Naughty billo (swasan ff) shot 27 by mars


NAUGHTY BILLO(swasan ff)
SHOT 27:
Swasan Room:
Sanskar entered inside the room and looked around but it was empty. He was expecting Swara here but she was no where.He went to check in the washroom but swara was not there also.He was in the dilemma that where she went.

After running out from room, swara came down and sit on the floor with the support of sofa. She is crying buring her head in her knees. Little later, when she remembered about sujata, she went to her room.

Sujata’s room:
Swara stood at the door and looked at room to see whether sanskar is there or not.
When she didn’t found Sanskar inside, she entered inside and saw sujata sitting with the support of the bed. She immediately ran and hug her and started crying.
Swara : I m sorry mom I don’t wanted to hurt u. I don’t know how it happened. I will never repeat it again.
Sujata(caress her hair): calm down swara I m fine. It was just a mistake and anyone can do.
Swara: u r not angry with me??
Sujata: no.
Swara(slightly smiles): thank you.
Swara sit beside sujata side hugging her and trio swara, sujata and ram started talking and swara felt little better.
On the other side, Sanskar had searched Swara almost in whole house but didn’t found her. Now he was getting worried about her.He curses himself for scolding her. He took deep breathe and went to sujata’s room.
When he was about to enter inside he listened swara’s voice.
Swara: u know mom when I came for taking medicine there was a lizard and i got scared so in hurry I took wrong one.
Ram: it means the whole mistake was of lizard.
Swara: yes.
Sanskar who listened this signed that how can he forget his childish wife and there must be some reason she came running. He came inside and said
Sanskar: swara u are here, I m searching for you in the whole house.
Swara looked at him for a second then buried her face in sujata’s embrace and started sobbing.

Swara(crying):mom I don’t want to talk to him.
Sanskar:swara see it was your mistake
Sujata: then u could have talked politely also what was the need of shouting.
Sanskar: okay I m sorry Swara I will not repeat it.
But Swara was not ready to Listen.
Sanskar took deep breadth and sit near her. He held her hand said
Sanskar: swara let’s go to our room, mom need rest.
Swara: I will not come with u(sniffs)
Sujata: don’t worry sanskar she will sleep with me today.
Sanskar: but mom
Sujata: she is scared from you so let her get normal.
Sanskar: okay fine.
Sanskar got up to leave and saw swara who had still not looked at him. He smile sadly and said
Sanskar: good night Swara
But no response from her side. He left from there. Ram went to guest room to sleep and swara and sujata slept together.

Swasan room:
Sanskar is sitting on the bed staring at a point as he is not able to sleep. There is only silence prevailing in the room.
How much he used to love this environment before swara coming in his life but now he is feeling suffocated here without her. He has become habitual to Swara for each second
Then flashes of few hours back crossed his mind that how badly he scolded swara though he knew she is very sensitive. He remembered one incident…….
Swasan are sitting on bed in each other’s embrace and watching movie. In the movie there was a scene when hero scolded heroin.
Swara looked at Sanskar, feeling her gaze he asked
Sanskar: what happened??
Swara: u never scolded me??
Sanskar: it was never needed.
Swara: good and I give you waring don’t scold me.
Swara: bcoz I get scared from that person. U know once my papa scolded me and I didn’t talk to him for one month and after that he never repeated his mistake(giggles).
Sanskar: asha Ji.
Swara; yes.
Flashback ends.

Sanskar remembered how she said she will not talk to that person.
Sanskar; ohh god how I will live without talking to her. I should see her once.
Sanskar went to sujata’s room and while going he took one flower from vase which swara loved.

Sujata’s room:
Sanskar slowly open the door and saw sujata and swara are sleeping on the either side of the bed. He went to Swara’s side and sit on the floor. He keep on staring her innocent face don’t know till when. He caress her hairs and gently kissed her forehead. Sanskar placed flower near her.
Sanskar (peck her lips): I m sorry.
He left from there bcoz if for somemore time he stood there, he would have picked swara and took to their room.
Sanskar slept somehow remembering about swara.

Next morning:
Swara moved in sleep and then slightly opened her eyes. Sujata who was already awake saw her and said
Sujata:good morning swara
Swara(sleepy): good morning Sanskar.
Sujata(smiles): I m mom not sanskar.
Swara remembered about last night and tears again made their way down her white cheeks.
Sujata: swara don’t cry forget everything. Go and get fresh up.
Swara: I don’t want to go to our room.
Sujata: okay sanskar must be sleeping u go and bring your clothes and get ready here.
Swara nodded and left to her room.

Swasan room:
Sanskar got up and find Swara’s side empty. He rubbed his eyes which were filled with unsheded tears.
Then only door open and swara came inside.
Sanskar smiles seeing her. Swara looked at him and then went to cupboard to take clothes.
Sanskar got up and go to her.
Sanskar: Swara I m sorry.
Swara didn’t speak anything.
Sanskar signed and turn Swara towards himself.Their eyes met. Sanskar was shocked to see fear for him in her beautiful eyes. Till now which were filled with love and naughtiness.
Swara(weaping): I want to go.
Sanskar was so shocked to react and moved back. Swara ran out of the room.Only one question is ringing in his mind that “Is she scared from me??”.
Then he had important work and leave to university. He didn’t saw Swara after that room confrontation.

Now sujata is fine and she had started doing work. Swara was whole day with her observing sujata’s each action how she maintain the house.
Even swara had learned few easy dishes to make.Swara was trying to be good dil.

Sanskar came late today bcoz of the more work in university. When he came he saw sujata coming out of kitchen followed by swara. He went near and smiled at swara but she turn her face.
Sanskar admire her antics with smile never leaving his lips.
They all had dinner silently.

Swasan room:
After dinner, swasan came to room. Sanskar is in the washroom so swara slept on her side of the bed before he comes.
Later sanskar came out and saw swara sleeping. He went to his side and lie on bed. He wrap his arm around swara’s waist.But she didn’t reacted. Soon sanskar also slept as he was tired.

Next morning:
Swasan room:
Sanskar opened his eyes as someone removed curtains and allow the Sun rays to enter inside the room.
Sanskar’s sight caught something which he never expected.
Swara is standing near bed wearing Royal blue colour saree with matching bangles, tiny bindi, her forehead adorned with vermilion and magalsutra circling her milky neck. The beautiful smile is playing on her lips but that smile didn’t reach her eyes.
She is looking as perfect Indian wife and dil.
Sanskar was still staring her with open mouth and wide eyes trying to know whether its true or just his mere dream.
To be continued….

Precap: Changed swara.

Thank you.

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  1. Pramudi

    Swara is so much affected from his rude behavior. Loved suji & ram. They are so caring.
    I like the precap. But loved to see naughty swara back. ?
    Awesome episode mars.

    1. Mars

      Thank you so much dear

    2. Mars

      And wait to know further I will post next part soon

  2. Awesome epi dear… But I love naughty swara only and wanna see her naughty and silly act.

    1. Mars

      Thank you so much dear wait to know further

  3. ohhh thank u dii .it was soo cute and lovely ………..exited for changed swara

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      Thank you so much dear will post next part soon

  4. So cute episode but SwaSan in pain ?? want naughty swara black or simple loving sanskar too my SwaSan should be happy forever and ever…. Change swara waiting

    1. Mars

      Thank you so much dear I will Post next part soon.

  5. NDSG

    First of all big wala sorrrry Mars…??? for commenting late. Actually yesterday I went to nainital…. I came late and slept due to tiredness.

    Now coming towards the chappy.?????????so cute, angry Shona?????? it’s her right to be angry with her hubby. Restless Sanku. I could imagine his face while thinking that Swara won’t talk to him. His chatterbox.??????????????

    Aha change Shona????? beautiful, I’m egerly waiting to see her

    1. Mars

      Thank you so much depuuu dear. No need to say sorry. I will post next part soon

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