Naughty billo (swasan ff) shot 26 by mars

Hloo guys!! I m on cloud9 after seeing swasan/heva on same screen again.I literally jumped on my chair when veer comes to devanshi. My mother was looking at me like are u mad.Hayeee crazy me for swasan.
The way veer scold devanshi for being careless I can see only my swasan.
Don’t think me mental but what to do I can’t control my emotions.hihihihi
Thank you for your comments on last part.Here is the next shot.
Let’s begin:

NAUGHTY BILLO(swasan ff)
SHOT 26:
Maheshwari house:
Swara is sitting on sofa with sujata and ram on either side.Sanskar is sitting in front.
Swara is showing them pics which they clicked in goa.
It has been only half an hour since they had returned and swara is very excited to show what all they did there.
Sanskar: swara come first take rest.
Swara: wait Sanskar.
Sujata: yes Sanskar is right u must be tired so take rest. I will see this tomorrow.
Swara(pout): okay.
Sanskar took the bags and went to their room followed by Swara.
Later They changed and slept.

Next morning;
Swasan room:
Swasan are busy in unpacking their bags. Swara went to give gifts to sujata and ram which they had bought.
Later swara came and sit on bed where all clothes were scattered.
Swara:sanskar u know mom and dad liked the gifts alot.
Sanskar: that’s good.
Then only swara saw white wig on the side of the bag. She instantly took it and said
Swara: sanskarrr how can u ignore your this gift.
Swara show him wig.
Sanskar(annoyed): throw it in the dustbin.
Swara:no way. U should wear it and then I will sing song u know which one?
Sanskar glare her.
Swara:okay baba I will only say
“Haye mai kya karu ram mujhe budha milgaya”.
She started laughing. Sanskar went to her took her beneath him on bed.
Sanskar: sing now.
Swara put his first finger on her lips and blink her eyes continuously.
Sanskar (smiles): u very well know how to melt me with your expressions.
Swara grin and nodded.
Then they set their things with lot of fun.

Swasan room:
Swara is watching cartoon movie when sanskar entered inside. He signed seeing her watching cartoons. He went near her and said very seriously.
Sanskar: swara I need to talk something very serious with u.
Sanskar: actually papa(shekar) called me and said that..
Swara:speak up.
Sanskar: he wants that u should continue your studies and do also.
Swara stood on the bed and shouted
Swara; nooooooooooooo
Whole house shook with her screm.
Sanskar put fingers in his ear to prevent from getting deaf bcoz of his dear wife.
Sanskar: listen swara
Swara:nooo means noo I will not study more.
Sanskar: but what’s wrong swara.
Swara:u know sanskar I had passed with great difficulty now how will I do some mercy on me.
She said making cry face.
Sanskar started laughing loudly confusing swara
Swara:why are laughing??
Sanskar(pull her closer): why only u have copyright to tease me.
Swara (confused ): means???
Sanskar:I was kidding papa didn’t said anything like this.
Swara was fuming now.
Swara hit on his chest and said
Swara:how can u joke about this u know how I felt. Idiot stupid I won’t leave you today.
Sanskar was running in front and Swara at back.

After two days:
Swara is pacing here and there in front of washroom waiting for sanskar to come out. Later Sanskar come out with just towel around his waist. Swara looks at him and smile shyly. Sanskar got confused.
Swara:sanskar I had selected clothes for you. Mom said good wife do like this.
Sanskar (chuckles): okayy.
Swara give him clothes. Sanskar’s eyes came out seeing them. Bright red pant, dark yellow shirt and green coat.
Sanskar: what is this swara?? I m going to university not circus.
Swara:huh!! U always wear dull colours so plzzz try this.
Sanskar: why are u so much interested to make me joker.
Swara:u will look handsome in this. Trust me all girls will faint seeing u in college (serious tone and point her finger at him): but u will not look at them.
Sanskar:ohh really I won’t wear this.
Swara is standing infront of Sanskar.
Swara(making patterns on his bare chest): can’t u do this much for me(pout)
Sanskar: I promise I will wear it for u in room but not to university.
Swara:okay love you.(smiles)
Then sanskar got ready and left for university.

Swasan and ramta are sitting in hall when sujata was not feeling well.
Sanskar:mom I think we should visit doctor.
Sujata:no sanskar I will have my medicine and it will be okay.
Swara:I will bring it mom.
Swara ran to sujata’s room to bring medicine.
Sujata’s room:
Swara entered inside but got scared to see lizard.She quickly took the packet of medicine and ran down. In hurry she mistakenly took wrong packet.

Swara came running and stumble on the stairs.
Sanskar:Swara careful.
Swara:I m okay.
Swara give medicine to sujata and even she didn’t recognized that its old one as they are similar. She had it.
After half an hour:
Sujata: okay let’s have dinner.
Swasan and ram went towards dinning table. Sujata was about to go to kitchen when she felt dizzy and fall down and got unconscious.
Swasanram saw her and ran to her.
Sanskar(pat her cheeks): mom what happened??? Plzz open your eyes.
Swara was crying to see her like this.
But she was not responding.
Sanskar: swara call the doctor.
Swara called doctor and ask him to come urgently.
Sanskar picked sujata and went to her room.

Sujata and ram’s room:
Sanskar lied her on bed and rub her hands. Ram saw Swara crying.
He side hugged her and said
Ram: swara beta don’t cry your mom will be fine.
Swara hugged him tightly.
Later doctor came and checked sujata.
Sanskar:what happened suddenly doctor?
Doctor: actually she has taken expired medicine which reacted in the body.
All got shocked.
Doctor: she just fainted as it was not that strong but be careful next time it can stake her life also.
Sanskar got numb. Swara and ram are also shocked.
Swara:mom will be okay na?
Doctor: yes I had given injection soon she will gain conscious. Plzz don’t do this mistake again.
Ram:thank you so much doctor.
Ram went to leave doctor till door.
Sanskar went to swara angrily.
Sanskar (held her shoulder): u had given medicine to mom how can u be this much careless Swara.
Swara(crying): sanskar I..
Sanskar(shouted): just shut up swara, I don’t want to listen anything. Bcoz of your stupidity I would have lost my mom.
Swara shivered seeing his anger as it is the first time when sanskar is hell angry on her.
Ram also came and said
Ram:its okay Sanskar..
Sanskar:no dad not this time. She is becoming irresponsible day by day. Always just doing fun and enjoyment.
I m fed up of your childishness swara. Why can’t u be serious.
Swara was just crying but today her tears were not enough to melt sanskar.
She is just standing looking down with non stop tears flowing.
Later, swara saw sujata gaining conscious. She got happy and said
Swara:mom sanskar mom is opening eyes.
She was about to go near sujata when
Sanskar shouted.
Sanskar:swara don’t come near my mother. Stay away.
Sanskar: get out.
Sanskar: plzz dad, I said out swara.
Swara ran out of the room all in tears.
Sujata(feebly): sanskar.. Let her come.
Sanskar:don’t worry mom u just take rest.
To be continued….

Precap:Sanskar pacifying Swara but she is scared from sanskar.

Sooo sorry for short one.
Plzz don’t wait for any other update from my side today as I m going out. This also I had written by getting up early in the morning that’s why it’s short.
It’s just general question.
How many of u want that naughty billo should be ended???
Answer in yes or no in your comment.
Will go with majority.


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  1. yamee

    Amazing part dear…. And a bigggggggg no don’t end it soon. If possible make it long as next part soon.

  2. Nisha

    Hiiiiii… sorry for the late comment.. Got busy in some things… Oh my… Loveddd the update.. ❀️❀️❀️.. Swara is soooo cute.. Her relation with sujata and ram is just adorable.. 😊😊.. her reaction to further studies was just super hilarious.. Hahahahah.. poor Sanskaar.. But love Swara.. the way she talked about the wig, sang a song and then pacified Sanskaar.. hahahaha.. love her.. 😍😍😍.. She gave medicines to Sujata by mistake but now she is hurt and scared.. 😒😒😒😒.. her naughty billo Avtar is the best.. can’t see her crying.. Hope Sanskaar is able to make her fine.. But she should not agree easily.. πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„.. And make all fine between this adorable couple.. 😍😍😍.. Loving it toooo much..

    Don’t end this story pleaseeee.. it’s one of my favourite.. ❀️❀️❀️

    • Mars



      Thank you so much dear for your lovely comment. Don’t be sorry dear it’s alright.
      I will not end it so don’t worry.

  3. Raina


    |Registered Member

    loved this chapter a lot..
    swara is very innocent, naughty and sensitive..
    she did a mistake *palming my face* i just hope that they both sort this out soon.. \
    and coming to ending it.. do you remember what i said once???
    your stories are very beautiful that i just feel they never end..
    so it a no from me but at last it is always your wish..

  4. Kanha


    |Registered Member

    Awesome. Feeling bad for Swara😒😒 Swara considers Sujatha as her mom too. Sanskar should not have said like that. He was worried for his mom but he should also understand from Swara’s point of view. I am really angry on you siso😠 How could you even think of ending this ff?😠😑😑 I am katti with youπŸ˜ͺπŸ˜ͺ If you end this ff, I won’t talk to youπŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰ Today I won’t say ‘love you’ to youπŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ˜•πŸ˜•

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