Natik and Akshara love blooms part 7,8 and 9 together


Akshara and natik love blooms parts 7,8,9
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A wakes up next morning…she finds the other side of her bed empty
she sees a chit on d bedside table
rubbing her eyes, she reads it
” going for office”
A sees the time
” it is only 8 am”
she gets off the bed and goes to d kitchen
” he didn’t even had breakfast”
she recalls their last night moment in d kitchen
A touches her cheek under which he kissed last night
she still felt his touch on her neck
she moans……
a plate falls down from her hand and she opens her eyes
” Naitik sometimes u come so close to me….that it seems u wouldn’t even let d air come between us and then u go so far….that the longest tread can’t connect us together”
she cleans d pieces of plate from d floor
A gets freshen up
A dials N’s number
it was switched off
N sat in his office…a pen in his hand….hitting it on his desk violently
” what d hell i m doing? why m i behaving like a husband to Akshara, i can’t understand my wildness, why do i turn into a beast when i see her….why does she seems so attractive, is this called love? no….if it is…i need to think before telling her….if it is just a mere attraction i can’t call it love or confess it to her”
N goes for a meeting
A is feeling bored
she watches TV to pass time
she misses N
She calls him again….he cuts her call
A gets angry
” where r u??”
she calls again….
N cuts the call again making A go crazy
she throws her phone in anger
” i hate him….he doesn’t care for me….how can one be so busy that he can’t talk 2 me for a moment”
A cups her face and cries

N does not come home at night

A: ” raat hogi hai abhi tak na aye hain ya phone kia hai….”
she calls N again
N: ” hello?? kya hai Akshara, mein busy hoon!!”
A: ” acha wapis kab tak aye ke…..?? HELLO????”
N had cut the call
A: ” what does he think of himself….!”
the fire alaram rings
A gets scared…
she hears a neighbour shouting
” building is on fire”
A: ” hayee Bhagwan mein kya karo?? Naitik ko phone karti ho”
she dials his number but cuts d call
” he’s too busy to take my call”
she runs out of the building
the neighbours gather in a parking lot
a neighbour consoles the scared A
A cries
soon, the fire is controlled
actually a gas cylinder had blast in an appartment causing fire
A comes back home
she shivers being scared
she looks at N’s photo and hugs d frame
” i need u…where r u??”
she takes his shirt from d cupboard…….
she stares at it and cries holding it near to her heart
mean while N roams in his cabin
he thinks of A
N: ” i m sorry..i m hurting u so much..but i can’t face u….i don’t know what would u be thinking of me….i can’t face u until i realize is it love which attracts me towards u like a paper is attracted towards d magnet, like a thirsty crow is attracted to d water pot…like a homeless child is attracted to a beautiful house….is this attraction called love??”
the peon comes
” sir….office band karne ka waqt hogaya hai”
” toh?? huh….office tera hai ya mera”
N shouts at him
Peon: ” sir apka hai”
N: ” toh band kab hoga??”
Peon: ” jab ap jae ke sir”
N: ” exactly, now get lost”
Peon: ” sir aaj mujhe jaldi ghar jana tha meri biwi ki birthday hai sir…agar mein ja…”
N: ” u r fired….go now”
Peon: ” nahi sir..please sir…don’t fire me….my family will die of hunger….”
N: ” okay then….wait”
Peon goes from there
N calls the peon
he turns
” jee sir??”
” go home…”
” no sir…i will stay here”
” i said go, i m not firing u, go spend time with ur wife”
” sachi sir??”
” han ab ja”
” thank u sir…thank u”
” acha sun…apni biwi ki qadar kar….biwi khud ki sab se achi neemat hoti hai….qismaat walo ko pyar karne wali milti hai”
the peon smiles and nodes
N watches news on TV that New Paradise Building is on fire
N gets shocked hearing this
” Aksharaaaa!!”
he calls her
A doesn’t pick his call
N rushes to see her
N comes home
” Akshara!!”
he finds her sitting on d floor…near the bed
holding N’s shirt
N feels a sight of relief
” shukar hai ap theek hai….meri jaan nikal gi thi news dekh kar”
N cups her face and lifts her up
N places her on d bed…covering her with a blanket
a tear drops down from his face on hers
she wakes up
N wipes his eyes quickly before she could see
A moves back….
N: ” ap theek hai na??”
A: ” apko kya…mein zinda raho kya mar jao….u don’t care right??”
N: ” is not like this yar..i m very sorry…i was busy in office and as i saw d news,,,,i rushed home”
A rolls her eyes
” i m sleepy….lemme sleep…good night Mr. Singhania”
N: ” Mr. Singhania??”
A closes her eyes and lies down…..turning her face away from N
N cries while A also cries turning her face away from N
N thinks
” A doesn’t loves me….if she did, she would have hugged me as soon as i came home, she would have been worried for me..but she wasn’t….”
he sees his shirt on d floor
”….but she was holding my shirt?? does that mean she was missing me??”
A wakes up next day and sees a mug of tea and toast
on d side table
A smiles
N comes there
he was wearing that same white kurta pajama and A really liked him in this traditional shawalar kameez
N: ” i hope u like my cooked food this time!!”
N had a cute nervous look on his face
A: ” i m not hungry Singhania sir”
N: ” please A….forget what happened last night”
A; ” forget??”
she gets emotional
” forgetting it isn’t easy…when i heard d fire alaram i was so scared N….i wanted to call u and i even did….but then i realized my husband is too busy to take my calls….after all who d hell i m…just a gifted wife….u didn’t wanted me to come in ur life….u married me to fulfill ma’s wish…that’s it….i don’t matter to u…and why should i….?? we have no match…..u r very talented, rich, handsome businessman and me…i m an ordinary girl…..u said that we will be like friends..until we don’t fall for one another..i tried to be ur friend….but do u think friends do such with others….u went to office before i woke up and came back…ha, i don’t even know when u came back……i didn’t ate anything last night…..i missed u whole day…..but u didn’t even called me once…or replied to my calls…what a friend u r Mr. Singhania”
N cups her face
” i m sorry..even i don’t know what’s happening with me…i m hell confused…kuch hogaya hai mujhe…pata nahi kya….please don’t be angry like this..i need ur support to bring me out of this confusion….please be my friend”
N forwards his hand
A shakes hands with him
A: ” last chance Mr. Singhania”
N: ” i wouldn’t break ur trust now”
both N and A come closer to hug but stop
they blush
N gives her tea mug
” thank u Naitik”
A feeds him d toast…….N also feeds her
they smile

A sees N with a girl

N opens the door to take the morning newspaper and smiles broadly seeing Meher opening the door of the flat in front of him
N: ” hey Meher!! what a pleasant surprise!!”
Meher was N’s childhood friend and classmate
she hugs him
” hey Moona….what’s up man??”
A comes there and feels jealous seeing N in her embrace
N: ” don’t call me Moona yar…..”
A looks on
Meher: ” i will call u Moona and u can’t stop me”
she pulls his cheeks
and gets touchy with N
A calls N
” Pati dev….breakfast is ready…aren’t u getting late for office??”
she by intention calls his ” pati dev ”
Meher pulls herself out of N’s arms
A: ” hey….i m his wife…Akshara Naitik Singhania and u?
N: ” she’s Meher…my best friend”
A: ” have i asked u? i m talking to her Naitik..u go have breakfast….”
N: ” but A…”
A: ” breakfast is getting cold….”
N goes inside
Meher: ” wow….u r his wife..i can’t believe this, u know what in college, he always said that he wouldn’t marry ever…and i used to tease him so much and today i can’t believe he married u”
A: ” he married me…and yes he did….aren’t u happy seeing ur friend married miss what??”
Meher: ” Meher!!”
A: ” yes Meher”
Meher: ” well..i m very happy…nice meeting u Akshara…by d way i have shifted in this flat….i never knew that my best friend is my neighbour….i shifted today morning”
A: ” oh nice….so u shifted here with ur husband??”
Meher laughs at her question
” shadi aur mein…nahi baba nahi….i m single and too happy”
A gets insecure
A: ” i think my husband’s calling me….we’ll meet later”
A sees N smiling in d mirror
A asks him angrily
” why r u so smile??”
” I m happy that Meher has shifted here..u know what A…she and i were best friends in college and most of our friends thought we love each other”
” so u did?”
” no…i never loved anyone except….”
music plays
A asks N
” except whom N??”
N puts gel on his hair
and leaves for office
A thinks
she goes to lock d main door when she finds N still outside d flat with Meher
she gets jealous
A asks N to go for office
N: ” han ja raha hoon yar….and listen tonight Meher will have dinner at our place”
Meher gets excited hearing this and hugs N
N smiles
A gets angry and shuts the door on their face loudly

the dinner
A finds N and Meher have a very good bonding

Credit to: aHTAYYAB and Kiran

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