Naughty billo (swasan ff) shot 22 by mars Golden Night

Hiii guys!!! I m back with next shot. Thank you for your super se upar vala response. Here comes the most awaited part.I had tried my best to make it romantic.Hope so I will be able to fulfill your expectations.
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Let’s begin

NAUGHTY BILLO(swasan ff)
Sanskar opened his eyes only to see swara lying close to his chest.He checked her forehead.She seems to be fine now.Feeling moment swara also got up.She looked at sanskar and smiles.
Sanskar: good morning.
Swara: morning (hug him)
Sanskar: how r u feeling now?
Swara: fresh.
Sanskar: okay then its good.
Swara: where we will go today.

Sanskar: no where.
Swara(pout): why?
Sanskar: today we will take rest and u also recover then we will go tomorrow.
Swara: okay.
Later they had their breakfast after fresh up.

Swasan are sitting on the bed. Sanskar is checking mails on laptop and Swara is sitting beside him reading newspaper.
Swara was giggling reading something. Sanskar looked at her and asked.
Sanskar: what makes u laugh swara.
Swara: see a very funny news is there.
A lady had beaten her husband in the street.
Sanskar: really??? But why?

Swara: he must not be listening to her.
Sanskar: ok
Swara: be careful Sanskar. Now a days girl power is in full swing.
Sanskar: it means u will also beat me.
Swara: possible if u will not listen to me.
Sanskar keep the laptop aside and tickles her.
Sanskar: tell me now
Swara:(laughs): Sanskar stop plzz I was kidding.

Sanskar: asha
Swara: yes
Then only Swara’s phone rings.Sanskar moved back.Swara picked the call and said
Swara: hiii ma how are u?
Shomi: I m fine u tell.
Swara: ma wait i m not able to listen your voice will go out.
Swara went to balcony and sanskar got busy in laptop.
Swara: yes now say ma
Shomi: I disturbed u and Sanskar??

Swara: no no we will playing and tickling each other.(laughs)
Shomi (signed): Swara u are still that childish. When u r going to give good news.
Swara(bite her nails): we had not done anything till now mumma.
Shomi: what swara its two years of your marriage and then what are u doing there.
Swara(excited): here we are enjoying alot we went out and saw different places.
Shomi: Swara listen carefully.
Swara: yes

Shomi: every man needs a wife who is mature and sensible not childish like u.
Swara (pout): but sanskar loves me.
Shomi:I know beta but only love is not important in relation other things also matter.
Swara: means.
Shomi: try to make him happy.Be completely his. Don’t do small mistakes which will stake your relation at last.
Swara: but he never asked me for anything.
Shomi: bcoz he is nice but its your responsibility to fulfil what he wants.
Swara(tensed): what should I do.
Shomi: give him surprise.
Swara: he will like it?

Shomi: Ofcouse he will
Swara: okay then today only I will surprise him.Then will tell u.
Shomi: okay and all the best.
Swara: thanks and bye.
Swara cut the call and remember how Sanskar give her space and never force her.she smiles and thinks how to surprise him.
She came inside and saw Sanskar on bed.She went and side hug him.
Sanskar: what happened?

Swara: Sanskar u will never leave me?
Sanskar: why are u asking this. And how can I leave u?
Swara: I love u.
Sanskar (kiss her head): love u too.
Then they spend some time with each other.

Swara went down to meet staff member and ask them to decorate the room till night.Sanskar was in washroom so taking it as chance she went and explained everything.
Then she returned back and saw Sanskar looking at her interrogatedly .
Swara: wo I went to see hotel.
Swara: sanskar let’s go out for a walk.

Sanskar: now?
Swara: yes evening walk.
Sanskar: ok .
Swasan went out for walk .Swara intentionally take more time till she got message from the member that it is completed.

Night (8pm)
Swasan came back inside the hotel when swara said
Swara: Sanskar u go and bring dinner.
Sanskar(confused): we will order from room.
Swara:no today u go and personally bring it.
Sanskar: but why?
Swara; bcoz I m saying plzzz
Sanskar(sign): okay
Swara: I m going to room.
Swara went to her room quickly and change her dress.

After 30 mins:
Sanskar opened the door and got surprised to see the whole room decorated. He entered inside, keep the food on table and looked around.
But swara was no where.Before he call her he felt two soft hands covering his eyes.He put his hand on hands on eyes and smiles as he very well know who the person is.
He turned only to see swara grinning and shouting
Swara: sanskar surprise.
Sanskar looked at her from top to bottom.She is wearing pure black saree with shinning black border. Her long hairs lying on her shoulders.She has pinned saree’s pallu at the shoulder displaying her waist.Sanskar thought is it true or just his dream while swara thought he didn’t like the surprise that’s why didn’t said anything.
Swara(disappointed)u didn’t liked it.
Sanskar came back to senses realizing that its reality.
Sanskar : no no swara I loved it.
Swara(happy): really??

Sanskar nodded.
Swara (hugged him): thank you.
Swara moved little back and show him her saree
Swara: Sanskar how I m looking.
Sanskar went closer and pull her wrapping his hands around her waist.
Sanskar: very u did all this?
Swara: no staff people did I just told them(giggles)
Sanskar: so idea was yours?
Swara: no it was of mumma.
Sanskar: then what u did?

Swara: I wore saree myself properly for the first time.
Sanskar: that’s why I was thinking who can wear saree like this.
Swara blushes.
Sanskar(lean and whisper in her ear): thanks for the surprise.
Swara: welcome.
Sanskar caress her waist looking deep inside her eyes then only swara said
Swara: let’s have dinner first.
Sanskar: okay.
Then both settle on chairs and Sanskar serve both of them.
Swara: today I will feed u with my hands.
Sanskar: ohh this much love all of sudden.
Swara: its always there.
Sanskar chuckles.

After dinner, swara is standing near the window fidgeting her fingers.Then only sanskar back hug her.Swara looked at him and smiles.
Sanskar removes her hairs aside displaying her bare back as she was wearing backless blouse. Sanskar lean and soon his lips touch her back. Swara clutched her saree. Unable to bear it she turns and hug him.
Sanskar smiles and tighten the hug.
Sanskar(whispers): swara u r ok?

Swara: hmm
Sanskar break the hug and said
Sanskar: so r u ready to do that jisse babies hote hai(with what babies are born)
Swara remembered how she said him this in garden. She blushes and sanskar chuckles.
Sanskar: so…
Swara slightly nodded.
Sanskar: ohh god Swara I never knew u can blush this much.
Swara: why?? I can also blush.

Sanskar(kiss her cheek): and I love your pink cheeks.
Swara was looking down. Sanskar placed his lips on her and softly kisses her.He broke the kiss after few seconds annoying Swara.Sanskar seeing him irritated said
Sanskar: this was just trailer tonight I will show u full movie.
Swara instantly put her hands on her heated cheeks.Sanskar laughed seeing her expressions.
Sanskar picked her in his arms and she wrap her hands around his neck.

Sanskar place her gently on bed not breaking the intense eye lock. He came on her top and kissed her eyes.Then all over again kissed on her lips.Both kisses each other passionately. Breaking the kiss, Sanskar buried his face in her neck and started giving wet kisses. Swara has tightly closed her eyes and was pulling him closer. Sanskar got irritated as Swara’s saree was disturbing him.He looked up and swara opened her eyes feeling loss of his touch.Sanskar was about to unpin her saree pallu when Swara said
Swara(pleading): Sanskar plzz don’t open my saree. I had tried it with great difficulty.
Sanskar looked at her like seriously.
Sanskar: but swara…

Swara: plzz u do without opening it.
Sanskar lean and kiss her earlobe and whispers
Sanskar:(huskily) I have to remove it plzz
Swara got lost in his touch And
Swara(whispers): okay.
Sanskar unpin her saree and letting the pallu to fall down.He kisses her shoulder moving down. He opened the knot of her blouse loosening it.Swara is blushing profusely. Sanskar got up and removed his shirt and came her top.
Swara put her palms on her eyes.

Sanskar: u won’t look at me.I m same hot and handsome what u say.
Swara: I m feeling shy.
Sanskar took her hand and rub on his chest.Soon he discarded their clothes and started loving her.Tears make their way through swara’s cheeks.Sanskar seeing her tears said
Sanskar: may I stop swara?
Swara shook her in no.Sanskar kisses her teary eyes. She hugged him tightly.
Sanskar was very gentle not harming her as he knew its new for her.
After getting all exhausted sanskar took her in his embrace and whispers

Sanskar: swara u are best thing that I got in my life.
Swara’s eyes were closed due to tirednesd but still she said
Swara: I love u Sanskar.(kiss his bare chest)
Sanskar: love u till infinity.
Soon sleep took over them.
Finally after two years of their marriage they completely become one.

Swasan are sleeping hugging each other.Swara opened her eyes as sun rays strike her face.Sanskar didn’t felt them as he had buried his face in the crook of her neck.
Swara felt pain in her body.She lovingly stared sanskar and blushes remembering last night. Sanskar also opened his eyes and saw swara staring him. Swara smiles looking at him.
Sanskar pull her closer and asked.
Sanskar: so Mrs maheshwari how r u feeling?
Swara(make faces): weird.

Sanskar( laughs): ok
Swara: Sanskar
Sanskar: hmm
Swara; I m feeling pain in my body.
Sanskar(kiss her forehead): its your first time that’s why.
Swara: u r also feeling?
Sanskar: no

Swara(shocked): it means it was not your first time.
Sanskar: shut up. I m strong and u r weak by eating chocolates and fast food.
Swara(annoyed): I m not weak.btw I will be able to run na?
Sanskar: hmm don’t worry take some more rest then u can run, jump whatever u want to do.
Swara: pakka.
Sanskar: hmm.
Swara: when we will do it again?

Sanskar: if u want I can do now only.
Swara(instantly): no let me recover from first one.
Sanskar(chuckles): okay.
Sanskar hugged him and said.
Sanskar: sleep for some more time.
Swara bury her face in his chest avoiding Sunrays and slept.

To be continued….

Precap: swasan roaming in goa and Sanskar jealous.

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    Amazing dear…Different romantic part, hot n bit funny romance! Loved it dear….

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