Naughty billo (swasan ff) shot 23 by mars

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NAUGHTY BILLO(swasan ff)
SHOT 23:
Blue moon hotel(goa)
Swasan room:
Early morning:
Sanskar is sleeping on bed alone as swara is not there. She is in balcony clicking pics of the city from there. She clicked many pics and then came inside only to see Sanskar still sleeping.
She slowly sit on her side of bed and took selfie pouting with sanskar who is sleeping with little open mouth,messy hairs. She giggles looking at the pic.
Then Swara posted that pic on insta and fb with caption ” my cute sleepy baby”.She again ran to balcony.

After breakfast:
Sanskar is Sitting on couch using laptop while Swara is on bed.She is continuously looking at him from corner of her eyes. She is having phone in her hand and is again and again checking something on it.She got irritated and thought
Swara: why he is not getting online. I m waiting from half an hour.
Then she thought to ask herself only to see the pic.She went to couch and sit beside him.Swara peep in laptop to know what he is doing. Her eyes got widened when she saw him reading latest physics syllabus on net.She got angry and said
Swara: excuse me Mr maheshwari we are on our honeymoon not any science trip that u are doing all this.Huh!! Unbelievable.
She turn her face other side.

Sanskar chuckles seeing her drama.
Sanskar (pull her closer): then what my shona wants me to do?
Listening him, swara instantly turned grinningly and said
Swara: like my new pic on insta and fb.
Sanskar: ok I will see later.
Swara: no plzzz see now only.

Sanskar(signed): okay.
Sanskar look at the pic in which he is sleeping and Swara is pouting.He got angry and said
Sanskar:what is this swara?how can u post such pics.what will my students think.
Swara:they will think their professor is Veryyyyyy cute.
She pull his cheeks.He slightly jerked her hand and got up.
Sanskar(shouted): just shut up.

Swara got scared seeing his anger and started crying.Sanskar smiles and immediately click her photo when she was indulged in crying. He also posted on fb with caption” my cry baby”.
Then he sit beside her and wrapping her arm around her shoulder.
Swara:I m not talking to u(sniffs) its my mobile my I’d my wish what I want to post.
Sanskar: okay sorry now see my new pic.
Swara:why should I?

Sanskar :plzz I had also seen.
Swara: okay but last time I m listening to u.
Sanskar(kiss her cheek): love u.
Swara saw the pic in which she was caring like baby.She make weird faces after seeing it.Sanskar roll on couch laughing while she looked at him angrily.She hit him with pillow and said
Swara(warning): remove the pic.
Sanskar shook his head in no. Swara again hit pillow at his head.He was trying to hold her hand
Sanskar:just wait I will show u.

Swara ran out of the room sticking her tongue at him.
Sanskar started clearing the mess created by his kiddo wife.

After coming from room,swara was roaming in corridor looking at the paintings hanging on the walls. Then only she saw that giant man coming who called her dwarfty.
He entered inside the room which is next to swasan room. Swara thought
Swara: so he is staying here I will show him today.
She stood in front of his room door and after knocking loudly she ran away.
The man opened the door but didn’t find anyone.Swara hidded herself behind the vase.she is giggling seeing him confused.He closed the door and went inside. Swara again knock the door and did same thing second time. Now the man got irritated so to find whose there he stood near door only.When third time swara knock the door, it instantly got opened as he was standing there only.
Swara got shocked and immediately ran to her room.Man saw her and shouted
Man:stop u.

But swara had entered inside her room.

Swasan room:
Swara closed the door loudly and was breathing heavily.Sanskar looked at her condition and went to her.
Sanskar: what happened swara?
Before swara could reply, there was knock on the door.
Man (shout): hey u girl open the door.
Swara(whispers): I had shown u giant man in park na.

Sanskar nodded
Swara:I was teasing him by knocking his room door again and again and he saw me(bite her nails)now he came to beat me.
Sanskar was looking at her with wide eyes and open mouth.
Swara(jerk him):sanskar
Sanskar:what to do now?
Swara:I will hide in washroom and u tell him that I didn’t came here.

Sanskar: mee?
Again there was knock on the door.
Swara:yes do fast I m going.
Swara ran to washroom while sanskar made him presentable and opened the door.
Sanskar: yes
Man: where is that girl?
Sanskar(innocently): which girl.There is no girl.
Man: don’t lie I had seen her coming here only(he said angrily)
Sanskar gulp seeing his muscles.
Sanskar:I think u r mistaken.
Man: let me see she is here only.

Man entered inside but didn’t find anyone.
Sanskar: see I told there is no one.
Man: hmm
Then only there comes some noise from washroom
Man: who is inside?
Sanskar: she is my wife.
Man: it means that girl is your wife?

Sanskar:no no she is my wife that girl is that only (even he don’t know what he is speaking).
Swara listens to them and got tensed.
She thought something and said loudly from inside
Swara(extra sweetly): suniye Ji, if no one else is there then may I come out in bathrobe only.(said shyly).
Man got embarassed. Sanskar trying to control his laugh said
Sanskar: see mister u are disturbing us.

Man: okay sorry but if u find that girl then tell me.
Sanskar: yes yes surely.
Man left from there.Sanskar closed the door and signed in relief.
Swara peep from washroom and saw only sanskar is there so she came out.
She started laughing loudly rolling on bed. Sanskar signed and went near her
and said
Sanskar: tum pakka pitwayugi mujhe. Uski body dhekhi hai. He would have crushed me.(I will be surely get beaten bcoz of u. Have u seen his body)
Swara looked at him for instance then again started laughing.
Sanskar: firstly stop laughing.
Swara pull him on bed and said

Swara:just chill we should enjoy our victory. How easily we fooled him.
Swara took his hand herself and give hifi. Sanskar was just staring him.
Feeling his continuous gaze she asked
Sanskar:I never thought in my dreams also that I will do such crazy acts in my life.
Swara(proudly): and the whole credit goes to Mrs Swara Sanskar Maheshwari.
Both started laughing.

Swasan were roaming in streets and doing their crazy acts. Swara hit Sanskar on shoulder slightly and ran away shouting
Swara:catch me Sanskar.
Sanskar signed and said

Sanskar: just wait I m coming.
He ran after swara.While running swara was looking back at sanskar so striked with someone. The person held her from waist preventing her from falling.
Swara had closed her eyes tightly in fear.Sanskar stopped seeing them.The jealousy can be clearly seem in his eyes.His gaze was just at swara’s waist where person is holding her.He got angry and mumble
Sanskar:how dare he to touch my swara.
He went to them and held Swara’s arm and pulled her towards him
Sanskar:swara u r ok?
Swara nodded.

Sanskar got annoyed when he saw that the person is seeing Swara keenly.
Sanskar:thank you Mister for saving my wife.
But the person ignored his words and said to swara
Person: hey!!!! Shona don???

Listening this name swara instantly looked at the person and jumped in excitement seeing him
Swara: ohhh lucky bucky u here.
Sanskar was looking at their faces with open mouth not understanding what is happening.

To be continued…..

Precap: jealousy at peak. More fun and romance.

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