Natik and Akshara love blooms part 35 36 37 38 and 39 combined


Natik and Akshara love blooms part 35 36 37 38 and 39 combined
Hi everyone I will not posting a lot until april – Kiran and aHTAYYAB

PART 35:
everyone sits in the hall
Mishti sleeps in Karishma’s lap
Rajbanna tells about his life with Gayatri
” whenever she did anything for me, i felt glad and she knew it so she always did something different for me, which i never thought to do, i couldn’t do anything different for Gayatri ji but DEvyani ji i will try to make u happy by doing little things for u, maybe God has given me a second chance to mend my mistakes. Children, Rashmi, Sameer, Nandhini, Mohit ji, Alok ji, muskan, moona, Bahu, karishma, naman always remember my advice, stop fighting with each other even if it is not ur fault, don’t be shy to say a sorry, it would make u small, love ur partner every day, every second, we never know when life takes our life away from us. May this never happen but it is d reality of life. cherish every moment u spend with them, love them and do special things for them”
Devyani nodes
Devyani: ” make good memories with ur partners and never hurt them, forget anything u disliked about them and accept them with their good things and always love them. Love is the key to a good married life”
A and N look at each other
N and A silently come to their room
they had not said a word to each other all d way from hall to room
A looked at N who looked back at her
their eyes said what their tongues couldn’t
they hug each other……
both of them felt a sudden relieve as their chests met
as if they got life back in their lifeless bodies
A pulls herself out of d hug
cupping his face, she confesses
” can we just end this challenge?”
N pulls her closes and hugs her again
A: ” i can’t stay without u Naitik…and i don’t want to stay without u…please Naitik end this game!”
N: ” even i can’t bear this anymore…..Akshara life is too short to be wasted in challenges and games…..”
Intimate moments ( cant from now on mention them since children read the story)
Next morning
N and A kept blushing on d breakfast table
because all what happened last night never happened between them before
for A….now Naitik for so different…he was more special for her today
and for N…..A was always his life..but now he felt so much of it….
he had romanced with her million types before…but last night wasn’t an ordinary once, he didn’t just made love with her but explored her
Naman catches them staring at each other
he coughs purposely
they end their eye contact
they realize everyone was looking at them
N leaves A’s hand which he was holding under d table
BM: ” chalo bus karo yeh maza…stop laughing everyone….”
she excuses herself to laugh in d corner
d room again fills with laughter
A blushes
N excuses himself saying he has some work
A goes after him
everyone laughs
N and A come to their room and laugh too
N and A drop to d bed
N holds A’s hand while they still laughed
” I love u Akshara”
A turns towards him
” i love u more”
The engagement begins
Devyani and Rajbanna exchange rings
after engagement, Devyani and Rajbanna light diyas in front of Daddaji and Gayatri’s photos
Devyani: ” Gayatri ji please always guide me so that i can also handle this family like u did”
Rajbanna smiles
N pulls A away behind a pillar
A panics
” what r u doing? someone will come…already i felt so bad for whatever happened on d breakfast table today”
” ssshh Akshara”
N takes out two rings….which were made from d steam of a tree
by bending d steam of a small plant
” i want to remarry u Akshara!”
” Naitik…..we r already married twice”
N makes her wear the tree bend
A puts the other bend in his finger
they smile
” Akshara Mahesawari kal apki aur Naitik Singhania ki shadi hai aur phir suhaag raat”
he winks at her
she runs away
they join everyone again
Devyani and Rajbanna get married

PART 36:
Rajbanna and devyani sit in d marriage mandap
they do as d pandit says
N pulls A away from the mantap
A protests
N takes out a kumkum box from his pocket
he fills her forehead
A smiles as she touches it
she hugs N
Rajbanna and Devyani get married by all the rituals
Muskan and Alok leave after d marriage
A comes to her room
A to N
” thank God the marriage ended nicely, i m very happy for boji and choti ma, i hope now they will get support and love from their partners”
N pulls her closer to him
A: ” N i have to put all d clothes and jewels back. let me go please!”
N: ” A aaj humari suhaag raat hai”
A: ” N please…..i thought u would have forgotten it till now”
N takes d clothes from her hands
he picks a duppptta from that pile and pulling A near him
he ties d dupptta around the two of them
A: ” Naitik open this dupptta….i have work to do….even i have to go see if BM has taken her medicine and Naman Karishma r new at home, they might need anything…..let me go Naitik”
A opens d dupptta and wraps it around N
she picks up d clothes pile and puts them in cupboard
” Akshara apko meri qasam hai”
she stops
she turns to face him
N walks towards her with d dupptta
” tonight u will be my submissive” orders N in a romantic velvet tone
A smiles and forwards her arms
Intiate moments
One year leap
N and A romance all d night
next morning when d sun shines into d room
N gets out from d intimacy
A smiles at him
she was still tied by d dupptta and her hands had swelled
N frees her hands and legs
he hugs her quickly
” i m sorry A…..what did i do with u? i love u and i hurt u so much just to enjoy u.. i m a beast A…..i hate myself….how can i be so wild… could i???? i m a monster A…..i tied u like an animal A….”
A cups his face
” no no no N….u did so because i allowed u to do so….and i loved it…”
N pushes her hands away
” no A i did wrong…i have become an animal….i can’t stay around u anymore…i can hurt u…..”
he rushes out of d room
A calls him but he doesn’t come back
she sees her hands
A comes down for breakfast
N sits away from A
BM: ” why r u sitting on this seat? yours one is with bahu”
N: ” i m comfortable here…..”
A looks at him
BM sees her hands and gets worried
she asks her what happened
A lies saying they swelled maybe due to extra work done in wedding
Devyani cares for her
Rajbanna smiles
N: ” i m going back to Mumbai tomorrow”
A: ” N when did u planned this?”
N: ” right now”
A: ” i will start packing then….”
N: ” i m going back alone”
A: ” Alone?”
Rajbanna to N: ” why alone….bahu will go with u too”
N: ” no boji…….choti ma is new here…..A should be here to guide her…..right Akshara?”
A nodes sadly
N leaves from d breakfast table
A goes after him
” N listen to me!”
N keeps working on his laptop
” N apko meri qasam hai…listen to me”
N looks up at her
A hugs him quickly
N pushes her away
N with guilt in his eyes: ” u be away from me, it is for ur safety”
A cries
next day
N greets everyone as he leaves for mumbai
A looks at him with tears
BM asks A to go out to send N
A and N go out
A holds his arms as they come out of d house
” Naitik please don’t leave me alone….trust me u didn’t hurt me….my hands got swelled by the work not those duppttas….u tied them lightly”
N frees his hand and sits in d car
he drives off
A cries as she sees him leaving
will N get out of this guilt?
will N and A unite again?

PART 38:
A tries calling N but he doesn’t pick up her calls
A throws the mobile away in anger
she looks at the herself in the mirror, holds her mangalsurta
” i need to bring N out of his guilt”
she packs her bags
in d hall, A comes with the bags
everyone questions her about the bags
” sorry choti ma, BM, Karishma i have to go to Mumbai, i know u need me but i can’t leave N alone, he gets too busy in meetings that he even forgets to eat i have to be with him to take care of him please BM can i?”
the door bell rings
N comes the door and finds A outside, in the same way she used to be before marriage
she was wearing a red kurti and jeans, A had hidden the mangalsurta in her shirt
N: ” i asked u to stay at Singhania House”
A: ” Naitik sir, Singhania House? what is that?”
N: ” Akshara please stop it….i m not in a mood of jokes”
A: ” sir i m not Akshara, i m Varsha…i came to take ur interview”
N beings to the close the door
but A stops it by her hand
” sir interview?”
she comes in the house
A closes her eyes and prays
” i hope my plan works, i will act like i was before our marriage, until N’s guilt ends”
N spins her around by her arm
” Akshara please don’t be so good to me, u don’t desevre me”
” Naitik sir, please don’t be personal….i don’t like such flirty boys”
she winks at him
N rolls his eyes
she sits on d sofa
” Question 1 sir, How do u feel being so rich in such a young age?”
N snatches the paper from her hand and tears it
” Akshara stop it…..why r u making me realize again and again what i did to u”
A cups his face
” u didn’t harmed me N…u r my husband…u can enjoy me the way u like to”
” nooooo….i have no right to hurt u for the sake of my pleasure…i m a terrible shit piece of monster”
A comes to the room and sees N sleeping
she picks up the pillow and blanket and moves to d sofa nearby
she lies down still hoping for N to wake up and call her back on d bed
the sofa gets wet by her tears
N opens his eyes as A sleeps
he recalls that night
he shuts his eyes but that blo*dy scene kept dancing in his brain
every time he shut his eyes.. the picture of A’s swelled hands came in front of his eyes
he gets out of the bed
he looks at A who was sleeping
N drops to the floor
cupping his face into his hands he cries
A gets up by his sobs
she rushes to him
” u okay Naitik???”
N looks up at her
he pushes her away
” stay away from Me Akshara”
N gets up from the floor……and opens the cupboard
he takes out a belt
A is shocked…..
she tries to take it from his hands but he stops her
” Akshara do not come here…..qasam hai apko meri”
she stops
N takes off his kurta
A folds her hands….begging him to stop
” No please N…don’t do this”
” maybe doing this lesser my pain….”
he starts hitting himself by that belt
he beats himself very badly
his back got red deep straches
A cries
Will N feel better after hurting himself?
will he be able to get out of his guilt?

PART 39:
A brings balm for N’s back
N throws it away
he wears his kurta and goes to sleep
A cries
next morning
A brings tea and biscuits for N in bed
he wakes up and sees her
she smiles at him
” good morning N”
A acts normal
she takes N’s clothes out from d cupboard
” go take a bath, aaj apki meeting hain na?”
N looks at her
he takes another suit and coat from the cupboard and he difficulty walks to d bath room due to the pain of last night’s torture
A looks on
A thinks : ” apko kya lagta hain N aapne apko darrt dekar ap mera darrt kaam kar rahe hain”
N coughs
A ignores at first but later when his cough gets more like asthma
she kicks open the door and goes inside
she finds N bathing with extremely cold water
she throws the water in the drain
” Naitik what r u doing…..u know u can’t take bath with cold water”
N opens the shower above him
he shivers under the cold water
A turns his towards her and slaps him
A grabs him by his arm and slap him again
she pulls N more closer to her and slaps him again
she pulls him over her chest and rises her hand to slap again
but she takes it back and herself breaks down
she falls to the floor
N looks at her with tears in his eyes
he again starts taking bath with the same cold water
he closes his eyes and recalls how badly he treated A
he opens his eyes, as he feels A’s hand on his shoulder
N turns to see A all undressed
she too stands under d shower
N: ” Akshara u go”
A: ” we r one now N, and i wouldn’t let u punish yourself alone, when we share everything together, than we will also share this torture together”
N pushes her away
” no Akshara don’t hurt urself…i can’t see u in pain”
A cups his face
” than how can i see u in pain Naitik Singhania??? please let go of this…..see now my physical wounds r also healed……..but my heart’s pain isn’t healing because of the tortures u r giving me daily……do u think seeing u like this can reduce my pains…really? Naitik u know me just this much…i hate u Naitik…..i thought the way i have a right on u even u have on me…..but in one moment u bring me so close to u and the other moment….u feel guilty about that….why N do u still didn’t accepted me like ur wife….r u living with me just because ur mom wanted us to get married?”
N hugs her tightly
” i m sorry A…i m very sorry……i love u…..i m sorry…..sorry Akshara…..sorry…very sorry”
A happily wraps her arms around his backs
N moans in pain as A’s hands touch his wounds
she pulls her hands away
” sorry Naitik….come lie down”
N lies on d bed
she spreads d balm over his back
he screams in pain
A feels sorry for him…..
Rajshri desires for a baby from Akshara

Credit to: aHTAYYAB and Kiran

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