Natik and Akshara unexpected love new season part 3


A and Rohan decide to decorate the hall with genda phools for the mehindi
A asks Rohan to order d flowers
they begin d decoration, while everyone was out shopping
Rituraj was up in his room
he comes down and starts sneezing
he pulls off the genda phools in anger
Rohan: ” hey! what r u doing?”
” how could u decorate the house with gendas?”
A looks on
Rohan replies angrily: ” mehindi function mein gendas se hote hain….”
Rituraj: ” i m allergic to these flowers, didn’t u read about it in the form….i had wrote about it in d form….”
A pulls down the form and sees
A: ” i m sorry…i didn’t read it…i m sorry”
she starts pulling off d flowers
Rituraj coughs
” stop it Akshara…..and get out of d house…..i will call ur company and complain about your unprofessional behaviour”
Rohan: ” wait a sec… u r creating a issue of it”
Rituraj and Rohan get into an argument
the family comes home
BM asks what is happening
Devyani examines Rituraj and brings medicine for him
He tells everyone about his allergy
Rituraj: ” i m firing this interior decorator right now….along with her puppy”
he calls Rohan, puppy
N shouts: ” stop it Rituraj….”
N defends A and rohan
” they might forgot to see, and ur writing is so bad…how will understand what have u written”
Rituraj: ” if they were unable to read it…they could have asked me or anyone…everyone’s knows about my allergy”
Devyani: ” Akshara i had heard much about u ….but u disappointed me”
A: ” u r right…it is my fault….”
she folds her hands
” sorry Rituraj”
N: ” why r u saying sorry…it is our fault…..nobody was at home who could tell A and Rohan about the allergy and even Rituraj, he was sleeping in his room”
A to N: ” i m glad u defended me….but this time i m wrong and my punishment is to leave from here”
she and Rohan walk out of the house
N runs after them
N asks Rohan to wait in d garden he wants to talk 2 A alone
N: ” yesterday u told me u always win in every game…..then what about this game?”
” Game???”
questions A
” life is a game…..just one fault and u r bowing down….i agree u guys did a mistake but what about Rituraj, he called u unprofessional and Rohan an animal…..come back and show him u r not unprofessional and Rohan is ur backbone not an animal”
A smiles with tears in his eyes
” thank u Devyani ji ke bete……”
she forwards her hand
N doesn’t forward his
she takes her hand back and quickly hugs him
N was too stunned to move
his hands remained on either sides of him while A tightly wrapped hers around him
” thank u..”
Rohan comes there
A pulls herself back
N walks inside the house
A and Rohan begin the decorations again
time was less and they had to do it all over
two people were too less to decorate such a big house in 1 hour
N: ” can i help?”
Rohan: ” u??? no please…..we r called to ease the work of the family members during weddings…how can we take help from u”
A: ” u came to help…is what means the most but u asked me to prove myself professional….and a professional never takes help from others…..let us do the work on our own”
N smiles
” as u wish…remember i m here to help u if u need”
N comes to his room
Rituraj was lying in d bed
he begins talking against Akshara
N: ” just shut up…..i wouldn’t hear a word against her…..and if u said anything then”
N points a finger at him
Rituraj: ” then what? Naitik what has happened to u, u r fighting with me for a girl……a blo*dy worker”
N grabs him by his collar and lifting him up from d bed
” get out of my room right now…..”
Rituraj: ” ja raha hoon…..”
N pushes him out of d door
Rohan who was passing by, N pushes Rituraj and he lands into Rohan’s feet
N: ” now this is ur right place Rituraj….”
Rituraj: ” i would not forget this ever”
he gets up and leaves
Rohan gets teary eyed
Rohan to N: ” thanks bhaiya…can i call u bhaiya?”
N smiles
another day passes, and it was the sangeet day
Vidha and Rituraj perform a dance
A enjoys the dance, N eyes at her
she goes to check the food
she was tasting the food when N calls her from behind
she gets scared and the warm curry falls on her hand
N panics
she screams in pain
N blows air at her hand
” i m sorry…..God it is all red….my God….i m sorry…..”
A smiles as he looks at her hand and blows air on it
N asks: ” bohut dard ho raha hai?”
A: ” ab nahi ho raha….apke touch karte hi saara dard jala gaya”
the music in d hall plays
Seene mein, dhadkan ki
Zaroorat hai har ghadi
Jeene ko saanson ki
Zaroorat hai sabko hi
Usi tarah nadaan dil ko zaroorat hai
Mehboob ki.. mehboob ki
N and A look into each other’s eyes
A: ” dard kaam ho gaya hai…baki ka dard dance kar ke kaam karlo ki”
N: ” what? dance??”
A: ” yes…this is my trick…whenever i get hurt or i feel scared i dance and then all my pain vanishes”
N laughs
N forwards his hand
A gets surprised
A gives her hand in his
they stand up
N pulls A closer by her waist
she moans
she puts one hand on his shoulder
and the other was in his hand
Mehfil ko, baaton ki zaroorat hai
Hai dastoor yahi
Taaron ko raaton ki zaroorat hai
Subaho ki nahi
Usi tarah majboor dil ko zarorat hai
Mehboob ki, mehboob ki
A and N dance
A blushes and looks down
N spins her around and around and pulls her back
she hits his back
N whispers in her ear
” dard kaam howa???”
” thora thora”
N spins her again and pulls her back by her hand
he bends and lifts her up
she wraps her arms around his neck
N: ” dard theek howa???”
A: ” thora thora…..”
she puts her head on N’s chest
Rajbanna asks everyone to come for the dinner
everyone proceeds towards d dinning area where N and A were dancing
they hear footsteps
A opens her eyes
” put me down N”
N puts her down
A runs away
everyone comes there
N gets restless
” how could she go like this….without even seeing me once…..?”
Rohan: ” bhaiya?”
N: ” tum??”
Rohan: ” u were expecting someone else?”
N: ” no….”
Rohan: ” ek baat poocho?”
” han”
” mehindi wale din apne Akshara ke liye bangles li thi na?”
” nahi…..nahi woh choti ma ne”
” say honestly……u r my brother now”
” i have some work”
N excuses himself
Rohan: ” dono ke dil mein kuch toh hai per zubaan per kuch aur hai”
A serves everyone food
N stands with the family and looks at her
Wo jo sanam kehlaaye
Itni khusi sang laaye
Jaise ho jannat hi mili
Wo toh sukoon ka dariya
Jeene ka wo hi zariya
Jis se judi ho aashiqui
Tabhi toh haan behaal dil ko zaroorat hai
Mehboob ki, mehboob ki
A looks at him and seeing him staring her
she lowers her eye and walks away
N goes after her
” kya howa A?”
” kuch nahi”
still not looking at N
” Akshara please….look here”
he pulls A towards him
A shouts
” jo bhi ho….tum kon hote ho mere itne pass ane wale”
she pushes N away
N gets stunned by her behaviour
” right…mein kon ho….who d hell m i to ask u”
he hits his hand on d wall angrily and leaves
A begins to cry
” what is happening to me? N is so good and i hurt him…..why?”
at night
A comes to N’s room
it was dark inside d room
she knocks at d door
nobody replies
she peeks inside and sees N sleeping
she walks to d bed
she sits on d floor
” i m sorry N….i talked so rudely with u”
she gets up and turns to leave
when she feels her dupptta being pulled
she skips a heartbeat
she turns and sees it stuck under N’s pillow
A: ” Naitik!”’
she tries to pull d dupptta out but N puts his hand on it
” shit….”
she tears d dupptta and leaves
leaving half of d dupptta under d pillow
next morning
N sees d dupptta
” tum raat ko ai thi”
N happily holds d dupptta
he happily mummers
” Tabhi toh haan behaal dil ko zaroorat hai
Mehboob ki, mehboob ki
Mehboob ki.. mehboob ki
Mehboob ki, mehboob ki
Mehboob ki.. mehboob ki ”
Rituraj comes there, actually he and N share d room
N hides d dupptta under d pillow
Rituraj: ” go out…i need to get ready for the haldi”
N eyes him angrily
N gets ditched by his best friend, Mohit

Credit to: aHTAYYAB and Kiran

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