Natik and Akshara unexpected love new season parts 1 and 2


Natik and Akshara un expected love story part 1
Hi everyone this is Kiran and Ahtayyab we are continuing with a new story an unexpected turn so read this new season wont get a lot of posts until April or march due to exams I will try to post everyday

Devyani: ” hello, han…han beta bus mein abhi kisi ko bejati hoon apko linee ke liye…wese apka naam kya hai?”
” jee Akshara….please jaldi kisi ko bejde”
” han beta theek hai….”
Devyani looks around sees N sitting on his laptop on d dinning table
” Naitik suno”
” hmmmm???”
” beta shadi ki decoration ke liye jo decorator boli thi woh pooch gai hai…she is waiting on d airport…can u please go and bring her”
” choti ma please…..i m busy in making my final assigment for college…i can’t go”
” N please jao na…..tumare bhai ki shadi hai please”
” choti ma Rituraj is not my brother….i just hate him….phele hi uski shadi humare ghar mein ho rahi hai upar se ab mein uski decorator ko bhi lene jao”
” please beta… bhi hai bhai toh hain na”
N rolls his eyes
and shuts d laptop angrily
Devyani smiles

” thank u… go fast….and listen her name is Akshara….saath mein uski team bhi hogi”
N reaches d airport
” God… the hell will i know who is Akshara in this crowd”
he takes off his sunglasses
” shall i now shout ”Aksharaaaaa” on d airport”
A walks around in the opposite corner of d airport
” Devyani ji apne kis ko beja hai….kese pata jale ka”
A calls Devyani asking whom she said to pick her up
Devyani: ” my son…wait lemme send his picture……then u would be able to find him”
” okay”
devyani sends her d photo

A opens d photo and looks at N
he was young, handsome, his dimples were visible….his eyes were shinny
Rohan, one of her team member teases her
” control Akshara”
” shut up…..he’s not even that handsome!”
” when did i said he is handsome” he taunts her narrowing his eyebrows
” just shut up Rohan and find this guy”
she walks around looking at everyone
N gets angry as some people push him when moving while their bags
” God…i m going…i don’t care how Akshara reaches home”
he begins to leave
A looks at him and recognize him
A jumps in d air…..waving her arms in d air
” Oyeeee…..Hello!!! Mr…..oye Devyani ji ke bete……suno…..stop”
N turns around
A smiles at him still dancing and waving her arms in d air
” hello!!!”
she waves at N
N takes off his sunglasses

A comes to him
Rohan comes after her
A: ” oye…..u were leaving without me….bad boy…!!!”
she pulls his cheek
N gets annoyed
he pushes her hand away
” excuse me!”
” excused devyani ji ke bete……anyways i m Akshara….wedding decorator…..apke bhai ki shadi ke liye lee hoo aur ap itne rudely act kar rahe hoon’
A takes d handbags from Rohan and pushes them in N’s hand
A: ” where is d car?”
N eyes at her….amazed at her frankness
A: ” excuse me devyani ji ke bete…..why r u staring at me like this…phele kabhi koi pyari larki nahi dekhi kya”
she winks at N

N lowers his eyes
he calls the driver asking him to take d handbags
they reach d car
Rohan sits with d driver in d front while N and A sit at d back seat
A looks at N while he looks outside d window
” ap bolte nahi hain???”
she asks N
N looks at her
” bolta hoon per pagalo ke saath nahi”
” excuse me..pagal aur mein…driver uncle stop d car…..i wouldn’t work here”
Rohan: ” Akshara?”
N: ” miss Akshara i m sorry please…please don’t go….sorry”
A: ” i can’t hear u….speak louder”
N: ” dekho tum”
he points finger at her
A lowers his finger by hers
” say it else i m going back”

A smiles
” chalo driver”
A reaches Singhania Mansion
she jumps out of d car shutting the door on N’s face
he angrily holds d door before it would smash his half leg which was outside d car
he comes out of d car
A goes inside d house
Devyani greets her

A: ” hello aunty..u look so sweet per apka beta he is so rude….lagta hain apki saasuma per jala gaya hai”
she laughs
N: ” excuse me….how dare u laughed at me huh???”
A: ” devyani ji ke beteeeeee….soch lo agar mere se boori tara baat ki toh mein chali jao ki”
N in his heart
” chali jao na…who stopped u”
devyani takes A with her
N: ” God….how will i stay in this house for the next 4 weeks…..i wish this marriage ends soon”
A begins the decoration
she was standing on d ladder fixing d disco lights
for the theme party at night
she looks at the other disco light on d floor
she tries reaching it…….d ladder slips along with A
she screams as she begins slipping down
N who was passing by runs to her

he catches her on time
A had shut her eyes in fright
N looks at her
A was holding his collar tightly
N looked at his shirt….
N touches her cheek
she opens her eyes
” please do not drop me Devyani ji ke bete”
N blinks his eyes for the 1st time in the last few seconds
N rotates her……putting her feet on d ground
she asks N to leave her
N: ” i have left u, u r holding my shirt”
N points at his collar
A quickly pulls her hands away
N start leaving
A: ” suno…..thank u”
N walks away without replying
A: ” he is so uncultured”

N turns around angrily
N walks closer to her while she takes a step back until she hits d pillar
her breathing gets heavier
her teeth hitting each other as her lips shivered by fright
she looked around to call someone for help but nobody was there
while N kept coming closer to her
he put his hands on either side of the pillar
his eyes looked like d eyes were an hungry lion…eyeing his prey
A folds her hands and starts her drama
” please i m too young to die…”
N gives her, her ring which had stuck in his collar button while she had hold his collar
N takes her hand in his and gives her d ring and walks away
A takes a sight of relief
N tries to hide his smile as he walks to his room

he thinks of the cute scared look on A’s face while he was moving close to her
A and Rohan decorate the hall for the party
Devyani asks her to go to N’s room as rituraj and his wife will stay at his room, d 1st night after marriage after which they will go back to their own city
A nodes
she asks rohan to go and take d measurements of d room
rohan: ” i have other work to do…u r free…go”
A: ” but i don’t want to”

rohan grins
A: ” why r u grinning??”
rohan: ” why r u avoiding Naitik? huh? bol bol?”
A: ” aesa kuch nahi hai….it is just that i don’t like him”
rohan: ” remember Kajal, humare Goa wale project ki bride, she was so arrogant but still we talked well with her…..then y not with N…go Akshara”
A goes to his room
she prays that N isn’t in his room
she knocks at d door…….hoping no one is inside
she peeks in and finds d room empty
” heyyyyyyy!!!”
she jumps in the room
she hears the water tap open in d wash room
” oh he is in bath room…stay there until i complete my work”
she takes d measurements of the bed and the wall behind it
” hmmmm….red and white roses will look nice here”

she sees video games and sits to play
she enjoys the games
N comes out of the bath room shirtless, with a towel wrapped around his legs and a towel in his neck
A looks at N and drops d remote
” tum?”
” mera room hai”
” han toh…..phir bhi insaan shirt pan kar ghoomta hai….sharam karo thori bacho wala ghar hai”
” sharam..mein kyun karo sharam…this is my room and i will do whatever i want to do here…..even i can move in my room without underpants”
he unties d towel
A closes her eyes
she runs to d door but before she could run outside
N had locked d door
A opens her eyes

N slides off d towel…….but thankfully he was long panties
A: ” devyani ji send me here”
N walked around d room
” okay? and did she asked u to play video games here???”
” no….i mean i m sorry….but i love playing video games…so, me and i brother back at home play video games daily…i always win”
N narrows his eyes
” did i asked ur biography?”
A innocently shakes her head
N smiles at her look but soon pulls his lips back
A: ” i have taken d measurements……”
she unlocks d room

she opens d door
N: ” wait….!”
She turns to face him
N: ” we can play video game at night….if u want to…u can’t beat me”
A gets excited
” i always win devyani ji ke bete”
” even i always win Akshara….”
” Yeh toh raat ko pata jale ka”
” dekhte hain”
giving one last look to his bare body
she walks out of d room

the disco party
N and A play the video game

N comes in the hall dressed in shinny royal blue coat and pants with a white shirt
Rituraj makes fun of his dressing
” yar disco party hai, koi business party nahi”
” i like to be unqiue rituraj…i want to stand out in d crowd…a class apart”
Rituraj gets speechless
before he could argue more, the lights go off
N asks Rohan: ” see what happened”
Rohan: ” sir, it is not a fault…yeh Akshara ka plan hai”
he points at the staircase
N looks there and sees a spotlight flashing on d stairs
Vidha, Rituraj’s would be wife and Akshara appear on d staircase
A was wearing a little pink suit and her hair were beautiful curled
N stared at her as she walked down with Vidha
Rituraj goes to bring Vidha
Rohan sees N staring at A and smiles
it was just a junior party all the elders were in their rooms
N sits near d bar, he asks the waiter to give him non-alcoholic drink
he drinks and gets bored
A sits on d chair next to his
” how is the party?”
” Boring as i expected”
” really? meri party aur boring?”
she walks to d stage and stops d music
everyone stops dancing
N looks on
A on d mic
” we r here for Rituraj and Vidha, they r getting married but how did they made this journey to marriage? lets hear this from them”
she gives d mic to Vidha
they tell their love story
everyone enjoys it except N
he walks out of d party
A sees him leaving and makes a face
after the party
Vidha thanks A for arranging such a good party
N comes back and walks to his room
A sees him and excuses herself
she walks after N
she knocks at his room
N: ” come!”
A walks in
N had arranged the video games
A sits on d bean bag next to him
N gives her the remote….their hands touch
they stare at each other
they begin d game
the 1st game, A wins
she dance happily
and N looks at her…..and suddenly a smile appears on his lips
he quickly hides it and stands him
” cheating ki hai tum ne…we will start again A”
” admit it…..i m better than u…..i have been playing this game since i was 6”
” i don’t care when u started playing it….but i know i m the best in it….”
game starts again
A finds N is winning and she plays a trick
she pushes herself over him and the remote falls from his hand and he loses
A laughs
N starts d game again
this time N wins
A: ” 2 and 1…..i m still d winner”
N: ” i will play again and then u will lose”
he starts a fresh game
in this way….they keep playing and they didn’t even know when they slept
in d morning
N wakes up to see A head on his shoulder and one of her arms dropped lifelessly in his lap
he turns at her side and sees her swagging from his bean bag
she looked so innocent asleep
her nose was a little red maybe she felt cold
N feels himself smiling
he takes her face in his hands and gently places her body on d bean bag
he takes her hand which was lying in his lap into his hands
he rubs it to harm it
A wakes up and pulls her hand quickly
N: ” ummm…”
A finds her dupptta fallen on d floor
N picks it up and covers A’s body with it
A: ” how did i reached here???”
N: ” u never went from here, i mean last night, we slept here, together”
A sees the door closed
she takes a sight of relief
A: ” shukar hai kisi ne humein nahi dekha….”
she gets up from d bean bag
N: ” suno!”
A: ” kya?”
N: ” u won last night…..congrats”
he forwards his hand
A shakes hands with him
A: ” i told u!”
N: ” u did cheating anyways i m happy to lose at least i played honestly”
everyone was buying bangles in d hall
BM calls A to chose some for her
A: ” i need to see the arrangements for d mehindi…i will buy later”
N hears this
as the ladies one by one go away after buying d bangles of their choice
N comes to the Manoj ji, their old jeweller person
” give me a pair bangles of all the colours u have”
” apko? moona apko kis ke liye bangles jae?”
” kaka kisi ke liye jae ab please jaldi se pack karde aur han kisi ko patana mat”
Manoj ji happily packs d bangles
he teases him saying: ‘ lagta hai apki zindagi mein bhi koi agayi hai”
N is stunned
” aesa kuch nahi hai”
he gives Manoj the money
N puts the bangles on A’s bed
A comes there at the same moment
A: ” who bought these bangles?”
N: ” choti ma bought these for u”
he leaves the room
A picks up some bangles and shakes them happily
N sees her from d door and smiles
A: ” suno”
N: ” kya?”
A: ” devyani ji ko thanks bolna…..i loved all the colours”
N: ” okay”
he leaves
Rohan stops Manoj ji
” uncle har colour ki bangles dedo”
” apko bhi har colour ki bangles jae?”
” han kyun…aur kisne saare colours ki bangles li?”
” moona ne…..apko bhi jae hain?”
” jee uncle”
Manoj gives him d bangles and leaves
Rohan comes to A’s room with d bangles
he stops at d door seeing A wearing d colourful bangles already
he goes back without giving A d bangles
Rohan thinks
” how did A got the bangles when she didn’t bought any…did N gave her the bangles???”
N waits for A in d mehindi function
Mohit sees him staring at d stairs
” what r u looking for Naitik??”
” nothing…just worried for the exams…shadi khatam ho toh doobara perhi shuru kare”
N hears A scolding the workers to work fast
he turns and sees her dressed up for d mehindi
wearing her bangles
he smiles

the family scolds A

Credit to: aHTAYYAB and kiran

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