Natik and Akshara love blooms part 40 41 42 last parts


Natik and Akshara love blooms parts 40, 41, 42 Last parts
“Hi everyone thanks for all your support sorry that Me and Kiran have to end this one were sorry Thanks for your support”- aHTAYYAB
“Thanks for all your support me and aHTAYYAB we will miss writing this thanks for the support”- Kiran

PART 40:
Next morning:
Rajshri calls A
in the end, she asks A to now plan for a baby
” ma yeh ap kya?”
” kyun nahi beta….tum logo ki shadi ko saal hone wala hai”
” ma abhi saal howa bhi nahi aur ap…..acha theek mujhe kuch waqt jae”
she ends the call
A sits on the sofa
she closes her eyes and the painful tortures N gave him flashed in her head
she opens her eyes quickly….shaking her head
” i need to give N some time”
she places the mobile away
N follows her to the kitchen
A gives him a fake smile
N: ” ma ka phone aya howa tha?”
A nodes
N pulls her towards him
” u look worried A…..sab theek hai?”
” Naitik…..u love me na?”
N cups her face
” shall i need to reply to this?”
A thinks of Rajshri’s wish
she adds more salt in the food
N on seeing this runs to her, throwing the salt bottle away
” what r u doing Akshara?”
A looks in the food
” oh shit!”
” A tell me…..what is worrying u so much……”
” nothing i m just missing everyone…..abhi choti ma aur boji ki shadi howi aur hum yahan agaye toh bus unki yaad arahi thi”
On the dinning table
N holds A’s hand
she looks at him
she places her other hand over his
” i love u Naitik”
” i love u too Akshara”
he stares at her and kisses her hand
A gets chills as his lips touch her hands
she feels the same enjoy in his touch which she felt earlier
N puts her hand back
” i hope i didn’t harmed u this time?”
” u can never harm me N”
she jumps from her chair and hugs him
wrapping her arms around his neck
after the long hug
N forwards his hand
A confidently gives her hand in his
they walk outside the house
they walk in the street hand in hand
A looks at the ice cream stall
she runs to d stall
N runs after her
” be careful Akshara….slow down…”
A buys a ice cream
” Naitik which one would u eat?”
” can’t we just share this one?”
N licks the top of her ice cream
she smiles
N pays the ice cream man
A and N again hold hands and start walking
sharing d ice cream
they sit on a bench
across the bench, sat an old coupling
wrapped in one sheet
A looks at them
she puts her head on N’s chest
N looks down at her face
she wraps her arms around his waist
N brushes her hair with his finger
” Naitik i wish we would also be like that couple”
” sure we will….i will love u till my last breath and till my last heartbeat….”
he kisses her forehead
the old couple smiles seeing the
N and A walk to them
they took d old couple’s feet
they bless N and A
they wish N and A: ” sadda khush raho…..always love each other aur khuda kare ke tum logo ke bohut pyare pyare baache ho bikul tum dono ki tara”
N and A blush
the couple asks them
” koi baacha nahi abhi?”
N shakes his head blushing
” khuda kare ka aur jaldi ho jae ka”
A gets tensed
she looks at N who also looked uncomfortable
on the way back home
A: ” the couple was so cute? i can’t believe it that someone can love someone else for so long”
N: ” i agree…..they look perfect together”
A: ” Naitik they thought we had children”
A looks at N who remains silent
A changes the topic
N gets a call from office
he takes it
” what? by tomorrow? how can i?”
N leaves for England

will A be able to tell N about Rajshri’s wish?
does A herself want to become a mother?

part 41:
N: ” clients r asking me to come to England for d business meeting till tomorrow if i don’t it would be a big loss ”
A: ” then go N”
” i ddon’t want to leave u alone….u come with me”
A sees worry in his eyes
She hugs him
” N whay will i do there…u would be busy”
N wraps his arms tighter around her
A notices this
She cups his face
” N i will stay here…and misd u”
” I’m scared to leave u alone A”
” u aren’t leaving me alone…..” she shows her “N” locket
A: ” u r always with me”
N hugs her
A: ‘ N u please go…..”
A comes back home dropping N at d airport
She imagines N everywhere around her
A: ” control ur imagination ”
She picks up a pillow and puts N shirt on it
She hugs d pillow and lies down to sleep
” i already miss u”
N reaches England
He looks around
” i hope u be okay A”
Rajshri and d family make plans for A’s baby
They decide to make sweaters for d baby
Jasmeet stops them
She asks them not to force N and A for a baby
Even Dadi agrees
Rajshri gets emotional
N feels insecure for A

PART 42:
N reaches his hotel
he thinks of A
” why m i feeling so insecure for A….i hope she is fine….jaldi se kaam khatam kar ke wapis jalta hoon…..”
A at home back in India
she was sleeping holding the pillow close to her heart
she wakes up
and looks at the empty water jar
she goes to d kitchen
she feels dizzy
A drinks water and goes back to the room
she stops near d mirror and looks at her reflection
she puts her hand on her br*ast
they were hard and swollen
she slides off her night grown
A stares at her body
” what is happening to me?”
at night in England
N gets a bad dream about A
he wakes up sweating
he drinks water
holding his locket, he closes his eyes and prays
” please God be with my Akshara……why do i feel something is going to happen wrong!”
next morning
N calls A
she takes the call…..
they talk while A feel dizzy and sick
she makes excuses and ends d call
she runs to the bath room
A comes back
” i think i ate something spoiled…..i shouldn’t tell this to N otherwise he would get tensed and come back”
she takes some medicine and goes to rest
she feels something INSIDE HER
a strange feeling…….like a bacteria moving inside her
she jumps from d bed
she undress herself and looks at her body again
A places her shivering hand on her stomach
she takes her purse
and goes outside
she walks on d roads…..trying to stop an auto but she couldn’t get any
she decides to walk by foot
A gets lost in thoughts
” is it what…what i m feeling it is??? what will i tell N….what if he is not ready…..what if he refuses to accept this….”
she walks lost in worries
she doesn’t hear d horn and gets hit by a fast moving car
she screams as she falls far away from d road
the crowd gathers around her……….take her to d hospital
N who was in his meeting, drops d file and rushes outside d conference room
he tries calling A
someone picks up d call after several tries
” hello Akshara…ap kaha hain? theek hain na ap Akshara….mein wapis araha hoon….bus araha hoon Akshara”
” ap kon hain?”
” who r u….where is my wife…..Akshara?”
” Akshara? acha woh larki jiska apki accident howa hai”
” Accident??? kya? woh theek toh hain na?”
” pata nahi……some people took her to hospital….she was bleeding badly”
N drops d phone on floor
he runs down d flight of stairs
he drives to d airport
he takes emergancy ticket to Mumbai
while waiting for d flight
N cries
” jab ma hospital mein thi i wasn’t with her…..and now i m not with my wife….please God don’t do anything to A….i wouldn’t forgive u even u took my A from away……i wouldn’t”
he kisses the ”A” locket and sobs
the doctor examines A
A opens her eyes
she looks around
doctor: ” u r in hospital”
A: ” Naitik?”
doctor: ” u were bought here by some strangers”
A: ” Naitik…..where is he? i need to talk to him……”
doctor: ” N kon hain?”
” my husband……he is not in India”
” give us his number….we will call him and inform”
” no no please…..don’t….he will leave his work and come here… i…..i…can i meet a lady doctor please…..”
” sure….i will call Dr. Sneha.wait”
Sneha comes there
A: ” doctor….i need to ask u something”
” yes please?”
” i feel i conceived”
” wow Mr.s Akshara…..have u taken any tests?”
” no doctor….actually i was coming here for tests when i met with this accident”
” okay…..we will do urine tests and some blood tests…”
N in d flight
” please Akshara…..please don’t go…i m going…i will bring u back even from God…i swear we will always be together…..”
N reaches Mumbai
” Akshara konse hospital mein hogi???”
she calls back at A’s mobile
the same person takes d call
N asks him about A
” i do not know…..someone took her to hospital…..Devi Hospital…but her head was bleeding much”
N thanks him and ends d call
he runs to take a taxi
the doctor does A’s tests
they wait for d results
A thinks how will N react if the results r positive
doctor asks her why is she so worried……doesn’t she want a child
” i don’t know….i m scared… husband might not want a child and even i…..i mean i love children…..but the 9 months…..those changes…..swollen feet….hard br*asts…….fat stomach and after birth….those stitches….my husband might not love me d same way after the child”
the doctor laughs
” this fright is normal…..but trust me….ur husband will love u even more after the baby”
A smiles
she touches her stomach
” i hope if it is…it is fine after d accident”
N reaches d hospital
he searches for A’s room
N pushes open d door and comes inside
he sees A sitting on d bed
with a large white tape on her head
N drops d suitcase on d door and runs to her
he hugs her
” Akshara!!”
” N when did u come back…how did u know i m here?”
” Akshara i m sorry..i left u alone…i m so bad……i m sorry”
” N i m fine now… was not ur fault..i was mine…i was walking carelessly on d road”
N pulls himself out of d hug
” why were u walking on d road?”
A thinks what to say
she asks N: ” how did u come back so soon?”
” A i came to know about this accident…i took d early possible flight and come back…although i took nearly one day to come back”
he hugs her again
” A i thought i wouldn’t be able to see u again”
he kisses her forehead
cupping her face….he kisses her cheeks
the doctor coughs
N leaves A
he turns to see d doctor on d door
she comes inside holding d reports
A looks on
N asks doctor :
” how is my wife now?”
” she is fine….there’s a news for u two”
A skips a heartbeat
she closes her eyes in fright
Doctor: ” mubarak hoon……apki wife ma banane wali hain….”
N looks on with his eyes popped out
he stares at A
A looks at him too
Doctor: ” i think i should leave u alone for some time…”
she goes
A: ” Naitik i didn’t know this would happen…..i m sorry”
N: ” i hate u Akshara…i just hate u… could u…..i don’t want this”
A’s eyes fill with tears
she sobs
” N….this child is ours”
N laughs
he hugs her happily
” why r u crying….i was joking…i m very happy A”
A pushes him away angrily
” u were joking N?”
N nodes still laughing
” i hate u N…i thought u were serious”
” Aksharaaaaa…..i love u yaar for giving me such a big gift….i m so thankful to u”
N takes her hand in his
he bends on his knees
A smiles
” would u allow me to share my love with u and this baby?”
A nodes
she pulls her arms out
N jumps into her arms
N touches her stomach
” i can’t feel anything A”
” N abhi abhi toh howa hai…thora time baad movements hogi”
” r u happy A????”
” yes N very much………..and u?”
” i feel i m d happiest guy on earth”
he kisses her stomach
N and A smile
N and A: ” we will name this child Naksh”


Thanks for the support we will do another season soon thanks

Credit to: aHTAYYAB

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