Naughtiness and Madness SWASAN OS

Madness +Naughtyness=???(swa­san)OS

Hi friends ur friend DIVYA is back thank u for liking my previous os it’s means lot here my 2nd os actually I thought write it on os competition regarding to madness concept but I don’t know it already conducted results also announced no prb I just want to share first of all I want to thank my inspiration my darling friend Zuzu and dedicated to all d writers friends readers and today is my unty birthday I dedicated to her and dis day is my unforgettable happy saddest day in my life last year in dis day my mummy won in election yippee so happy day for me…I. m very lucky I hv get opportunity share my happiness I would like to admin

Then i.m writing in my mobile once I write in never check back again bec ur their to correct my mistake so I. M writing in pencil u erase my each mistake..

Pls don’t blush me if u want u can ur teeth..story begins now


Sanskar maheshweri:a 26 years smart boy who is mentally disabled from past 6 months due to his medical profession he is very intelligent student but due to low money he doesnt get doctor a result he became mental patient…

Swara gododia: 23 years naughty girl ..let me show how much naughty she is actually she is studying bsc in bangalore universty (don’t ask y she is still in studying bsc only she doesn’t give intrest to study..she has four best friends same naughty like swara..friends name Sammie, kriya,Isha, zeenia.swara character(screat )u can c at last I will reveal later. This friends gang called as five star gang…..

After their class all five crossing d road while crossing road swara hey stop ya..I dont know my stomach is crying

Friends :wat swara wat happen r u alright can we call people to call big ambulance.

Swara: stop it my stomach is crying bec my my stomach is hungry..

Sammie : swara if u say first only i would have ask laksh sir for money but ur asking middle of d silly girl ur


Kriya:k i hv one ideal

Friends :I forget till it comes to mouth

Swara : she flash with anyone has money.

Isha : if u beat with flowers also I don’t have one rupees..(bec I. M hidden princes)

Swara:k wear Burka and come with me..

She held five members went to full meal hotel(actually in bangalore some hotel are r full meal how much eat also we have to pay 4o rs..I use tat technique here….

Swara calls waiter pls bring one plate full meal…

Waiter:ma’am u r five members ur asking one plate

Swara:bhai ya they r fasting ramzon..

Zeenia:gives angry look to swara when we r fasting ramzon finished dr

Swara:sh sh

Waiter bring full meal and give to swara..tat time smart Sammie I too hungry pls give one sip yar..

Swara:wait Sammie u always urgent

Swara :bhai ya pls bring curd waiter went to bring curd tat time Sammie sit with swara place she eat as she can she eat curd like juice and ask waiter to bring chapatti. .then kriya take over d place she eat little..then she told waiter bhai ya super food I didn’t eat dis type food in my life I want to give big kiss to owner who invented dis hotel.and who is yummy. .then waiter get immersed k I will bring another cup rice at time Isha take over she eat tat like hiddenly..later our silent zeenia took over d place she told swara I. M feeling so nervous we should not do like us god will not like us he will give punishment

Swara.shup up zeenia u eat simply..we don’t won’t god to like us it’s enough smart boy to like us u just order boost and leave d place..later swara took over d place..waiter bring boost and gives to swara..bhai ya can u bring d bill…k beta..

Swara: at instant swara put biology fav cockroach at tat time Sammie stop it swara it’s old techniq they will get doubt u give tat glass she mixed boost with curd and little water and call who is d owner…..

Owner running as like earthquake is happening …

Swara:Chi wat is dis I thought dis is good hotel clean hotel no one is comming to dis hotel to give some lucky I came to here but Wat u hv done instead of adding filter water fir boost u g

Have given corporation water Chi I can’t tolerate dis even i tolerate also my friends doesn’t tolerate wat dey think of me ..even they fasting how can they tolerate smell Chi Chi I won’t stand one sec I will give complaint to who..

Owner:ma’am sorry I doesn’t know filter water is d screat of ur time dis doesn’t happen pls forgive us..

Swara:k due to dis waiter bhai ya I. M leaving from today onwards u should increase ur salary k got it now I. M time

Owner k ma’am. Then five star gang leave d place they laugh whole heartedly..then they rush to bus which is so rush..

Sammie:swara today I forget my pass yar

Swara:chill yar I too forget daily don’t cry tat doesn’t suit for you…

Only zeenia she is obi dent girl her name is zeenia mohamad khanna…Dr five friends took different place…first conductor ask swara to show d place as bus is so much rush he see only and give d pass..later he move smart Sammie she only raise her hand uncle my pass..

Conductor:k if he c also wat d use we can only c ur eyes nothing more than tat..wat their to c..later at last he move move to silent zeenia she is full shivering atlast he ask r u relations..

Isha:ya close relation like we belong to same name…

Friends dis our swara more naughty full sweet..

So i decide dis swara to marry our sanskar but how it possible everything possible for me.

Actually swara parents and sanskar parents r close friends but swara parents doesn’t know about condition..with blankly they married to seeing sanskar photo she agree to marriage.

Before marriage day sujata and rp come with proposal they show d photo to swara..swara is so happy she marring so cute smart boy she is very happy.after sujata and rp departure..sumi ask swara did u k with proposal tomorrow only marriage..

Swara:very happy inside mom I don’t want to marry so early boy also not tat much smart like me. Anyway I will not say no to u ma..pls call sharuk khan and tell to him..I. m marrying tomorrow come and c me last time after marriage I won’t date with him my husband doesn’t like it..he feel sad I don’t want to c blood coming in his eyes after tat swara move to washroom he lock d door she just dancing wow tomorrow I m marrying I. M getting smart boy (she doesn’t know he is …..?)


First night room

Swara deeply waiting to c sanskar smart face then she c sanskar is coming with their parents holding two hands..she thinks tat he is tired due to heavy marriage. Sujji and rp leave inside they told dont make noise k..after their departure suddenly swara close d door staring his face lovingly ..

Sanskar:vo vo..

Swara:washroom is their u can use it and she saw d washroom


Swara:u can use it

After going washroom sanskar came back to room.again swara stare lovingly she touch his face

Sanskar :no rape Me

Swara:who rape u

Sanskar:don’t rape me


Sanskar :knife

Sw:no no I. M ur wife no knife

Sanskar I want want mummy mummy

Swara:y mummy I. M ur wife

Again sanskar mummy mummy suddenly swara mummy mummyyy she falls down. ..

Scene 3

After tat incident swara sanskar is in nimans hospital..both r their for treatment(as sanskar parents thought after marriage he can forget his sorrow and try to become normal so they lie to swara parents and marry to sanskar..but now god makes swara also made did she really become mad….???

In nim ans for mentally disabled people they leave in rooms..swara sanskar along them 2 patient name divya and anu (my sis )if i add any name they may feel bad so…

As hospital conducting strike due to some salary prb their is no treatment for any patient. Those patient condition is initial stages they r kept inside d hospital…

.strike day

Suddenly one man by miss take he enters to sanskar room…in sanskar room as sanskar desire to become a doctor his room some wat like doctor clinic only..he is sitting in d table

Man:may I come in

Doc:come in

Man :r u doc ….

San:I. M doc sanskar new doctor

Takes d seat u Mr

He sits

Doc:what’s d prb

Man:actually my spinal cord is paining has like my brain paining

San:u doc swara divya anu pls book ambulance emergency it’s emergency

Swara:dr sanskar we can give treatment here only today is Sunday its holiday for bus so ambulance at all..

San:k shift him to operation room dis 4 people through him to bed

Man:y ur doing operation

Swara:no operation only surgery

DIVYA and anu fighting I want his leg

DIVYA :no no I won’t his leg

Anu:no no I won’t his leg

Swara:stop both fighting for leg divya u take right hand I will take left hand anu u take right leg and sanskar u dill with left leg suddenly anu beat man right hand has ant is sitting on his hand..

Divya:ur beating my hand ah take it now she beat his right leg..

Anu:I beat slowly ur beating hardly how dare to beat my leg..

Divya :she again beat his leg take it take take it my hand is little small ur beating tat only

Anu:but c my leg is more big ur is thin thin.

Swara :compare to both hands my hand is white ur hand and leg r black ur black

DIVYA and anu write black ah c now I will do white..later they both bring bandage and they do full bandage to right leg and hand

DIVYA and anu :now c swara whose leg and hand is white ours only

Swara:no no mine only if i beat ur leg and hand it will broke it become black again

DIVYA and anu:Urs side will break now ur black

Swara:brings cissor and start cutting bandage

Here divya and anu bring another cissors start digging swara portion anu his digging with blade

Here man can’t say anything his mouth banned with plaster omg..

Sanskar :atlast stupid it i.m here searching for spinal cord ur doing operation…keep dis patient in special ward till we get spinal cord no operation for him…thank god he is safe..

Same day afternoon all r deeply thinking about where is spinal cord where it wents where it gone….suddenly they here d noise of pregnant women..suddenly they rushed to sanskar room..

Patient (husband):doc pls save my wife doc

San:let me c

Swara:u can admit to other hospital y u bring here

San:bec I. M very famous doc in dis bangalore(he doesnt know where is spinal cord located then how he do operation tomorow breaking news for news channel.)

San: pls shift dis patient to ice emergency (all cases r emergency for dis for people)

They slowly lie lady to d bed bec she had big lady screaming ma pls doc pls do operation fast I can’t tolerate dis pain doc pls

Swara sanskar divya anu takes position

Sanskar touch her baby bumble he feels physical vibration something striking in his mind

Swara: omg wat dis sanskar going dis is life and death matter wat to god pls save her

San: pls hold her hand leg tightly don’t leave any case

Swara:found little changes in sanskar behaviour

San start bumbing stomach it’s it’s over pls control control later he recalls his medical classes and he c many film like 3 idiots bring baby to d world like tat four idiots struggling to bring bad outside atlast baby ah ah aha hu huge ha ha

Swara: yippee baby came out she took d baby give to mother.lady raise his two hand and say thank you…then she look sanskar side sanskar lying unconsciously..dis side divya and anu their r not leaving lady hand and leg like not to leave ever..

Swara :sanskar pls get up sanskar due to scream all doctor rush to cabin and c d happening and later check sanskar and gives sanskar get his memory back by dis his sincerity humbleNess he is appointed has a neuro he is very happy only thing is due to him swara had become mental so he thought to cure her..he go to swara room means seeing her face he can understand strange feeling in her face (bec he also face same prb more than he is intelligent doctor)

San:swara y ur lieing tell me

Sw:what I. M lieing dr.sanskar

Sanskar:it’s k i.m only do u know swara yesterday I got one dream on tat we both roaming park in tat park their is a small 2 pounds..swara do u know I fall in honey pound u fall in dirty waste water…I then later i c ur face u c my face it’s very feeling swara..

Swara:ayyo sanskar I too got same dream when u fall in honey pound I fall in dirty waste water after tat I get hungry I eat ur honey u eat my dirty waste very sweet know sanskar

San:swara I know u are alright anta

Swara:yes I. M alright sanskar

San:y ur staying here only r u planning for baby

Swara:s sanskar I. M booking advanced delivery seat here only then admission children we can do here only…


Swara:it’s enough I. M joking k don’t waste time it’s already late I want to rape u..


Swara :come home i will do in detail…

Screen shift to sanskar bedroom

Sanskar holding milk in his hand and makes swara to drink it while drinking one small kid type pug sleeping under d table looking film without ticket..her name is ruby pull sanskar shirt suddenly he turns back Chi u here wat r u doing.

Swara:hey ruby my darling wat ur doing here oh sleeping under d bed come up.

Ruby:comes up

Swara:did u eat anything

Ruby;by shaking no no

Swara:by d way ruby he is ur jiju..say hi to him

Ruby:by big eye ur doing honeymoon wait I will do something..

San:hi ruby ur very fat.

K swara now u send her out I.m getting sleep

Swara:no sanskar she always sleep with me by ur sake I can’t leave her..

San:let it be shall I proceed

Swara:k then she close her eyes

San:bring his face to kiss her he move closer closer only little gap is their suddenly pull from back she is our ruby

San:wat u want ruby

Swara : by d way sanskar I forget to tell in childhood days on ways we r like friends wat ever I will do she is so do same thing so today I marry u..ur not only husband ur her husband also.whatever ur going to do u have to same thing otherwise she won’t permit to anything

San:wat dis swara how can I do everything do her if it possible

Swara:I don’t know u hv to do same thing then she close her eyes

San:unwillingly he move closer he kissed her forhead.ruby standing beside swara.

San leans towards ruby he kiss is forhead

San.again put leans towards swara s lip and thought it’s difficult to kiss pug lip..

So he put hand swara’s shoulder..then he slowly hold swara’s waist to made her to sleep here ruby staring angrily bec he didn’t touch her shoulder or waist she just started Barking (like u need swara not me)then she hold sanskar shirt..

San:ruby pls leave me how can I do everything to u ur dog we r human try to understand ruby.

Here ruby gets still more angry she start to scratch and later she bite and start chasing to give love mourning bites.

Swara:I told know sanskar y can’t u do same thing with her she is also girl she so has some feeling sanskar…

Here ruby not leaving sanskar she biting

If say something she started to bark bow bow..

Later doze off ruby is ur turn u take care him I won’t interfere with both..god night

San: omg y u married me to dis crazy girl instead of dis ruby y can’t u give her younger sister…then i easily intimate with her and will stay with shiva .oh God in next life before marriage I want to ask do u hv dog in ur house..if they have means I shouldn’t marry….then where dis ruby

Ruby sleeping calmly with sanskar shoulder. .

Sanskar:Chi wat position I get ah

Ruby:bow bow bow…(hey don’t scold for sanskar position actually dog is a God my pug always sleep with my shoulder it’s my inspiration..its so human being..

K friends dis is d story I took 5 hours to type dis if u wish u can comment I don’t force anyone..

Lastly swara character is play by Nidhi marda

Lastly pls don’t take dog to ur first night hope u don’t have a dog..

Next os on teenage crush comming shortly in ur fb

Thank u to all my especially dis day is d happiest day..those who whish me on my birthday I would thank to u and dedicated specially for you. .be happy no BP. …

Actually I don’t need to say thank to u bec ur my sis whatever I rite u include in tat ur part of my family….anyways a big Cadbury thank you….
Wat about photo dr..

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