Naughty Billo (SwaSan ff) Season 2 Shot 3 by Marsuu

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Naughty Billo(SwaSan ff)
Shot 3:
Recap: swasan second meeting outside the university.

Bose House:
Shomi dida is sitting and pandit Ji is sitting in front of them.
Shomi: pandit Ji I’m really worried for swara. Her health remain spoiled and she is becoming stubborn day by day.
Pandit: yes I had seen her janam kundali(vedic birth chart) actually there is some problem in it that’s why she is like this.
Shomi(tensed): then what is solution for this???
Pandit: marriage swara should get married.
Dida: but she is small.
Pandit: many girls get married at 20 so if she get well than what’s the problem.
Shomi: okay we don’t have any problem.
Pandit: boy should be mature and elder.
Shomi: you only find some good boy.
Pandit Ji remember about Sanskar and said
Pandit: I know one boy he is doctor and 28 years old his family is finding girl I can talk to them about swara if you want.
Shomi: ma 8 years difference
Dida: hmm but its good he will be sensible and mature u know our swara.
Shomi: okay you can talk and inform us.
Pandit left from there taking swara’s photo.

Maheshwari house:
Pandit Ji came and talk to them about swara.
Pandit: she is 20 and studying you can see the pic.
Sujata saw the pic and smile.
Sujata: she is very beautiful didi(kaveri)
Kaveri: yes and she is small in age also to sanskar.
Sujata (excited): from my side it’s yes I always wanted daughter like her cute and bubbly.
Kaveri: yes we can meet them.
Pandit: so may I inform them that you are coming to see swara.
Kaveri: yes when is the good time.
Pandit: let me see(after finding he said) today evening.
Kaveri: okay then inform them.
Pandit: okay.
Sujata: I should tell Sanskar to come early.
Kaveri: hmm
Pandit Ji informed shomi about their arrival.

Bose house:
Shomi is tensed that everything will be fine or not.
Swara enter inside when shomi said
Shomi: swara one boy’s family is coming to see you so behave properly.
Swara: what? but I don’t want to get married.
Shomi: its needed swara try to understand.
Dida: yes swara try to understand
Swara: you both don’t love me.
She ran to her room.

Swara’s room:
Swara is biting her nails.
Swara: what should I do to break this marriage??? Whose help I should take.
That doctor he is intelligent and smart he will give me good idea to cancel the marriage.
She checked her all accounts but sanskar has not messaged her.
Swara: why he didn’t send any request? He don’t want to be my friend how can he do like this. I should go to his hospital.
Swara took her bag and ran out
Shomi(shouts): swara where are you going???
Swara: I will come back soon.
She took her bicycle and left to hospital. On the road people were looking at her with wide eyes bcoz she is cycling at jet speed.

Life care hospital:
After parking her cycle she went inside.
At reception
Swara: hello
Recp: yes
Swara: I want to meet doctor.
Recp: there are many doctors mam.
Swara: I mean sanskar doctor.
Recp: ohh you have appointment?
Swara: no but plz it’s really important.
Recp: sorry mam sir don’t meet without appointment.
Swara bite her lower lips thinking what to do.
Swara: something is there on your back wall.
Recp turn to see and swara ran from there.
Recp: mam plz wait
But she had already vanished.

Sanskar’s cabin:
Swara rushed inside without knocking.
Swara: sanskar I want to talk to you
Sanskar was already shocked but tried to act normal as patients were sitting.
Sanskar: swara I’m attending patients.
Swara look at two person sitting on front seat and said
Swara: plzz do fast.
Sanskar: sit there
He said pointing to sofa.
Later, patients left and swara came near sanskar.
Sanskar: what happened??
Swara: let’s go for coffee.
Sanskar: for this you came??
Swara: no I want your help plz come will talk there.
Sanskar: here only we can talk.
Swara: here too much medicine smell is coming plz.
Sanskar: wait.
Sanskar called recp.
Sanskar: is there any patient??
Recp: no sir
Sansjar: okay
He cut the call.
Sanskar: come
They came out.
Swara smile sheepishly at recp who was glaring her
Swara(shouts): sorry for making you fool.

Parking area:
Swara: Sanskar Will go on this.
She said pointing to her baby pink cycle
Sanskar: where I will sit??
Swara: back seat
Sanskar(signed): we will go in my car
Swara: okay but let me lock my cycle what if someone stole it??
She went to lock the car and sanskar take out his car.

Swasan sit on one table and order coffee.
Sanskar: tell
Swara: I’m in big problem.
Sanskar: that only tell me.
Swara: one boy is coming to see me and I want to cancel this marriage so give me some idea.
Sanskar (shocked): I don’t have any knowledge of this swara.
Swara: you are doctor can’t you use your brain. You are only my mature friend.
Sanskar: say directly that you don’t want to marry.
Swara: mamma is not going to listen me.
Sanskar: hmm then say you have boyfriend.
Swara: and the next moment my mother will kill me.
Sanskar: I know these ideas only I never thought this way.
Swara; you are also dumbo only,wait I will tell you the ideas and you tell me which one is best that we will use.
Sanskar: okay
Swara: I will say to the boy that I will marry only if you will open uncle chips shop for me and when he will not do then marriage cancel.
Sanskar give her unbelievable look here also she didn’t forget her uncle Chips.
Swara: how is this idea???
Sanskar: good but what if he will agree to open the shop.
Swara: yeah then listen another I will say I talk too much and also walk while asleep.
Sanskar: you really walk when sleeping???
Swara: no no that will be lie only.
Sanskar: swara such things are so simple no one will disagree.
Swara(pout): then I will ask to give dowry???
Sanskar: that is taken by boy not girl.
Swara: huh!!!everything boys take what about girls.
Sanskar: why u don’t want to marry.
Swara: that I don’t know but I’m not feeling to marry now.
Sanskar: your mother must have thought something that’s why she is marrying you.
Swara:hmm but you know what is best thing I like in the marriage?
Sanskar: what??

Swara: to apply hena(mehndi) on hands. I just love it.
Sanskar(smiles): so marry for hena only.
Swara: no I will say to the boy that I don’t want to marry.
Sanskar: that will be better and say you want to settle your career. so now let’s go.
Swara: okay but sanskar if boy will be handsome then I will add him in my boyfriend list who proposed me good idea and I will cut that lucky bucky also.
Sanskar: you are tooo much swara.
Swara: it’s compliment or insult.
Sanskar: of course compliment how can I insult you.
Swara: soo sweet let’s eat ice cream.
Sanskar: I have to go to hospital.
Swara: it will take only five mins.
Swara bought two ice creams (kulfi).
Swara: take it.
Sanskar: swara I don’t eat all this.
Swara: plzz.
Sanskar: you eat from my side I never ate outside food.
Swara; how u r alive then.
Sanskar: what you mean??
Swara: I will die without fast food.
Sanskar: swara its not healthy…..
When swara felt he is going to start lecture she cut him and said
Swara: let’s go sanskar your patients must be waiting how can you be this much careless.
Sanskar (narrow his eyes): good things you don’t want to listen na
Swara(shows her teeth): right.
They sit in the car and went to hospital.

Parking area(hospital):
Swara sit on her bicycle and said
Swara: thank you for helping me.
Sanskar: its okay
Swara: I will tell you what happened with that boy.
Sanskar: sure I will feel pity on him.
Swara laughs and started leaving. She suddenly took u turn can came back
Swara: one thing is left.
Sanskar: now what?
Swara: why you didn’t send me any request???
Sanskar: I don’t use social sites everyday when I will use I will send.
Swara:sure?? Otherwise I will not talk to you.
Sanskar: 100% sure now bye
Swara: bye.
Swara finally left from there and sanskar signed.
To be continued….

Precap: Sanskar came to see swara.
Both got shocked??????

You are liking naughty swara??? Or you want sensible one??? Let’s me know.
Don’t ignore bcoz I will go with majority.
Plzz don’t bash if you don’t like you can ignore.
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  1. Tweety_SwaSan

    Hilarious update dear… ?? I am unable to control my laugh… ??? Swara is such a crazy antique piece… ?? I love this naughty and cute bubbly Swara…Please don’t change her character… Poor Sanskaar felt pity on himself only.. ?? I can’t wait to read what happens when they see each other at Swara’s home…must be more than a dhamaka… Thank you dear… Tc…

    1. Mars

      Seriously sanskar will feel pity on himself???? when he will get to know that this cute crack piece is going to be his wife???????
      Let’s see what dmakaaa will happen when they will get to know the truth????
      Thank you so much dear will post next part soon tc??????

  2. NDSG

    ????????????????? damm hilarious SWARA?????????
    First of all thanks to Pandit ji??????? ap harmare SwaSan k relation judwane k lie. Sujju loves her DIL yup she is cute bubby?????????? .
    Dr Maheshwari now get ready for a kiddo wife… Kaveri ji is OK OK ??????
    But I’m damm sure she will suffer most by kiddo’s naughtiness????????

    Precap is awesome can’t wait for shocking reaction ???? of SwaSan. Swara is asking way to escape from the man who is going to be her hubby and she herself don’t know ??????

    1. Mars

      Sahi hai pandit Ji ne bna di jodi???
      Kaveri ki band bajegi ek baar swara ko ghar mai ane do?????
      Poor sanskuuuu ??????
      Thank you so much dear tc??????

    1. Mars

      Thank you dear tc???

  3. Harshita


    I m just imagining that scene….omg how will they react……

    Today’s epi was superp…..

    Update next soon marsuu

    1. Mars

      Awww thank you so much harshuu baby I will post next part soon tc????

  4. Vyshu10


    1. Mars

      Thank you dear tc???

  5. Mica

    i can’t imagine kaveri condition later,. omg!!!

    1. Mars

      It will be Kaveri Vs Swara???? thank you dear tc?????

  6. Gayathri.visu

    ROFL yaar! Damn hilarious…. Swara n her crazy ideas….uffff, can’t control my laughter! Sanskaar is pity on himself only….lol. Don’t know what will Sanskaar do, when he comes to know that poor boy is him only! Awww…..sujju…so sweet MIL. Like DIL, like MIL….ha ha ha, what a family?! Don’t change Swara n Suju’s characters dear. And sorry for not commenting on prev part.

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