“The nature is the place where you will realize the meaning of love again” Episode 4

“The nature is the place where you will realize the meaning of love again” Episode 4
Guys every episode has a title so I will always add all the links if you missed any episodes… If you want I will make it longer… I think you guys know me…. But hi guys I am… any guesses….… This is my second story based on Ragsan… But anyways this is my second Ragsan story with a few episodes… Please don’t hate on me… I am not from Asia I am from England so please do bear with me!!!! If I do anything wrong… Anyways let’s start!!! (I am Nusz aha)
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New Character
Doctor Priya Sharma (Nia Sharma)
Anush Kapoor (Shivansh Kotia)
At Ragini’s house
Ragini and Janki finally return home… Ragini then goes to her room and smiles remembering Sanskar…
Ragini: I don’t know why but I feel like I met him before…
Ragini gets really happy because she can’t stop thinking about Sanskar…
She then puts something on her radio and the song Mere Khwabon Mein plays
Ragini then takes her duppata and starts dancing to the song… Janki and Dadi don’t hear because the door is locked…
Ragini: “Mere Khwaabon Mein Jo Aaye Aake Mujhe Chhed Jaaye Mere Khwaabon Mein Jo Aaye
Aake Mujhe Chhed Jaaye Use Kahon Kabhi Saamne To Aaye Mere Khwaabon Mein Jo Aaye
Aake Mujhe Chhed Jaaye Use Kahon Kabhi Saamne To Aaye Mere Khwaabon Mein Jo Aaye”
She starts dancing on her bed and sees it’s raining outside… Janki then hears her and she runs into her room…
Ragini hugs Janki with happiness and then runs downstairs to her backyard and starts playing in the rain…
Ragini: Kaisa Hai Kaun Hai Wo Jaane Kahan Hai Ho Kaisa Hai Kaun Hai Woh Jaane Kahan Hai
Jiske Liye Mere Hoton Pe Aah Hai Apna Hai Ya Begana Hai Wo Sach Hai Ya Koi Afsana Hai Wo
Dekhe Ghur Ghur Ke Yunhi Door Door Se Use Kahon Meri Neend Na Churaye Mere Khwaabon Mein Jo Aaye Aake Mujhe Chhed Jaaye Use Kahon Kabhi Saamne To Aaye Mere Khwaabon Mein Jo Aaye
Ragini starts dancing with an umbrella on her hand and then Janki comes there and pulls her ear but she’s dancing even more… Ragini starts running like a little kid and Janki runs after her with her slipper… Ragini laughs while this is happening…
Ragini: Jadoo Se Jaise Koi Chalne Laga Hai Ho Jadoo Se Jaise Koi Chalne Laga Hai Main Kya Karun Dil Machalne Laga Hai Tera Deewana Kehta Hai Wo Chup Chup Se Phir Kyon Rahta Hai Wo Kar Baitha Bhool Wo Le Aaya Phool Wo Use Kaho Jaaye Chaand Leke Aaye
Ragini then sits on the ground and starts laughing… Then Janki sits near her… She tells her love is amazing… Janki laughs and starts dancing with her… She then throws her dupptta and dances even more…
Ragini: Mere Khwaabon Mein Jo Aaye Aake Mujhe Chhed Jaaye Mere Khwaabon Mein Jo Aaye
Aake Mujhe Chhed Jaaye Use Kahon Kabhi Saamne To Aaye.
Janki and Ragini dance back inside the house while Ragini smiles remembering Sanskar again…
The song end with Ragini dancing under the rain before entering her house again…
At Sanskar’s house
Sujata: Sanskar how are you feeling today?
Sanskar: Ma, I don’t feel like going there anymore…
Sujata: Sanskar please this is for your own good
Sanskar: I don’t want this goodness anymore… I feel like I am good for nothing
Sujata: Why do you always think badly about yourself? Just try to understand the situation here
Sanskar: I’ve been doing that for ages…
Sujata: I know that…
Sanskar: Ma I want to go to sleep, we can talk about this tomorrow…
Sujata: Fine, you go to sleep but remember one thing Sanskar… When you smile everything around you will grow with happiness again
Sanskar (In mind): Why does my mom sound like that Ragini who talks about her melodrama?
Sujata then leaves the room while Sanskar is sitting on his bed and thinking about some things.
Sanskar: I wonder how this Ragini looks I don’t know what kind of person she is… But I know she’s a nicer girl… But her stupid stories always want to me to go sleep… I feel bored while listening to them…
Sanskar then clicks the button and all the lights go off automatically… Sanskar then slowly lies down on his bed…
Sanskar: I don’t even feel like going tomorrow…But what choice do I have? I promised my Ma and I can’t break…
Sanskar then slowly closes his eyes and gets some flashbacks
Girl: Bol Do Na Halke Halke…
Sanskar: I love you
Girl: I love you too Sanskar…
Sanskar: Promise you won’t leave me?
Girl: We have been together for almost two years…
Sanskar: That’s why I love you…
Girl: I will see you tomorrow…
Sanskar: You too…
Next day
Sanskar: Today I will propose her for marriage…
Sanskar then goes to her house and sees a guy hugging her…
Guy: I love you so much…
Girl: I love you too
Guy: Then why you with Sanskar
Girl: Ugh I hate him so much… His so annoying but only reason I am with him is because I need his money…
Guy: Now I have everything and you can leave him
Girl: I never loved you for money tho
Guy: I know but you have to leave him
Girl: I am I hate him anyways
Sanskar’s heart is shattered into pieces after listening to this… He drops the ring and flowers and gets into his car and starts drinking while driving… He remembers the moments he spent with her and then how she hugged another guy… Then a truck was coming he hits… BLAM!!!
Flashback ends
Sanskar screams…
Sujata runs into the room
Sujata: Sanskar are you okay?
Sanskar: I am sorry Ma, I shouldn’t have screamed like that…
Sujata: No it’s okay I know you aren’t over
Sanskar: I have to forget her…
Sujata: Sanskar do you want a glass of water?
Sanskar: No Ma I am fine, you should go back to sleep and I am sorry for breaking your sleep too.
Sujata: It’s okay Sanskar also you should go back to sleep and if you need anything just call me…
Sujata leaves the room and Sanskar switches the lights off again…
Sanskar then closes his eyes and goes to sleep…
Ragini’s house
Janki: What is wrong with you today?
Ragini: I think I am in love…
Dadi: Uff here we start again
Ragini: Oh Dadi I promise this is a real one
Dadi: I need to go to sleep, we will talk tomorrow
Ragini: You’re so mean Dadi
Dadi: Thank you very much
Janki laughs
Janki: Okay Ragini now why were you dancing all of a sudden
Ragini: Ma I am in love…
Janki: Really with SRK?
Ragini: No Ma, not SRK
Janki: AK?
Ragini: No, AK, SRK or SK.
Janki: Then who is it?
Ragini: Some guy in my class
Janki: Huh??
Ragini: His very sweet but went through a lot… I really want to see him smile… I have a feeling his smile is beautiful
Janki: Oh so my daughter is in love?
Ragini: Yes Ma I am in love
Janki: Okay you can do the love tomorrow, but look at the time
Ragini: Oh god it’s almost 1 o clock
Janki: Yes and you need proper sleep before going to sleep
Ragini: Okay Ma I will talk to you tomorrow, goodnight
Janki: Goodnight Pagal Ragini
Ragini laughs while leaving…
Janki (In mind): That Ragini who hated love changed so much… I hope that guy will keep her happy… I would love to meet him because I don’t want Ragini’s future to be ruined like mines… (She smiles and then turns the lights off…. She then goes to sleep too)
Ragini’s House in the morning/Mental Health Care
Ragini wakes up quickly and eats breakfast that her mom made and says bye to her Dadi and Janki… She then catches an auto and arrives at the Mental Health Care… She sees the little kids and others but doesn’t see Sanskar and thinks he might be late…
Ragini: Hello everyone
Adults: Hello Ragini Ma’am
Kids: Hello Ragini Didi
Ragini: Well today I want everyone to go to their groups… and remember you get a gift today
Adults: That’s awesome
Kids: Yippee I can’t wait for the gift
Ragini then turns around and sees Sanskar entering the place with another doctor
Doc Priya: Hey Ragini I will take over a bit remember you wanted to take Sanskar out
Ragini: Thanks so much Priya
Doc Priya: No problem Ragini, and trust me he doesn’t even say a word
Ragini: I will make him speak don’t worry
Doc Priya: Okay I will see you later
Ragini then leaves with Sanskar
A beautiful place
Sanskar: Where are you taking me?
Ragini: I promised you, I will take you along with a place filled with nature and a waterfall…
Sanskar: Did you forget I can’t see…
Ragini: But you can feel right?
Sanskar: I want to go back to the MHC (Mental Health Care)
Ragini: Not now, I want to tell you something about nature…
Sanskar: I don’t want to hear it…
Ragini: Well you will have too
Sanskar: You’re very irritating and you that
Ragini: Thank you for the compliment
Sanskar: No problem (He makes a weird face and Ragini smiles seeing that)
Ragini takes Sanskar near a waterfall and they sit there…
Ragini: This is my favorite place… I would always come here with my mom
Sanskar: Why are you telling me all this
Ragini: You’re boring and a loser
Sanskar: Excuse me? That’s very rude
Ragini: Is that so?
Sanskar: Yes it is
Ragini: Prove something for me
Sanskar: Huh?
Ragini: I want to see you smile
Sanskar: What kind of dare is that?
Ragini: Okay you’re a coward then
Sanskar: You’re funny; you probably like pigs (He starts laughing)
Ragini smiles while looking at him
Ragini: You know something?
Sanskar: What it is? (He still laughing)
Ragini: Your laugh is very cute and probably when you smile it’s cuter….
Sanskar becomes quiet and Ragini stares at him…
Sanskar: Why are you telling me this?
Ragini: Because I like your smile (She says with a smile)
Sanskar: Ragini can I ask you something?
Ragini: Yea go ahead?
Sanskar: Why are you helping me? What will you get by doing this? Do you even know me that well? Do you know what my past is? Who I exactly loved? How I got betrayed? Why I hate love so much?
Ragini: I don’t need to know you… I feel like I met you before… But I know you’re a good hearted guy….
Sanskar becomes quiet…
Ragini: “The nature is the place where you will realize the meaning of love again”
Sanskar: What how do you know that?
Ragini: If you feel your heart and then you will realize…
Sanskar: I don’t believe in love anymore… I loved this one girl but I never saw her again… But then another girl entered my life and changed everything…
Ragini: Why don’t you tell me about yourself?
Sanskar: I don’t want to talk to about it right now…
Aadha Ishq plays
Ragini: I want to show you something else (She holds his hand and they walk together)
Sanskar: Ragini wait…
“Namkeen si baat hai har nayi si baat mei Teri khusbu chal rahi hai jo mere saath mein Halka halka rang bitay kal Gehra gehra kal ho jaayega ho jaayega (Aadha ishq aadha hai adha ho jaayege Kadmon se meelon ka vaada ho jaayega) – 2”
Ragini is holding Sanskar’s hand and they’re walking together… Ragini tells Sanskar everything about nature and he gets bored but tries to impress her…
Ragini: I know you’re getting bored…
Sanskar: No I am not
Ragini: I will show you a garden filled with bunnies
Sanskar: Oh great…
“Beshumaar raatein behisab baatein Pass aate aate gum ho jaati hai Bekhudi mein dhal ke bekali mein jal ke Sau hazaare yaadein nam ho jaati hai Phika phika pal bitay kal ka Mehka mehka kal ho jaayega ho jaayega Aadha ishq aadha hai adha ho jaayega Kadmon se meelon ka vaada ho jaayega) – 2”
Ragini makes Sanskar hold a bunny on his hand… Ragini is playing with the bunnies and Sanskar feels something different around her…
Ragini: Don’t you feel the fur?
Sanskar: Yes I have…
“Aadha ishq ….. Intezar sa hai imtehaan sa hai Itmenaan sa hai kya hai na jane Itra rahi hai itna hui hai Inteh hui hai kaise na jaane Chalka chalka pal bitay kal ka Tehra tehra kal ho jaayega ho jaayega”
Ragini is loving the animals
Ragini: I love bunnies so much
Sanskar (In mind): Why are you showing so much love towards me Ragini, what relationship do we have?
Aadha ishq aadha hai adha ho jaayege Kadmon se meelon ka vaada ho jaayega) – 2 Aadha ishq
The song ends while Ragini is looking at Sanskar…
Ragini: Sanskar I think we should go back
Sanskar: Huh?
Ragini: Do you wanna go back?
Sanskar: Yea sure…
They both leave the beautiful place
Back at the Mental Health Care
Ragini: Thank you Priya for keeping an eye on everyone
Doc Priya: Everyone is so nice here
Ragini: Yes they’re
Doc Priya: How was it working with Sanskar?
Ragini: His actually very nice
Doc Priya: That’s awesome, okay Ragini I need to go I will see you tomorrow
Ragini: Okay Bye Priya…
Ragini: Okay everyone let’s get back to making stuff
Little Kid: Ragini Didi can we play a game?
Ragini: What is it Anush?
Anush: Can we play truth and dare?
Ragini: But why right now?
Anush: Please Ragini Didi?
Ragini: Fine Anush
Anush: But I want to play with him
Ragini: But Anush
Anush: Please Ragini Didi
Ragini: Okay let’s go
Anush and Ragini go near and Sanskar with him
Ragini: Sanskar, Anush wants to play a game with you
Sanskar: I am not in the mood to play any games
Ragini: Please just for Anush?
Sanskar: Hm okay then…
Anush: Okay Ragini Didi you first
Ragini: Okay I choose Dare…
Anush: I dare you to kiss Sanskar Bahia on the cheeks
Sanskar gets shocked and Ragini is shy…
Anush: Do it!
Sanskar: She won’t do that because it’s not right…
Ijazat starts playing
Ragini: Um but Anush
Anush: You have to do it
Sanskar: That’s not right…
Anush: You have so much attitude towards people
Sanskar: Thank you
Ragini then goes near Sanskar and kisses him on the cheeks…
“Kaise bataaye, kaise jataaye Subah tak tujhme jeena chahein Bheege labon ki, geeli hansi ko
Peene ka mausam hai peena chahein”
Sanskar was shocked by her sudden move…
Anush: So cute hehe (He quickly leaves the place)
Ragini then kisses Sanskar on the left cheek… She stares at him…
“Ik baat kahoon kya ijazat hai Tere ishq ki mujhko aadat hai Ik baat kahoon kya ijazat hai
Tere ishq ki mujhko.. Aadat hai o.. aadat hai.. Aadat hai o.. aadat hai..”
Ragini then kisses his right cheek and whispers something…
Ragini: When you blush you look cute…
Ragini was about to leave when Sanskar holds her hand…
“Ehsaas tere aur mere toh Ik dooje se judd rahe Ik teri talab mujhe aisi lagi Mere hosh bhi udne lage”
Sanskar then pulls her back and their faces are close together… He then touches her face and Ragini closes her eyes…
Ragini: What are you doing Sanskar? The kids are going to see…
Sanskar: They can’t we’re on the other side…
“Mujhe milta sukoon teri baahon mein Jannat jaisi ek raahat hai”
Ragini: Sanskar are you even thinking right now?
Sanskar: Whenever you touch me why do I feel so different around you?
Ragini: I don’t know…
Sanskar: I know I can’t see but I feel you every time…
“Ik baat kahoon kya ijazat hai Tere ishq ki mujhko aadat hai Ik baat kahoon kya ijazat hai Tere ishq ki mujhko.. Aadat hai o.. aadat hai.. Aadat hai o.. aadat hai..”
He then pulls her waist towards him… She then stars moving…
Ragini: What are you doing Sanskar?
Sanskar: Who are you? What connection do I have with you?
Sanskar then kisses Ragini on the left cheek too…
Ragini: Sanskar…
Sanskar: Shush…
“Kyun sabse juda, kyun sabse alag Andaaz tere lagte.. Besaakh ta hum saaye se tere Har shaam lipat’te hain Har waqt mera, qurbat mein teri Jab guzre toh ibadat hai”
Sanskar then goes to her right cheek and kisses her there…
Ragini: Do you have any idea what you’re doing right now…
Sanskar: I have never met a girl like you before…
Ragini: What do you mean?
Sanskar: There is something about you…
Ragini: Sanskar please let me go…
Sanskar: Can you sing me a song?
“Ik baat kahoon kya ijazat hai Tere ishq ki mujhko aadat hai Ik baat kahoon kya ijazat hai Tere ishq ki mujhko.. Aadat hai o.. aadat hai.. Aadat hai o.. teri aadat hai..”
The song ends with Ragini and Sanskar very close to each other…
Sanskar: I wanna hear you sing…
Ragini: But why…
Sanskar: Because I think I know you….
Ragini then gets shocked…
The episode ends…
Moral – “A point when you feel like you know that person after all, but you finally fall for them”
Recap: Ragini sings Teri Galliyan for Sanskar and he gets shocked hearing her voice… Sanskar kisses Ragini on the forehead and she gets confused… Ragini then promises Sanskar to make him happy again… They both go outside to have ice-cream but Sanskar tries to ignore her… A girl comes there and says you selfish girl stop blocking my way and Sanskar is shocked to hear her voice… Anush says Mom what are you doing? Sanskar tells Ragini to promise something…

(By the way, if you’re reading this ff, please do comment your ideas and how is the story going for you. Also love you all aha x)
Btw I’ll post the next episode maybe Monday July 6th 2016 or Tuesday July 7th 2016. But till then please bear with me if I can’t. Till then bye, bye He-he ((:
Thank you so much for enjoying this, please do comment and silent readers I need to know if you want me to make this Fan-Fiction longer or not!! Till then enjoy Episode 4!! (Also there might be some grammar errors because I didn’t read over my work aha)

Love you guys Nusz aha xx.

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