Natik and Akshara unexpected love part 4

A was in the garden, having morning tea
she hears the car engine dying roar
she turns and sees N
A: ” i shall say him sorry for last night’s behaviour”
she calls N
N begins to walk inside d house
A pulls him by his arm
” i m calling u”
she sees tears in his eyes
A skips a heartbeat
she had never seen N so depressed 
” Naitik”
before A could ask anything, N quickly hugs her
A doesn’t wrap her arms around him at once, but when he begins sobbing and crying
she quickly tightens her arms around him 
” Naitik….kya howa hai?”
” dard ho raha hai Akshara…bohut dard…..”
A pulls herself outside of his arms
A holds his hand in hers 
N keeps wiping like a child
he puts his other hand on his heart
” dard ho raha hai…yahan pe”
A pulls him into d car and starts driving d car
she stops d car once they reach outside the house 

A: ” shadi wala ghar hai…agar koi apko aese dekh leta toh sab upset ho jate”
N: ” Akshara kash mein bhi tumari tara dance kar ke…khush ho kar…pagal ho kar apna dard kaam kar saakta…”
A: ” ap bhi pagal ban jao na….per phele bato na baat kya hai”
N: ” mera final project…Rituraj ki shadi ki wajah se mein college nahi ja raha tha…iss liye meine apne dost Mohit ko apni assignment deti…aur usse meri assignment ko apni assignment bana kar sir ko summit karwa di….Akshara mein fail ho gaya…..kuch nahi bacha…na dosti…na college…..”
A: ” Naitik nahi….nahi please don’t lose hope….u gave me strength and now u r urself breaking down…..u have to prove urself right and Mohit wrong”
N: ” pata nahi….kuch samaj nahi araha..bus abhi mujhe kuch nahi karna…..let me stay alone”
A holds his hand again
” i wouldn’t leave u alone…..”
” then will u help me ease this pain?”
” yes off course i will”
” pakka?”
” han Naitik pakka… tum khao ke hum wohi kare ke…..jis cheez se tumara dard kaam ho saakta hain”
N thinks
A asks again 
” what do u want?”
” i want you!”
A gets stunned….she leaves his hand
N looks at her
as a child who looks at a toy with a deep desire to get it
” will u be able to give me YOU”
A opens d car door and gets out
N gets out of the car too
N walks to her
N takes her hand and places it on his heart
” mere dil ki har darkan tumein panna jati hai”
suddenly the sky gets filled with dark clouds 

it begins to rain
N pulls A’s hand
N: ” come inside the car….”
A pulls his hand away
he looks at her 
She stands on her toes and wraps her arms around him
pulling N’s face closer to her
A had a new spark in her eyes 
she smiles brings her lips near N’s 
her pulls down one of her arm to the corner of her dupptta 
she covers herself and N by the dupptta
inside d dupptta, N opens his lips slightly and closes eyes 
N and A drive back home hand in hand
A: ” don’t tell d family about Mohit’s cheating now…we will solve that issue together…..”
N nodes
and kisses her hand
A pulls her hand out of his
” we r at home now Naitik”
she blushes and runs inside d house
BM asks: ” where were u?”
A blushes
BM asks again
N walks by 
A: ” mummy ki yaad arahi thi iss liye walk karne jali gayi thi”
Rituraj: ” mummy ki itni yaad arahi hai toh wapis jali jao na”
A: ” shadi karwa doon apki…phir jali jao ki aur kabhi wapis nahi ao ki”
She walks away
N hears this gets angry 
he follows A to her room
he shuts d door and locks it
A: ” kya kar rahe ho Naitik???”
N pushes A on d bed 
he shouts 
” shadi ke baad tum jali jao ki aur kabhi phir iss ghar mein na ao ki….huh????”
A: ” Naitik mein wedding decorator hoon aur shadi ke baad wapis toh jana hi hoga na….i can’t stay here forever…”
N: ” why can’t u?”
A: ” because i have no relation or right to live here”
N: ” what about our relation?”
A: ” i can’t stay here in return of this relationship”
N: ” then what will allow u to stay here….marriage?”
A gets surprised
N pulls A up from d bed 
N: ” i m ready to give this relationship a name”
A smiles
A: ” i m glad that u r not just passing time with me…..but N u r in college now….u need to graduate….start work…..only then we can marry…..i started doing job in such a young age because i needed to fulfill d demands of my family”
N: ” u r right…i need to establish myself and then i will come to ur home and ask for ur hand from ur parents”
A smiles
Rohan talks about the engagement decorations
” we should decorate the house with colourful sheets instead of typical flowers…..i would be unique and different”
Rohan shakes A’s shoulder
Rohan: ” where r u lost?”
A: ” nothing Naitik”
Rohan: ” Naitik? yar i m Rohan”
A: ” sorry…..han…kya sheets..yeah great……letsstart d work”
Rohan: ” ek minute…u know those bangles which N told Devyani bought for u were actually bought by N”
A: ” what? really?”
she smiles

Rituraj and Vidhi get engaged…..
A goes to N’s college to solve d issue

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