzzzzz❀❀❀❀❀❀

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