Naughty billo (swasan ff) shot 25 by mars

Hloooo swasanians!!!! I m back With next shot of naughty billo. Thanks you so much for your comments on previous update but it was not super se upar vala response never mind. here we reached 25th shot of this story. When I started it I just thought to give 8-10 shots but see bcoz of your immense support and love towards the story we are celebrating silver jubilee. My words are not enough to thank you guys. And as a token of thanks I tried to give long part.Hope so u Will enjoy it.
Let’s begin:

Naughty Billo(swasan ff)
SHOT 25:
Hotel Blue Moon(Goa)
Swasan room
Sanskar is sitting on couch and swara in front of him. Both are discussing something very seriously.when sanskar said
Sanskar: what about movie.
Swara (instantly): no way u don’t have any movie sense.
Sanskar (pout): then?
Swara (jumped): club.
Sanskar: no swara it’s not good place.
Swara(seriously put her hand on his shoulder): don’t worry Sanskar I will be there to protect u.
Sanskar(raise his eyebrow): ohhh realyy???
Swara nodded grinningly.
Swara: so its final tonight we will go to club.
Sanskar: okay
They were discussing what to do tonight to enjoy as only their two days are left in goa.

Swasan are all set to go to club.Swara is wearing short flock of grey and black colour and left her hairs open.She is wearing flat sandals which were stylish.Sanskar is wearing white shirt with black uppercoat and jeans.
Both are looking breathe taking.
Sanskar(smiles): u r looking very cute swara.
But she was busy in seeing Sanskar from different angels. Sanskar was looking at her that what she is trying to figure out.
Sanskar: what are seeing swara I m not looking good in this dress.
Swara: no no just wait.
She went to bag and take out heals and wore them removing flat sandals.
Sanskar was looking at her confusedly.
Swara went back to him and stood beside and see the height.
Swara: now okay.
Sanskar: what?
Swara: in flat I was looking very small in front of u but with heals its okay
Sanskar(laughs): ohh so u were trying to reach my level.
Swara: yes otherwise what people would say such a unstable couple one too long and other little short.
Sanskar(pat her cheeks): start drinking complain kiddo.
Swara(serious): yeah even I m thinking.
Sanskar(laughs): ohh god let’s go.
Sanskar held her hand and both went.

Night club:
The club was not that bad and was casual.
Swasan came inside and there was dim light all around loud rocking music.
Some were dancing and some drinking.
Sanskar is seeing all this first time.
Sanskar(whispers to Swara): still there is time swara we should leave.
Swara: nothing will happen let’s enjoy.
Swara drag him to dance floor and they started dancing normally. While dancing swara moved little aside when a girl came near sanskar and said
Girl :hey handsome.
Swara looked at them after hearing handsome word bcoz according to her only sanskar is handsome here.
Sanskar(awkwardly): excuse me???
Girl: ohh come on myself Mona u can call me Mona Darling also(winks)
Sanskar was making weird faces.Even he is not responding still girl is not ready to leave.All this while Swara is giggling seeing sanskar’s expression.
Girl: may I have the pleasure to know your name Mister.
Now it was too much for Swara she went and stood beside sanskar wrapping her hand on his arm. Sanskar smiles and look pitifully at the girl bcoz even he don’t know now what his little devil will do.
Swara:I will tell her name Miss Mona.
Mona: ohhh then tell.
Swara looks at Sanskar and gives her cutest smile to him and said
Swara:he is famous Sant Baba Sanskari Das Ji.
Sanskar give swara” now what is this?” look. She blink her eyes at him.
Mona: what??? He is sant baba??
Swara: yes and that tooo very famous.
Mona: but what he is doing in club??
Swara: and where it is written that he can’t come here. He is modern baba Ji.
Mona looks at them confusedly and said
Mona: I should leave now
Swara(held her wrist): just wait dear.
Mona turns and give questionable look.
Swara: if next time u look at him then the teeth which u r showing me will be on floor all broken.
Mona instantly keep her hand on mouth and ran from there.
Swasan started laughing and started enjoying their dance.
Later swara asked
Swara: Sanskar let’s have a drink.
They went to bar corner.
Sanskar:okay which juice u want?
Swara(whisper in his ear): wine.
Sanskar(shocked): you really want it?
Swara: yes we both will try
Sanskar: but swara…
Swara: no if but we will drink once.
Sanskar unwillingly agrees. They tasted it first time. Firstly they made yukkk face but then they enjoyed it and drinked till they loss their senses.
After drinking, Swara ran out of club followed by sanskar.
Sanskar: swara wait.
She looked at him and stopped.He came near her.
Swara is singing and moving her waist standing on the road.
Swara: puri night besharami ki height..
Sanskar:where were u going leaving me.
Swara: no where.
Sanskar:ok let’s go.
He started dragging her.The road is not that populated as it is midnight.
Suddenly swara stopped moving.
Sanskar:now what?
Swara (cutely): how much u love me.
Sanskar spread his arms on either side and said
Sanskar: this much.
Swara smiles brightly.
Swara: then fulfil my wish.
Sanskar: which wish?
Swara:kiss me on the road.
Sanskar: hawwww (put hand on his mouth in shock)
Sanskar shook his head in no.
Swara: Plzzz since i had seen in movies I also wanted to do kiss in public.
Sanskar: But…
Swara sit on the road by crossing her legs.Sanskar sit in front and try to make her understand.
Sanskar:see swara that are movies but it is not good if we will do. What will people think
Swara was shooking her head in no continuously not ready to listen. Sanskar looked around and saw hardly any person was there so he instantly lean towards Swara and kissed her lips.She closes her eyes. It was sweet short and quick kiss. Soon sanskar signed in relief that no one saw.What all he have to do for his little wife.
Sanskar:now let’s go.
Swara:but it was very short.
Sanskar got annoyed seeing her tantrums.
He picked her in bridal style and moved towards hotel. Club was very near to hotel so they went on foot only.
Sanskar entered inside the hotel with swara in his arms. Swara’s hands are around his neck and she is calmly resting her head on sanskar’s chest. Some staff members look at them with open mouth and some admire this cute couple.

Swasan room:
Sanskar placed Swara gently on bed and was about to leave when swara asked
Swara: Sanskar I m not hot???
Sanskar checked her body temperature and said
Sanskar: no its normal.
Swara(hit is forehead): not like this. U always say me cute u never said hot.(pout)
Sanskar:ohhh like that then let me tell u hotness is nothing but cuteness is more adorable. And I love my cutie pie.
Swara (smiles brightly): even I love u.
Sanskar lie on his side of bed.
Swara gesture him to come closer and then she whispers in his ear
Swara:don’t tell anyone that we had drunk’s secret between us.
Sanskar: yes i will say we had drink only juice.
Swara: yes good boy.
Sanskar: u also don’t tell.
Swara(eye him): Sanskaaarrrr I m already good girl.
Sanskar:oppsss yes.
Later Sanskar was lying on his back when Swara completely lie upon him.
Sanskar: swara sleep on bed.
Swara adjust comfortably on him and said
Swara:for today u r my bed.
Sanskar smiles and wrap his hand around her waist and soon both slept due to hangover.

Last day in goa:
Today is their last day in goa. Tomorrow afternoon is their flight to Kolkata.So today they decided to visit few places.
Firstly they decided to visit nearby church.

Swasan entered inside and saw that morning prayer was going on. So they silently stood at the back.
Swara was looking around and seeing the church which was beautifully decorated. She can’t stand still so she was tapping her foot on floor and father who was reciting prayer look at her but swara was busy in her own world.
Sanskar noticed father’s gaze. He held Swara’s hand and whispers
Sanskar: Swara stop doing that.
Swara(confused): what?
Sanskar: stop tapping your foot stand still.
Swara: ohh sorry.
Later after prayers, swasan went to take father’s blessings. he asked Sanskar
Father:so she is your wife.?
Sanskar(smiles): yes.
Father: oh God make pairs perfectly If one is childish then other is mature.
Sanskar smiles seeing swara. Swara lean towards sanskar and said slowly
Swara:see Sanskar father said u childish(giggles)
Father who also listened this smiles at Sanskar.
Swara: father plzz bless him that he should get me only in his every birth as wife.
Father: God bless u. May u both live happily ever.
Then Swasan went from church.
Then they went to see some old buildings describing history.

Swasan went to beach to enjoy it’s beauty. Many people from different countries came there.
Swara ran into water and Sanskar shouted
Sanskar: swara don’t go deep.
Swara: sanskar come here.
Swara is standing near water and little waves comes and strike her feet.
Sanskar went to her.
Swara:sanskar let’s do “foot on foot walk”.
Sanskar: what is that I never listened.
Swara(laughs): how would u have listened I made now only.
Sanskar(signed): then what we have to do in it?
Swara: okay I will explain u the procedure.
Sanskar(chuckles): procedure
Swara: yes I will keep my feet on yours and then will walk in water. Interesting na?
Sanskar: very much then come.
Swara slowly placed her soft feet on his and hug him to prevent from falling.
Sanskar pull her closer through waist. They were very close each other.
Swara: your feet is paining.
Sanskar: no u are very delicate.
Swara smiles shyly.
Then only cold wave hit their legs.
Swara(shout): wowww Sanskar its soo cold water.
Sanskar: yes u r enjoying??
Swara: very much. Sanskar move slowly.
Sanskar slightly moved with swara’s feet on his.
Then they clicked many selfies and enjoyed to maximum extend.
They came back after having dinner out. They both were hell tired as they were roaming whole day.
So soon they slept as tomorrow morning they have to leave for airport.

Next morning:
Sanskar is packing bags and collecting things. Swara is pacing here and there with headphones in her ears listening to music.
Sanskae looked at her annoyedly as from last fifteen minutes he is saying her to change her dress as she is in her casuals but she is not listening.
He went near her and take out headphones.
Sanskar: go and change your dress.
Swara: I will do it(lazily)
Sanskar (smirk): do it or I will do it.
Swara widen her eyes and immediately took her dress from sanskar’s hand and ran to washroom.He laughs seeing her reaction.

Swasan came down. Sanskar is having one small bag while swara is empty handed as their other things are kept in car.
Receptionist : hope so u enjoyed our hospitality sir mam.
Sanskar(smiles): yes it was good.
Swara was firstly looking out then she saw candies bowl present on counter in front of reception.
Swara(pleading): may I have one candy plzz.
Sanskar look at her.
Receptionist: sure mam u can have as many u want.
Swara: wow thank you.
Swara filled her both fist with candies.
Sanskar looked at her with open mouth.
Receptionist also got shocked but give fake smile to Sanskar who was not knowing how to react at her gestures.
Sanskar: okay thanks.
Receptionist: its all our pleasure sir.

Sanskar held her hand take her out who was busy in counting how many candies she had taken.
Swara: Sanskar wait there is problem.
Sanskar: now what?
Swara: these are 9 candies how we will distribute among us. We will get 4-4 then what about which is left.
Sanskar(took deep breathe): u take that.
Swara: aww so sweet of you.
They turn to move but from front that giant man comes and saw Sanskar holding swara.
Swasan got shocked.
Giant man: so she is your wife??
Sanskar (slowly): yes.
Man:but u said that she is not your wife.
Sanskar:when I said??? I told that girl is not my wife but she is my wife.
Swara nodded with puppy face.
Man: u were making me fool??
Swara: no no u are very smart.
Swara put candies in her jeans pocket and give one to that man.
Swara: take this candy and cool down.
Man: no I don’t want.
Swara: take take we have extra only.
Man take the candy.
Swara: okay now we are going you can enjoy your honeymoon with your wife.
Man: I already have four children.
Swara(widen her eyes): means planning for fifth.???
Sanskar look at her in amusement.
Swara: uncle don’t u know India’s population is increasing day by day and we should follow slogan”hum do hamare do”(we two our two) and you should control yourself…
She was speaking and man was glaring her.Sanskar get to know that situation is worsening. So he put his hand on swara’ mouth and said to man
Sanskar:okay now we should leave as we have flight.
He dragged swara to car.Swara act like she can’t breathe due to his hand. He instantly removed his hand.
As soon he removed his hand, swara shouted to man
Swara:how dare u to call me dwarfty its u who is gianty.
Man was about to come when Sanskar made swara sit in car and sit himself on the other side.
Then they left to airport.
To be continued……

Precap: swasan back in kolkata.

Phew!!!! Done with this quite long part.
I tried to make it sweet simple and entertaining. Hope so u liked it.

And about promo of naughty billo I posted yesterday, many may not like it as u love fun of swasan but trust me guys I just wanted to show other side of swasan relation. Just have faith u will enjoy it and swasan fun will always be there as it’s main theme of this story.
Plzz do support as for me my readers come first.
U all can criticize my writings but plzz no bashing.
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U r always welcome to give your views as it helps me to improve and write better.

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