Natik and Akshara series part 1


Akshara Natik special series part 1
Hi friends im starting a special series
Akshara: Natik
Natik: yes Akshara
Akshara: Im pregnant Natik
Natik: what
Akshara: This is gonna be our first baby
Natik gets happy and hugs Akshara
They tell the family and the family gtes very happy to hear this
Tthey start to take care of Akshara
9 months Akshara gives birth
Naksh comes natik accident
Comma and now we begjn the story after natik waking up

Scene 1
Naksh: papa Mama
Natik: what happened Naksh
Naksh: I want a baby SITER I might be 20 but come on
Devyani: now give us a baby s
Naksh: I want a baby sister
Natik Choti Ma we were coming to tell you Akshara is pregnant
Devyani gets happy and hugs Akshara
Devyani: Naksh you will get a baby brother or sister soon
Naksh also gets happy
Akshara carefully steps on the stars
Natik is right behing
Natiksees Oil girja dropped on the stairs
Akshara steps on it and slips
Natik tries to catch her
Akshara hits the etalic floor and falls rolling down
Naksh: mama

Precap: Akshara condition to worsen

Credit to: AHT

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