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NAUGHTY BILLO(swasan ff)
SHOT 24:
In the street:
Person: hey! Shona don
Listening this name, Swara instantly turn to the person and jumped in excitement
Swara(happy): lucky bucky u here.
The person is laksh.
Swara hugged him and he also hugged back in friendly way but someone is jealous like anything. If gaze can burn then till now laksh would be in flames.
After breaking hug.
Swara: what are u doing here?
Laksh: I m living here only as I m got job in Goa.
Swara: woww great it means u enjoy your honeymoon everyday.
Laksh(confused): means??
Swara: uffff how can I forget your upper part is empty (slightly hit his head and laughs)
Laksh(irritated): shona.

Then swara’s sight caught Sanskar. Finally she remembered her hubby.
Swara: sanskar meet him he is lucky means laksh my schoolmate.
Sanskar (with fake smile): hi laksh this is sanskar maheshwari and(wrap his hand on Swara’s waist and pull her closer) she is my wife Swara Sanskar Maheshwari(over possessive)
Laksh: ohhh hello.
Sanlak shake hand. Then only laksh realized what sanskar said
Laksh: wife means shona u got married.
Sanskar was getting irritated when laksh called Swara as shona.
Swara(smile shyly): yes I m married.
Sanskar skip his beat looking at her expressions.
Laksh: which idiot married such a crack piece.
Sanskar: its me only.
Swara giggles.
Laksh (stuck his tongue): opps sorry I didn’t mean that.Don’t mind.
Swara: don’t worry he is very nice.
Sanskar smiles.
Laksh: till when we will stand here. Let’s sit inside (he pointed to cafe)
Swara(excited): okay let’s go.come Sanskar.
Sanskar nodded.He cursed laksh under his breathe as he wants to spend time with Swara and here he came to disturb them.
Swara held Sanskar’s hand and drag him inside the cafe.

They get settle on one table and started talking
Laksh: so since when u r married?
Swara: from two years.
Laksh: u married so soon.
Swara: yuppp my dadi wanted that’s why otherwise u know I had allergy from marriage.
Swara and laksh laughs and give hifi.
Listening Swara’s words, only one thought came in Sanskar’s mind that she is not happy with this marriage (stupid)
Sanskar came to senses when laksh asked
Laksh: btw Sanskar she beats u?
Sanskar: no why she will beat me (thinks) huh!! Stupid question.
Laksh: ohh it means she improved. U know almost every boy of our class was beaten by her that’s why we name her shona don.
Swara(hit him): oyee shut up.
Swara and laksh keep on talking about their school days.They were enjoying and laughing. Sanskar was feeling to kick laksh.Swara unintentionally ignored Sanskar which was making him hyper.
Having enough of there stupidity, Sanskar said
Sanskar: Swara I think we should leave it’s late.
Swara: okay.
Laksh: bye shona I really enjoyed today.
Bidding bye they went.
Swara was speaking on the way but Sanskar was not answering just humming.

Swasan room:
Swasan had their dinner, still Sanskar’s behavior was same.Now swara started feeling that something is wrong with him.Swara came out from washroom after changing wearing light purple silky sleeveless frock above her knees.
She sit beside Sanskar and keep on staring him.Feeling her gaze, sanskar asked
Sanskar: u want something?
Swara: u r angry with me?
Sanskar: no
Swara(relief): ohh then okay. Today we had fun with laksh na. He is very good we used to fight a lot in school for benches that who will sit at first……..
She keep on speaking about laksh.
Sanskar got annoyed listening laksh laksh laksh from her mouth. He instantly turned and capture her lips shutting her mouth.Swara blink her eyes several times while he was lost in kiss. Soon he broke it and swara looked at him with open mouth.
Sanskar:dare u to say laksk again then I will show u.
Swara(confused): means?
Sanskar(thought): now this also I should tell that I m jealous.
Swara: tell?
Sanskar: I just don’t like(roll his eyes)
Swara understand that why he is saying this. She wrap her hands around his neck and teasingly said
Swara: u r getting jealous.
Sanskar(look at her): yes!! U know u ignored me in the evening.
Swara: no way
Sanskar: you got your friend and u forget me.
Swara: I didn’t knew I ignored you. I m sorry.
Sanskar: no need of sorry. Good night.
He lie on his side of the bed.
Swara pout seeing him sad so lie upon him.
Swara: plzz talk to me(pleading).
Sanskar: I m talking only. Now sleep.
Swara held his collar and kissed him.
Sanskar got numb that what she did.
Later, swara whispers slowly
Swara: I can never ignore u. Sorry seeing laksh after many years I got excited but it doesn’t mean I love him that u r getting jealous.
Sanskar smiles at her words. She roll her and took her petite figure beneath him and said
Sanskar: I love u.
Swara: I know.sooo
Sanskar: soo. Let me show u how much l love u.
Swara keep her hands on her eyes and blush profusely.
Sanskar smiles and gently kissed her.
Then……..(leave them alone yarrr).

Swara is lying on Sanskar’s bare chest and making patterns there. Sanskar’s hand was around her waist.
Sanskar: Swara u r not happy with this marriage.
Swara looked at him confusely that why he asked this question.
Swara: yes i m Happy but why u asked.
Sanskar: u were saying to laksh that u don’t like to marry and moreover u married me to clear physics so now u had done your graduation also.
Swara: I agree I married u for physics but now I love u then how can u say like this.
Tears welled up in her big eyes. Sanskar felt her voice getting heavy and hugged her tightly
Sanskar: I m sorry I will never say like this.
Swara: okay(smiles).
Then they were lying and were enjoying silence when Swara said
Swara: Sanskar…
Sanskar: hmm
Swara: I m scared.
Sanskar(confused): why???
Swara: mom and ma are again and again asking to give them good news but I m still not pregnant(pout)
Sanskar stare her for seconds then started laughing.
Swara got annoyed and hit his chest.
Swara: I m talking on serious matter and u r laughing.
Sanskar: yes very serious. They are just teasing don’t get tensed.
Swara: really
Sanskar: yes and we will give them good news it takes time.We just can’t download it from Google.
Swara(serious): yes.
Sanskar (signed): it was joke Swara.
Swara: ohhhhk then I should laugh.
Swara give him fake laugh.
Sanskar: swara u want to have our own baby??
Swara(excited):yes but I have only one fear.
Sanskar: what?
Swara: what if I give birth to 8-10 babies together(worried) how we will handle them.
Sanskar: seriously Swara I don’t know from where these thoughts come in your mind.
Swara: I had seen on YouTube where one Lady gives birth to many babies.
Sanskar: nothing like this will happen don’t think rubbish.
Swara: its true not rubbish I had seen many cases.
Sanskar: okay but for now sleep.
Swara: good night.have sweet dreams of my mine.
Sanskar (smiles): good night.
They slept in each other’s warm embrace.

Next day:
Shopping mall.
Swasan came for shopping.
Swara: we will first buy something for you.
Sanskar: okay let’s go.
They went to men section.
Later, Sanskar is silently standing in front of Swara and she is selecting shirts for him.
Sanskar: Swara plzz why u r being this much choosy.plzz select fast.
Even the girl showing shirts got tired bcoz from last half an hours Swara didn’t liked one shirt also.
Swara: u keep quite I m selecting.
Finally swara liked one shirt of black colour.
Swara: Sanskar black seems to be good.
Sales girl: yes mam sir will look handsome
Swara(thinks): yes Sanskar looks hot in black but how she knows.
Swara(to girl): who are u to say my husband handsome only I can say.
Sanskar give pity look to girl bcoz he knew she said as swara selected something after long time.
Girl: no no mam u are misunderstanding. I didn’t mean that.
Swara: I know what u mean. Show me other Shirt we won’t take black.
Sanskar: ufffff not again.
Again she started selecting.And after an hour she choosed few shirts.
They came out and Sanskar said
Sanskar: today I get to know why girls take so much time for shopping.
Swara: whatever.
Then Swara went to parlour for getting few girlish things. Sanskar was busy on call.
When she came out she saw wigs handing. She took one white colour wig with boy cut.
She bought it for Sanskar.

Then they went to girls dresses showroom. Swara bought many dresses some of her choice and some of Sanskar. They buy gifts for their mom dad and friends.
Finally after hours shopping they came out loaded with hand bags.
In car:
Sanskar was about to start the car when swara said
Swara:wait wait sanskar I had bought a gift for u.I can’t wait to show u.
Sanskar: okay show.
Swara:u close your eyes.Don’t move.
Sanskar closes his eyes.Swara set wig on his head and put mirror in front of him.
Swara:now slowly open your eyes.
Sanskar opened his eyes and shouted
Sanskar:ahhh my hairs.
Swara burst out laughing.
Swara:stupid it’s wig.
Sanskar:it was surprise or shock??
Swara:actually I wanted to see how u will look when u will be bought it.
Sanskar: u never leave a chance to do idiotic things
Swara (laughs): neverrrr
Then he removed the wig and both went from there.
To be continued…..

Precap: swasan in club and last day in Goa.

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