Natik and Akshara unexpected love part 5

A notices N being worried in d engagement
A steals the moment and brings him aside
she cups his face
” don’t be worried, we will solve that issue….smile, what if anyone questioned u seeing u so”
after the engagement
Rituraj takes A aside and starts scolding her
” the food was so spicy….is this ur company and ur standard? speak up u blo*dy…”
A: ” how dare u called me blo*dy…mind ur tongue Mr. Rituraj…..and if the food was so spicy why didn’t u scolded me in front of everyone…..u didn’t because the food wasn’t spicy…stop lying Rituraj……why r u after me and Rohan..”
A leaves from there
N sees A crying
N: ” Akshara???”
A wipes her tears
N: ” why r u crying?”

” no m not”
” u r…..speak up”
”Rituraj keeps insulting me without reason…..”
N gets angry and he walks to his in rage
A follows him to stop him
he kicks open the door and pulls Rituraj out of d bed and starts punching him in d stomach
A: ” stop it….please…naitik”
Rituraj kicks him away
N falls on d floor
and Rituraj jumps over him……he punches him in d cheek
A cries
she shouts and calls everyone
everyone gathers there
they pull Rituraj and N away
N: ” aaj ke baad kisi bhi larki se baat karne se phele soo bar soochna”
BM also asks Rituraj to be decent
they take A with them
BM consoles A
” i m fine”

next day
A proves Mohit quilty in college
he gets suspended for a week for lying
the wedding ends

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